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>be 27 y/o semi beta
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>be 27 y/o semi beta
>gf (Abigail) since 09
>moved in together in 2010
>loved eachother
>nice enough house
>two bathrooms, no bath in the house
>was going to settle down and have kids
>$32.37 an hour in accounting
>every week me and bro since pre school drink a few beers and watch the footy (ausfag, idk what you call it. Rugby)
>bro let's call him John for anonymity
>actually fuck him, his names Jake
>his gf Sarah who he cheats on sometimes chills or hangs with Abby for a while
>she doesn't know he cheats
>gg Jake I'm proud
>my Abby and I go to jakes, his bday is tomorrow
>get absolutely fucking hammered
>I hate being this drunk, havent been since high school
>Sarah didn't drink much
>Abby isn't too drunk from what I remember
>The girls go buy more beer, like a two minute walk
>Jake rolls a joint while they're gone bc Sarah is greedy with it
>I can't see at this stage but I say fuck it because I'm already gone
>somewhere between the time they left and the time we finished the j I passed out
Let it be known that once I'm not high, I wake up. No idea why, it's always happened, like my brain just automaticly reactivates once the high has worn off
>wake up, still dark, I'm on the lounge
>kitchen light behind me is on, clock is next to the fridge
>2 something AM
>got there at 7, drank for about 3-5hours then smoked, a high lasts me around two hours so I woke up pretty much on schedule
>still a little drunk, more dizzy and dehydrated than anything
>glass of water
>look around, Sarah is out, alseep on the floor near the lounge
>look for Abby
>Jakes door is shut, hear a slight sound from in there, probably left music on the dumb cunt
Go down the hall to check bathroom etc for abby
>check outside, idk why it's stupid thinking back on it
>fucking orb spider web
>nope and trip back inside, I fucking hate spiders
>more awake now
>fuck it, faggot better have his dick away
>open jakes door
>Abby is alseep next to Jake, naked
>what the fucking fuck
>yelled "what the fucking fuck"
>Jake kind of opens his eyes
>sees me
>realises me
>standing at his door
>I'm gobsmacked
>can't fucking belive this is happening to me
>"dude I'm so Fucking sorry"
>I have a temper
>this is way over the fucking line
>walk out and slam his door
>realise no what the fuck
>shitty doors
>punch hole one in door
>"shit. Cunt!"
>think hulk smash
>lunge at door with elbow expecting to break through awesomely
>hole only goes from my elbow to my shoulder
>fuck off out of there before I kill him
>drive home
>try to process this
>it's 4:30ish am
>sit in living room and balst some pink floyd
>morning comes
>I haven't cooled down
>trying to figure out what the fuck I should do
>order coffe at McDonald's
>drive to the,I guess you Americans call it a mall
>walking around for around 20 minutes looking for I don't even know what
>rebel sport (ausfag sport store)
>ding ding ding
>fork out 180 dollars for a baseball bat
>not a shitty aluminium one
>sickest Fucking smile on my face walking to my car carrying a bat in a plastic bag
>drive to "friends" house
>peek through front window
>they're drinking tea or coffee at the dinner table
>Sarah is obviously upset
>I already know what's happening in there
>leave bat at door, open door
>"hey buddy, look I'm sorry. It didn't mean anything, we were drunk. You're my bro!"
no faggot not this time I know what you're like
>"come outside"
>I walk out, Abigail and Sarah say no, thinking I'm going to fight him
>lol no this isn't 5th grade
>bat=1969 Chevrolet camero
>jakes baby
>front passenger window
>he's yelling at me to fuck off
>tell him to fuck off or I'll break his leg
>continue to bat molest his most prized possession
>she's crying, he's crying, they're crying
>fuck you
>threw the bat at the rest of the front windshield
>I probably looked retarded beating the shit out of it
>this was two weeks ago
>got a new place, far away inthe gold coast
>this place has a bath
This story is based. You're not a beta though
Wait, why did your gf cheat on you? Did you ever get an explanation? Why would she stay at your fucking friend's house and not try to explain anything at all to you?
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>peeling skin stage of sunburn
>fuck it, haven't bathed in years
>absolute bliss
>figured time to fap
>play porn loud on phone in the bath
>bang bros
>cum in bath, fuck it
>pee in bath, fuck it
>add more water to the bath
>reliving my childhood
>forget about cummy pissy water
>submerge head
>semi submerge head
>take water into mouth
>blow it out
>Ziggy stardust and the spiders of Mars playing
>spit water out
>snot like substance in mouth
>pull it out on fingers
>it's cum
>this isn't like my childhood at all
>after all this
>after everything I fought for this bath
So how are you today /r9k/
pic related
This story took a weird fucking turn
Kill your gf in a while when you won't be as much of a prime suspect.

Any long term gf or wife cheats on me I'm going to murder them in10 years time.
>go to party with other friend couples
>your gf cheats on you with your friend because "lel drunk"
It's like the most common cheating story for young unmarried couples.
You dodged a bullet desu mate. Imagine if you'd figured out what a deceitful whore she was after you'd gotten married and had to explain to a six year old that "people change, and mommy is going to go live with uncle Jake."
Her life is in the toilet anyway
>sponging off me
>has no job
>can't or, wont get a job
>no access to my accounts
When we were together she was basically a wife, she had an account which I put $240 a week into for whatever the fuck she wanted to spend it on

At the moment I think she's moved in with a friend until I "settle down"
Reality is I fucking love being single. I'm happy because she probably cheated on me before,too.
This makes me happy because it's easier for me to let her go, I'm happy that she probably cheated on me before because I can smile at the fact that there is no way she can get a job, she never went to uni, dropped out in the 11th grade and has no attributes other that fucking and sucking dick
That's exactly how I see it pal
Why did she not try to make excuses or whatever? Why did she stay at your friend's house when you left?
I don't know, I haven't spoken to any of them since, I've read their messages but I deleted them once I read them. I want nothing to do with them.
Maybe I over reacted
Maybe I should go back
Maybe I should listen to their reasons
But fuck it, ya know?
Well some bitches are so startled and are too dumb or scared to think about something on the top of their heads, so they dont even try.
As long as you're happy with your choices, nah fuck it. Do what you want you're a single man
Well what are the reasons she gave in the messages?
Are ye out of yer moind?
What fucking reasons? you gave them what they deserved.
That will teach those two illoyal turds about fucking with peoples trust.
Get cucked harder, failed normie. I feel nothing but contempt for your kind.
"I'm sorry I was drunk"
"He basically made me"
"I didn't want to"
Daily reminder all women will eventually cheat on you if you date/marry one
>bro let's call him John for anonymity
>actually fuck him, his names Jake

Had to reread this a couple times. Thought you fucked a guy named Jake at first.
your "friend" wasn't a real friend. You're probably surrounded by fake druggie friends, good luck with life.

fucl off normie thought police
We are both quite successful, him being a dentist
Doing the lords work brother.

Personally, just out of spite i'd find her just to flip her off and never see her again.
doesn;t matter what your brother and gf did, your reaction is inexcusable. You acted violently and not to mention drinking that disgusting bath water...is that the kind of person anyone would want as their boyfriend? I think not. If anyone dodged a bullet it was them.
Dude I can't belive it!
you're a fag
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Nice b8 m8 I really appreti8
Do you live in Indiana/have these events happened there?
I'll be your live-in maid for 120/w and I suck dick like a pro, where in GC you at senpai?

There's nothing that could excuse it, what you've decided is the best course of action. Most people would have similar reactions.
I live in pacific pines, can you cook?
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