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Alright, I'll say it. I fucking hate...
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Alright, I'll say it. I fucking hate homeless people.

Any Seattle bots know exactly what I'm talking about. The amount of bums in Seattle is alarming.

I fucking hate the way they say "can'ya helpmeout wih'anything so I cun get sumna eat" and look at me like they're pulling a fast one on a stupid, unsuspecting person.

>be me, walking in Capitol Hill
>homeless guy walks up to me and nicely asks if I've got a lighter
>say no but give him a book of matches, just because I happened to have it
>keep walking
>he asks for money too "so he can get something to eat, because he's reeeaaally hungry"
>offer him a burger that I just happened to have
>he acts insulted that I even offered and says "Nooooo I don't wanna burger I need money"
>tell him I can't help him and walk away

>be me, riding the 66 into downtown
>literally THE FUCKING SECOND I SIT DOWN a homeless woman walks over and plops down next to me and asks me for money
>say no
>she looks at me like I've killed her first born child and huffs off
>watch her go and hassle EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THE BUS for money

>be me, walking home from work at night
>pass 3rd and Union
>disgusting nigger homeless woman literally dashes over to me as if her life depends on it and starts shaking her cup at me
>tf is this bitch gonna do with a penny does she not get this or something
>she doesn't go away until I yell "NO, GET AWAY FROM ME" at her and scare her off

I had this other dude, who, after I said "Sorry, I don't carry cash" took it upon himself to politely inform me that there was an ATM nearby and asked if I had my ATM card. NIGGA TWENTY DOLLARS IS NOT FUCKING SPARE CHANGE.
Fuck off, homeless people. You give yourselves the right to harass everyone who walks by and shake your cups in our faces and be HUGE FUCKING CUNTS ABOUT IT because it doesn't make a difference to you -- you'll never see us again. If you were nice about it, I probably wouldn't hate you, but you immediately start acting like cunts the second someone says no. Thank god I have the composure to not fly off the handle at you even after you start being a twat; I'd feel too bad. You are rude, disgusting, indecent leeches and I hope your addictions kill you.

I can't believe I was ever dumb enough to give money to these people. It's sad that the actual nice, charitable, polite, funny, eccentric and otherwise good homeless people have their reputations sullied by these niggers who do nothing but harass the general public.

Meh, cheap blowjobs
>he acts insulted that I even offered and says "Nooooo I don't wanna burger I need money"
He was 100% going to buy cigs and alcohol with that money

tbqh most homeless are scum but I still donate used clothes and shoes. hopefully it makes their lives better
Huh i thought seattle was fine city.
What the hell happened?
They're the scum of the earth. Most of them are homeless because they're irresponsible, drug addicted pieces of shit. And even though we pay taxes that should help these fuckers back onto their feet, they come up to us on the street harrassing us, asking us for money.

Why don't you go earn some money?

If I could get some reasonable guarantee that they wouldn't immediately waste it on some degenerate purchase, maybe I'd think about giving them money. But I can't. Pretty much all the research on the subject says you'd be better off donating that spare change to a charity that helps homeless people anyway.

So yeah, I'm with you, OP. I lived in downtown Chicago for a year, right by millennium park.
10,000 homeless people.
I give homeless people money without regard for how they spend it and sometimes I treat them for meals.

But I do know what it's like to feel annoyed when the same ones are on the same corners, pretending they just need X amount, when surely they've received said amount. The worst is here in NYC, you see someone say they need money for the subway ($2.75 for one ride) and you'll give them the money, then they'll ask someone else, which reveals how much of a con artist they are. I try to make sure to skip those types and give to people who most are indifferent towards.

Finally, I'd much sooner flip out with a Jehovah's witnesses than homeless people. Those are the worst at harassment.
I live in Seattle too, U District
there's always like twenty fucking homeless people sleeping outside the Radioshack, bothering you at the entrance to the grocery store, it's ridiculous
Fucking hobos man

>Me and a mate out, stoned as fuck, chilling and muching outside shop. hobo comes up to us asking if we had any cigarettes, my mate, who had some, gave him one, he then asked if we wanted any weed, he also had a can of beer in his fucking hand.
> see this fuck again, he obviously doesn't remember us and asks us for money, says he hasn't eaten in 3 days. We say no.

fucking hobo's man, this prick was drinking and smoking weed, yet he can't afford food, bullshit.
>He was 100% going to buy cigs and alcohol with that money

Well yeah, obviously

It used to be. Bums figured out that they could live easily here and more of them flowed in. There are literally people who give up their working lives to be homeless in Seattle. There are homeless people who come from other cities to Seattle just for the leniency and to prey on the naivety of Seattleites and Greater Seattleites (stupid rich kids from Bellevue, Sammamish, Issaquah, Gig Harbor who think that giving money to bums makes them good people)

It also kinda has to do with Seattle's geographical prognosis. Seattle's plan for expansion resembles what happened to Los Angeles (development + commercialization in the surrounding areas, then Seattle pushes out and envelopes it all), which just means more bums are on the way.

Right on the money.
any country where its worthwhile for the homeless to panhandle off the wealthy public for " food " is a wealthy enough country to have a food bank .

Next time one of them tries to convince you they're starving tell them to go to the food bank
I don't live in Seattle but I live about an hour north of it. I can confirm every single time I've gone there I have been hassled by the homeless. My father lived there for years and imparts the following wisdom:
>dress like you have money, they won't bother you because you'll probably lecture them on getting a job
>don't look at them at all
>always move like you have somewhere to go
Fuck those socialists on the city council who let them scum it up
ayy, used to have a place on e lake. nice area but fuck me if there aren't a lot of homeless black people. I remember one time I had to call the cops on a guy was drumming on plastic buckets at like 10 fucking PM on a sunday night
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>tfw there are homeless people freezing to death right now
Man if you want homeless people try Chicago. The homeless are the most entitled pieces of shit here, they get fucking OFFENDED if you only give them change instead of bucks.
Jesus, I wouldn't be able to stand that shit, just tell them to fuck off.

