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>career path you want
>funny story from your school

Stats and Comp Sci
Possibly a couple internships then a nice data science job. Retire at 40.
I tutor math at my school and the stupidity is astounding. Some people don't know sqrt(4) or how to find the area of a rectangle.
>3rd year, technically sophomore
>Computer Science, hopefully transfer and become Computer Science & Engineering
>Data science or Science related software engineer, then hopefully some years down the line go get my JD and become a patent/ip lawyer

As a part of the computer science club, we went to a hackathon and did not make anything. Just ate free food and participated in the events they had and took the vouchers/coupons the companies were handing out.
>Graduated in 2015 and now working in law
>Funny story: The time I playfully chased my ex into the women's restroom. Fortunately, no security guards were around.
>current yr
>economics major
>commodities banking
>already graduated and working but...i kekd two of my roommates gfs t the same time. yes i was delivering bulk penis
Guys, help.
I am an animation Major. I am in my first year of college. I am good at drawing and I love animating... But I want a high paying, stable career.
Things I enjoy doing:
Helping people, talking to people, making good money, secure and stable job, healthcare stuff, psychology, medical stuff, space and the universe (cosmology and shit), and science in general.
What career/major should I go for?
2nd year
Computer Science
This one time I showed up to class and went home without talking to anyone and then repeated that 300 times.
go hardcore or switch now
you will be unhappily poor and have taken the spot of someone else with you want money
>Have a BA, in the middle of getting my JD
>Not that funny bu there are a lot of stupid SJWs and niggers that shouldn't be in law school, but I take pleasure knowing they will have a terrible time in actual practice.
you cold try to do something with making digital medical models of something (like 3d printing)
surgeries may be potentially replaced with high precision robots so you might try that

I have no idea what majors can get you into that kind of stuff though
>go hardcore
lmao no
>switch now
t-that one! Which major should I do? Medical School, or is it just a meme?
second semester junior
music and mathematics
no idea what the fuck I want to do, no plan
there's an internship opportunity that I want to apply to but I have fuck all related experience, except I know some basic python. I just want to secure some decent income so I can stop trying go on cruise control for the rest of my life.
idk, whatever 60k-first-year-out-of-college meme major there is.

if you just want a stable job, medical school will kill you. go be a nurse.
Oh and here's a funny story. There was a this nigerian stoner dude who lived in my dorm who hated his RA. So he would constantly take logs of his own shit and put them on the door handle of his RA's room. The RA had to get someone to stand outside his room all day/night to make sure it didn't keep happening.
>if you just want a stable job, medical school will kill you
What do you mean? I mean stable, as in "I'll always be working and wont be struggling super hard for employment"
>Any job I want, $300k starting
>Roommate is fucking gf
>he and I were great friends
>I read a meme where you knock, they open, and you yell "player three has entered the game"
>long story short, it did not go as planned. She was pegging him. He moved out soon after. We don't really talk now
>The fuck if I know

I'm probably fucked tbqh. I have no deep interests, and all I've ever been good at is school. My parents always bitched about me being lazy and antisocial, but all they really gave a shit about was grades.
Currently trying to learn Japanese, since I find it a pretty cool language. Hoping that I can keep that up for the next year, see how successful I get, and maybe transfer to a school to take classes for it.
Fuck that weeb shit. Unless you want to go to law school (don't) or be a teacher then you need to change your major.
I've mulled it over, but my options seem pretty crappy. I've been considering doing math, accounting, or finance. I'm sure I could do them, but I feel like I'd commit suicide before leaving college. Generic business classes are soul sucking, and I've never taken more than one math class at a time which I feel like might be too stressful.
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> sophomore
> computer engineering
> software design --> management
> we called in a bomb squad to blow up a suitcase chained to a railing a few months ago
>read up what it is like going into law
no thanks
Don't do it. Especially if you're a robot.
Freshman starting again after two years off.
History major going into law
There's no funny stories. I'm stuck in a large dorm with people I'm not comfortable with when I just want to be left alone.
>Accounting, with a collateral in Finance
>I honestly have zero clue
>had a frat bro die from butt chugging a few years back. that should give my school away pretty easily
Wow sounds like your college experience was crazy!!

fucking nerd
>$300K starting salary

Bullshit. You can't walk into a job with a bachelors degree and make 6 figures.
>Ag science
>RnD in plant diseases
>professor accidently spilt pure refined lsd on his hand after extracting it from ergot mold,
How in the flying fuck are you gonna get through law school?

