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I think i'm in love with a girl.
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I think i'm in love with a girl.
How do i stop this?
What is preventing you from dating her?
Realize that she doesn't love you.
She lives in a different country.
I think she loves me back.
I don't know.
greentext, please, anon
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If she is not 2D then get the fuck out reeeee.
>loving roasties is disgusting
I'm not asking for attention, i'm asking how to stop this unsettling feeling.
She's a virgin.

Eating a delectable can of Heinz beans will get rid of your heartache
Sounds pretty fucked m8. If there's no chance either of you will be living in the same country 2 years from now, don't ask her out since that's just a waste.

So your options are: continue talking to her, and your feelings will either reside or torment you forever, or you can cut off contact.
You don't until you fall in love with someone else.

Life sucks and is never fair.
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Just assume that the feeling is not mutual and she won't ever love you.
Literally everytime I went for a girl I loved it hurt me, just don't bother senpai.
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She's getting fucked and choked by Chad at this very moment, cum dripping from her every orifice. 3D women ain't worth shit brother, go back before it's too late.
Eh, it's complicated.
I don't seek a relationship or friends or whatever.
I just want to make this stuff stop right now.
I don't need this, i don't deserve this.
I don't know, i think maybe i'm just too much autistic to understand what the hell is she saying.
She's wife material, tho, something y'all niggas would crave for.
Where is she from anon? And you?
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>wife material
Why would you ever marry anyone, they will fuck you over in the end and leave you for everything you have
post pic or bullshit to be honest.
I don't.
That's why i want this stuff to stop.
Tell me what to do, bros.
First of all accept your feelings, don't try to supress them makes it worst, then
Contact zero.
That means, no chating, no talking, no anything.
Delete pics if you have them.
Then wait, time is a good medicine.
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Just channel your love into a 2D waifu for gods sake man.
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>First of all accept your feelings
I will never accept them.
They're delusional, as love is a lie.
>contact zero
I can't.

Do you happen to have anything else?
I was in the same spot like you. I met her online and we talked everyday for a few months, she started conversations most of the times.

I was in "love" with her until I started talking with another girl. You are probably lonely.

But it sucks and there is nothing you can do. And when you talk you feel happy, when you dont talk to her you feel like shit. Life aint fair...
>You are probably lonely
I'm not lonely, i hate people and i like being alone.
Or at least this is what i believe.
I think this woman pulled the right strings, something i thought it could never happen.
Please tell me how to make it stop.
>I don't want to make any change or any effort to change my situation
Kill yourself then, easier and faster
>i can't do what you say
That's not what i said but ok, you're entitled to your opinion i guess.
Only time will stop it.

Whats her name? I met someone that made me feel like that too
>I can't
more like
>I won't
Tell me the shitty excuse you chose to believe that makes you say "i can't"
Lets keep this anonymous, shall we.
Listen, i don't know in what kind of alternate reality you live, but you don't just completely remove a person from literally everything you have for no apparent reason, you'll look like a child\retarded autist and it will probably hurt you a lot, since you know you will add her back or something like that.
Maybe they taught you that you can just put your hands on your ears and ignore a person until it goes away, but the real world doesn't work like that.
I can't, she is something i listen to on daily basis for multiple reasons, we just happened to open to each other and stuff like that.
>Only time will stop it.
yeah, everyone says that
i'm in love with the same girl for 20 years now
and she doesn't know
that's bullshit
>but you don't just completely remove a person from literally everything you have for no apparent reason
You have reason, what the fuck are you barking about?
Sounds to me like you're just fucking retarded and a child who doesn't want to deal with the responsability of making a choice and dealing with it.
And yes you can, people do it all the time with people they don't like and exs.
you seem pretty autistic bro

She lives on another country and there is nothing you can do. There is nothing you can do to stop being in love with her. If you keep talking to her you wont stop that feeling just making it worse. If you stop talking to her you will probably feel pretty bad but will pass after a few days.

you are fucked m8
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I don't believe you, there must be a way or something.
Don't just ignore her out of the blue, perhaps you could tell her how you feel and that you need to stay away because it's painful?
That you don't want to be in love with someone who's in another country.
We both live in europe.
I could technically reach her in less than 30 mins
Is she blind? I met a girl from Europe a few years ago. It was wife's material, but too far away
>you could tell her how you feel and that you need to stay away because it's painful
That's a rather beta thing to do, anon.
Of course she is not, anon.
Please don't project your fetishes on someone else.
Realise one simple thing: love is a choice.

The feeling is real but love has to be nurtured to grow. If neglected, it'll wither and die quickly and easily. You make the choice.
So all i have to do is just ignore it and it will wither away?
Are you sure, anon?
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just keep telling yourself to stop having feelings and it'll work eventually, worked for me at least
File: life.jpg (34 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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But it works, anon.
To become nothing, you must achieve nothing.
You want to stop suffering? good, stop trying to enjoy your life.
There's nothing but the cold empty wind of the void.
So do it, what the hell? You act like there's something else going on in your life that's more important.
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My values are more important than a woman or what i feel.
I've seen it, anon, in my dreams.
Tons of souls screaming in agony, twisting and twitching because of the pain.
I've seen how much a dangerous poison can love actually be, a sweet poison yes, but in the end it still kills you.
You can't just preach the "love is a lie" stuff for countless days and then take the bait as soon as it becomes available.
I can't suffer any longer, after you've reached the bottom you can't just start tunneling\scraping it trying to reach even lower points of utter darkness.
This is an unsettling feeling, something i never asked for, and i just want it to be gone so i can try again to climb up and hope to see the world again.
A woman will not help my chronic depression.
This is a fact.
Is it?
How would you act in this situation?
>How do i stop this?
Beat me, kiddo. Been trying for 10 years straight to figure this one out. Almost managed, even.

But your mind will always betray you.
Don't listen to him. Being honest with what you think and how you feel will get you places, as long as you don't say "I HATE NIGGERS" to a muscly 6 foot tall black thug.
Has anyone ever told you that you take yourself too seriously?
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