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Describe what currently troubles you Anon
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There is this girl I like and I every time I see her i am reminded that I have 0% chance with her. I am ugly and poor and always depressed and have no friends and no social skills. Still...I suppose I am already alive. Might as well finish this school thing and make a decent living rather than spoil my families name.
At least you are around a girl at some point
It's worse feeling like you could develop human relationship but are locked away in neurosis/confusion
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You see that's where you are wrong. I was doing just fine focusing on my studies when this semon demon showed up. Now I can hardly wash my face in the morning because I have to see myself in the mirror. I just want to be fucking killed.
the only girl I have talked to in the past year is my brothers girlfriend, I can't stand her and I only speak to her out of politeness

other than waitresses and retail workers I have literally no contact with grills

I should have killed myself five years ago
My nails are showing symptoms of skin cancer
Getting closer to having friends but might be getting anti-anxiety meds soon.

Finally getting into drawing after getting ADHD medication that I probably should've gotten 5 yeras ago. Gonna go full NEET and try to get good enough to get into CalArts. I've got a year so we'll see.
leveled up today. I am now a lv 24 wizard.
I can't talk to any girl let alone a girl I have a crush on. Make this feel only sting deeper...
Go for it anon.
Do you care/are concerned for your well being?
Happy Birthday Anon. It might not be happy but at least were here for each other right?
clinical depression & ptsd
Currently on the same boat anon.
Thanks. It's mostly gonna be annoying. Getting older sucks.
Been doing a lot of looking back lately and realised I missed a load of blindingly obvious chances at relationships due to ether apathy or the fact that I was a socially oblivious sperg all through high school.

Eh fuck it.
Me too, anon. I really like her, but she's already got a bf. Just trying to ignore the feelings and not become a beta-orbiter.
The only thing I'm good at is school. I am too socially awkward to do anything else. At this point, all I really want is a nice girl, but I've only talked to one girl in the past month and she's basically my little sister. Hoping I can land a job so I can get a nice studio apartment for myself one day.
Im doing a degree in something I dont want.
Im thinking of just sying fuck it and moving to be with the only guy who has ever geuinly ever liked me, but he's in the US
Family wont like this
Lonely af
Nobody really likes me
No real chance to be happy in life desu

I live with my parents, I need a second job to move out, and I want to have sex.
I unfortunately know what this feel feels like.


See >>25855954
Just got college acceptance.

Have been a NEET for a while so i am very scared.

Days become weeks in this room, i never know the time/date and i leave when im hungry.

Please let this fix me
This might be an unexpected good thing. Have hope I guess.
Unemployed, waning money down to my last few hundred dollars

Gf does not like having sex with me, she pretty much functions as a roommate

90% sure I have a connective tissue disease potentially marfans
Also shat all over the one relationship I ever had in the space of a few days. I had no idea they were even interested in the first place and was pretty much pushed into the whole thing by friends, so I guess it was never going to work out great. Still, though.

Also checked.
This one girl In High School. Same thing.
She want even ugly. I reminisce.
>tfw the only 3 girls ive ever liked were the girlfriends of my only 3 friends
Today I traveled to a town I lived in 10 years ago and it brought back a lot of deep seated memories. Old friends, girls, old hangout spots. Not gonna lie, shed some tears today. Been down ever since.
Job interview tomorrow morning. I'm going to blow it so fucking hard
Good luck anon:)

words words words
>get nagged at by parents about getting a job
>no place has ever called back or given me any further info
>keep sending applications like crazy
>"anon you need to start working again"
>ask why when the economy in this town is too shitty and getting a car or getting an apartment is financial suicide
>"well we work so you do too!"
>ask what's the point if I'm not going anywhere
>"because we said so now go get a job!"
>tell them nobody is showing interest
>"well you must be doing something wrong anon. just keep submitting"

tl;dr I'm being nagged to work for absolutely no reason and I'm fearing I'll be kicked out without any warning.
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I'm failing uni for the third year because I'm addicted to wasting time. I can spend up to 10 hours a day browsing the internet, mainly imageboards.

I'm the worst kind of retard. I had every chance to make something out of myself but I keep fucking up because I'm a failure. If I fuck up this year(first half is already doomed) I don't know what's going to happen. Everybody around me is going places but me, I feel embarassed every time someone asks me how I've been doing.
I am miserable and pathetic.
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I think I saw the girl I like flashing her tits in a thread on /gif/.

