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>talk to a girl online
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>talk to a girl online
>everything seems to go okay
>she just stops responding to your messages out of nowhere
I feel ya bruh. This girl whom I've recently reconciled with was dropping hints everywhere, very obvious she likes me. We texted quite a bit, sometimes way into the night. Even though she did mention she doesn't respond very quickly, sometimes taking days just to reply, this time it's worse, it's close to 1 and a half weeks since I've heard from her.

It's hurting me so bad. I find it so hard to focus on my work nowadays
She was probably talking to 20 more beta orbiters as well and already chose one
she's testing you

the rule is this:
>only send up to 2 messages before a response
>the second message should be no more than 10 seconds after the first

if you get over enthusiastic they lose interest in talking to you
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>tfw that's every person you talk with
>even people on /r9k/ dislike you
Just end me, my fandingo
Is there a reason why girls don't respond quickly? Are they just busy with something else or are they playing some sick mind games on me?
I'm asking because I like to respond quickly to keep the conversation going, but most girls take from 10-15 minutes to respond to me. Even those that seem to be into me.
Western females

>avoid confrontation to minimize self-guilt at the expense of others
>put on fronts to maintain the appearance of being caring
>are convinced by the media and other females that they are princesses with excessively high value that deserve to be sought and need not put forth any effort of their own

This is why they should be avoided at all costs, or possibly murdered.
It's sick mind games / 10, man. Stop replying so quickly. It seems as if you've nothing better to do but wait around for their messages. Don't ever fall for the "I'm busy," meme because EVERYONE has their phone on them. Unless they work some high clearance job and are onsite, no one should (would) be super dodgy if they were into you.
>mfw i send 3 big ones, the second was a question so im clearly being ignored
>no face
they aren't into you, women are glued to their phones and check it every 5 fucking seconds.

do the same thing to them, take hours to respond to their bullshit, they'll probably like you even more tBh, because women's brains are all types of fucked up.
Here's your (You) but yes I know what you mean. I feel everyone hates me too. I can tell the way they skip my posts. It's like a circlejerking hivemind here, it's fucking nauseating
>tell her you're glad you met her
>"hahaha thanks"
kill me
>be female
>befriend female on /r9k/
>have fun talking for a couple hours
>she had to go to bed
>next day, no messages
>send cute pic if my dog
>she doesn't read it
>two days later, no messages still
What the fuck. ;_;
seeing women get phone-cucked makes me so happy
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It kinda really fucks with me, everyone seems to have online friends. I tried do join circlejerks like the anime lewd stuff etc., but I just can't. I feel like an outcast everywhere, so I only use the internet rarely nowadays. I seem to be the most boring, socially retarded person ever
I only wanted to be her friend. What the shit. ;_;
now you know how we feel, except multiply how bad you feel by 10

Be my friend instead please.
Okay. I promise to respond to your messages. How do I contact you?
My kik is robonhk, skype robot.nhk.

Please I really want friends.
I know that feel senpai

I am not ever trying anymore, because conversations was basically me asking them questions, they even won't respond with "and your?" when I asked about their day
This behavior is a sign of the times. People use other people to entertain then in moments of boredom them as soon as something more interesting comes up, these lose interest in them like a kid with a not so new toy. But also text messaging was newr intended to be used for carrying pit drawn out conversations. Why not organize hangouts/dates with these girls and spend time together one on one? If they wouldn't spend time on meat space with you, they really aren't worth wasting time texting back and forth.

Damn autocorrect mangled this post.
actually I am the opposite. If some girl contacts me for some reason on facebook (uni work, family friends etc) I respond back with the least amount of text I can not to further progress the convo. When that red message notification comes up I get nervous immediately. I read the text and literally think what to say back for atleast 10 minutes and write it out to see how it looks and rewrite it no matter how meaningless it is. You can only imagine how much I enjoy real life interactions

Will deactivate my fb profile soon I think
If you met them from here it's a tranny beast you retard.
>Girl goes offline literally seconds after I send her message
Is this a sign to commit suicide?
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Have you tried beeing yourself?
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>Goes online
>Doesnt even bother reading your message
>talk to boy online
>everything seems to go okay
>he just stops responding to your messages out of nowhere

>very close to breaking point
Girls do this shit all the time. I hate it.

> seen 9/11 08:07
I do that all the time to people I know online, get bored of online friendships pretty quickly
guys are logical, so you're probably just not attractive enough for him
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I always try to be myself, because of that it fucks with me so much
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>tfw did this to a girl once without meaning to
>tfw actually enjoyed talking to her

Made me feel bad desu.
What year? Maybe akmed got to her
This thread is my life bros.
>Be on and off with a girl for literally 3 years now.
>We go on dates hangout and all that stuff for roughly like a month or two and then she just cuts me off completely
>ignoring texts, never having enough time to hang out.
>Finally I say fuck it and try to move on and I swear its like she senses it and the process starts all over again
>Most indecisive chick ever

>tfw not strong enough of a sailor to ignore the Siren's call
I too get phone-cucked.

There's this girl I'm into and she texts me out of the blue from time to time, really showing interest and saying that she misses me (we worked together) and that she'd love to meet up. It's all fun and shit until I try to keep the conversatiobn going where she doesn't reply for days, sometimes weeks.
>talking with girl
>find out she's unattractive
>immediately stop talking to her
>she's confused and sad for weeks

It's the sense of relief you get doing something like removing a splinter.
Missed quints by 1, m8.
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>talk with girl online
>decide to meet
>see that she's a landwhale
>friendzone her
>very interesting person talk to
>she's physically unattractive to me
>same happens with 3 girls in a row
If you don't want her to only sporadically message you out of the blue when she's feeling lonely because Chads keep pumping and dumping her, then stop fucking responding immediately. Stop responding fucking immediately and letting her think you're available at a moment's notice so that she that she doesn't value you.
He always asked for selfies.
And said that I was beautiful.
When robots complain about this happening to them.
Every time. Women have one fucking job and they can't even handle that. Literally the ugliest both physically and mentally. Close your fucking mouth for a few hours and eat better food holy shit you slob. You don't even have to know how to cook for it.
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>met a 10/10 girl on omegle from another country
>we have been talking for 7 months
>because Im a beta she always started the conversations with me. Literally everyday
>she is fucked up. Depression and other problems
>She doesnt talk that often nowadays and seems weird
>Yesterday said hi to me and after 1hour stop answering

Sometimes I wish I didnt meet her. I dont know if she isnt interest in talking to me anymore or she is just depressed and want to be alone...

I really need to meet girls in real life...
Whats her name anon? Same thing happened to me
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>tfw one of your former best friends ignore you
Where is she from anon?
>Don't want to sound desperate or anything

that's exactly where you fucked up
I just don't understand what happens. She doesn't have many friends, ever fewer males and zero chads so that's not it. I've tried the don't be so quick to respond but then whenever I do she doesn't reply at all. no matter how quick or slow I reply it's like she just throws a text out there and stops. I even got to the point of asking if I did something wrong (this was when we were like actively dating but she should wouldn't reply for like a week even if my text was a question)

When I asked her that she said "No, I'm sorry I haven't talked to anyone for like a week. Life is crazy rn" so I decided to not text her back and just wait for whenever she wanted to text me. That day never came my friends
She's from Florida. Yours?
Finland. She is cool and smart. But she has a lot of red-flags. Like a lot
you talked to mystery.jpg, didn't you?
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Thread images: 11
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