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current life problems/get off chest thread
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>am at uni
>2nd year here
>had overprotective parents
>2 roommates from freshman year are only ""friends"" i have
>people who i consider friends, im INCREDIBLY awkward around
>people who i don't consider friends i'm awkward around
>even walking down the street = anxiety
>talking to fast food workers = anxiety
>speaking in class = major anxiety
>1 friend dropped out, 1 transferred
>considered them "friends" even tho never talk past a couple of enthusiastic/nice sentences once every couple of days because i avoid everyone and everything
>didn't even eat with them or see them ever because of my autism
>new guys in my suite party all the time and are loud and hate me
>i avoid them by sitting in the library 24/7
>whenever i walk into the suite and they are all sitting there its awkward (for me at least)
>no friends
>never talk to anyone ever
>hating uni because of all the presentations and discussions where i just awkwardly sit and feel worse and worse each passing second
>horrible participation grade in every class
>teachers start off liking me, but then realize what a quiet piece of shit i am
>last semester finals week contemplated killing myself
>anxiety/depression/derealization off the charts all time maximum, can barely function
>can't an hero because parents
>also can't because am giant pussy
>failed one of my finals because of how horrible my mind was at the time
>had winter break, it was really good actually
>came back, am less sad and learning to like myself, like being alone, and accept my autism

thanks anons needed to get off chest now u go
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>be gay
>don't like it
I'm gay but I'll never use grindr. Don't want aids.
Damn anon, that pretty much summed up my life to a T. Solipsism out the ass right now.
I'm alining to be alone for the rest of our days because boNSAi
>I have nothing to say Tight Now?
was in similar situation as you, this has helped:

>take care of your appearance: gym, always wear nice clothes if going out, clean haircut, walk around with head high (don't look down when you walk), fake it till you make it w/ confidence pretty much
>join a society for a hobby you like, if you don't have hobbies shit dude get a hobby

Took me 3 years of uni to gradually start figuring out and doing this stuff and my life is a lot better now.
op here, thanks for posting these anons
let me tell you something about women. i FUCKING HATE THEM!! i hate WHORES %$ SLUTS (read: BITCHES)- fucking WHORES need to be raped! i am- guess what




if ANY bitch EVER fucking denies me for my height again, i will FUCKING smite that STUPID CUNT take THAT%{$ N THAT(#$ N THAT$p@ THAT!! FUCKING FUCKING ROASTIE WHORes!!!-

>be me
>be studentfag
>study in asia
>fuck yea i got yellow fever
>hook up with qt3.14 one night
>go on dates and shit actually get to the stage where i genuinely care about her
>over new year she grows distant talks to me less but i just figure busy or some shit
>distance grows a bit more she doesnt have time for me it seems
>ask her about shit
>says that she cant grow too attached to me or she will not be able to say goodbye when i leave
>she wants to see me still but i dont know in what way
>tell her that we have a connection and that we should just live in the moment and enjoy now and wait and see what happens if we like each other
>she messages this back
>obviously translates because she no speak english
>im going to sleep now so tired! I will message you properly tomorrow good night :) x
>next day passes
>wanna meet with her so bad to talk in person but dont wanna seem like a pushy desperate faggot
>mfw can't decide weather to wait out for a reply, bother her or just move on
>mfw every few minutes or so she fleetingly appears in my head despite the fact i will probably never be with this perfect girl
i fucking HATE how women do that shit instead of being UP FRONT!!!^%O$)n 'd HONEST they ahve ABSOLUTELY zero integrity!!!-- they treat men like HUMAN CATTLE
>final year of high school
>terrified of rejection from uni
>mounting classwork
>if I can't handle this how could I possibly handle college?
>diminishing sex drive and not sure why
>can't get as hard as I used to, porn just seems boring
>type 1 diabetes
>realization of the lifetime cost of my illness because of the lack of universal healthcare in the US
>my inferior genetics make me want to kill myself even more
>feel like a prisoner with no freedom
>feel like a burden to my friends
>have no interests or hobbies
>no meaningful talents
>incapable of relating to normal people
>constant anxiety over things I should be doing
>feel as if time is going by too quickly and I'm doing nothing
>literally zero discipline, motivation, drive, willpower, whatever you want to call it
>constantly tired
>fucked circadian rhythm
>poor family relationships
>absent father, overbearing mother, mentally ill brother

Sorry if this was a bit scatter-brained, but I don't really have the energy to put any of this eloquently
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>1st year of master's at uni
>two 4-page papers I had to give 3 weeks ago
>haven't finished half of it
>have to find an internship in April, but too anxious to send emails
>sleep cycle is fucked up, alternate between sleeping too little and oversleeping
>failed all of my finals and missed one because I didn't wake up
>it's all my fault because I didn't study during winter break
>studying makes me anxious because it reminds me of my failures, so I don't
>lost all interest in my area of study anyway
>depressed, can't even bring myself to care about failure and it's making me mad
>grew spineless and insecure because my brother bullied me and didn't have friends until high school
>have friends now, but don't know how to interact with them other than by making jokes
>can't tell them how I really feel because now they expect me to make them laugh
>if I don't pass this year, I won't see them anymore
>21 khv
>want a gf but I'm asexual so I couldn't satisfy her with sex and relationship wouldn't last
>face ruined by acne
>live on my own and only go out to go to class
>no driver's licence yet because the idea of driving on my own scared me (it still does)
>thinking about killing myself, nobody knows

I don't feel so good robots
Oh god anon that is the worst feel, when they say they'll txt but they don't. I'd say leave it, if she doesn't message within like 5 days she doesn't care and it's ur choice what to do
Despite all of this you're completing a masters, and what, you're 21?

