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ITT: Embarrassing shit you did that makes...
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>Live in an apartment
>Bed is right next to the window
>Decide to fap
>Realize that the window is open
did that once and my neighbors laughed at me. oh well life goes on
I'm 19 now by the way.
Are you still 15 now?
This happened 4 years ago. >>25827988
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I once asked a girl out
oh okay cool.
>just getting into online video games
>do thing were you fake a deep voice
>years later I am just now realizing that everyone there knew what was going on
Oh and by the way I did the same shit as you when I was 14 op
>whackin in my trailer
>blinds closed, usually have blanket nailed over to keep light out
>porn on big screen, people walking by can probably see through the cracks in the blinds
>window about 7 feet high
>knock knock knock
>I freeze, turn off tv and dont move
>knock knock knock
>wait for a long time
>turn off light go to bed

Worst part is it was probably someone related to me and they all laugh about it
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You died.jpg
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>tfw you were below orbiter tier creepy and pathetic in doing so
>tfw you did it TWICE
Oh yeah there was one time where I made a holocaust joke in class.

I think it was when someone kept fucking up a math problem, and I just shouted "It's like the holocaust! The numbers just keep going up"

I don't really remember it all too well, but it happened 2 years ago.
post pics of your trailer
Its a little 17 foot bumper pull trailer
>sitting next to grill I like in class
>try to squeeze out small fart
>it's really loud
I know it's really cliche but it's actually so much worse when it happens.
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>girl comes out of Hastings
>friend knows her
>they talk
>she says she doesn't have a bf
>think maybe I never had a gf because I never ask, heres my chance
>need a bf?
>never again

I end up screaming fuck you every time I think of it.
>hot cousin wants to use my computer
>ton of sissy porn and caps
>delete history and let her use it
>just realize that I only deleted the history in the past hour after she gives it back
>be 13
>obsessed with my first oneitis
>but decide that we're "best friends"
>this way I don't have to ask her out
>butthurt I can't be best friends with her
>decide I want to be a girl
>decide I'm transgender
>shitpost on the chatroom I always went on about it
>can't remember when I gave up that shit up
>tfw lucky to be raised by conservative Catholics and not liberal cucks so I still have my dick
>picture of grill in high school I had a crush on
>scanned her yearbook group photo and made it a tiled wallpaper on the computer in my room
>sister/family saw it

this was like 10 years ago, so single computers per home were the norm.
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>Try to confess to girl
>Get "ok, thanks" back
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>asked a girl out

>asked a semi-famous person for a picture
>they immediately start running after it's taken
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>7th grade
>field trip
>at Cici's pizza
>it's a buffet
>in line with girl behind me (she has a bowl of soup)
>trying to pull cinnamon bun off of rack
>it's like suction cupped on or some shit
>finally pull it off but it flys off the fork I'm using and lands in the girl behind me's soup
>give her my soup
>everyone in line is viably annoyed with me
>I don't have soup
>I don't have a cinnamon roll
It was by birthday too
>back in HS
>asked girl to prom
>turns out she had a crush on me
>get roped into relationship
>go no contact and let the relationship linger for months before she cuts it off out of desperation

She broke up with me via Facebook
This is my one and only relationship
My classmates would've found that funny. Try not to care about what people say.
>>25828750 this made me kek loudly, thanks for making my night better
I was loudly making an off handed remark about how my tinnitus is only going to keep getting worse right in front of my entire English class and I suddenly and uncontrollably burst into a fit of tears mid sentence for absolutely no reason at all and had to be escorted out of the classroom
In grade 5 a popular qt girl threw up on four kids and their lunches from overhead (college seating system) and she and one of the people she threw up on started crying

I feel embarrassed for her to this day.
Kek , that was a funny joke
That's a good joke OP, it's a pity you were surrounded by leftists at the time.
My school was pretty fucking based compared to you and others.
Pretty much everyone joked about major issues.

Hell, I got a small deal going on where people would casually Hiel each other once in a while.
>be in high school band
>on trip somewhere
>had to perform outside
>hot mid-august
>everyone from break
>we eat lunch, then spend an hour fucking around
>director comes up
>"alright, make sure your friend is awake."
>shake the shoulder of girl I was talking to
>clearly audible
>uncomfortable silence for 2 seconds

I talked to her later about it, turns out she had a terrible sunburn.
are you normally this emotionally unstable?
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Not that anon, but I am. what does this mean? I don't want to take pills

i used a voice changer to make my voice sound deeper when i played cod, after about a week i changed i realized they knew and i set it to normal. none of my friends gave me any for it luckily so i don't feel bad about it.
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>at ex's house
>her cats runs from her
>asks me to get him
>he runs to her dad's room
>get him
>look up
>see her dad naked at some meters of distance
>leave the room
>deeply hopes that he didn't see me

I never told her a thing
I remember when I was in class once and someone farted really loudly in the back, I almost lost it
>be on holiday in scotland
>get forced to go to a pub quiz with my extended family (my mum, dad, brother, 3 uncles, 3 aunties, 4 cousins and two of their girlfriends)
>we split into different teams for it because there's so many of us
>i'm in a team with my cousins and my brother
>i was about 16 at the time, not really thick but i didn't know many of the answers to the questions
>one question comes up which was something like "what confectionery shares it's name with a type of fungus?"
>nobody on our team can give an answer
>say wispa (which is a chocolate bar for people not in the bongistan region) because i remembered a mushroom off oblivion called "wisp stalk caps"
>because we can't think of anything else we put it down
>later on the guy who's running the quiz is reading out the answers singles out my answer in particular
>turns out the correct answer was obviously truffles and gets the whole pub laughing at my shitty autistic answer
>whole family laughing
>all my team as well
>keep bringing it up throughout the night and laughing
>can hear other tables laughing about it as well

it's been 3 years and i haven't lived it down
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>middleschool dance
>handmedown suit
>what the fuck am I doing here
>this is like three hours long
>new kid in the school
>very out of place
>embodied autism in every way
>I brought the entire Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy to the dance (about a thousand pages)
>I was so completely out of place
>Can't dance
>Stand still for what must have been at least 30 minutes completely rigid as some sort of weird endurance test
>Some kids come over, intrigued and join me
>Very slowly start shifting my feet left and right
>Other kids are impressed by this charade
>We all end up in this weird, rigid, slowly side-stepping conga line

>I socialed
>mfw it worked out better than I expected
>free doritos

My childhood is made almost entirely of moments like these.
>anyone who doesn't believe in Jew conspiracies is a leftist
> 15
> Super cute German girl who is parents' business partners daughter is staying at our house for a month
> We literally starts dating
> She has more feelings for me than I do for her
> This is probably because since language barriers I HAVE to sound assertive in English to communicate
> Could've had amazing sex but no
> At least not a KV I guess :/
>that space after the meme arrow
that's brutal anon
I hear that if you hold in your gas, it starts to eventually "leak" out and that ends up smelling worse than if you just loudly farted it all out at once.
Is this true?
> it was for your pleasure anon
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Thread images: 11
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