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Times you were made fun of
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>be me in 7th grade
>gym class
>go outside to play soccer or whatever on the field
>stand in circle and listen to teacher's instructions
>black girl interrupts him and points at me
>asks if I'm in the right grade because I'm so small
>she says I look like I'm 5
>gym teacher calls her cruel
>be 29 now
>still don't forget

I hate that whore
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This time in like 8th or maybe 7th grade I forgot
This girl (who was pretty ugly) that I was forced to sit with would talk shit about me and exclude me and shit like I was ugly
Like if she was handing out papers to the class she would grab the paper on the the end and place it quick as possible just in case I don't know I accidentally touched her or some shit
I don't even really know why I don't think I was that ugly back then
It all evend out though because she got cancer and I'm pretty sure she's dead by now
did take a hit to my self esteem though
7th grade seemed hard for everyone
Fucking middle school, black kids grinded me up.
First time I ever had to defend myself verbally was there.

>7th grade
>cliq grouping lunch tables are introduced
>have to find a place to sit
>at this point I hadn't really had to worry about not knowing the people who I sat with yet, I didn't know the evils little fuckers did
>singled out almost immediately after
>they start 'bussin' on each other and it gets to me minding my own business
>they had me gone,
>lanky looking turtlish kid, highwater slacks that rose above my ankles
>in an embarrassed daze I tried to spit out a comeback
>I tried to take his formula of derision and replicate his ebonics at the same time, I guess things don't change, sociopathic mimicry is something that develops early on
>"well, you the one that's always bussin. Yea, that be you"
>It wasn't pin drop silence like a movie in the whole room, but the table went quiet enough for me to know I shot myself in the foot with the best rifle an autist could buy

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>be in 9th grade, freshman year
>made all state band
>whole band gets lunch at a pizza place
>me and Italian friend get our pizza and sit down next to some cute girls
>friend says "So anon the dance is this weekend, do you want me to get you a girl"
>haven't had a girlfriend in about a year
>"sure, aslong as shes not fat"
>they both reply "umm no"
>spaghettios turns to me and says "probably cuz your ugly"

Fuck you meatball
>be me in first year of high school
>didn't know anyone coming to the school and months later I still had no friends in my class
>sitting in french class with a girl I kinda liked behind me
>can't remember why, but she starts singing that "Lonely" song by Akon that was popular at the time, except it goes:

"Lonely, anon is so lonely, he's all alone..."

>next thing I know people are laughing and spraying deodorant from PE in my hair from all angles, including her and the guy I thought was close to becoming my friend
>that's the final straw and I sperg out and strike at the guy before breaking down and crying in the middle of class

>only then the teacher speaks up, but barely more than a tut tut.

I can honestly say things got better in the following years though, so there's that
>Walking outside minding my own business

>some cunt screams out faggot and honks at me
>nobody ever made fun of me
>just got ignored
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I'd like to see their faces when I run at them in a red light and take out a gun and blast them away.
>Times you were made fun of
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People like that should be tied to a chair and beaten mercilessly for 45seconds per every thing like that they've done to a person
>Be like 12
>Write some story about an ant for English class cause ants are cool
>Teacher decides to read out my story (anonymously, thank fuck)
>Some roastie asks why someone would write about an ant, says that's boring

>She didn't know it, but she'd just made an enemy for life
ants are cool though occasionally dicks that need to be wiped the fuck out

don't make enemies out of people inferior to you
>be me
>short indian kid always called me a retard and made fun of me
>he was really good at it
>everytime I tried to talk back he would pick me apart piece by piece and use others to make fun of me
>never fought back since I was scared of fighting
>still am
>he would always appologise in the end
>I would think he was sincere
>told him how I felt
>he didn't make fun of me for a whole week
>grade 9
>he is making fun of some kid that's heavily into anime that I kind of liked
>push him down and see that he is visibly scared
>just stop cuz I gotta pisss
>he keeps making fun of me
>still don't fight back even though I think I was stronger
>he left grade 10
>had fun after that had good friends
>still a failure though

it hurts and it never stops hurting
>be me
>visit Windsor Ontario for the first time with my dad
>was crossing the street
>walk sign said go
>fat bitch from Detroit not making fun of Americans tries to drive through and almost hits me and my sister, tells us that we are idiots and we should look where we go

im still scared of driving in America tbqhfampie
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>grade 3
>playing kick ball in gym class
>black kid won't stop arguing with teacher how his kick wasn't a foul
>tell him to shut up and hurry to the back of the line
>clothes lines me from behind during recess