Granted, I have zero chance with her, but still.
Firm handshake, speak clearly without "i guess". Bring a pen. Make sure you smell good. Work out your lies beforehand, make sure they're hard to fact-check. If you're traditional Aspie then list "focus" and "organization" as strengths.
>known girl since 2007
>met through friends in high school
>always liked her
>dated one of her best friends for over 5 years
>we both develop heroin addictions because its the only thing to do where i live
>october 2014
>i leave for rehab
>tell her that i will come back for her
>during rehab my parents decide to send me to hawaii
>i tell them i dont want to
>its not my choice
>talking to her again now that im out of there
>talk about coming back to her
>she decides to come here
>everything is great
>life seems decent
>i might even be happy
>two months later
>she never comes home
>2 nights pass
>she finally calls
>says shes coming home and everything is fine
>stays for one night
>sleeps the whole time
>take her to work the next day
>that was the last time i saw her
>she never came back
>now i spend my days wishing i would have never called her
>and wondering which is a better choice
>back to heroin, or suicide
>or both
It's a very very long text anon, you sure?
>be me
>14 yr boi
>i start to like a girl a lot
>1 year passes
>i love her so much, i don't stop thinking of her
>i talk to her everyday
>she lives in Italy, i live in a close country
>i plan to go to Italy with my mama
>her mom get's cancer
>her parents divorce
>she get's depressed
>we fight on Skype
>i call her bad things
>next day she dies
I still feel fucking bad in tis very day, after 5 years of this tragedy, i still feel like a monster
Go ahead, pls.
get that checked senpai
Anything I do makes me feel complete.
I keep going day after day thinking that maybe, one day, something magical may happen and make me feel alive again. Maybe a girlfriend, maybe a fulfilling job, maybe I get the guts to buy a motorcycle and cruise into DE sunset.
Is imgur pronounced like "imager" or is it phonetic, like "im-gurr"?
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Who /cantstandmyself/ here?

Currently on vacation, no school whatsoever. Its been like this for almost a month, im only going back in february. I hate being on vacations. I literally cant stand myself. If I have too much time for myself I feel weird, anxious, depressed, angry all the god damn time. I was under a lot of pressure in school, had long daily commutes to school and a ton of paperwork but I still managed. Now, everything is currently fine, but I cant make do. If nobody puts pressure on me, I put pressure on myself. I get anxious thinking about getting anxious. I wish someone told me how to control my brain. Shits fucked, I dont feel anything in my heart but my brain fucking pounds.

I need someone to talk to.
I haven't died yet and my mother takes more than 30% of my pay and spends it on drugs.
I cannot paint without being lazy.
You're not alive you might as well be dead
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hahahaha I start college tomorrow It's gonna be realy fucking bad
I'll talk anon
I made a huge step towards the gf situation and now I've got two girls I'm gonna text, but the problem is that I'm such a virgin that even after all that effort I'm still resourceless. I don't know how to text, even if I managed to get a date through text I'll obviously fuck it up and if there's something I'm really going to fuck up it's sex.

It just fucks me up that I've spent my whole life without knowing how to meet girls, and now that I finally get it it's just the first, easiest step. If it took me almost 20 years to finally get a girl's number, I'll need to live for a long while to get a gf.|
Same here. Fortunately, I only have four classes, but also have work. The main thing I dislike about here is the internet for loading videos is shit.
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I'm just so fucking angry all the time.

I just want to be friends with this girl in school, but i can't help but being attracted to her.

The thought of her fucking other dudes or, worst of all, having a boyfriend torture and embitter me at every moment.

Even seeing her throws me into tumult, tossed about between the pangs of hate and love.

I just want to stop thinking I could ever be in love. I'd rather have a friend than be alone, but I can't keep seeing her if this is the result.
>There is this girl I like
This motel's ip that I have been living at has been banned from 4chan for 4 years. I've tried explaining the situation in the appeal but they denied it. Every time I see I thread I wanna comment on I have to make an excuse to borrow my sisters smartphone.
I'll probably fail uni for the first time this year, kinda let down for that.
Feel the same, all my friends doing stuff and my day is: wake up at 3 pm,do nothing,sleep at 4am. Never thought this would happen but here i am. Even have a waifu, that's how low i got.
Just going through each day, lost the hopes i once had on me. Don't feel like going on.

Keep your head up, anon.
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