OP know any cheap places to live in Seattle?
stop marketing seattle as some kind of haven for millenials then. it's youre fault do bea hawnest
At least the Jehovah's Witnesses take no for an answer and remain polite.

I usually stay around Latona and 45th, so right about there. Even the ave rats aren't as bad.

It's disgusting that non-homeless people need to have a certain demeanor and protocol just to not be pestered by bums.

It makes me feel bad for the homeless who are actually nice. The ones who ask politely and then say "Have a good day" even if you say no.

tell them you don't have any cash and look sad if they bother you. as long as you don't look like you have money (which shouldn't be a problem if you're a robot) you'll be alright.

or just just pretend you can't see them. it's the seattle way.
Yeah senpai, it's a really cool area, but I think in the end I want to live somewhere more car-friendly.
That might actually work if they didn't follow you down the street and continue to harass you and shout at you.
>Homeless man comes up to me and my gf and says he's happy to find young people
>Sings some shitty song to us
>Says he is a songwriter and is moving to New York to make it big
>Asks for change
>We tell him that we don't carry cash
>He rambles on despite us being visibly uncomfortable and giving him minimal attention
>He begins to drool and gets spit everywhere
>He still rambles on and on
>Eventually he leaves when some homeless Colombian woman starts to sing

I want all homeless people to be euthanized.
Sorry to hear that i hope you guys do something about this.
oh, i've never experienced that. i might look mentally ill or something so that might be why they stay away.
lucky bastard
pioneer square has microstudios for practically nothing

damn that's cheap, seattle must be a really nice place besides all the homeless
>before I graduated I used to ride the bus constantly to and from university
>on my way home there was always this mentally ill homeless guy riding the bus
>would usually see him at least once a day
>hassled normies sometimes
>whenever he saw me he just made eye contact and gave me a knowing familial nod and went back to what he was doing
>happened with other deranged homeless people when I would wait downtown for a bus transfer
>fucked with the normies but just left me alone
>they knew
>they just knew somehow
>that mountain
Truly beautiful. I wish to move into the mountains and become a hermit.
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You're just jealous. Homeless people are perfectly happy doing nothing and relax all day.

Quit being some cringy autist all "nnno no sorry" when they shake you down, instead just treat them like people and talk to them and you can hear some interesting stories about your hometown.

Speaking of Seattle you know this guy? Some nignog that hangs out mostly around Belltown and has tattoos on his face and usually a "I need a fat white bitch" sign, this is the only pic I could find of him on google images. He's pretty funny to talk to, guys fucking twacked out as hell, lotsa crack.
I just say I don't have a job
Which is half true. I work seasonal in summer and don't work in winter
Oh my god this. Ever since I had a psychotic breakdown homeless looking people all just wink at me and shit. We're all in this together brobot.
I used to live in and around Seattle for a few years on and off - pioneer square was the worst.
>Coming home from a show nearby
>Bum with no teeth comes shambling towards me mumbling something incoherent
>Speed up and try to avoid interacting with it
>Pissed him off and yells at me "I AINT GOIN BITE CHU MAN!"

Then it even spread to a Safeway in Renton:
>Walking out of the store and this guy follows me to my car
>Has some sob story about running out of gas and needing to get back to Tacoma
>Politely decline, but then he threw in the deal of giving me a cheap knockoff watch with a sticker covering both hands
>Didn't accept the watch but give him a couple of bucks to go away
>Reacts "that's all, you don't have a $20?"
>Gets in his van and drives away
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By Pike's Place Market at night
>Chubby sassy black homeless woman asks for money
>I'm in a good mood so I give her $2
>Looks at me angrily and says "I need $15 for pads"
>"I need $15 for tampons right now. My pussy is bleeding."
>Doesn't even acknowledge the money I gave her
>Walk away and regret giving her anything
shit I was in paris at this train station going to amsterdam, me and my brother are getting a pastry getting yelled at by the french worker, we dared to say something in english by accident. Then this homeless guy comes up to us, my brother gives him some of his change. The guy spits at the floor and then walks away, or so we though. Me and my brother walking around the train station waiting to get out of paris, then this fucking same homeless guy follows us around doesn't stop, been half an hour. He fucking points at us he looked like he was putting a curse on me and my brother. He just keeps following us saying shit in french just being angry in general Then we have to get a security guard, two guys with huge guns take this guy away and security has to take us to our trains.

All this seemed VERY normal
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Worked in downtown chicago last summer.

The problem sounds very similar.

Maybe a few stories of my encounters

>ride bus sometimes
>guy sitting in the same spot every day
>"spare one quarter"
>just repeats that while people get off the bus
>was there EVERY single day
like nigga if I give you a quarter or even $5 you'll still be sitting in the same fucking spot tomorrow

>going to MKE for the weekend
>have my bags
>walking to union station
>some nigga with like 5 magazines in his hand walks up to me
>hands me the newspaper
>"we're a nonprofit pay what you can"
>I feel kind of bad and I'm in a bit of a rush
>"Oh I only have a 20 but I'd give $5 if you have change"
>"oh sure I got change"
>he hands me a wad of cash and I give the 20
>don't think anything of it
>he walks off and I throw the paper in the trash
>count the money later
I was pretty pissed off at that one

I'm sure i have more but I have to think
When Bernie Sanders was mayor of Burlington, he gave the city's homeless people free bus tickets to NYC. Wish he was mayor of my city
I too live in Seattle. I always just ignore people if they're sitting/standing still but if they like approach me or follow me I just say like "nah sorry man" and keep walking. I don't have a fucking job; I don't have money to spare for that. Sad as homelessness is, and as much as it is a legitimate issue that needs solving(liberal fag here), my $2 isn't gonna solve anything. It's much better to give food or clothes.
We live in the country of free shit and rehab programs.