Most of the things you've listed aren't insurmountable Anon, you just need to break them down into pieces
Is it okay to not like your extended family? I grew up in the military and now my parents are going to move back to their families. I can't stay where I am and must move too, but I can not stand the people in their families. I just don't know what to do. Probably move to bum-fuck nowhere and live there for a little while while I build up financial reserves so that I can disappear one day.

Life was so much easier when I didn't have a choice...
Why are you me?

Especially the last 4
Pretty sure most of what I listed also applies to the rest of the this board, with the exception of the diabetes
my parents are nice and they are kinda cool sometimes but they are really christian and would pretty much disown me for dating outside of whites because the bible or some shit, and they dont eat pork because of the bible. last week i went to little caesers and got a pepperoni lunch special thing and hid behind some tress in my back yard at home at ate it so they couldnt question me lol. i love my home but i want to move out one day, any advice? i have money in a saving account btw
Well why not.
I have to pay the rent in a week and I don't have any money. I slacked off the whole month now I just have enough money to eat tomorrow.
I don't have a high rent so I'll try to take over the couple mediums of income that I have and hopefully I can get the money by the weekend. I have another expense on saturday but I guess I can manage to do it.
I just need to stop spending my money on stupid shit like junk food.
Fuck everything

I just wanted to drink today but I took acetometphime and now I can't until 10 more hours

Yh I know bro. I'm trying but it's getting harder and harder to resist the temptation of calling, just because I want to meet in person and talk these things over. Is that so much to ask?
I study abroad so i have no friends or family here, and my anxiety makes my life a living hell. I can make myself do things if I absolutely have to but i procrastinate for weeks on them which usually fucks me over.
I also keep slacking and just can't bring myself to care about anything. I've wanted to an hero for years but Ii feel guilty because of all the resources my family invested in me.
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>Want to date cute girl, she represents purity and happiness to me
>her friend likes me but im not really into her.
>naturally way easier to talk to than qt so we become friends better
>know shes talking to qt about me, "oh! i think he likes me."
>makes me sick
>3rd girl, completely unrelated i fucked for a little.
>really really into me on an unsettling level- manipulative and just generally batshit
>makes me even sicker
>feel like im leading both girls on while indirectly ruining my chances with the qt
>deathly terrified of talking to qt my stomach gets all fucked if she even turns her head in my direction

pic related is you before calling me a normie
Gonna post because in a posting mood.
>Had a pretty fucked up past
>Tons of chances to become a lawyer and be the son to take my family out of the ghetto
>Fell in love with a girl and she fell in love aswell
>Was a chad in highschool bc of her
>Broke up with her bc of mental health probs
(Weed induced psychosis, bipolar disorder, multiple personality, and terrible intrusive thoughts that scared myself to death)
>Got booked a couple of times for selling pills and concentrated substances
>Could've become a security manager for a high end club but became a coke addict instead
>Finally clean but the withdraw made me put a gun in my mouth multiple times
>Couldn't do it will mom is still alive
>She ends up a victim to cancer
>Could've been treated if I would have made the money
>Father and rest of family is dead or far away so I watch my mother slowly dying any day I see her
>Everyone that used to love me has slowly dissolved
>Feel inhumane, no longer have any hopes or dreams
>Delusions are getting so vivid and hard to handle, started with always hearing my phone buzz but now I hear phones ringing and people talking in the bathroom. Sometimes see shadows creeping thru the appartment or outside.
I am not meant to be here. Sometimes at night I take shrooms and look up into the stars and wonder that if gravity stopped, and I was to fall into the endless space that if anyone would care. My mother would but she only has a few weeks left in her so other than that, who would notice? I have skin and flesh but I feel like I shouldn't be here with these people.
I hear people talking about crocodiles at a zoo.
This is not an exit.
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>read about all these guys screwing it up with girls, losing them to friends, breaking up, etc
>literally cannot fathom having a meaningful relationship with any girl
>never had a real gf
>never held hands
>never kissed

Who /detached/ here?
If your gonna do it thats the way to do it, messages are so impersonal, at least in person you can walk the fuck away if, god forbid, she drops you. Good luck anon
ExGF is getting married

I still have feelings for said ex. FUCK
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Kind of opposite of you but I know your feeling.
>Got super popular in highschool bc popular gf and boxing/football
>Dropout and make a few jail visis
>Become addicted and really lose my sanity
>Cold turkey a coke addiction and depersonalization sets in hard
No hopes or dreams, they died when I was young.
I'm not sure if you're yound or old but if you have a chance take it, this is coming from someone that's killing himself in a few months from this disorder.
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My dick is small really small 8 cm erect small it worries me right now i have a relationship with a gal im scared she will laugh at my dick and BTW im black so it hurts even more.
8cm= ~3 inches.

Jesus Christ dude. uhm stick to eating her out i guess. She probably won't laugh in your face but i can promise you she's telling her friends. hopefully she'll be too embarrassed to do that and will break up with you quietly.
wow and i thought my dick was small.
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I think my mental state is declining and it really worries me
Thanks bro, just a little bit of a nightmare actually being able to meet, but I want this solved and done quickly.
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