>grade 7
>talking about that movie Little Nicky with kids during lunch
>said that giant popeye's chicken bucket scene was [different black kid]'s favorite scene
>everyone laughs at him
>after school on my walk home, black kid ambushes me
>he puts me in an armlock then jabbed his keys into the back of neck almost breaking the skin
>screams at me how he doesn't like popeye's
>tell him ok sorry and plead with him to let me go, eventually he does

bring back segregation
>be 5th grade
>private school
>rolled my socks down to ankles
>jesus what the fuck was I thinking
>do it everyday
>6th grade does PE with us
>with my friends roasting eachother
>6th graders come by to us
>join in the roast
>everyone is having a great time
>someone calls me a faggot for my socks
>literally BTFO
>EVERYONE is laughing
>people who aren't even my friend are laughing
>people are red in the face crying
>sitting there destroyed
>muster out
>y-you too

>8th grade
>be smaller kid
>standing alone in the hallway because no friend
>gang of shitskin immigrants standing no toofar away
>big fat fuck throws a half eaten pear
>lands on my head
>they laugh
>do nothing

bring back segregation indeed
Sounds like she had a crush
You should have told the Indian kid to go poo in the loo
>be me in 6th grade
>this fag Tobias always hang around with girls
>what a loser
>his classroom was next to mine
>5min break
>stand outside with friends
>tobi walks by
>"hey anon you dumb fuck"
>this fag gets closer
>"didnt you hear me? DUMB FUCK"
>look him straight in the eyes
>go away before you hurt yourself dude
>tobi laughs
>"fuck your whoremother you son of a bitch"
>move head forward
>blood everywhere
>what have i done
>tobi runs away and screams while bleeding out of his nose
>mfw i always tried to avoid situations like that
>mfw noone shittalks about mommy!
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>Take public transport to school.
>Sick of normies, decide to walk the other way from the station and play truant
>Spend entire day wandering around town like an idiot with no money or food
>Making excuses on the spot whenever mum phones about the school ringing her
>Day eventually ends
>The next day
>Deputy head peeks round door
>"Anon, can I have a word with you"
>Takes me outside
>Try making an elaborate excuse but eventually sperg out and confess
>Since I'm an ok student I get away with just a detention
>Next day
>Fucking forget my detention
>Also have to talk with deputy head and my main teacher because I'm normally well behaved
>More excuses
>Told I had to sit my detention with Ms. Fuckingterriyingteacherwhohateskids
>Next day
>French class, full of all the turbochads and Stacy ringleaders
>Teacher is ill. Detention teacher is covering us
>Reading out names for register
>"Yes miss"
>"Stace..oh, anon, so you're the mysterious boy who didn't show up for his detention for truancy. Did you run away from that as well?"
>Class fucking explodes
>Normies laughing and yelling at me all around the room
>By the end of the day the whole school would know
>Reach into backpack to hide the tears.
Exactly me. That's worse sometimes.
>tell him to shut up and hurry to the back of the line
>said that giant popeye's chicken bucket scene was [different black kid]'s favorite scene

While I agree, you were the bastard in both of these aggressions, why the hell you rustlin people's feathers? nogs aside.
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too long of a story so i'm just gonna say:
>go to a new class
>no one knows me and i don't know anyone
>the most famous dude in the school bullies me and everyone supports him
>not a single friend through primary school
>move to high school
>a bit bullied but because of my social anxiety i couldn't talk to anyone.

