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Guys I just lost my virginity and it happened...
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Guys I just lost my virginity and it happened in the most unexpected way. I swear this is 100% true. You can believe it's fake if you want.

>be me
>have to drive home from college because I forgot some things
>staying home until tomorrow morning
>parents make me go to church
>we go up to the balcony
>a married couple comes upstairs and starts to walk to the seats infront of us
>the woman gives me this sort of curious and seductive look
>she was tall, at least 5'11" and slender
>Shiny blonde hair, obviously died to an extent, had a bit of a wave to it
>she almost seemed other worldy, like an elf from LOTR or something
>really fit, nice ass, tits a little small but oh well
>her husband is really short
>obviously wealthy
>they sit and it becomes obvious they're talking about me based on their body language
>man takes a quick look at me
>puts his hand on her thigh, seems to be agreeing with something
>boring church happens
>stand up and act like I care when we're singing
>act like I'm paying attention during the sermon
>service ends
>couple stays seated as everyone gets up
>they get up after we walk past them
>parents have a meeting for the new year because they teach a kids class so they leave me
>gentle hand on my shoulder almost as soon as they walk off
>turn around a little surprised
>it's the woman from before
>her husband is looking at me very seriously
>he says "Son, where are you parked? We would like to have a conversation with you."
>nervous that they might do something to me if I tell them no so we walk to my car
>it's in a parking garage
>the woman looks around to see if anyone is there
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pic 5.jpg
36 KB, 264x396
>pushes me to the car and just starts rubbing my crotch
>boner growing rapidly
>she grabs it and gives it a twist and backs up
>The man started to talk, "Now my wife has grown a bit frustrated because my ED has gotten worse. We have agreed that occasionally she could find a man to enjoy."
>"And I chose you!" She said
>"I'm sure you understand what we're asking, are you interested?"
>I legitimately think about /r9k/
>how dissapointed would they be if I passed up a chance to lose my virginity?
>face obviously bright fucking red, heart going insane
>"Y-yeah sure"
>they tell me to wait for a white escalade to pull up behind my car then follow them
>we drive for a few minutes
>extremely expensive neighborhood
>next to the snobby golf club and everything
>we pull in to their driveway
>woman gets out and has this really slutty walk going
>starts to pull her skirt up as we enter the house
>revealing a really tight fitting silky thong, bright red
>the house was really nice
>probably cost more than I will ever earn in my life
>she exits down a hallway and tells me to follow her husband
>he sits me down in the living room and just stares at me from the seat across from the couch
>it got really uncomfortable
>I almost got up and left
>but before I could let that thought materialize the woman slides into the room in black lingerie
>she does a twirl
>it was really slutty, completely sheer, g string, one of those tops with the loose hanging parts like a whore-cardigan
>her breats were fuller than they looked earlier
>not bigger, but firmer, better
>she had nice puffy nipples
>her pussy seemed to be perfectly formed as she stood there
>it was a total innie
>a short patch of hair covered the top revealing only the labia
>suddenly boner is unbearable
>open up my pants
File: pic2.jpg (64 KB, 422x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64 KB, 422x600
>dick slings into place
>"Wow you're excited aren't you?"
>she struts over and pulls my pants all the way off
>she grabs my calves and pulls
>I slide forward in the couch until she stops
>ass on the edge of the couch
>she starts to rub the inside of my thighs and slowly gets closer and closer to my dick
>slides a single finger tip up my shaft
>groin/dick muscles contracting like crazy
>no control over the lower half of my body
>she slowly grips the bottom of my dick as she looks me in my eyes and gives my dick one long lick, from bottom to top, finishing with a kiss on the tip
>almost cum then and there
>some precum oozes out
>"Have you done this before anon?"
>"That's exciting! I haven't fucked a virgin since my husband!"
>look at her husband for a split second, he seems kinda into it kinda not
>she suddenly engulfs my entire dick in her mouth
>I'm only around 5in so that isn't really a challenge
>she moves her head up and down for about 30 seconds
>about to cum
>grip the couch cushions
>"Uhh, I'm uhhh"
>she slides her hands under my ass and grips
>buries her head in my lap
>takes all the cum as she circles her tongue around my dick
>lifts her head up, exhales and beathes heavily for a couple seconds
>sticks out her tongue to show that nothing is in her mouth
>smiles and laughs
>she pushes at my stomach so I sit up normally
>sits next to me
>puts her arm around my shoulders, crosses her legs towards me, gets really close
>"Babe, you don't have to watch. That isn't part of the deal if you don't want it to be."
>he gets up and leaves, I don't see him again for the next of my time there
>she starts rubbing my thigh up and down
>"So while we wait for you to get ready again let's talk about you."
>asks me generic adult questions
>what do you do
>oh a student, where do you go to school
>what is your major, you know that type of bullshit
>she tells me about herself
>she married her husband well before his wealth
>genuinely loved him
File: pic3.jpg (185 KB, 718x1158) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
185 KB, 718x1158
>marriage growing sour
>he has serious heart issues
>already had 2 heart attacks
>probably will die within a year
>the sex with other men was his idea
>apparently it had been a topic he brought up for a few years
>she only recently bought in
>they don't have any kids
>she's 43, he's 54
>starts to play with my dick
>it starts to come back up
>"There we go"
>she slides her arm that was around my shoulders and pushes me to the edge of the couch again
>she gets up
>takes off the top with a little twirl
>turns around and takes her thong off
>does that corny bend over and show her ass off thing
>see all of the her pussy and her asshole
>she looks extremely clean and well kept down there
>basically launch myself to her ass
>start eating her out
>going up and down
>big licks from clit to asshole
>stick my tongue in her pussy
>she's on her hands and knees now
>she starts to rub her clit
>licking all over her labia and sticking my tongue occasionally
>she lets out a long moan
>"Just put it in!"
>"Don't I need a condom?"
>"No you're fine! Just do it!"
>doggy style her
>grab her hips and just start pounding
>her pussy is gripping my dick as I pull it out
>she's so fucking tight
>she starts to get up
>tells me to stop for a second
>turns around and shoves me onto the couch
>starts to ride me
>grabs my hand and puts it on her ass
>obviously over her asshole
>slide my middle and ring finger in
>she starts going really hard
>wraps her arms around me and pulls me on top
>fucking her
>she grabs me head with both hands and kisses me
>wraps her arms around me
>I'm about to cum
>try to pull out
>she wraps her legs around me
>cum inside
>she's basically weezing with pleasure
>I sit on the couch
File: pic4.jpg (18 KB, 236x354) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 236x354
>she comes beside me and wraps her arms around me
>"Don't worry, it's impossible for me to have children."
>she kisses me and says "Thank you."
>gets up and walks to a hallway
>wags her ass as she walks away
>turns around before she turns the corner
>"Bye bye!"
>she has that huge smile again and giggles down the hallway
>throw my clothes on and leave