These people aren't "oppressed by the system," they're just lazy or stupid or both.
>Capitol Hill
>U District

maybe if you faggots didn't specifically hang around the areas with the highest amount of homeless you wouldn't be as annoyed
Othello is nice if you don't mind the occasional niggynoggys walking around

I think you're mistaking us for our neighbors to the north. A lot of these people are mentally ill, or were raised wrong. I don't want to get too deep into this, I don't feel like arguing. But these people do need some sort of assistance. Preventative efforts need to be taken to reduce homelessness in the long run.
Most of Seattle's homeless are homeless because they got into drugs and went insane. I'm a social worker and i have to deal with these fucking idiots
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>Be homeless for a brief stint in 2010
>Hungry, ask a guy timidly if I can have some money
>He says "No, but I can buy you food if you're hungry"
>Say "That sounds good"
>He's taken aback
>"I didn't think you were actually hungry. "
>walks off

Wow, fuck homecucks
post some stories
It's terribly easy to get money from the government in this country.

You take 3 minutes to pretend you have autism and bingo, you have autismbux coming in.

There's a guide to autismbux somewhere around /r9k/, it's really not that hard.

I don't think we should be pouring money into the bottom of the pack to be honest. They need help, but it's not at all worth it for this country and its people.

1 reformed druggie for 3million dollars?
No thanks.

You have to understand that after dealing with these idiots for 3 months I can't stand to look at them. They're subhuman. Completely incapable of taking care of themselves or taking initiative. You don't get and stay homeless without being a complete fucking idiot.

I'm against pouring money into things that almost never return the investment.

Do you have any ideas for fixing the homeless issue? I don't know if all the people currently homeless can be helped; but I think a lot more should be done to prevent homelessness before it happens. As you know, certain demographics are far more likely than others to become homeless(or criminals or gang members), and knowing that, we as a society have to put programs and legislation in place precisely targeting and eliminating the reasons for those trends. Homelessness, addiction, mental illness(to a degree). All preventable early in life through education and community outreach programs.

If you really are a social worker, I hope you do good in the community. I'm sure that's a tough fuckin' job, man. But people appreciate it, I know. And people need it. I appreciate it.
I dont hate that homeless but working in DC is starting to make me hate them. why do black homeless think that other black people will give them money

>walking to train station
>"hey man can I get some money in hungry..."
>say nothing and keep walking
>1 min later "hey man can I get some money for the bus"
>"don't carry cash sir" keep walking
>get close to union station
>"hey brotha can you spare some change "
>say nothing and make it to train.

another situation but this time in the morning
>get off train and rush to the red line station
>walking through hallway to main hall
>see shady looking dude walking my direction
>walking with other people so not worried
>every passes him but all of a sudden he sees me and stops
>"hey man can I get some money for some food"
>"don't carry cash man" keep walking

there's also this one faggot who sits outside of judiciary square crying crocodile tears about he doesn't have fare for the metro. I've seen him 5 times now.
Well you're just fucking retarded for that last one.
Yeah I'm aware.
Wasn't really paying attention and wanted him to fuck off.
i have a shit ton but here's the best example
>be working with a 22 year old
>spoiled white kid from suburban cali
>living in a van and hooked on heroin because he flunked out college thinking his parents would give them all of their money
>kid still has a good work ethic
>set him up with a job
>learning how to be a cook in a prestigious restaurant in Montlake because i know the chef personally and this kid seems to mean well
>does well for awhile, finds a house to share with a bunch of other guys
>stops doing heroin eventually
2 months later
>Talking to Chef friend
>tells me he had to fire him and he's back on the street

the fucker would steal expensive food while he was mopping/closing the restaurant and i groping waitresses, and was smoking pot and doing lines of coke in the bathroom during his break
>He was 100% going to buy cigs and alcohol with that money
that's an optimistic guess
I totally agree, in some cases. I was in Europe for a bit, and the gypsies there are fucking awful. This one old lady carried a baby around and basically shoved it in people's faces and bawled incomprehensibly until you gave her money, this one dude with no legs basically bowled my group over and stayed in the center of the group until we gave him shit, and some dude outside St. Peters kept walking around trying to sell selfie sticks to tourists, then pickpocketed them when they weren't looking. Hitler could not have been more right about the gypsies.
Fair enough, perhaps I spoke too quickly. Encounters with homeless can be pretty stressful sometimes, especially if you're not mentally prepped for it atm
Sorry to hear that senpai. I hope your situation is better now.
lol gypsies
I live in eastern washington. Yakima.

I've only been to seattle for day trips to the zoo, science center, etc. it seemed really nice though and i always wanted to live there. So busy and full of people. People enjoying their lives, jogging, riding their bikes, hot young chicks running around. You know, just super lively and full of energy

is it really that bad? How the fuck do you even afford to live in seattle, isnt it expensive as fuck?

It's expensive for nice places, but also there's $15 minimum wage being phased in right now. Most people I know live on the outskirts in like Greenwood.
I also live an hour north, where you at senpai?
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The homeless scam is strong, trust me
>lived in different country where a load of shit happened with family which forced a move
>go back to home country England at 19
>make it up to London trying to find friend
>draw a blank to where he was
>find myself ruffing it in a back room of a church at night for what felt like weeks with my small amount of savings wanting to be safe
>get approached by a bum while getting some cheap as could get food
>asks for money but tell him i'm homeless too
>he tells me to follow him to a campspot on the street with two others about his age
>says i'm a bit too young to be doing this
>explain my situation and they sounded surprised
>they're pestering others for money and I just sort of sit there
>street gets really quiet and the guy pulls up his sleepingbag
>had a phone, fresh clothes, a watch and bagged food safely hidden away in there but not open enough for passerbys to see
>tells me he has a place and only does it for extra cash free but doesn't give me anything
>over half his age with nowhere to go and he was just like "good luck, kid"
>when he wasn't looking took about a handful of change from his panhandling and put it in my bag walking away
>got about 19 bucks from that in change
>just roamed london hoping to never see him or those guys again
It worked out because I stumbled across and remembered the area my friend was in, but I can't look at those who sit in the middle of the street begging for cash. If you're really homeless, you find a safe spot so you don't get beaten the fuck up, especially at night.
No I was prepared because these idiots are running all around the city.
Just a lapse in judgement.