>be about 13 years old
>its break time at school
>leave my awesome expensive and brand new jacket at the central heater for it to dry (because it was raining outside)
>pause brake almost over, want to pick up my jacket
>a group of girls (i'd say about 4-5) are standing in front of the central heater
>they look at me like they know exactly i'm looking for my jacket there.
>they start laughing at me
>i walk away, wait untill be brake it over
>bell rings, everybody goes back to class
>i walk over to that spot, the girls are gone, but so is my jacket
>spend about an hour (missing classes) by looking for my jacket
>finally i found it
>its in the trash bin next to the central heater, and it has cola poured all over it

that's the very moment i started hating women
>"Stace..oh, anon, so you're the mysterious boy who didn't show up for his detention for truancy. Did you run away from that as well?"
that fucking cunt did that on purpose. hopefully she'll burn in hell
>all these middle school horror stories

Middle school was fucking awesome. Everything was cool, girls were only just learning to become bitches so they were easy to call out, and everyone was cool as long as you weren't an asshole. From 6th to 8th grade I was a full blown normie and potential Chad.

Then I moved to a different state the summer before high school and everything went to shit.
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Droog pepe.jpg
49 KB, 500x500
>be middle school
>fat beta
>tall but still fat
>no friends
>in the same class as autistic kid
>same height
>same fatness
>except I was relatively smart and he was autist
>people confuse us for one another all the time
>teachers constantly talking to me like I'm retarded
>happens for years
>say 'fuck it'
>take the opportunity to just act like a retard and get away with it
>get to take a shit anywhere I want
>say whatever dumb shit I want
>whenever any plebs try to mess with me just whip my dick out
>they all feel bad for me
>mfw the actual tard is mistaken for just a dumb normal kid
>mfw I stole his tard privilege
>mfw I still act like I'm retarded to this day
>mfw I get to live with my parents forever without judgement
Elementary school
>I was the smallest kid among boys and girls
>didn't know english too well, parents are russian
>grew up with cats my entire life and my thrift store clothes were always covered in cat hair (I had 6-7 at this time)
>everyone made fun of me as "that cat boy" and my accent/broken english, and not being able to afford lunch
>anger inside builds up
>one day in the lunch line this girl in my class is talking down to me
>she spits in my face
>I get so angry I start choking her out
>afterwards become known as even more of a freak
>only people who would be my friends are the other rejects

Middle school
Too long, it basically just gave me a worse reputation

High school
>talk funny still and still do to this day
>everybody leaves me alone at first
>still small, 5'3 ~110lbs
>11th grade rolls around
>took auto course
>the freshmen in there are all taller and bigger than me
>they target me
>bang on my desk and throw stuff at me
>do a bunch of fake gay shit to me to make fun of me like touching my back or stomach
>stole my phone, it was old for even 9 years ago, so it didn't have a passcode and they saw my anime boy .jpg-tier wallpaper
>tfw every day for a year I had to sit through that shit and try to ignore them while I wanted to burst into treats

American kids, never again.

haha just become a trap
Did you become a trap?
No, I don't really like traps.
what's the point of you living then?
I didn't know antman was on r9k
>>black girl interrupts him and points at me
Fuck that little skank, bro. She's probably got 80 kids and a migraine. Buy some more porn with her tax money.
Ha she got rekt mate
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>school dance
>hope to get some middle school ass for first time
>friend is going around asking girls to dance with me
>he asks most popular girl in school who happens to sit across from me in English
>she gives me a disgusted look and walks away

Never forgot
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a lot. but i see no reason to think about them. too many to count them though. doesn't bother me at all. i hope the perpetrators have a good life.
We like to pretend Detroit isn't in America.
excellent point, robro
That's not getting picked on, anon - You deserved it both times.
Oh no - You got roasted when you were roasting each other.
I love a happy ending :)
I think she had a crush on you...
Now she is dead...
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That's what you get for being a racist fucking prick tbhq, hope you get stabbed in the face next time you make fun of a black guy.

>pro tip: words hurt
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>bullied during 4-6th grade
>finally switching school for 7th grade
>make up plans for myself
>"get friends, maybe get a qt gf, be active and stuff"
>walk into classroom where my future friends are prolly sitting right now
>gang of 3 guys first reaction to seeing me is "wow, he's so ugly!"
>bullied for 2 more years before I retract from everything social, become inactive to the point of people ignoring me because they don't notice my presence

Y-You made me this way...

