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>ctrl+f uni feels
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>ctrl+f uni feels
>no results

here we go again fuckers. It's cold outside and I still have to make classes.

>make failing grade on first complex analysis midterm
>study my ass off
>make 92 on second midterm
>finish homeworks and all things on time
>80 on final
>b- in the class.

Why even live? This is ridiculous. I obviously worked my fucking ass for my good grades, and I get punished for one fuck up. God I hate going to my uni.
Get over it. Sometimes you try hard and you don't get what you want. Fail a few classes, you'll grow as a person. In fact, I'd say that trying your best and failing is more important than having a high GPA in life.
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Who else /communitycollege/ here?

>commute 15 minutes to class
>no social scene at all, so no groups clogging up campus
>easy classes taught by teachers who don't want to be there
>nontraditional students keep obnoxious fucks in check
>night classes for that /comfy/ feel
>no liberal agenda polluting the atmosphere
>low standards keep your robot ass from failing out

I would probably kill myself if I had to live out of a dorm room at a major university.
That's what I've been trying to tell myself. I want to believe that the experience of what I'm going through is more important than the substance sometimes. It's just insanely frustrating because of the natural high stress my uni puts on kids.
>applied for gov grant too late
>didn't get at least $3k per semester
>will have to take out at least a $5k loan, preferably 10k to keep going
yeah well them's the breaks
At least I don't have anything from my AS because of those sweet grants.

It is indeed cold outside. My classes don't start until the 28th, when it shall be even colder.

>cold outside
>tfw the colder and snowier it gets the better it feels
Fuck seeing anything outside, fuck warmth.
bruv. I know that feel. My old ass parents are taking out 10k+ per year for my education. Plus, I'm doing 3-5k by myself. Next year I'll have to work to make my housing work.

I just started at my Uni. It's a party school.

How do I make friends here?
Anyone else just sit in there room all day? I have literally no friends here to do anything with but cant bring myself to leave.
I went to a CC for 3 years and a summer because I'm a fuck-up. I can easily tell you my CC was FAR FAR superior to my uni. It's really shameful.

>classes are 20-30, smallest was 8
>teachers knew everybody's names
>classes were performance oriented, in-class assignments, homework was for you, not them, though they still had some
>older adults were pretty chill and friendly, even the younger people tended to have issues

>9/10 students traditional with half of those being foreigners
>smallest class was 67 students
>homework+labs is shit normalfags copy from friends, 40% of grade in most of the classes
>tedious and consumes a ton of hours
>in class, teachers would read their own book (a book they wrote for the class), one was always behind our homework assignments, and some were just bad at explaining anything
>one teacher was fresh to the school, gave quizzes and wanted class participation
>people would bomb tests, show up late constantly despite an attendance policy (asking for an excuse, of course), and not show any interest in the class or the teacher's experience working the subject for 15+ years in the field

>bureaucracy is a fucking joke, and literally there's a "diversity and learning" class that will be mandatory for freshman soon
Yeah. I'm >>25848274 and so far I've only left my room when I need to eat or refill my water bottle. Otherwise I'm just listening to music.
I'm not at a party school, but I can tell you my experiences with that shit.
Actually go to some of the student ran activities conventions and shit like that. They'll be people from all sorts of clubs on campuses who are literally there to talk to you. Go up to a radio or chess club and talk to them. Most of them aren't complete asses.
Then go to some of the events. It was extremely hard for me because of social anxiety, but as soon as you find at least another person who feels the same as you, it all gets better.
I went to a joke trade uni for my first year, and then to a really good one full of rich trust fund babbies, and the joke uni had much better people.

Gas the rich.
This. I'm currently in CC and all of my friends are in UNI and they never quit bitching about how awful it is.
>tfw every girl you like has a bf
>tfw every other girl has a thing for you but is either a whore or just not in your league

Always like this.
Same. I fallowed my normie roommate around for the first few months and met tons of people but they all like him way more and Im always the loser hanging out with him and his friends
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For the love of god, someone, anyone, please respond. I'm going insane and need someone to talk to.

