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ITT: 00s nostalgia (2000-2005/6ish only,...
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ITT: 00s nostalgia (2000-2005/6ish only, anything after that was Bieber iPhone shit)

I remember watching this show all the time in 2nd grade. My daily routine was:
>Watch this
>Then Malcolm in the Middle
>Then the Simpsons (seasons 1-10 reruns)
>WTVZ used to have a "Simpsons-Malcolm Power hour" every week.
>Then homework
>Then vidya.

Those were simpler times.
what is that show doe, used to watch that all the time
Cyberchase. Also gives me nostalgia feels.
I have a whole list of shows that's pure 00s nostalgia on my phone (for me at least, and I'm sure for a lot of others.) I open up the list when I'm bored and pick a show to rewatch every now and then to try and recapture some of that child magic. I could dump the list if anyone's interested.
Nothing after 2005/6ish, that's when things went downhill
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Did anyone else play with crush gears?
I watched that all the time but didn't even recognize the characters.
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that one mexican girl
Not sure when these are dated, but all are pre-08, if not earlier.

Courage the Cowardly Dog
Invader Zim
Kappa Mikey
The Secret Show
Rocko's Modern Life
Action League Now!
Pinky and the Brain
Rolie Polie Olie
Martin Mystery
Watch My Chops
Amby & Dexter
Maggie and the Ferocious Beast
Dave the Barbarian
Duck Dodgers
Codename: Kids Next Door
Samurai Jack
The X's

Just checked a few. The latest is 05 (in terms of premiers. Obviously some shows pushed all the way into 08-09 before they ended)
I remember watching the Vietnam War on the news. Them was simpler times
Oh. Yes. Full agree but you messed bear' s big blue house,and out of the box.
Added to my list, thank you. :)
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That Feel Beatles.png
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>Simpsons Malcom power hour

Ahhhh. I used to only get 2 hours of screen time and I used it to watch an hour of the Simpsons and then an hour of Malcom in the Middle. Simpler times. It was around 6:00 I think.
stop fucking making this thread
I remember that. Malcolm in the Middle was the only reason I tuned into Fox at that time. I distinctly remember it was 7:00 p.m. 7 still feels special to me.
Hahaha, I remember 7:00 too but I thought that was too late so I said 6:00 instead.
This takes me back
Back to when my brother and I got along.
Back to the innocence of elementary school.
We'd get home and watch Cyberchase, Pokemon, Yu-gay-lol, Arthur, then Dragon Tales.
Fuck, this brings the feels.
I remember Motherboard, and Digit, the bird, and Hacker and his retarded assistant.
Then there was always that little short skit with that light skin frizzy haired qt at the end.
Never found out her name :(
Fuck, man.
that cartoon was gay as fuck... seriously a show about math? like wtf
>never found out her name
It's Bianca DeGroat
>Maggie and the Ferocious Beast

Watched this with some nephews a few months ago and had to leave cus the feels came back.
Why can't I go back to being a kid and just try again?
Inbred hick detected
That show was about math, logic, patterns, algorithms, but also friendship and courage.
All those kids were from different parts of the world, but they came together, became best friends, and saved cyberspace.

I have been looking for this for like 4 years. I'll see her in commercials now and then.
She's so fucking gorgeous.
Thank you
Sounds like Autism: The Cartoon
Bruhs, who the fuck watched that one firefly show on PBS Kids?!
>2 hours of screen time

I had a friend like this. Is your first initial E?
How could you watch both Pokemon/Yu-Gi-Oh! and Dragon Tales/Arthure at the same age?
Bump than with familiia clerk schehegavehdbdhdg
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letters to make the post go through
When you couldn't afford cable the only cartoons available were PBS(cyberchase, arthur, ruff ruffman, etc) on the daily and 4kids(yugioh, pokemon, etc) on Saturday mornings.
>ruff ruffman

Fuck you, underageb&
anyone else remember gordon the garden gnome???
Godspeed, Neversoft
>When you get the graphical blood glitch and paint a building red because you skinned your knee.
>00s nostalgia
>only before 2007 allowed
>not naming it "early-to-mid 00s nostalgia" or something
This triggered my nostalgia
2006 was 10 years ago, man.

He could've been 9 watching that show and still wouldn't be underage.
>implying things didn't go downhill around 96 when I went into 6th grade

everything post 96-97 was extremely different, terrible, cucked, and lame. the entire world and all children's entertainment was totally shit by 2000, unlike the classics when the world was objectively simpler and more innocent
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Who /homestarrunner/ here?
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fucking yes, if I scavanged hard enough I could probably find physical crush gears

around the end of that show was the start of the SJW toys, those were the last set of "dangerous" toys to ever be released

>tfw no metal stabbing toy car thats designed to stab
I was born in 1996.
All of this was on WB and PBS (thank libs for this channel).
We had basic cable cus of our apartment building, but we didn't discover Nick, CN, Disney etc until much later.

Forgot to add
that Jackie Chan cartoon
Xiaolin Showdown
Who /early 2000s PCfag/ here?

It was a better time, playing games on my Windows XP machine without the whole Steam bullshit. Using a CRT monitor and actually being able to tell what's going on no matter what angle I'm looking at it from. And most importantly, SJWs didn't have a say in game development.

Also, objectively the best games of the time:
Jedi Knight 2 and 3
Quake 3
Need For Speed Underground
Counter Strike 1.6
Battlefield 1942
Warcraft III / Frozen Throne
SWKOTOR 1 and 2
Thief 3
right here

>diablo 2 (used to smash the shit out of that game)
>quake 1, 2, 3
>doom 3
>Tony Hawk Underground
>Star Wars battlefront
>serious sam
>unreal tornament

good times
You guys are idiots. You'll soon all be going >I miss 2010 ;-;

Shut the fuck up. Nothing was good since the late 80s

kill yourself
Can we all agree that the culture has simply been getting worse and worse since the 60s and be done with it?
Anyone else remember those shitty CGI TV shows that were surpassed by ps3/360 graphics? I wonder how pissed nick/cn are that they can't rerun them.
>no billy and mandy
>no ed edd n eddy
>no powerpuff girls
>no movie and before spongebob
>no danny phantom
>no dragontails
Average list tbqh famalamadingdong
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