Kek did you kick his ass? How did people react? How did things get betteR?
You deserved it both times you dumb faggot
fuckin' bitches, man.
>normie and potential Chad.
reeee..oh wait
File: 102 - mofdDdz.png (78 KB, 412x351) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
102 - mofdDdz.png
78 KB, 412x351
>be 15
>in class
>talking with friend, some other guy and two girls
>guy and girl 1 are talking about going to prom together
>girl 1 asks if girl 2 is going to prom with anyone, she says no
>friend says "hey anon, you should ask girl 2 out to prom"
>feel ballsy and overconfident, so ask right away
>she says sure
>talk to her later about it and she says
>"Oh, i thought we were just joking around, didn't think you were serious"
>says she planned to go with friends anyway, so leave not feeling too bad
>find out a few days later she asked some other guy to go with her

Just cuck my shit up
File: 1443271880000.png (140 KB, 350x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
140 KB, 350x480
Not really a time I was made fun of, but just something that destroyed me inside.

>fresman year hs, play on travel hockey team
>knew for a while this was going to be my last year playing, hadn't told my parents yet
>we're out of state for a tournament
>after one of the games our team mom's had made reservations for us at a pizza place
>get there a little late because my family was just kind of slow getting out of the hotel
>get there, more people than there were supposed to be as other team memebers invited friends and family who were from the area
>get told all of our reservations were taken up
>the extra people who came wouldn't leave even when they knew I was on the team
>parents offered to leave, but have me stay
>people still refused
>other families who didn't invite strangers didn't even bother to try and help
>coach didn't do shit
>left with my family
>after that tournament informed my parents I was done playing hockey
Should have waterboarded them with cola.
You're pretty cool desu.
I liked it when
>I get so angry I start choking her out
My 'friends' asked this poverty-life stacy smokes-a-lot who I liked for some reason out for me without me knowing.
apparently her answer was
'ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww no'
I rage for you, my friend.
>Still being buthurt about something that happened to you in 7th fucking grade.
That's not being picked on anon.
That's just not being gone to the prom with.
Thank you, friend. Then again, later on we became better friends or something neutral at least and stuff got a lot better
now I'm the current robot they forged me into, though
there is no going back
>what are formative years?

>Muh poor babby self-esteem got a booboo
>It all balance out, though, because she's FUCKING DEAD!

and with a corrupted mentality like this you wonder why nobody pities you.
Thanks for your valuable contribution REEEE
there was a time when a guy asked me out and I said "Ew no" the reason I did it was just because people kept asking me and I wanted them to stop bugging me about it, it wasn't that the guy was actually disgusting, I feel bad about it till this day

just letting you know that it's sometimes just a stupid reaction to stop people from bugging you about it, it's not that you're actually disgusting

>What is moving the fuck on?

You have no excuse.
You're very kind.
I am ugly as hell though.
Everything else in my life turned out good, I'm just trying to make peace with this and the low self-esteem it's brought me.
> the reason I did it was just because people kept asking me and I wanted them to stop bugging me about it
the reason you did it is because you're a heartless bitch with no empathy whatsoever just like every other whore on this planet
kill yourself and get the fuck off this board

Shit nigga, you dropped your glass of water on my carpet? It all balances out, though, because I'm going to bomb your fucking Country for it.

Makes sense am I right? Granted this is probably the kind of thing Ghenghis Khan would have done if some foreign motherfucker didn't walk straight enough for him.
>what is getting irate and repeating yourself because you know you're wrong
Here's one

>9th grade, don't tlak much, when I do I'm a bit of a spaz and a little naive
>there's this bitchy blonde girl that talks to me to try to fuck with me since i say stupid shit sometimes
>one day somehow we end up talking about sex or something, i say something that's wrong (i forgot what it is now it's been so long)
>"No anon, that's not how it works"
>kinda make a weird face at her
>"I can show you..."
>old lady teacher overhears and makes a big deal out of it (not in a punishing way but in a joking way, she thinks it is a serious thing)
>mfw Stacy got btfo and never talked to me again, i was in tears laughing and so was half the class since i'm such an undesirable that if a hot chick wanted me there had to be something wrong with her
>she moves away a month later

i thought you guys needed a little anti cringe
I never thought i'd say this but
GTFO robot - This normie is cool.

But I am not wrong, though, and you cannot prove me wrong.
yesterday at work
>this chick comes in wearing slutty clothes
>coworker makes a wise crack
>I laugh
>they think I'm smirking at the slutty bitch
>haha anon has probably never seen that much skin before
kill yourself any time cucklord

>Children never make mistakes.

