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>make a post about discussing practical,...
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>make a post about discussing practical, realistic solutions to our problems instead of wallowing in that addictive self-pity
>literally 0 responses
>make a post about a a polynesian girl who used to walk with me to school in 9th grade
>literally 90 responses of similar bullshit anecdotes and ">tfw no Hawaiian gf"

This is why this board sucks
Don't be mean, eat some Sardines
I know man. I sometimes spend 15 minutes making a serious post and i get no response at all.

But when i make a short thread about how edgy i am, i get 60+ replies.
Fuck off and get off your high horse asshole. You wanna strut around like some snobby prep kid? Huh you motherfucker? Eh? Get outta here. You dont belong you son of a BITCH!
Any of the practical solutions involve slaving away for normie society and getting humiliated every day. That's worse than death.
This entire board is deathly scared that there might be a solution for any of their problems. If there is, it means they've been wasting their time accepting it when they had other options.
Wallowing in our own pity is what we do.
it's our thing. don't take that away from us.
Chads and Stacy's are born to succeed and normies born to follow. but us. no.
Don't take away the one thing we stay on this earth for: to feel
because r9k belongs to normies. there no real robots on this board anymore except me. you'r all retarded faggots you have it better than i ever will so stop complaining you niggers
Dude bro just b urself bro
R9kay is filled with people exhibiting some form of Stockholm syndrome. We could turn off the computer at any time and read a book or take a walk, but many would rather sit here all day. It's a self-perpetuating thing, if they didn't, there would be a whole lot less >tfw no gf
I have to admit I am part of the problem. Occasionally I'll run across a long, detailed, no-stone-left-unturned post, and just quit halfway through. It's fascinating to read at first, but it would take so long to think through all the questions the post and my mind pose after reading each sentence, and you don't get that instant gratification. Plus, even if you do do the work, you worry, based off of former experience, that plebs won't get what you're saying, and because your reply is long and "complicated", by the time you get it explained the thread will have moved on, so to speak, making your post meaningless and no real discussion is achieved.

It's just easier and more addictive, although ultimately not as rewarding, to post dank, bite-sized memes.
What >>25838624
said is dead on. People want soundbites, not well-thought out discussion. This is why The Daily Stormer is so popular. Same for Jon Oliver.

/pol/ has the same problem, too, actually, which resulted in this copypasta for a while:

"/pol/ is overrun with impotent discussions such as:
> prove that god is real
> which mustache/dog/car is the most redpilled?
> 10/10 asian waifu would racemix with
> alpha/beta/cuck/gender/orientation/race bait
... and other variations of the types of threads forbidden by the sticky.

and we could use more threads like the following:
> discussion or analysis of an actual current news event
> discussion or fresh analysis of a specific historical event
> debate on the merits of different governmental and/or economic systems (not just capitalism and communism).
> specific steps we can take to acheive the goals of various groups of /pol/acks which may include self-improvement, fighting degeneracy, usurping international banking, dismanteling feminism, building racial pride and unity, or [insert your goal here].

-> find and bump the most relevant and content-rich threads (use the catalog and scroll through the whole thing before clicking anything)
-> report and don't comment in bait or spam threads
-> comment below with your own advice for improving the content and threads on /pol/
-> read the following guide on forum sliding and shills (many of the tactics listed in this guide are used extensively on /pol/)
-> guide: http://pastebin.com/irj4Fyd5

>inb4 /pol/ shouldn't be taken seriously because it's just for fun and dank memes...
that's what /b/ is for.

/pol/ has a lot of traffic, and 4chan is known as an innovator in internet culture. Let's not let that special position and potential go to waste.

Remember that about 1% of /pol/ makes the content and the rest lurk, so it only takes a few of us doing a little bit consistently over a long period of time to turn the tide."

I doubt it'll ever change, honestly.
Quality advice for life right there tbqh
Denial is only the first stage desu

true neets realise there are solutions and theyre just too fucking lazy to follow through on them
We're just mad that even with hard work we will get much less than what Chad gets. We get mad that for hard work we get scraps.
Thread replies: 15
Thread images: 2
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