I typed it up as soon as I could so I didn't forget anything. As said, believe it or don't believe it. Just try to enjoy it at least.

To make it /r9k/ relevant, let's talk about older women.
American men willingly cuck themselves.
This is why I only respect Arab men. Hey, they might be rapists or pedophiles but at least they aren't fucking KEKS.
Yeah I felt really uncomfortable when she first walked in. Once she started playing with my dick I couldn't really think of much else. I still feel a little weird about it.
cool story, op, true or not. I don't have a milf fetish or anything but I can definitely appreciate em.
I only respect individuals. As a whole, every race sucks.
knew this would end up as cuck garbage after the 8th line so stopped there and read a few lines of the second post, don't care good for you
After this experience I probably won't joke around about cucks anymore now that I have experienced it first hand. Even on the other side you can tell it really hurts.
Get her number or something, dude.
>I legitimately think about /r9k/
the meme incarnate
It wasn't that type of thing. I'm sure if I saw her a few months from now and this cuck thing was still going on she might be down. But this isn't a thing that will be ongoing.
What kind of dumbfuck is going to buy this load of bullshit?
Ever since I started browsing r9k it has kind of become part of my thought process. Fucking tainted my brain.
bumping so more can see and enjoy
fake as fuck but it made me cum so good on you op
Somebody screencap this.
OP was used to conceive a child because the old dude was firing blanks.
I'm legitimately afraid of this. Is there anything they can do to fuck with me later in life if that's the case?
I aint got time to read a novella. Give me a tldr
>Had to go home to get my laptop
>parents make me go to church
>hot chick and her husband
>they want me to cuck him
>shes hot af
>we fuck
>all of those "sex isn't actually that good" posts are a lie
>she forces me to cum inside
>leave without saying another word
In most states, if the assumed father signs the birth certificate, he is legally the father, regardless of what genetics say.
>she forces me to cum inside

