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God damn I'm sad and lonely
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God damn I'm sad and lonely

Anyone want to talk about some /feels/?
what's got you feeling sad and lonely?
what's your day look like today?
Sure. What's going on, anon?

Anon, tell me all about your feels. Hopefully we can feel together and feel better.
feel with me Anon
whats on your mind f.a.m?
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Sure thing, man.

>Get girl's number
>never text, because I know she's not into me
>It still hurts when she doesn't text me, even though I know she won't.

Does that broken part of your brain where you think someone might actually like you ever go away?
No, its part of our programming, robot
thanks guys

I just miss my family. My dad is dead, my mum is thousands of miles away working to pay for my tuition and i'm dying of guilt. Before I left home my mum told me that I had to give away my cat, I looked for someone to take her but I couldnt... I went to the SPCA and gave it to them, fully knowing that if they couldnt find her an owner they would put her down...

I grew up with that cat and I totally betrayed her. Its been two years but it still kills me and i often cry myself to sleep because of it.

I dont have a yes or no answer to that but what i can tell you that you will stop caring eventually. As you grow a little bit older and meet more women you'll realise there is no special woman and you will be able to move on easier
rip kitter

Anon, don't feel bad about those things. Your mum is doing what she has to in order to support you and I'm sure you can repay her one day once you've completed your schooling and you're doing something you love.

As for your kitty cat, that is very sad but it had to be done at the time. If you grew up with her, she probably led a long and happy life. You should remember those times rather than feel guilty.

Also, I am a total cat lover and have regularly taken in older cats in shelters for this very reason. Perhaps she has another family now and you occasionally enter her thoughts before she curls up to sleep :)
Thanks anon,

how bout you whats going on?
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>tfw you remember last connection with girl
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>tfw when you've never had a connection with anybody

There's somebody I care about but I don't think I can deal with their attitude and lifestyle long enough for anything to develop from it. I really want to give it a go but I'm incredibly disheartened already and don't think it's going to work.

I wish I'd never mentioned anything in the first place as I feel a million times worse trying to get it out of my head.
>tfw ugly and chubby
>tfw grades are utter shit cuz im like a retarded child
>tried to get a date with the most beautiful girl ive ever seen and she rejected cuz she says shes not into "going out"
>be alive
its time to move on anon, no girl is worth that much worry and trouble. There are tons more girls out there.

start exercising and work harder. I'm dumb too but all people like us can do is work are asses off.
Man at least you tried, that itself is ballsy as hell so dont beat yourself up about it. Keep going and learn.
>Went to gym and ate well for a long time
>No results
>Got skin problems
>Had to get treatment
>If i go back to gym ill be sick as fuck
Just kill me
>Went to gym and ate well for a long time
>No results

if you actually did it right there will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS BE GOOD RESULTS.
You just didn't try hard enough or didn't do it right and/or are lieing to yourself about having done it right.
Try again.
I had a personal coach who made my exercise list and checked on my routines
So im sure i did stuff just like it should be done
I just did work training and it was miserable. Is this truly what every man must do to survive? Work a job that makes them hate life?

Should I look to do something else other than home inspection for a job, then?
>abandonment issues
>chronically sick, specifically a growth thing in my back that punches out holes and gets infected and makes me bleed out my back like some kinda freakshow
>cannot be active, makes me sick
>too poor to do anything about it
>whenever I get close to someone, suffocate them out of fear of them leaving, or push them away to avoid hurt of abandonment
>have lost countless possible friends this way
>lost the love of my life this way "lol oneitis"
>reduced to living in a basement apartment and browsing 4chan for hours on end because I can't think of anything to do
>don't want to live, don't want to die either

I feeled a feel OP, let's feel together. Maybe we can transcend our feels.
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nah, my connection isnt typical one
>visiting supermarket
>see this 8/10 qt cashier
>too spaghetti to approach even ask something
>been treasuring this sensation
>used to seeing pretty girl faces but never approaching them
>something happens inside of me
>decide to atleast message her through normie book
>find her on nbook
>write from fake account
>spouting stuff like i'm just a gatekeeper from dark garden and you're just a beautiful flower inside sunlight
>poetic stuff continues
>keep messaging
>still keep messaging after 3 months
>one day i've had enough
>block her
Typical of me.
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>balding from stress
>recovering fatty
>13 cm needle penor
>not a dime to my name
>no car
>still in college at 25
>living with family
>3rd world shithole
>dead end min wage slave job
>12 hour shifts
>dad got fired yesterday so more pressure on me
>still a virgin
>no girl will ever love me
>avoidant, depressive, cynical and negative as fuck
>gave up on everything
>just want something to kill me so I can be free
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>feverish and delirious
>suddenly get flashback of what it's like to have someone love you
you're so delusional, you're just lieing to yourself telling yourself working out and eating healthy didn't/won't make a difference to not be fat so you would feel less guilty.

BUT TRUTH IS, it always works, you're just being a loser and will stay fat because you CHOOSE to be fat.
>severe social anxiety, takes medication for it and gets treatment but I'm supposed to like like a robot
>can't keep eye contact, can't keep normal dialouges, always nervous around people and just want to be alone
>speech disorder
>no friends. lost all my friends that I had
>cringeworthy and depressing past which haunts me every night
>spend all my free time infront of the computer, alone every weekend. Sometimes I get wasted alone
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Anons I need some advice.

Im halfway through my graphic design study and i can finish it without too much trouble (1,5 years left) but ive been wanting to join the army for a long time now. The bonds you get with your fellow trainees and soldiers and the getting out there and living it just seem so real, every time i think about becoming a soldier I feel happy only to be stumped with the reality that i do a boring ass course where you sit on your ass at a computer 24/7. And if i were to pursue a job in that, it would be like that my entire life. No challenge. No adventure. I don't want that. I'm afraid that if I choose that path i will regret not following what I really wanted. I would be 21 when I finish my current study. Should i just finish it anyways? I think my parents would hate me for not finishing it since they pretty much laid it out and paid for it.
Just finish your studies, then you have something to avoid standing at a automatic roll putting dog food in boxes.
You can do whatever you want after that anyway.
id rather die than be productive to the point of working out regularly
I just want to rest a bit i barely get time to sleep
>stuck in a dead-end job that I hate
>no free time
>too tired to so anything over the weekends

Man fuck wageslaving. This shitty fucking job rules my life.
Pay isn't even that good.

Still beats better than being a NEET though.
FWB that I never had sex with told me she never wants to talk to me again after I got drunk and told her I liked her.

>"have a nice semester"

>be me 20
>go to college
>mon tues wed
>work rest of the week
>so busy that in the hours i have off i realise how lonely i am
I'm also a graphic designing student. I don't wanna do this job but im gonna finish it just so I can do a higher education (final year rn) I'm doing my internship abroad to make it less boring, and it's been great. Just do that and finish it, then go to the military. You'll be alright :)
Damn not sure why but this made me tear up
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