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College dropout thread
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Only college drop outs here. Post what year you dropped out of school and what was the turning point.
>2014, two years in
>ancient, tiny art/science college in the mountains
>only 800 students
>girl starts a rumor that I'm a 'creep'
>spend 99% of my time drinking in the dark
>chronic depression
>eventually stop eating, attempt suicide
in the end, I got kicked out because my GPA was too low and that's the part that hurts.

What type of college is in the mountains?
For people who want a higher education
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kekkity kekkity kekekekek
i like you
I got a medical withdrawal in one semester when I moved away. The school thought I would kill myself or others.

I made it four years in my home state. I as an English major and had to go back for freshman English 2, which I failed two quarters in a row. I said fuck it after that. Now I work for the family business.
Is that Reed?
>mom dies
>get fucked over and get a 0 in class
>don't care next semester
>get shit grades
>don't care last semester because my grades are already fucked
After graduating from high school (which took an extra year because i repeated 11th grade), I didn't know what to do but my parents didn't want me to be a NEET so they pushed me to do something. So I applied at 1 (one) college for English literature and they didn't take me. Then a few months later, they accepted me because a lot of people chose some other college, so a spot for me freed up.
I attended classes for all of 3 weeks, before basically saying fuck it and just dicking around doing nothing for an entire year. Then 4chan and a girl online somehow persuaded me into doing something useful with my life, so i switched to Computer Science. I took 5 classes in the first semester (the recommended amount of classes), and i only passed 3 of them because it was too hard. During the semester break, I met a woman irl and that motivated me to put a little more energy into studying. So I've been doing better, i'm in my 3rd, almost 4th semester now. But i realize how much time i wasted and i wish i hadn't, so i could be done with college already and have a job. Because i'm actually starting to think now that i have a chance of getting a good job one day.
I still think about suicide every day though, and i'm pretty much autistic, so it's not like i think i will really be happy one day. it's just a dream.
Well I failed out of an Ivy League school but now I'm trying being at a state school. Do I belong yet?

>tfw weed and social anxiety destroyed your childhood dreams
i never went to college in the first place, what's up
>ivy league
>backup school

Get out Norman.
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dr gordita.jpg
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anon I got fucked over hard

I dropped an entire semester because depression

then my gf of 3 years left me, a close friend shot himself, and I had to go through 3 miles of red tape to get back into school because I used a mental health withdrawal form for depression

Last semester was my return, and I made a real commitment to getting my shit together. Got a 3.9 gpa, had a rebound gf, and got into a research lab. You can work for it too anon, suicide is garbage and life is open ended.

But life is NOT easy, don't let anybody tell you it is.
RMWC. Close though
Kek, so robots are straightedge retards now? Move the goalposts more faggot
>want to be a teacher
>decide to get humanities out of the way first
>not register on time and just grab the only class left
>human sexuality
>one of only 5 other men in the class, the other 5 may of been faggots or something.
>Have a general conservative look
>Landwhale sjw professor started the year off normal enough
>I didn't put myself in cross hairs.
>A few weeks go by
>sjw intensifies
>starts going on about privilege and how hard fags have it
>one beta fag male says he is gay and is applauded
>Eyes start shifting on me, and it is noticed I am the most quiet person in the room
>reason is I don't wanna be there and just want to leave
>Teacher starts asking me odd questions
>I keep dodging saying it doesn't matter
>she cooks up a loaded question
>If you had to pick, a manly woman or a femme boy, who'd you pick?
>I said manly woman.
>smug sjw thinks she won says do I like men?
>I say no, just don't wanna go to hell
>Class loses shit, 70% triggered and growing
>rape horns are going off left and right
>87% triggered, one of the beta men just looked meakly at me and nodded in approval
>sjw-teacher yelling about how Christianity is oppressing everything
>had enough and decide to leave the class, just yell out before I leave "God hates fags"
>[Triggered MAXED]
>withdraw from school
>get a job as a trash truck driver 2 months later
>make around 50k a year and am happy with my job.
>Didn't have to pay any loans back
>now own house and 2 cars
>Some times think back on that day.
>It was my privilege.
I'm glad things have been going well for you

You sound paranoid

lol Reed is a trippy college. I go there and spend most of my time doing drugs alone in my room. I kind of hate everyone here but Portland is chill so whatever.
Typical example of a devastated normie. Once they release that they are just failures they lash out.
I'm about to take a semester off so I don't go homeless. Am I fucked? I only have 27 credits.
thank you, I hope things go well for you as well
I realize I'm a failure. But just because you're a straightedge retard doesn't mean every robot is
Dropped out in 4th year. Crushing loneliness started giving me anxiety attacks in any public setting so I had started to have trouble in classes. Then the realization that I wouldn't graduate just made me more depressed and I stopped attending classes.