I know you're out there, faggots. The entire school is a sausage fest, it's a near impossibility for there not to be any robots here.

pls respond
bby, it's okay. GaTech is full of asian autists. But don't worry, so is mine and I somehow get by.
My roommate hasn't even fucking shown up yet. It's given me the freedom to sit and self-loathe even more than I did back home.
What's your major?
All my life, I thought John Hopkins was in Georgia. I honestly don't even know how I got into Tech.
math + cs doe.
Hmmm. So you're not who I thought you were.

What year, though?
I hear that. Every time he walks in and sees me just sitting on my computer I feel worse and worse.
sophomore. you?
Junior. I go to Radford though. I'm >>25848274.
I was about to say..

>tfw you talk to more people from your school on an anonymous image board that in person
I see people leaving their rooms all the time and all I can do is wonder where they're all going. It's cold as shit outside right now so surely they're going someplace indoors, but where I have no clue.
>I just started at my Uni
Yeah. Fucked around at CC for a while.
I had the exact same thought earlier. I noticed their all in pairs or groups too cuz all the loners are sitting inside
At least it's not wasted money.
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>fail first midterm
>80 on final
>b- in the class.
>punished for one fuck up
>second semester junior
>signed up for classes late
>only 3 of the 5 classes I'm signed up for count towards graduating
>signed up late for a japanese class
>have to take one more japanese class to meet the foreign language requirement
>haven't taken japanese since first semester of my freshman year
>skipped the first day
>next time class meets we're having a quiz
>no idea what's on it
>thinking about dropping it
>starting to exercise and study nip in my free time
>stopped playing vidya as much
>started reading more
Holy fuck, if I could only take the classes I needed, instead of having a few worthless-as-fuck classes, this could shape up to be a great semester.
It's starting to feel like HS all over again, man.

I was eating in the cafe earlier today when I became conscious of the fact that I was the only one without company. Everyone else was in groups or pairs. Then I couldn't stop analyzing the way I was eating my apple, or which hand/finger I was using to scroll on my phone. Within minutes I just wanted to pick up my shit and eat it somewhere solitary.

>tfw fell for the Uni meme only so we can be ostracized all over again
>worked nights for the past two years before going to college
>first semester is all afternoon classes, second semester is daily 8-10 starts
>still work nights on the weekends
>winter break was two weeks of working 5 day weeks instead of 7 day weeks
>sleep schedule is a pile of shit
>everyone at work is a huge slacker and i get in trouble every time they fuck up
>told a coworker (on track to management and acts like the boss constantly, but he fucking isn't yet) to finish cleaning up and that leaving the kitchen in the state it was in was a dick move
>he blew up at me about how it was actually my job to clean up after him, how i never appreciate any of the stuff he does to make my life easier (literally nothing) and he was going to tell the chef
>i stand there nodding and smiling at him while the guy he was training (actually a good dude) cleans the shit up
>go home pissed off at how much of a cunt the guy was being but at the same time excited to get fired

maybe i'll get my weekends back for a couple weeks. maybe i'll be able to sleep properly and get stuff done that isn't school or work. maybe i'll get to fucking relax. i've been on 7 days a week since november and i'm a cunt hair away from telling that douchebag and all the bosses everything that's wrong with their business. that way i'll actually be able to do well in school as opposed to doing the bare minimum and scrambling to make up for the classes i miss because i can't get the right amount of sleep.

this is hell
Been in college for fucking EVER. started like a normie at 18 in a B tier school, dropped out for a while, went to a CC and crawled my way into arguably the 'best'/most prestigious school in the state.

The people at my original, 'low standards' school were better than these overachieving normalfucks at UNC. And the Community College people were even better. FAR fucking better. I can't wait to be done. 1 SEMESTER LEFTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
i turned down uni for 20 hours of nightshift a week.

I never have to walk in the sun again
how bad is organic chem?
Yeah I eat in my room a lot because of that. You'll start to get over that when you realize that none of them give a shit about what you're doing, plus it helps if you see a bigger loser than you eating alone. Most of the time I pretend to txt people so I look like I have friends.
I know this fucking feel. I went from a mediocre state college to the best state college in the state. It doesn't sound like much of a jump, but trust me, it is. Place I'm at now is damn near Ivy levels of prestige.

