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Describe your idea of a perfect sunday
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Describe your idea of a perfect sunday
Spending time with my girlfriend, who I kidnapped and kept in my basement, true love isn't it?
>Posted on a monday
fucking velmas phat ass tbqh
the best sunday I had was just laying on a beach by myself for a day.

>climb down 80 foot cliff near pacific highway
>moderate amount of soft sand untouched by water
>lay down and hear the birds, the ocean breeze, and the occasional cars driving by
>take a nap
>climb back up just in time to see the sun set
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this to be honest fahmily
that is the comfiest thing i've ever heard
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>Wake up at 12
>Have some coffee
>Do the the laundy
>Clean tools and firearms while watching TV
>Clean my car
>In the evening head out towards targets location
>Knock on front door
>Pose as real estate agent
>Pull out suppressed 22lr and dispatch target as he bends over to pick up my card
>bag and tag, take note of the mess and close front door
>Exterior clothes go into body bag, and lawn service coveralls go on
>target goes into vehicle
>I get away
>Body goes into homemade incinerator
>Eat some breakfast
>Go to bed
>you will never impregnate Velma
It's freezing outside also there is a windy storm. I am back at my moms house taking a long bath with a the next book of a song of i ce and fire.
My mom is backing something, maybe brownies and the smell reaches here.
My highschool friends are still sleeping because we went out the previous night and we are going to play some videogames and watch some movies just like we used to
A full day without the hostility and violence against women.
Daphne is clearly superior
Sticking my tongue up velma's asshole.
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>wake up naturally
>eat pizza and hamburgers all day drinking juice and yoghurt
>play vidya
>noone disturbs me
>I don't have to think or worry about tomorrow
>I don't have to think or worry about tomorrow
This. Stress and worry are literally the worst things in this world.
>I go out for a walk
>I walk near some construction
>worker loses control of machinery
>runs into me
>I die
>my parents get a large cash settlement from the city
>they live a comfortable retirement
thats my perfect sunday
I really wonder if people like you are serious. Do you really want to die or are you in a tough spot in life?
low-test faggot
Smoking weed & drinking all day with my friends while we play rocket league, smash bros, mario kart et al, eat delicious food and go swimming in a backyard pool
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>come to /r9k/
>ask people if they really want to die
fucking normies I swear
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Yer man,.I feel uman, u the of this place man, I can tell me, penis.man, anus man, oh yes man, u rule man.

I can feel u have influence
Watching Scoob' gape Velma with his massive knot.
Most likely not people that talk about suicide or cut/ overdose on are usually attention seeking meanwhile the ones that jump in front of trains or attempt a more gorey suicide are real deal. Think there was even a survey/study on this.
Volleyball practice bitches
>wake up without an overwhelming urge to sleep for another 12 hours
>eat some form of breakfast
>make some milk tea to drink
>go on computer to browse the internet while drinking tea
>draw something decent looking on tablet while also watching videos on the side
>possibly upload picture
>draw until dinner
>have dinner
>go back to drawing
>eventually go to sleep

I don't do much
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>Slip out of bed without waking up partner
>Cook a delicious and healthy breakfast with fresh black coffee
>Gently wake them up and administer oral while they eat
>Grab a quick bit to eat and head to gym with them
>Shower together washing the others' body miring our progress
>Smoke weed with our mutual friends, I'm wearing something cute and sticking closely to partner because I want everybody to know I love them
>Light and healthy lunch probably a salad just the two of us
>Split up for a little alone time, them probably hanging out with their other friends me probably cleaning the home, playing video games and watching cartoons
>Dinners' ready when they come back home and I'm in their favorite outfit chastity belt's on at this point, like I was told to.
>Romantic conversation by candlelight followed by cuddling and watching some anime or a movie together
>They tease me relentlessly and I put on a nice show but I can't cum because of the belt. I wouldn't dream of doing it out of turn anyway.
>Passionate sex with lots of bullying and playful hitting; I like to be manhandled
>Cuddle each to sleep; them satisfied completely and me squirming with happiness and bottled up sexual tension

It's nice to have a dream to work towards, isn't it?

original original post
Now you can plan for your sunday
This almost sounds good besides the chastity belt part.

I'd be down for orgasm denial but wearing the belt is too far.
I'm just a big fan of those, they're adorable and help me move past my lack of self control.
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It wasn't perfect, but I had a pretty good sunday yesterday.

In my room, cuddling and shooting to shit with the qt asian from my D&D group that I spent the previous night banging. She takes a shower and steps out to get us lunch. Afternoon was shitty horror movies, cuddling, napping and the occasional oral.

Naked sunday, great fun
Seems cold and dehumanizing to me.

And I say that as someone who wants to have my mouth spat and and be peed on.

Different strokes for different folks I guess.
Oh no it's terribly intimate, a symbol of devotion and submission. That you can get in many different colors and decorate to show appreciation. But yeah, different strokes. Here's hoping our Sundays come to us soon!
wake up when body wants to
have tea and waste time on twitch
lay down with my dogs, take a nap if i feel like it
browse chans, read mango
nightwalk to cemetery in the cold, smoke
come home and listen to music until i pass out

dying would also be an acceptable sunday provided it is relatively painless
>a symbol of devotion and submission

I'd rather wear a collar.

But yeah, to future ideal Sundays and whatnot.
Both would be lovely
Chasity belt is a meme fetish
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