I was 19 credits away from a BS in Biology. Now I'm 2 years a NEET and on the verge of suicide. help
I'll probably be joining you soon.
Can barely pay payments as it is, I'm officially on academic probation, and now I have to beg to get into a class this semester that I failed the prerequisite for last semester.
If I can't get into the class, I'm gonna be stuck behind a year.
being behind a year and some money is better than nothing, anon
If this is real.. you are the fucking man... man.
got kicked out of Claremont because I sperged out at some pitzer bitch who kept yelling at me after I broke up with her friend. I was in a really bad place but seriously never show your power levels anons. it only scares the normies
Dropped out 3rd year
Everything was getting to me and felt like I couldn't pass the year or the tests or get assignments finished.
Left college, stay inside all day playing vidya while searching for jobs, get into bad moods constantly and sometimes wish I was dead.
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>It was my privilege
Good one m8
Former military and 2nd year college drop out. Life happens man. Couldn't afford to go anymore... that being my time. Needed to work to keep the lights on which was more of a priority than finishing school.
>January 2015
I dropped out to spend my time training instead, best decision I've ever made. I'm now 2-0 in pro kickboxing and 3-0 in pro boxing as a heavyweight.
>2015, one year in
>Want to take a break from college, was doing school for four years straight even in summer and on holidays to catch up with my peers since I fell behind by dropping out of HS, had zero credits, but re-entered and earned my HS diploma in three years.
>Get offered a job at Amazon, decide to take time off by working
>Condition, I had to move back to my home town for the position.
>Mom offered me to come back and stay with her while I worked to save money, so I did
>another issue, she was still in relationship with my abusive step dad
>Work for a little bit, pay off student debt
>Fired because step dad decided his work was more important ( he hasnt been paid for his work in 10 months) and would take the only car and disappear for hours a day at a time, so I was late too often.
>had money saved up, but step dad had an ingenius idea to "borrow" money from me to pay off some bills, and now decided that he would put the 5000 I put out to him as "rent" for only staying here for 6 months.
>Can't find new job around here.
>Can't move back to college state because family and friends refuse to budge
>He put some of that money toward his pill addiction instead of rent, so we're still behind and losing the house
>Hometown has worsened through my leave. More racially intensive then ever before, got attacked recently for being white ( whites are the minority at 8% here), drug trafficking, and an irregular amount of aggressive addicts and strays that wonder the streets.
>Demotivated and depressed again, spend all day on computer

I'd get my license + a car if I could, but insurance here is three times the average.
You're fine anon. Make sure you get a good job though.
Academically disqualified. I was going to quit anyways. It was only my first semester too.
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>people quit because they can't afford it
>people quit because they fail out
>people quit because they wanted something different
>tfw quit because I'm lazy
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>Be average student in HS
>Do STEM for uni
>Have lazy lecturers
>Never teach
>Always absent
>Struggled throughout the first semester
>Tight due dates for all assignments
>No time to study and read for test
>4 hours of sleep almost everyday.
>End of 1st semester
>Gets a 2.3 overall
>Call it quits
>Dad blames me for being lazy
>Dad doesn't realize I worked my ass off.

Life never gets any easier...
I don't have the qualifications for a good job desu. I'm hoping uniqlo or github's help desk gives me a job desu.
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>this whole story
>it was a privilege
One of the best stories of 2016, next to OP's dad cucking him

Thank you, anon
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Good topic

I'm 22 and I dropped out halfway thru 2015. Here are my reasons

>I was studying something that I didn't want to make a career of
>I was severely off-track from graduating (degree required 4 semesters of foreign language, hadn't even finished one semester after having been enrolled for 3 years)
>All of the time and effort I spent in class/doing homework was time that I could have spent working on the stuff I do wanna make a career of

So, the situation, as y'all know, is tough, 'cuz when you drop out, all eyes are on you. There's a social dimension to every moment. Somebody with a career in commercial 9-5 gets to go home and chill if they want, whereas I can never really chill due to this sense of "what are you doing with your life right now, anon?"

My situation sucks in a special way because my parents would see me go back to school, finish undergrad, then go to law school grad... me, on the other hand-- I want to make it as a musician or writer or chef, three things that I've been practicing for a very long time.

Anyway, the most important thing that brings me out of slumps is this: it's my life and I get to make the choices here. However, it's very easy to get into a slump when I start to feel like I'm not making good choices.

Until my career clicks, I'm just going to have to suffer through the slumps a little bit.

As someone who turned their passions and hobbies into a business after dropping out of college, I can tell you I don't regret it.

The best remedy for you and a lot of others isn't to look for moments of inspiration to begin working on something, its to develop a routine for yourself to do it until it becomes natural. Motivation is great for brief moments of progressing and expanding upon/revolutionize whatever it is you're doing, but its also unreliable since no one is ever constantly motivated.