The faggots that go here are a normalfags to the fucking max, I don't even understand how my old college had more oddballs than my new one, especially since we're meant to be filled with nerds.
Super fun but you should study every day. Come up with your own synthesis and purification schemes, that's how I did well.
anyone /law/ here?
I go to a huge party school (asu), if you want to meet peopel at a party school it's actually harder due to how stuck up chads and Stacey's are.

It's easier to find people who live near you or are in all your classes than clubs, also every school has the autists, find them and you'll fit right in
>I made a bad grade
>what the fuck how does this bad grade fuck up my average?!?!?!!??

>be me fuck up druggie after highschool drop out of college after first semester
>dick around doing drugs for two years and finally quit all drugs and alcohol and get my life together
>start back at CC make decent grades but don't go full time so it takes 3 years to finish all pre reqs
>transfer to uni this year
>be a 25 year old junior that doesn't drink or do drugs so basically no social life besides the kids I study with and see at the gym occasionally
>Don't go to parties/ bars so no getting to fuck sluts
Just kill me now, college has been 0 fun and my gpa has sunk below a 3.0 because I didn't try very hard in bullshit classes that were useless to my major.
this post's elegant simplicity made me laugh
I'm a 25 year old junior who transferred to uni in the fall. Did you do poorly at uni or CC? because your uni gpa will supersede your CC gpa.
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it's a sausage fest but at least you're in atlanta at a well-respected school

georgia southern reporting in. there are tons of attractive girls but you won't get with anyone unless you're in a chad fraternity. there's also literally nothing to do but drink and/or smoke weed because we're in the middle of fucking nowhere.

count your blessings anon
I got a 3.0 last semester at uni and it was the toughest course load I had to take throughout all of my education, I made my schedule pretty easy this semester to boost my gpa so I can find an internship next fall. I still have all my electives to so that should help but I'm going for IS so I still have a few tough classes to get through before I graduate.
Shit man, I'm taking complex analysis this semester, can you tell me what the most important things I'll need to know are?
>>tfw the colder and snowier it gets the better it feels
I used to think this way, then I went to the Midwest and realized that I didn't really know what cold was and that -20 wind chill is actually painful.
Same here man. The fucked up part is that it's not even really the education that's expensive, you could learn all the material from reading and watching youtube videos/lectures, but no decent job will take you seriously unless you have a piece of paper that takes four or more years of your life to get. It's especially asinine considering that you don't use most of what you learn at school on the job.
>It's starting to feel like HS all over again, man.
This so much. Everyone said college would be different but I'm still just as alone. I even tried to make friends several different times but they all do shit without me and I have to be the one to ask to hang out every time. It's just frustrating to be sitting alone (well, not really alone, my roommate's usually there too but I hate him) in my room on a Friday night and looking on Snapchat, which I only even got because they told me to get one, and seeing them doing a ton of fun shit that they know I would enjoy if they invited me.
Got a friend that went to UWG, he lived somewhere in an abandoned factory or some shit. Went to visit him a while ago and everyone was either drinking or getting high. Guess it's common if you're in the boonies.

>at least you're in atlanta
Is that supposed to be a good thing?
So then your uni GPA is a 3.0 which is the lowest for a good GPA. On my resume I don't bother reporting my CC GPA because my uni GPA is higher and nobody really cares. You're not in a bad position and if you pad your GPA you can go up to 3.5 which is considered 'excellent'.

Selection based on GPA is done in tiers like 3.0-3.24, 3.25-3.49, 3.50-4.0 to those who are curious.
tried posting this in the last thread while it was on page 3, and the thread got deleted immediately afterwards
>go to tabletop club at school
>all of the MtG players are clique-ish cunts that only play a casual format (EDH)
>go to LGS 20 minutes away
>everyone is chill and I make a couple of friends
why? It's so expensive to go play Magic at the store. I don't drive so I have to take an uber car and it's like $10 each way. Not to mention tournament entry fees. Why do the players at my Uni have to be a bunch of casualfags?
>be at Magic tourney
>talking with some bros I met there
>over 100 people show up for a midnight event
>tables have to be filled
>kid in a hoodie with our college's name on it fills in the last seat at our table
>he's a freshman in the same major as me
>give him a pack of sleeves so he doesn't have to buy one
>flash forward to the next day
>eating alone in the dining hall like usual
>see him walking towards me
>walks right past me without even saying hello
>does this several times walking from his table back to get more food
>each time I think he might notice me
>tfw he never does
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>tfw I think my roommate is showering with a girl literally a few feet away from me rn
>I can hear her giggling in there with him
where is my gf