Not really.
Let's put it this way.
If he wanted food, why not accept the offer for straight up food instead of cash?
If he was using it for something else like a train ticket or medical supplies, why would he not just say that?

So we've ruled out food and other seemingly important things he would use to live.

What's left?
Things that he doesn't want you to know about.

If it was something legitimate (read: not drugs), he would just say that instead of lying that it's for food.

There's a statistic floating around somewhere that says like 98% of homeless people spend that money on booze or drugs.
Tech giants and massive corporations moved in, housing prices skyrocketed, everybody who suddenly couldn't afford t to live in the most expensive place in the region became homeless.

Housing prices are still ridiculous here. It's what makes Seattle shit, the traffic is always a disaster because people have to commute from where they can afford to live, and the infrastructure just can't support it.

The honest ones are OK. If an old homeless guy asks me for a dollar or two so he can get a beer? I might just help him out.

Then you have the assholes that just insult your intelligence. Like the guy who asked me for $5 for gas, then pointed to "his car" that just ran out of gas at the gas station. Well, "his car" was the car that had been sitting in the parking lot for the past 2 weeks with a big ass For Sale sign on it. Come on, really?
It's similar in most of the UK

Up north lot have houses get austium cash and beg

Making upwards of 1500 a month with free rent and tax benefits

File: Heavenly Pete.jpg (56 KB, 552x716) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Heavenly Pete.jpg
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homeless people are the scum of the hearth

they aren't homeless because they are down on their luck, they are homeless because they would rather get drunk every night than get to the shelter by 10 pm

I work overnight at a downtown hotel and if you give them ANYTHING they will be back the next night with 5 of their friends.

Just last night I had to spend an hour of my internet browsing time dealing with some asshole homeless person who wouldn't leave the hotel lobby and attacked my security officer.

Kill them all and grind them up and feed them to the hungry.
I was saying it 100% of the time being cigs/booze was optimistic, because I think it's likely that a good portion of the money goes to worse drugs than that.
Honestly we should just house the homeless so those fuckers won't be on the street harassing everyone.
File: 20151106_171052.jpg (2 MB, 5312x2988) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Mt. Baker fag here
Take food that would be thrown away at my work to people living in the jungle around Beacon Hill.
Crazy shot
Crazy fucked up shit.
Many are respectful and educated
No one asks for more than I have offered
I wouldn't recommend it alone or at night
>visit San Francisco with my grandpa when I was 15
>were eating at some Italian place by the water front
>it's nice out so we're eating outside
>patio area is next to a side walk
>dirty manger homeless guy is walking down the sidewalk and stops at our table and points at my plate
>I offer him my piece of bread
>he shakes his head and grunts and points at my fucking gnocchi alla vodka
>look him in the eye
>"fuck off"
>My internet browsing was interrupted
>Kill all homeless people
File: sriracha_1_large.jpg (13 KB, 426x289) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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A bum is one who doesn't want to work and won't travel
A tramp is one who won't work but will travel
A hobo will work and will travel
Pro tip

Homeless people have access to soup kitchens for lunch and if they go to the shelter they are fed dinner too.
Some shelters even provide breakfast.
So never give them anything please.

I fucking hate how homeless people always ask for free shit like smokes and change, it's especially irritating how the smarter ones try and start a small convo first, fuck off I don't want to talk to you and I know you are just using it as a pretext to ask me for a smoke.
Valve stopped making videogames.
Seattle native here but I've been around the country a bit and the homeless in Seattle aren't nearly as bad as the homeless where I am now (Milwaukee). But I agree, as much as I hate to say it homeless people are usually pretty awful. Like you said, if they were nice about it I probably wouldn't mind it too much because I understand how someone might be really desperate for money, but half the time they're lying about what they need the money for and the other half they're asshole when you don't give them anything. It's actually really fucking arrogant if you think about it: they think that of all the homeless people that ask for money, they're somehow special and deserve it. I probably feel worse when I do give them money (just if I have some spare change and don't wanna be bothered) because I know I can't give every homeless person money and I'm picking between them for no real reason.
Kirkland here, I would feel bad for the homeless if it wasn't for the constant smell of weed they exude. Seriously going into Seattle is like walking into a stoner's house. That combined with the traffic is why I never fucking go there unless I have to.
>be me
>in line to get movie tickets
>homeless guy comes up
>"Can y'all buy me a bean burrito for my ma, sit only 3 bucks"
>Dude I'm in line, I have 2 slices of pizza if you want it (I was sneaking in food from 7/11)
for fuck's sake, next they will be expecting a dinner at El Gaucho.
Here's one from Melbourne, with a rising homeless population:
>At Flinders St Station
>Kind of hungry
>Head over to chip shop for some fries
>Get dem fries with the deluxe mayo muh nigga
>Head over to international sweets store so I can wash it down with some Dr Pepper
>Sit on table, crack out the laptop so I can browse while I consume
>See scruffy bloke wandering around, he stopped a few people
>He eyes me and walks over
>Start to pack things to dash away
>Too late
>"oy mate could i get sum of ya chips mate"
>I don't even respond, he just put his dirty fucking fingers into my container and starts eating
>Fuck it, I'm out, pack everything up and walk away


I mean, in reality this was petty of me to do so, but you really can't smash your fingers into other peoples food. I hadn't even said yes.
I feel ya. I was in Rome for a while and I had the same problem. At very least I couldn't understand most of what they were saying so it was as simple as saying "no parlo Italiano" but damn is it fucking annoying. I just want to look at something for two seconds and they never let you have your space, especially if you look foreign.
>walking by coffee shop
>see old homeless
>"how you doing young man?"
>good and you?
>"not so good just had back surgery, spare a dollar so I can get a cup of coffee"
>give him the dollar
>see same homeless
>"how you doing youngman?"
>good, you?
>"not so good, I just had surgery on my leg"
I just walked away, fuck that guy
Why has no one check these trips yet?