I'm only asking because I need to know the answer myself
What do you want to know, senpai? I'm >>25855918
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>she was pegging him
The average starting salary at Facebook is about 110k
Thats because programmers are overpaid asperger pieces of shit
Does that Socratic-method shit persist all the way to graduation? Is it really stressful?
>Because everyone works for facebook
I meant you can't realistically expect that. Sure, it might happen for 1% of people, but thats the exception not the rule. You can certainly work your way up to that point, but don't be shocked when you have to settle for under 6 figures, especially with a generic math degree.
>first year grad school
>no idea
>wayans brothers, jim gaffigan, john mulaney, nick kroll, and anthony jeselnik have all performed here
Depends on your professor completely. Some people are scared shitless by it, others don't care. It never really bothered me. If the Socratic method paralyzes you with fear then you shouldn't be in law school imo.
The idea of it doesn't unnerve me too much either provided that the professor isn't openly antagonistic. Even then, I'm sure I can get over it for the sake of my education. What bothers you the most about law school?
It's constantly stressful, it's one big game. The market is terrible. Once you figure out how to do your readings and outline during 1L, your 2L and 3L years will be filled with just as much school, plus extracurriculars (journal/moot court) and then working (if you're doing it right).

Your whole semester rides one exam, you're graded on a curve directly against you classmates and the results feel arbitrary.

My advice would be to get your ass to a law firm while you can intern to make sure you actually want to be a lawyer before you go to law school. Get your uGPA as high as possible, prep for the LSAT for 4-6 months.
*rides on one, *while you can to intern

I can't type because I've been writing my journal note literally all day.
eat shit, Pitt
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how do I overcome my social anxiety and join a club to make some friends?

would benzos help?

Im in the process of going to the gym and trying to get huge before summer to help my self-confidence, but I need to make friends before then...hopefully
1st year of CC
Criminal Justice & Correctional Science
>Career path
A few years as a CO then become a parole agent
>funny story from our school
Someone took a shit on a library computer
Are all their arguments based on feelings?
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>Someone took a shit on a library computer

Greentext it
Idk, thinking about switching to web development
There are republitards and SJWs
3rd year
>I want to design self sustaining homes completely cut off the grid in the fucking mountains.
Final review 1st year design I stood over in school (we all have studios to work in) and slept on a piece of cardboard on a concrete floor. Legit woke up the next morning, finished drawings and model, cried, and was too tired to notice I slept on the ground in my nice suit jacket I was supposed to present in. 0 time and 0 fucks left, I presented the stupid fucking project in front of like 6 professors and the rest of my class looking like ollie the magic fucking bum.


1st year babby

>Current major/minor

Was going to major in History, but now I don't know. I may do a minor first and get a major in a STEM field or something.

>career path I want

Military, hopefully a combat role.

>funny story

None. I hate my life and I hate being in college. I thought it would get better after graduating from the shitheap that high school turned out to be, but all I feel is contempt and disappointment for everyone and myself.

Also, I would like to add that I appreciate all you fellow History-fags here.
bumping this underrated thread

oregano comment
I'm late for my first lecture m8s.
The lecturer is strict as shit.

Would it be better to come in late or skip the class altogether.
If I skip it will be notified.

Wat do?

Dude, it's college, just come in late. If the professor gets all uppity, just brush it off, who gives a fuck?
>the first roommate i had peed on my bed in a drunken stupor at 4 in the morning, but i was thankfully shitposting at my desk at the time
>combat role
Don't do it anon. You'll be with a bunch of ego filled normies.
If I can offer a suggestion as to which branches to consider. I would recommend the Air Force, Coast Guard or Navy.
>2nd year
>history/political science
>I want to see about picking up a Museum Minor
>working at a Museum as a curator
>one time a bunch of guys got drunk on my floor and they wanted to shave this guys hair so he would look like Eminem. They messed up the blade size and they made him a cue ball instead.

Already in the DEP with the Marines. They may be normies, but they'll help a brother out with anything.
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Environmental Geological Sciences/GIS Certificate
>career path you want
Any kind of Geologist/Environmental Scientist
>funny story from your school
My roommate walked in on me having sex with some girl I met off of Tinder for a one night stand, and she's in the middle of orgasming. The roommate starts laughing on the floor in tears, then I rip ass after holding it in, and then I'm fucking laughing. The bitch was fucking butthurt and stormed out of the room. Never saw her again
Sophomore transfer
Engineering Maj, Maths/CS minor
>>career path you want
Particle Physicist -> Tech Startup
>>funny story from your school
More of an anime club story but here goes:
>be me
>go to anime club because wynnaut.png
>they give me shit for mispronouncing "manga"
>all they talk about is Yuri and Inuyasha
>never go back
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