I took one of your own routes with writing. Its very easy to self publish your works and thats where I started out doing. Started with doing short novels (20,000 words), and now I pushed myself to doing as much as 120,000 per novel. Developed a routine of writing out a certain amount of words per day. With the short novels, I was doing 700 per day and finished writing in less than a month. Now I do about a 1000 for these bigger novels, granted they take longer.
I'm holding on strings. I'm 25, on my first year in the third try at a degree and it's my last chance. This semester went horribly (did 2 subjects out of 6) and if next semester is the same I'm giving up on university and will do some sort of apprenticeship.
>Somebody with a career in commercial 9-5 gets to go home and chill if they want, whereas I can never really chill due to this sense of "what are you doing with your life right now, anon?"

Realest words man
Thanks so much for the advice. Are you writing things from the ground up or are you being commissioned to write things?

Thanks man, it's the truth... we found it out the hard way, but then again, we made the decision to take an unconventional path

You might not regret dropping if you're doing horribly and don't have the will to finish. Waste of money and most importantly, time. If you line up the apprenticeship, I say give it a go. But do make sure that you have everything lined up first. It's kinda like quitting a job... you wanna have another one lined up before you quit. Otherwise, you risk falling into the doldrums, which is vicious, 'cause it only gets worse and worse as I'm sure you know.
Always the former. I love world-building, and I can never enjoy writing something out in bulk thats pretty much put out for me.

Its also worth noting that self publishing will also work toward helping you earn more buck per sale. Most publishers now a days are greedy and you'll earn between 3-7% of your book with them. If you had a 10 dollar book, you'd be earning 30-70 cents.
Awesome. I hate to ask any more of you, but are there any resources that you've found invaluable with the whole self-publishing thing, or is it something that you just have to google through?
>college drop out
kek, im high school drop out, get on my lvl.
You're so cool familia, wanna be just like u

Honestly, nothing immediate comes to mind. I did a bit of research back in the day, but, I never held onto anything so I apologize for that.

But, I do have some final advice to offer I received from a colleague of mine who part-time ran a publishing firm.

Your sales won't sell by themselves. Develop a fan base by developing a blog of some sorts, talk about it on media, and even hit up some book reviewers on youtube or book clubs. The more of a following you build up, the more likely a publisher will take you on and the more money you'll get per book sale. Publishers are greedy, but they do really well at exploiting your book to the masses. They're the reasons you'll see banners and cardboard cut outs at your local book stores for upcoming book series and ect. The more of a following you have, the more valuable you are. Publishers will also be the reason for physically printed books, since you can't really do that with self publishing.

As for any final advice by me, I sometimes take pictures, music, and movie/animated sequences for inspirations for scenes when I fall short or get writer's block. Not to copy the material in question, but do a mental theater of what could be happening in that place with my own characters, what emotions they could experience, and how to exhibit the best behaviors and stir up the relationships. I.E, if two characters are fighting, I might take a look at some kick boxers and UFC matches to get an idea of moves they might in cooperate, then analyze the location of the fight in book to consider what environmental factors could be in cooperated. Sand thrown in eyes, grabbing a rock as a weapon, ect. Amongst other tid bits like character size, level of fitness, strength, agility, and age.

For the financial aspect, thats just a quick google search, but, you'd probably want to talk with a tax advisor. A good place to self publish is Amazon.
The thing is I have no idea what to do, I'm doing a languages degree and I used to love learning languages, but I can't just motivate myself to go to classes and study anymore. I'm in southern europe and we don't really have the kind of apprenticeships there are in anglo countries, at least not for someone who already finished highschool, but we do have some post-highschool certifications I could do that last a year and have an obligatory work experience period, and I've thought about doing something either in Logistics or Accounting, but I'm terrible at math.
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Almost everyone ITT made the right decision to drop out. Unless you made lots of connections and jumped through a bunch of arbitrary hoops, your college degrees were going to be a waste anyways. Better to drop out and pick up a trade or even stay NEET than to waste some 40 k on student loans with not much better career prospects.

I know lots of guys with good practical majors like CS who attended good schools and are still completely fucked and working minimum wage jobs. Obviously things might change 10 years from now but then again who the fuck knows. Some CEO could decide to outsource your entire department to India, and now your skill set is completely obsolete.
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>was in STEM
>just got dismissed from every school in the city
>tfw free from college
Wow this feels great. I'm going to go back to college for a different major, but WOO this feels great.
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>be Korean border jumper
>go to a technical college in VA
>send a video to NBC
>chain the doors shut
>go to class
>akimbo elites
>dead bodies everywhere you look
>police arrive
>blow a hole in my head
>drop out because of lack of attendance

my dropout story was nothing to spectacular
I was 3 and a semester in, so one to go. I lost my grandmother and was battling depression by myself. I quit talking to everybody and moved back home to help my family out. Parents kicked me out, lived out of my car while going to community college to finish my degree and failed out from grades. It's been 2 years since then and things are better, but I still can't help feeling like dying everyday. No, can't get back into school due to loans and not enough money to pay. I think I've progressed as far as I can now. Drugs lost their appeal and everything bores me. I think I'll hang myself in the coming week.

college in the UK is junior + senior year of American highschool. We go to uni after. Now wageslave. 18 hehe
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