Check em.
>living in seattle
Dude you live in the Faeggot Capital of America haha
I think you confused me with OP. I live in Monterey, CA.
I saw a homeless guy bumming money for weed in Seattle once. They are worthless.
Duuuude I'm a late night security guard for a hotel and these fucks are ridiculous. If you EVER show them any amount of decency they will basically paint you as a mark for the entire bum community. I've seen them straight up surrounding customers and extorting them for more money. They followed this one woman back to her room and we had to detain like three of the assholes. I used to help them out with a cup of coffee or something but now not so much. It went from free coffee to them starting a fucking commune on our parking grounds. I don't even deal anymore. Most of us will spray them with hoses and give them a good kick when they won't leave. If left unchecked they get downright violent. You have to be just as much of a shithead as they are to deal with them. That's the only reason they understand
The only people I've ever given money to in Seattle are street performers in Pike Place.
>be visiting gf in savannah, GA
>go sit down on a bench at the waterline to enjoy the sunset
>look to my left and there is this fucking dirty bum counting out his giant stack of cash that he got from begging tourists for money
File: 1347849324748.jpg (27 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 300x300
>visiting city for uni orientation
>dad's with me for the trip
>it's late at night, 8ish and we're getting some McDonalds
>we sit outside on the patio
>see black homeless man coming
>he starts shuffling our way
>comes up to us, starts to talk
>now my dad thinks he's a funny guy, decides to entertain the bum for lulz
>talking to the bum, bum asks for cigarette
>dad tells him no, dad mentions he has some chewing tobacco
>bum asks for some, dad gives him some because he's having fun with the bum
>fucking dad stop
>bum takes can of tobacco, gets some, holds onto it
>start mumbling, not giving my dad back his tobacco
>dad is all smiles, having a grand time, meanwhile I'm freaking out about not wanting to get stabbed
>start to nod to dad, implying "hey let's get the fuck out now"
>dad tries to get tobacco back, bum hides it behind his back
>bum keeps mumbling, says to us "you ever hear of Chuck Norris?"
>we say yeah, why?
>cause I'm Chuck Norris
>bum keeps going on about being Chuck Norris, dad starts demanding for the tobacco
>McDonald's manager steps out, he whips out a cigarette and starts asking the bum if there's a problem
>he says no, manager just says ok just checking, he starts laughing too
>We all get tired of laughing at Chuck Norris and manages shoo's him away
>Talking to my dad, askig why did he have to humor the bum
>dad just laughs it off
>kept looking over my shoulder the way back to the dorm making sure the bum didn't follow
I love my dad, but man the shit he does to get some laughs
It can be both entertaining and distrubing how disconnected from relaity some of them can be.

A while ago, one crazed specimen was watching me use an ATM. They then started yelling the following at me:

> Give me some money! You didn't work for it; that machine just gave it to you. If I knew what buttons to press, I could get money from it as well. You aren't any better than me; you just know what buttons to press!
Man, I thought the homeless in Olympia were shitty. That sounds unbearable.
The newspaper he gave you was is called streetwise. It's a good way to get homeless people in Chicago to actually give you something in exchange for your money.

Homeless story alert:
>get on red line in Chicago going south
>listening to iPod and not paying attention
>look to the left of me and like 10 white people are mashed against the wall on the complete other side of the car
>don't understand but I'm off in 1 stop so I don't care
>turn to leave from the entrance I came in
>homeless black guy with his erect dick out. Is wearing a condom. Didn't notice the smell till then, but holy shit was it vile.
>peace out

>black dude riding his bike in the middle of an intersection
>riding in circles while at least a dozen cars honking
>pulls over to the sidewalk blocking the path of some business guy
>screams as loud as he can in this guy's face (actually made him stumble)
>I'M SICK OF YOU!!!!!!!!

>waiting to cross the street
>homeless old guy shuffles past without asking for change (oddity)
>sits down on some stone knee high wall about 25 ft away
>starts whispering in my direction
>"...gonna get SHOT white boy. Gonna get SHOT!"
>peaced out

>waiting to get on train
>doors open
>businessman steps out with shirt over his nose
>"...smells like piss in there" he says angrily
>go inside
>literally smells like multiple homeless people have been using this car to shit and piss in for days
>switch cars next stop its so unbearable.
I might move to Seattle looking for a tech job...any quick thoughts from Seattle bros?

Or anywhere in Washington really

West coast fuck east coast lolololololololololol

Definitely a good place to find a tech job, just don't bother looking for housing IN Seattle. The entire greater metro area is good really.
Dude I work security in South Lake Union and its literally my job to kick homeless people off our clients property. Shit's cash. So fucking with you on the homeless. I've had a guy try to sell me a carton of eggs, one guy tried to sell me some (stolen) shoes, fucking everyone wants a cigarette, fuck I've got some stories.

