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who /cantstopworldbuilding/ here?
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who /cantstopworldbuilding/ here?
I'm shit at writing prose and I can't draw that well but I can't help but constantly crafting lore and characters. I don't bother writing them down as I'd likely never pursue them further and most of them are like cheap Chinese knock-offs of existing franchises.
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I've been thinking of the political implications of the Battle of the Hoover Dam from New Vegas since 2011. It's shameful.
Keep making that world and write that shit down. Create enough and you will be able to make that story one day. I believe in you.
I wanna make a world like Strangereal from Ace Combat. Close to real world.
OP here, I want my world setting to be more "realistic" too, but with cartoon like exploitation and gore. I also like the idea of light sci-fi elements in the modern world like in marvel comics.
I've put too much thought into that shit for it to be useless. Please tell me it was worthwhile anon

It's actually real hard to write a story, with that plot and action and things.
>having a hobby outside of 4chan
Grab onto it and never let go man. I wish I had passion for something other than this shithole.
If you are serious about drawing then stop all this day dreaming stuff.
Putting this much expectation into something you wont be able to do in 4 years will cripple if not kill your learning process
I occasionally go through phases of obsessive map-drawing, making up lore in my head as I write down names and make shit up. It's kind of fun, and I can pretend I'm practicing some sort of skill instead of just rocking back and forth
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If you think about it, the most efficient team to write something (be it a show, book or table top game) would be having three people:
1. world builder
2. character builder
3. story builder
Is there any type of forum where world and map builders can collaborate with story and character focused people?
These are not things that exists. People who create characters, worlds and story's are called writers. You can't turn yourself into a writer just because you want to make up a world, you need to study for it
I have a fantasy world I think about before I sleep filled with qts from hs 13 years ago. I also have a bro character that represents a guy who stood up to a bully for me once. I let him do what he wants in the world including fuck any girl. I'm content to just watch and make sure she doesn't get hurt.
This is sad, you remind me of that video of Chris Chan where he shows his Lego highschool
it's weird
i have it all organized in my head, i know how everything works and stuff, but whenever i try to think about it or put it into words it crumbles. it's like my thoughts of it arent even in a language, theyre just feelings and images
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I understand that a lot of people would prefer to create their own world for their characters, but think about the amount of detail required.
Everything down to the type of clothing and shoe may have some minor impact on the story.
It would be great if characters could be crafted by one person then used in a story by another...

Just a thought - I've never actually looked into whether it's been done, or whether it's too disruptive to the writing process...
They are just feelings and images how do you not get this?
Sometimes I'm sad and I like to think of a better place, this is exactly what you are doing, nothing more. You are scaping not to another world but to your happy place. It doesn't work and it doesn't have any consistency because it just exists for yoy
do short stories for each character and how they end up meeting
This is called character design. It's done by artists, they are hired for this all the time, your favourite cartoon, videogame and anime has them. The guy who made dead notes characters is a famous one for example.
You need to be an artist to do this
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have you ever tried story boarding your ideas?
even at the simplest level you can grab some of the big plot points and record some details on paper with a rough sketch of the scene with some notes attached.
Interesting suggestion - normally I never really think about how my characters meet.

Thanks for the info.
Wasn't aware of that.
This is not a story board. This is a child's scribble. Story boarding is also something you need to learn to be able to do

i like fantasy worlds with distinct races, like Elder Scrolls or WoW. I just think it makes things more simpler, you know?
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Definitely me, fampai

>Before I was a teenager was thinking of massive fictional worlds
>Factions, Thematic motifs, overraching plots, at its heyday hundreds of characters with different motivations and stories
>Was constantly revising and adapting my story
>At one point was going into detail of the military strategy of one of my fictional factions
>Depression hits me in my late teens
>Forget my entire world
>22 and now just start up an entirely new world from scratch

I will never be able to put my thoughts down on paper but it at least gives me an outlet for thought.
Yes, definitely. I also do a lot of writing and drawing for fun to get it out when I have good ideas.
I once came up with the idea of a FEMALE ninja.
It seemed pretty unique at the time, despite growing up on vidya, anime and hentai.

Fucking stupid brain.
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>friendless loner all my life
>never had a gf
>nurtured fantasies of omnipotence since middle school
>created complex world of warring factions in my mind
>am a powerful god in my fantasy who brings peace and prosperity to the world
>my fictional being is revered and worshiped
>the frequency in which I dwell on my fictional world is contingent upon how shitty my life is at any given time.
I can't be the only one
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Holy shit that's me!
The only difference is I never forgot my world and characters. They simply became more complex and sophisticated as I got older.
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