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>kids nowadays are growing up with full,...
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>kids nowadays are growing up with full, completely unrestricted and unmonitored access to the internet on mobile devices like the 3DS from the point they're able to read
this is fucking disturbing and worries me for the future, this technology is unlike anything that has ever existed before
at any given time on the internet, you're just a search and a click away from seeing that GIF of a guy shitting on a baby
the power to find anything is too much for kids to handle and parents are totally ignorant
like, imagine if you had pornhub on your gameboy when you were 10 under the covers at night

Yes? This is what we are working for?

Or at least it's the only real drive *I* have on this sordid earth.

Ever since I was a little kid I've wanted to basically nuke society and humanity all to hell using telecommunications technology and computers.
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try not to hurt yourself on that edge

What edge?

Just look what a simple thing like Facebook has done to human interaction. There are still much work to be done, just that most people have not the background to envision it.
you talk like an anime villain

Notably, most people still cannot code because the infrastructure is too hairy and unsupportive of casual coding. This is a serious issue, even if "worse is better" has resulted in a lot of work getting done.
I was given fully unrestricted access to the internet when I was 4 and personally I think I turned out alright. Although, I do happen to be schizoid now, and I'm completely desensitized, but I don't really see those as negative.

Then again, I am here on /r9k/
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Have you seen the 3D 3DS porn? It's top notch. Anyways, the parents should really be keeping an eye on the kids.
Trump will fix it
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Here's the image on how to do it for you 3DS users.

Actually that's a noted problem in storytelling. Villains act, heroes react.

That's probably why you think anyone who shows genuine enthusiasm over violent societal change or whatever sounds like a villain. You've been conditioned by media.
Are you 11? I'm reporting you. This site is for 18+
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original desu senpaii
>tfw too poor to get a 3DS
Shit, why does the 3DS have to update every fuckig time i try to use it.

I don't know what you're even arguing against now.

Are you a programmer/CS academic? I don't think people outside of the field realize the massive crashing powers that are moving computing forward at the moment. Especially the social bit. It's like a tsunami. And no, I'm not talking about the brogrammer startup shit.

It just looks stagnant from the outside. You should join in, the water's not gonna be cold for much longer.
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You're literally missing out on eye popping 3D tits. Just thought I'd let you know.

having 56k access as a kid let me see some fucked up shit

I remember one of the first porn .avi's I saw was Brandon Iron throat fucking some whore in Slap Happy.

Just a 10 sec avi from whatever that soulseek-like application was.

Kids need to be totally blocked from the internet until they are 16. Give them a TB of softcore porn.

Literally, giving your son softcore porn and blocking internet access to a few sites.... no smartphone...

But then all his friends make fun of him

what do you do?
Children have been finding porn long before cellphones, do you want them to back to fucking their dogs and cousins or something?

Are you really that beta?

I remember having to fantasize up rape, incest and slavery scenarios because goddamn it even the thought of these women living in their own filth while shooting up heroin and getting cleaned up just to shoot the porn scene I was watching wasn't arousing enough.

I was 13.

How is what I wrote beta?

No, at 13 I had seen and read some shit that affected my sexuality long term. I know that

What I want is for kids not to see it until they are older

Porn in the 70s was magazines

Porn in the 90s was still images on slow computers

Porn now is HD interracial face fuck blowbangs and a million other things
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>taking the bait
you think youre smart and are stupid so thats pretty funny

No, I mean I had that reaction at first sight. My first sexual fantasies was worse than any porn I've ever been exposed to.

I think most people lie to themselves because of some sort of externalized masturbation guilt or something.
>the internet will corrupt the youth and plunge society into chaos

Oh, no doubt it will.
I mean, hand-wringers and doomsayers like you were wrong about video games, comic books, television, movies, magazines, pulp novels, rock and roll, dancing, witchcraft, masturbation and masturbation.

But the internet... THAT is the one that will finally corrupt the youth. THAT one is the tipping point. You've got a pretty good feeling about it this time.

Let's get rid of the internet. Let's petition the government to put heavy restrictions on it. Let's just throw it all away and return society to like it was in the 90's.

Because the time when you were a child just happened to coincide with the peak of civilization. By some divine coincidence, your childhood was the most ideal in history. Every year before you were a kid was barbarous and primitive, and every year after was a slide into degeneracy and excess. You, out of everyone born, just happened to have been born into the sweet spot. Am I right?
Damn right. Lobotomize the little fuckers, but for their own good, of course.
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