>staying at a hostel in pikes place
>hanging out with some people I met there
>after getting some pho we see some bitch shamble up to us
>oh god here we go
>she says "what did the boob say to the other boob?"
>guy in our party from chicago anwsers "get the fuck away from me"
>she keeps following us and apologizing and begging for cash
>i tell her she can have a cig and she can go on her merry way
>enventually she leaves
>just an hour later i see her outside my hostel telling the same joke to someone else and I just burst out laughing

>walking to the bus at 6am smoking a cig
>a fucking mindless zombie walks up to me and asks me for a cig
>by now I see through theyre bullshit and say no
>she asks for a light and I ablige at least
>says thanks and gives me my lighter back

>see a homeless guy outside safeway
>he has a sign that says some hokey bullshit on it and retracts to say "help me"
>idk why but this completely triggers me
>he asks for a dollar
>i tell him to fuck off
>he goes "well fuck you too pal!" and starts shouting at me until I get to safeway
>see him again and wink at him when I pass by and get a cold fucking stare

God I wish we could just fucking gas them.

A homeless man is going to choose you to kill to get three hots and a cot.

Just don't fucking look at them, and say nothing like any other adult would do.

Travelling to a third world country with beggar gangs and true poverty cured me of any thought to US homeless. Shit can be rough by all means, but there are always sources of food and shelter. With strings sure, but they can always find it.
Yeah, my friends are worried that my callous indiferrence to them will eventually get me killed. Theyre all feom detroit though so theyre used to more crazy motherfuckers roaming the streets. Out here the homeless are harmless and passive agressive but they still bother the shit outta me, especially now that it's my job to kick their lethargic asses out of places where they shouldnt be.
File: images.jpg (5 KB, 297x170) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 KB, 297x170
ITT: People who never had to struggle
If any of you faggots become homeless you'd probably an hero. You have no idea what its like out there, no shit some of these people are crazy. When I was homeless I had pretended to sleep while these three dudes beat the everloving shit out of this young street chick because she pissed the sleeping bag. For months all I could remember was her screaming "FUCK IM SORRY, JUST HURRY UP AND KILL ME THEN" they kicked her into a river half conscious. I've had to almost kill a tweaker with just a lock on a chain, I've had to sick my dog on people, my best friend froze to death next to me, I've seen people kidnapped, killed, beaten and so much shit I really don't even want to think about. If things kept up, if I didn't get my hustle right and pull my own damn self off the streets I'd be insane too! I'm not saying give the homeless your money or even that you should acknowledge them because those don't help. I'm just saying before you judge try to understand that you have no idea what they've been through, what the unfiltered horrors of reality are like. That the only difference between them and you is the roads that led you here, no one is born like this, they're made. Molded.

As long as they don't get in my face. Those ones ruin it for the rest. Chill sane homeless who don't pursue are fine.

Bad shit happens to good bad and every other type of person. But the bullshit about not having food is just that.
Fuck off you melodramatic faggot

Kill yourself
File: 9LtUTEZ.jpg (588 KB, 5184x1988) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
588 KB, 5184x1988
>Walking out of unsafeway on the ave (right off 50th street)
>Homeless teenager and his gf are sitting outside
>Asks for free shit
>Keep walking
>"Your family must be really proud of you"
>Put my hand behind my head and flip him off as I keep walking
>"Right back at you"

Fuck you homeless kid, I was working three minimum or near minimum wage jobs at the time to keep afloat AND I was an alcoholic reduced to drinking mouthwash and you feel entitled to my money?

Fuck you and your lazy ass gf right in the ass.

There are help wanted signs in every window.

If you really wanted to get better you'd go to a library, dummy up a resume, make up some fake references and give them google voice numbers, take a shower at one of the free places open to the homeless and buy some cheap formal wear at the ave.

That's literally all you need you stupid lazy sack of shit.

I moved down to the international district to be closer to work (found a better paying full time job) and there are niggers and crackheads everywhere (not that the two are mutually exclusive).

Bitch, it's not the 80s anymore- I didn't even know crackheads were still a thing until I moved down here- a crackhead stabbed a hardworking white store clerk at fifth and jackson a few blocks from my apartment just last week.

Fuck you filthy vermin.

Fuck you and your disgusting, arrogant entitlement complex.

And then you have the limousine liberals who've never worked a real job in their lives trying to shame you into handing over half your income to these faggots.

Fuck Seattle.

Fuck all of these soft, whiny entitled cunts, their pet niggers and their arrogant homeless dogs.
>tfw want to move to Seattle
This is why I am jealous of places like Singapore Japan and SA they have mobile deathsquads to deal with their homeless
Did you even read the stories?
If any Seattlebots want get together and go to a homeless shelter or soup kitchen to volunteer, I could organize something. I'm in the U-District, and there's a food bank and a couple of soup kitchens right off the Ave.
I rattle the coins in my pocket when they ask me for money then I say "No." >:)
I know this guy tbqhf, I actually shot some tar with him right on second street. The funny thing was he was flying the "I need a fat white bitch" sign and he was with a fat white bitch who was down with the whole thing.
In latin america, rich people pay the police to make hobos disappear.
File: homeless.jpg (78 KB, 460x288) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78 KB, 460x288

Nope. They build cardboard shelters in the heart of Tokyo's busiest districts, they sleep drunk with pissed pants in the train station. The Japanese mostly ignore them, but they are a lot less aggressive than our homeless.
Ah, well.
I always wondered why there's even blacks up there, you'd think they'd like warmer weather.

I wonder who's responsible for relocating non-asiatic minorities to colder areas.
File: 1450412354870.jpg (14 KB, 320x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 320x320
>mfw I go to the soup kitchen to eat.
Free food ftw, the one in my city has great meals
File: 1451942339861.png (89 KB, 500x216) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
89 KB, 500x216
I go to Seattle every year for sporting events and it's always amazing how filthy the city is. At first it's fine, then once you start trying to do anything you start to see just how many homeless there are. I was eating outside with my friends when a literal gang of homeless people, like 20 or so come up and start asking everyone for money, they walked over the little fence into the restaurant area and just took over. The overwhelming stench of them was just too much and the we all ended up leaving, along with many other patrons. How is it this city is one of the most progressive cities in america when it has such a horrible homeless problem? Like fuck, thats the one thing I do not look forward to this year, and it always seems to get worse and worse.