You stupid fucking nigger. You just got spermjacked. You're gonna be on the hook for the next 18 years for child support. You got tricked by an infertile cuckold
yeah no. I'm not about to read all that bullshit.
>he doesn't know about all the mudslimes getting cucked by BBC in france
Ok, thanks bro.
Is this really real? I mean, congrats on the sex and good story, but dayum
>comparing a whore to an elf
Go fuck yourself
It was really the only thing I could think of. Minus the ears she would have fit right in.
No. Succubi is the correct term.
Never compare a whore to an elf. Cunt.
Elves were made for raping, you degenerate
File: 1422279762149.jpg (22 KB, 389x388) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 389x388
Are you the husband?
But I was going for the visual aspect. Succubi can take on multiple phenotypes.

Congrats then. Taking the v-card in style.
I think you have a son dog, she was trying to get some sperm...
Well she'll be stuck with a degenerate weeb with average genetics.
File: 1421388968956.jpg (68 KB, 640x965) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68 KB, 640x965
you probably have the visual aspect all wrong. any real elf would've gutted your ass too

you're the degenerate, and fuck you.
Fake or not, quality fap material.

Congrats anon. Either for losing virginity with a fucking style or for above average writing skills.
Not sure if autism or he's reallyyy passionate of his beliefs in "elf culture"
Is this a new type of bait? Is this legit?
But it's not rape if it's an elf.
You could be a daddy anon!
>I swear this is 100% true.

You know what it means when a story starts off like this, right guys?....
I'm sorry you feel that way. Did you like it at least?
>>"Don't worry, it's impossible for me to have children."

Congratulations; that was probably the older guy's little brother, and you helped him become comfortable with their body after the sex change!
Mate, there was absolutely no way that woman ever had a penis.

She was seriously a 10/10
ultra feminine features
no man arms (you can always tell with their arms
voice didn't sound odd what so ever
pussy was a text book innie, surgical pussies don't look like what her pussy looked like.

Why would a woman who gets to fuck any man she chooses pick someone from /r9k/? I doubt you're good looking because if you were you wouldn't be lurking on /r9k/.

99% fake
sex really doesnt feel that good youre a load of shit anon....but im also cut
>robot virgin

Stopped reading there.
Gtfo plz

commentious originalious
I don't know
I'm tall, look pretty average. I used to play basketball in high school so I have some muscle structure.

I'm just a weeb so I don't have any success socially on normal terms.

Well if this is true congrats anon. Maybe when her husband croaks you can be her boy toy.
That would be nice. Considering how good she looked at 43 her looks should last a while. Maybe she would act a little bit like a mom too.

Don't fuck this up. She's going to inherit his wealth meaning she's going to be rich as fuck. Meaning she'll buy you shit.

Start going to the gym and lifting now so she wont get bored of you. You can make some serious shit off of this.
This OP
it would literally be better than winning the lottery
Dialogue may as well have been paraphrased straight from doujins. Awful. Try harder.

OP I can actually give you some solid advice. Although I'm not normie by normie standards, I am a normie by /R9K/ standards

>gf of 3 years
>big benis
>girls like me

She's going to get bored of you if you aren't dominant. If you ever get another chance to fuck her be fucking dominant as fuck. Women love to feel like they're owned. Pull her hair back while you fuck her doggy style and suck on her neck. Slap her ass. Act like a primal fucking caveman. Also jerk off an hour before you see her so you can last longer.
>I legitimately think about /r9k/
>how dissapointed would they be if I passed up a chance to lose my virginity?
I'm disappointed that you just let yourself be taken like that. It's pathetic.
There is no reason to bear a trip unless you're seeking attention, ostentatious, yet boring tripfriend.
File: 1278039950140.jpg (8 KB, 180x187) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Does/r9k/ do high stories, or are you all opposed to doing drugs? I dunno, so i'll test the waters by telling you about the day i FIRST got blazed.

