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Anyone here been an extra?
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Anyone here been an extra?

What movies or TV shows were you in?

What was the experience like?

Did you have a speaking role?
I was in the newest star wars movie in the scene where one of the planets blew up
>go in for first day
>picks from a literal horde of people wanting to be in a scene
>no food
>really hot because of the mass of people
>stand in this crowd for like 3 hours
>get picked
>no line
>just looking up
>they give me a lanyard
>show up the second day
>walk around a bit
>don't get to meet anyone famous
>actually filming that day
Was the pay minimum wage?
no it was volunteer
they said there would be food but it was always demolished the two times i checked
Damn, that kind of seems not worth it. I'll bet if it wasn't a movie as big as Star Wars then they probably would have paid their extras, but they can get away with it because everyone wants to be able to say they were in Star Wars.
that's what i took out of it, some extras did get paid but they had more of a scene than i did
I was an extra in "Max Manus". I was both a German soldier marching down the main street in one of the first scenes, and a cheering Norwegian civilian after the liberation towards the end of the movie. Both scenes were shot the same day (but are 5 years apart in movie-time)

No pay, no food. I can't even be seen when watching the film.

I probably wouldn't bother doing it again.
I was an extra at some university indie movie, the pay was a bit above minimum wage, but everything was really chill, I would probably do it again. I also made 3 friends with whom I still have contact, which makes me really happy tbqh
i have some experience in this

i've been an extra in my own life and everyone elses life ever since i was born
My friends and I exploited a very poorly managed production by being extras once.
>friend and I respond to call for extras on a local film
>show up, sign forms
>PA takes us to the scene (it's in a diner)
>We are supposed to be customers
>Get table with 2 qt girls and another older guy
>We are to be eating and then react when the actor does something crazy to a waiter
>Director is extremely concerned with continuity
>Orders us all diner food but says we can't eat it until the scene is shot
>Technical errors, scene takes longer than it should
>director says we can eat
>we do
>scene gets shot
>one of the qt girls mentions that our food wouldnt be in the shot since we ate it
>director spergs out
>gets us more food
>repeat 4x times
>8 hour day and 4 meals for a scene that was probably gonna be 2 minutes tops in the final cut
>film ended up never being released
Shit, at least you got free food.

Personally I'd love to see myself in a film, even a shitty one. There's just something so... awesome about being on the big screen.
Another time
>go to local student film
>Kid is loaded, wants to make WWII movie
>Has authentic looking props, uniforms, etc
>I get to be a Nazi soldier guarding some prisoners
>Get all dressed up
>get gun
>shoot scene
>they tell me to stick around while they set up for another shot
>I go outside for a smoke break
>forget I'm wearing authentic WWII Nazi uniform
>Me and 2 other Nazis smoking outside
>Hear hushed conversation
>look around
>literally across the street from Jewish synagogue
>Angry blackhatted jews glaring at us in hate and fear
>Film looked like total shit when I saw it later
im a stunt driver.
I go to school for film and we have a casting/crew calls all the time, So i have worked on many films. Mostly student or local productions. Honestly most of the time when I see them I just cringe
Kek, that's pretty funny. I'd just be worried if someone identified me, my reputation would plummet.
I'm in high school (18 year old senior), and I'm not sure where I want to go to college. I want to become an actor but I know how competitive that can be. I'm debating between going to a film school or just majoring in something like business and taking acting classes after I graduate. I really want to be an actor, but I also really want to not be homeless.

Considering you go to a film school, what would you suggest?
How did you get into that?

Wow that's really cool. Sorry for asking, but are you single? Im a girl btw :)
check out local craigslist postings for film sets, usually films that need extras or actors will send out a call for auditions. This is a great way to meet filmmakers and fellow actors. Honestly, film school is great if you have the time and the money but it's totally unneccesary. You should take business and some film/acting classes as a minor, that way you get useful marketable skills while still being able to get connected in the film/acting community. It's really all about meeting people. Start small, local productions and student films. If you're pleasant to be around and someone who can do a good job, people will remember you and recommend you to others.
also, go to theatre school, because that's where people'll be looking for actors
I was an extra in Don Cheadle's Miles Davis movie, Miles Ahead.