Don't even get me started on the college students that literally will scold you and look down upon you if you even bring up a word about how bad it. I have completely cut myself off from some friends when they started going off about "intellectual privilege" and how not everyone is as smart as I with money. FUCK
More stories!

>me and my bf's bikes get stolen one night
>fill out police report, check craigslist for it
>will probably never see it again
>some guy on craigslist apparantly saw a homeless guy with two bikes around the overpass that match the description
>so bf and i go to the overpass
>theres a HUGE camp there, tents, shelters, sleeping bags fucking everywhere
>no one was home though
>we scan the area as best we can
>found like five stolen bikes but none were ours
>ends up taking an hour and a half
>gets real dark outside and the homeless start flooding back, all looking at us like we're the criminals here
>luckily bf is packing and I've got a knife, not that'd do any good
>one guy approaches us
>they talk, he ends up being reasonable wierdly enough but everything is getting spooky
>they say they dont steal things in this community (pffff)
>eventually leave blueballed
>my 400 dollar bike has probably been sold for crack by now
When you work in a customer service job, you find yourself saying the exact same thing each time you deal with someone. I'm sure as a customer, you notice when the service you're given is completely canned. They'll spill the same exact series of words, which no longer retain any meaning to them, to feed you the essential information needed to get you through the transaction. This differs from person to person.

I live in a 'developing' suburb; it's a real mixed bag. Walk one way, and it'll be like Little Vietnam. Another way, and you'll encounter several inflections of Africana. If you shine your torch through the cracks in the floorboards, a community of punk cockroaches will scurry in all directions. It goes without saying that we also have a strong homeless/drug addict community. In a garbage disposal room of a nearby apartment complex, used syringes and condoms can be found regularly. It sees frequent drug/bum orgies.

As you walk to work, to the train station, to the grocery store, the same grubby faces grow more and more familiar. Their pungent odour, their scruffy head and facial hair, their unfaltering outfits grow exponentially familiar the longer you maintain your own routine. Soon you grow to learn theirs.

>"Scuuuuse me, can you spare any change?"
>"Thaaaanks, have a nice day"
This fatboy's corpulence and smoking habits deter any fleeting consideration of my charity.

>"Got any change any change please spare change spare change got any spare change got any ciggies can I bum a smoke any spare change"
>Sorry, mate.
Spread your seeds and see which grow, sure, but you can't expect a speck of respect with that tactic, my friend. My instant regret after rolling you a smoke began festering the moment I witnessed you buying 1-3 tailored cigarettes from the kiosk by the train station. Expect none more from me, thanks.
9j hgdtyv
>bum orgies
not a pleasant visual
Why not in Seattle? Why would anyone move to live in a suburb??
File: cc030407.jpg (301 KB, 599x597) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
301 KB, 599x597
In the city I observe a man torpidly strumming a guitar, creating discordant chords on a whim. His sign, written in marker on scrap cardboard, changes every time, yet always reads the same message. In capital letters, and with the same font size, kerning, spacing, etc, reads something to the effect of "I have cerebral palsy and epilepsy and am seeking food and shelter." He strums away, never a word, eye-contact, or any semblance of sentience. Strictly relying on his sign, and piddling effort that barely merits a performance, the man milks every sucker stupid enough to spare a moment of attention dry of sympathy and shrapnel.

I have observed this man on multiple occasions. At times his sign is written in a scribbly, yet clearly legible manner. Other times, it is perfectly smooth. Each sign has total consistency of strokes.

If you don't want to work, then that becomes your job. There's lots of overtime, and not many days off. As the absent-minded store clerk spits the same chain of phrases to pass you from their till as efficiently as possible, so do the beggers on the street. To them, you aren't people; you're opportunities. You're a brief, passing chance for income, for money that will be poorly spent.

How do you think the homeless wound up so hopeless? They haven't the skills, determination, ambition, or motivation to maintain a regular life, let alone dig themselves out of a rut. Do you think they'll spend the loose change wisely? They won't, plain and simple. I've witnessed countless homeless people pissing away what little they have for a fix, for some booze, for sugary drinks or smokes or other indulgent, useless money-sinks. This is primarily why I don't give money to the homeless.

Attached is a picture of 'fatboy' after a fresh haircut. Below is a link to the instagram of the Street Barber that cuts the hair of our local bums. Many of the posts contain their stories, if you care to read.

File: bateman.jpg (60 KB, 500x401) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's because robots don't respect repeating integers like they should. Repeating integers are a cornerstone of 4chan and always will be, and they deserve the utmost respect.

You're 2's are checked brother.
Not every homeless person begs. I hate beggars because they are antisocial entitled leeches but lately I see a lot of homeless people banding together in ten to twenty man groups pooling whatever resources they have.
File: cardboard-shelter.jpg (102 KB, 845x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
102 KB, 845x480
At least they won't turn to crime. They'll live comfortably being a bum for the rest of their lives.

Does proper hobos exist in this day and age? The kind you see in old paintings and stuff seemed like pretty cool people.
Fuck Microsoft, 'cause we're enough.

On thing they could do is to get different sort of shelters going, at least in London a typical shelter can only manage 20-40 people, but then they're getting their own room and a proper meal. You could buy out some old factory or warehouse instead, Maybe put up some cheap cubicles for privacy and just get them something extremely basic and cheap to eat, Somalia-style, rice and water maybe? You could probably house a load of them without it costing too much that way.
Couple of homeless guys were found out to be 'fake homeless' in my city a few years back.