where is my happiness

where is

Tbh senpai last semester was such a scare. Thought I flunked out but I didn't (60 is passing grade in all my classes). Done fucking around this semester I actually spent my first day studying (once class was done).
Stop paying for an Uber and learn how to use public transit. Also why did you not say anything to him?
The thing is my uni has its own CC branch where part of their program is you take 2 years of classes at CC and it counts towards your UNI GPA. I literally just checked and it said last semester GPA was 3.0 and total UNI was 2.8.
I don't know how to initiate conversations with people, nor do I understand why people exchange pleasantries when they have not intention of initiating a full conversation (ie, saying hi when you see someone you know, but not stopping to talk to them), I just kinda hoped that he would notice me.

As far as public transportation, it's cheaper sure, but it takes 2 hours and multiple transfers + walking to get where I want to go, and I'm not even sure the busses run as late as when the tourneys let out (I know they wouldn't have ran late enough for the midnight release event I went to)
Oh wow that's shitty. Really hope you do better this semester.
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Who /wants to fucking end it/ here?
>that one NEET who lied to his minimum wage parents about going to UoT
>he's probably homeless now
Sup m80. UofT here, Humanities postgrad. What are you doing?
In my final semester right now. I've been crushing on this girl hard all year talked to her a few times. Just got her number today. For the first time since I met herthat we actually got on really friendly. She got my number off my freind and started texting me and I'm almost 90% sure she's flirting with me.

I've been on a dry spell for about a year since my last breakup, I'll be moving back to another province at the end of the semster. Know she's been around with a few guys here but could care less, not like I'm looking to date her. Hopefully all turns out well.

I'd be willing to help others with any questions and shit, I've been in college and uni for about 5 years now, I'll be graduating with a bachelor's in petroleum engineering and have an advanced diploma in chemical engineering and applied sciences and was on dorms for one year, been living with housemates since then. Some background info of myself if you're in a similar major or program to me.
in atlanta there are places to go, stores to shop at, things to see
>inb4 crime
every city has its ups and downs. better than living in the boonies where there is literally nothing to do except smoke weed and drink.

and for a party school, there is a surprising lack of drugs here. good weed is abundant but anything else is rare and expensive. people have the nerve to charge $10 for a single xanax bar here.

there's nowhere to shop, nowhere to go hang out except in dorms and houses and apartments. I feel like I'm trapped 24/7
File: idiot sandwich.gif (1 MB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
idiot sandwich.gif
1 MB, 500x281
>tfw Ryerson
>tfw never going to attend a real school
>have to take an english course even though I took AP college english in high school and they said the credits would transfer
fucking kill me
>go to university abroad because your family wants you to emigrate and eventually take them with you
>pay a fuckton of money
>depression comes back during first semester, GPA is fucked
>unless i make straight A's this semester i won't get into the program i need
>still no friends, feel anxious all the time so all i do is stay in my room
>even though i know i need to work my ass off i keep procrastinating
>lie to family and say everything is ok when actually i just want to fucking end it

i just feel like a giant waste of money and space
>tfw graduated in December

>tfw I have nothing to do now and I'm just at home like a shut in
who has /shittyroommates/ here?
>roommates brings his friends over while im trying to sleep.
>roommate stores we'd in his drawer and rolls while I'm trying to sleep
>can't go to sleep because of the smell
>roommate plays music while I'm trying to sleep
>roommate brings his girlfriend over and fucks her on my bed.
>have to open my door really giving slowly so I don't barge in on them
>borrows my laundry basket, dryer sheets, body wash, febreeze without asking
>leaves his shit all over the floor
>residence staff have investigated the room a bunch of times because they suspected him off smoking weed.
I flung into an autistic rage after he started playing music while I was trying to sleep and he left the room. I cut the power cord to his speakers, so that problem has been taken care of.
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