I was an audience member at a boxing match where Miles throws up and gets in a fight in the 70s. I was an audience member at a jazz show at a bar in the 50s. And I was an audience member at a Broadway show in the 60s.

I got minimum wage, free cigarettes "props", and got to meet lots of cool people and listen to sweet jazz (Don can really play pretty well and the rest of the band was awesome).

I made some brief friends and met a qt who I was planning on asking out but she wasn't there the third day, felt bad man
>You should take business and some film/acting classes as a minor, that way you get useful marketable skills while still being able to get connected in the film/acting community.
Hey, that's exactly what I was considering doing, thanks for that! Also, I'm kind of new to this but what is the difference between taking something as a major and a minor? I know you probably spend more time on a major, but is the ciruculum any different? How exactly does it work out?
................................................he drives.
Well I assume he does stunts too... And they don't just pull people over on the highway to ask them if they want to be a stunt driver.
You would take the same classes as a film major but with less requirements to your degree
sorry but extras don't get alot money, so you can't cuck him
I heard the Screen Actors Guild is a must if you ever want a speaking role. Anyone have experiecne with this? How do you join?
>TFW I'm ugly and have minor stage fright but my dream is to become a famous, confident actor

Life is suffering.
Become a comedian. Then you can cash in on your ugliness with self deprecating humor
That's... actually not a bad idea. Plus I'm not so ugly that people cringe at the sight of me, but I'm ugly enough that I'm a virgin. Maybe after a while I can even get into movies and TV shows because of my comedy. Thanks, anon!
>TFW same problems as >>25846515
but I can't do >>25846569
because my self deprecating humor is just cringy, and not funny.

I'm probably uglier than >>25846515

Ender's Game

Good. More than minimum wage. Went out to Michoud. Food was nice.

>TFW want to become a famous, confident-actor but my parents aren't jewish nor rich or famous.
It's boring and you usually don't get paid. Also A.D.'s act like the worst kind of HR person e.g. try to compensate for their lack of innate leadership skills by being overbearing and obnoxious.

Wouldn't recommend trying it.
Fucking nepotism.

Do you think a German/Irish hybrid in America has a decent chance at Hollywood?
Everyone thinks they have a chance in hollywood. That's why everywhere is filled with failed chads and stacies who were the biggest of the acting jocks from where they came, and why they fill up all the minimum shit wage jobs until they get their "lucky break" which only happens for a select few of them. I wouldn't count yourself lucky but you might have a shot at it and anythings possible. Who knows?
I need to take advantage of nepotism. Maybe if save up for Julliard I'll get connections.
Alternatively make your own stuff and get in with the sundance/indie community and go from there
Of course, I don't want to skate by on knowing people, but even if you have good stuff it's hard to get "in". Needing nepotism might suck but at least it's good to use it to your advantage if you can.

Not really extra but...

>out making errands, walk past ATM
>watch news in the evening, camera is filming the ATM while they talk about some bank shit
>see myself walk past

Had a similar experience when I was a young kid.

>new Lego store opens up in downtown Chicago
>parents take me there
>news crew was there reporting on the opening
>store had some lego tables with a bunch of legos to build random shit
>start building a sick pyramid
>camera man is filming the store, decides to film me
>somehow know to just keep building and not look at the camera
>chance I made it on the evening news for all of Chicagoland

8 year old me was smoother than 21 year old me.
I was on the news when the Olympic flame came through town a few years ago. A few family members said that they saw me.

Also when I was still in primary school a TV crew came in making a documentary about English schools.
I was with some friends and we were at the midnight premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. There were a bunch of news stations because we were at the biggest theater in the area and my friend's mom said she saw us in the background on Telemundo.
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