>busy intersection
>two homeless guys would spend their days washing windscreens at red lights
>lights changed fast and most people threw them a buck
>they were uni students
>they were doing a business project before realising how much money they could make
>lights changed every 30 seconds, usually netting a few bucks between them each time
>had managed to make a good $15k+ in a few weeks bullshitting people

Real homeless story now:
>used to walk through city early when I worked
>at this time it was fucking ripe with homeless, most coming off highs or just sobering up after a night of fucking lunacy
>this one methhead bitch comes up to me, her face covered in scabs and starts mumbling
>bitch is scratching her face so hard it's bleeding, mumbling so much I can't make out a word
>eventually asks me for change
>say I have none
>the next day she throws her shit at me
I used to work at that specialties :) fuck the bums. Up in the north end though they're pretty cool. The indian guy with the long hair always on that bike. That guy bought me so much liquor in highschool.lol
It was never a fine city. It was and always has been shit. Get ready for San Francisco 2.0
not in my back yard. I had to have a fort torn down because these fucking people. Imagine telling a 8 year old to tear down his year long project because you dont think it looks good having a kids forts roof stick up over a fence so they could see it from their yard.
>living in the Udistrict
Kill yourself now, you are also part of the problem.
You and that whole fucking cesspool of a college.
No I will not support LGBTADJGOERITUDSLSOEUTOWPWEJG pride go to hell. I know you go there because only retards live in that run down exorbitant rent area. Oh and bums. UW student and bum are tied.
North Seattle, I always ran into this nigger who would never have any money for the bus and desperately needed it to get home to his kids. Fuck I should remember this because I heard it so many damn times.
Yes this
Lol when you have seen one of your friends get emotionally rekt by a bum and he gave the bitch 5$. We all laughed and made fun of him.
Seattle is done for. Take the sign down we're closing.
There is probably 5 square blocks of decency there. And even that area was always covered in trash. I wonder if that red robin is still closed and rotting away.
Wear my casual clothes never get bothered.
Wear my work clothes get harassed.
I always found that funny.
>practically nothing
1500 for 300sq.f
>Just treat them like people
>Trying to have a normal conversation with some drooling drunken babbling manchild

Fuck that shit
File: 1453183106398.jpg (28 KB, 184x184) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 184x184
>mfw I sometimes give money to homeless whites but always ignore homeless blacks
You sound like a puss m8
File: untitled.png (10 KB, 658x470) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 658x470
>asks you for money
>you already gave him money 15 minutes ago
>he doesn't even remember you

oc pic
Glad someone picked up on that
Are you talking from the homeless guy's perspective?

>be drooling crippled autistic retard
>apply for ssi 5 times
>get denied 5 times

yea real easy
Fuck off you liberal shit, I've had these fucking animals banging on the windows of my car while I'm inside either begging for cash or shouting obscenities at me. I've caught one of these tweaked out monsters fucking attacking a bush and then had to run away when it turned it's head like a fucking ravenous velociraptor and gave me a death stare. Homeless people are filthy fucking savages who will never get a penny from me, much less my goddamn sympathy.
> I didn't think that you were actually hungry

Kek thats pretty funny
It was just a joke, dude, i'm no liberal
Another robot who lives in Seattle's Chinatown? Let me guess, you live here in a small shitty apartment because it's one of the few affordable places left in the actual city? At least the police have finally been cracking down on the ID crackheads, not that it helps that much.
i had to move from Seattle because it got too expensive to live, among other reasons. i grew up in the most crime filled shit-holes, Burien, Tukwila.
i miss Puyallup though.
i think i was more worried about the immigrants than the bums. so many Somali and Ethipoian immigrants and you can smell them as soon as you step into their neighborhoods and they emit a stink wherever they live, it's ridiculous.
Hobo reporting in, though presently hiding down south for winter. I'd take a job if it paid more than minimum. Though I really want to get a CDL and drive trucks. Then I could get paid to just be alone and live out of a semi. AMA I guess? Or fling your warranted hatred at me? I don't really care

libcucks made the cops stop fucking the homeless people's shit up

see San Francisco, Miami and DC for other cities ruined by this
File: ap_739575857783[1].jpg (250 KB, 2111x1400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
250 KB, 2111x1400
please save us
>See the homeless
>Do nothing because if they wanted to get out of their hole they would do so.

Just ignore. I love Australian bums. Never ask for shit. So passive.
>Unironically living in liberal hell hole in Seattle

I pray for your soul.

t. Eastern Washington.
*tips tin can*
you arent supposed to even ackowledge SDFs in France. Just fucking ignore them and theyll leave. If they put hands on you fuck them up.

Also unless youre the most entitled touristy fag in the world, no one in France, especially not in the service industry, is going to get mad at you for speaking english.
a lot of those people are not really homeless, they're professional beggars. BART recently had a problem with a gypsy gang using young women carrying drugged up babies
nah, the cops here definitely fuck up actual homeless people all the time. however, they usually leave the obvious fakers with smartphones, Prada bags and doped up babies alone
so alpha

robots, if you treat other humans like you treat the homeless, you'll stop being beta.
>be going to the grocery store at night right after work
>a fucking bum is sitting outside the god damn door asking everybody that walks in for money
>tell him politely no
>tell him to fuck off and leave me alone
>starts following me in the store
>security guard grabs him by the collar and throws him out the door
>don't see him for a few days
>watching the news
>2 homeless people were murdered
>one of them was the piece of shit hanging out by the store
>feels good

I think it should be legal to kill them for fun desu, or enslave them. Homeless people are scum. There is no excuse to be a fucking bum, you can work a shit ass job and rent a room in a semi decent neighborhood. They are just lazy scum.

do you live in fucking africa? when i was homeless i was always alone and never got bothered.
Weird, when I was homeless I had a fulltime job and spent most of my free time playing MTG
why dont homeless people just go to a shelter??
>get off ferry from bremerton
>walk off the terminal
>immediate piss odor
>spot one
>lock eyes forward, kick up walk speed to almost jog-like
>sign reads "disabled vet. please be generous"
>"spare change, sir?"
>"y-you too"

why does this happen every time i'm in seattle
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