>Work as a cashier/cook at whataburger in humble texas.
>It's been a long night dealing with retarded and entitled customers, and managing my team (and i wasn't even a manager at the time, this is how disorganized that fucking place was).
>Anyway, see some of my friends.
>Tell them i'll be getting off soon, so we could hang.
>They wait patiently, probably meming and shit to pass the time.
>Alright, off the clock, don't have to deal with faggot customers for another day.
>Walk to my car, start smoking.
>"Woah anon, when'd you start smoking?" asks nerd friend.
"Just recently, this job really gets me stressed sometimes, i can finally understand why people smoke these."
>Hipster friend breaks through the two of them.
>"Yo, you shouldn't be smoking on THAT if you wanna be stressless."
>Oh boy, i already know.
>"Tell you what, how about i hook us all up with weed for the night? Just chill and hang out?"
>Take note, that the last time this guy tried to get me high, i didn't really get high.
>I guess i was too scared to get high the first time with this guy.
>Friends kind of look t me for leadership sometimes since i'm the most social of the group.
>One looks nervous, the other up for it.
>Consider this a 3/1 and say "yeah sure, why not."
>"Alright, all we need to do is drive to pasadena and-"
"You're driving us."
>"Well of course!" he says smugly.
>So we pack into his car, and we head down to pasadena.
>The car ride there is silly and we're just goofing around singing dumb shit to make each other laugh.
>It takes awhile to get there, but whatever.
>Get to this apartment complex.
>Aparently we're going to hipster anon's cousins place to score weed.
>WHatever, i hope this isn't a waste of my time.
>Head into this apartment filled with two other dudes, and once chick.
>I don't know these people, but i talk with them.
Sorry, getting called for dinner. I'll just do a thread on /b/ later.
did you pop a boner?
>tfw i always wanted to lose my virginity to a girl in that typical college way
>tfw now i want this
ur parents didnt fucking wonder where u went?
>bye mom and dad, off to a strangers house!
the first part clearly explains how his parents were unknowing
Not posting my virginity story, cus I've posted it plenty.
Some of you have probably seen it.
I'm the faggot that had some escort give me a free night at her house the night she took my virginity.

Older women are awesome.
Young roasties need not apply
>tfw kissless virgin
>tfw I don't even have that kind of imagination
You even pulled out the condom thing well enough
>she grabs me head
Well I guess you being an aussie would explain this shitpost
I actually proofread it before hand and I still had multiple typos. It's super frustrating.

its a shame op's girl was only in it for one fuck
that mom instinct always comes out of them and they just take care of you
>throw my clothes on
>open the door
>get on the floor
>everybody walk the dinosaur
>tfw read a great sex story and it doesn't end with that
got to fap and believe
it's a rare occurrence
You and that cuck couple are a bunch of heathens.
it didnt really seem like op cared about the whole church thing
So fucking fake. Some scenes are porno tier.
elves are fucking cucks you dipshit. go fuck a tree, cannibal scum.
did you bust a nut? cuz i did
>>"And I chose you!" She said
Lost it.
I can't ever say shit about older women they actually knew what they were doing, severely less bullshit/drama involved, and they made me a much better lay.

This is true. Being a boy toy is awesome but be aware that she will only keep you as her boy toy if you can satisfy her. Boy toys are useless if they can't do that and avoid being an emotional tampon. Remember your there to sexually satisfy her NOT be an friendzoned orbiter.

Free tip older women aren't the only ones who maintain boy toys. Rich chicks also are known to do it too!

...just be aware the older ones are much more reasonable and skilled.
Thread replies: 82
Thread images: 8
Thread DB ID: 429068

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