It's funny how everyone should forgive your fuck ups because you're a widdle victim, but you, on the other hand, you shouldn't need to forgive anyone for theirs.

Because you're basically perfect and your hands are clean.
Good post roast beef cunt
well I can't make a judgement on your appearance, but I doubt you're as bad as you say you are, and just don't get too hung up on little things people say, because a lot of the time they hold no meaning or value, I know the comment I made said more about me than it did about him
My toes on the right foot are a little weird, one time during swimming in PE someone asked me what the fuck was wrong with my foot.
Ever since then I felt super conscious about it.
Tonnes of times but for some reason this one sticks with me
>walking through the corridor minding my own business
>kid looks me square in the face and says 'wow, you are ugly'
>Didn't do anything
>I still catch myself daydreaming about punching his little face in

Yes, thank you. I know that my common sense is a good addition to this thread of immature manchildren who think their notion of just measure is fair and justifiable.

You guys make better feudal warlords than actual human beings.
But hyperbole is the finest form of snow - now let's dance around like little vocabulary pixies until one of us faints for exaustion
How much are you actually better morally than your 'normies'?
The normies were immature children who were bullies, sure, that can be really bad, but you're all grown ass men sitting at your computers, posting frogs, remembering random events from years ago and wishing DEATH upon people and being fucking happy that they got cancer because they picked on you in fucking middle school?

I remember one from 6th grade
>be me, 12
>trick or treat with some neutral people
>stacy dared: kiss leo in the cheek
>she does it
>5 mins later
>stacy dare again
>kiss anon in the cheek
>no, I'm ok
I remember crying myself to sleep this day

>not telling her to fuck off and leaving right then

You could have salvaged it.
This is one of the reasons I believe if I had my mentality since middleschool I'd have been expelled
So many times I would have probably curbstomped someone if I had the mindset I have today

Yeah let's do that, I love to dance.
Hello niggers

No one forgives our fuck ups. That's kind of thing is a priviledge for those that other's view as actual people.
Don't listen to this fag>>25821296
You can always live for the beta uprising fa m
I'm sorry about your friend/relative but she/he was probably a stacy/chad anyway. I guess what I'm saying is I hope you get cancer too
I know that feel bro, except she humiliated me and kissed everyone on the room but me
>tfw gross.
What like... without even being dared? Fucking stacys, man.

Are you a prisoner of war in some third world country facing a civil war or some shit?

I'm sorry, but when I hear you guys say this kind of shit, I cannot help but imagine that you are exxagerating your situation.
File: 1444705289377.jpg (10 KB, 295x378) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 295x378
Your opinion has been duly noted.
>reach into backpack to hide tears
>Pull out a sawn off shotgun
>Pump the teacher full of 00
>fire into the crowd of Stacie's and Chads.
>get away with just a detention because I'm white and good at school.
Kill yourself you fuckingdisgusting roastie cunt
>You're not ugly, anon. You're okay-ish. In a friendly way.

*shoots self*
>playing volleyball
>never participated in sport games because I was an edgy rebel who didn't want to play sports
>basically just a lazy fuck
>the ball passes to me
>half assed tried to catch it
>Manlet that was about 4"11
>probably a Jew
>pointed at me and said "IT DOESNT COUNT IF YOU THROW IT AT A STATUE"
>everyone laughed
>almost wanted to tell him off and call him an asshole but controlled myself
>he teased me for the rest of the year
>he probably secretly wanted my pussy

Pretty fucked, but I had worse shit happen to me
>be in 5th grade
>become friends with other black kid
>all of a sudden he turns on me
>bullied everyday
>get told that I stink and people walk around me and pretend to die
>teacher sees it all and does nothing
>they also hate my friends too
>at lunch the rest of the class sits on one end of the table and we sit at the other
>barely pass the 5th grade because of all the abuse

it was actually him and some other girl (also black)

don't know what happened to the guy but the girl ended up being a single mom working at McDonald's. this caused me to become the person that I am today. I'm black and I only have 1 black friend who I met in college. the rest of my friends are white
The best part is that two years later she started dating the ugliest motherfucker ever that even failed school once
Kill yourself cuck

Kill yourself cunt
No, she got dared and it was a french kiss with two other kids. She got pregnant at like 15 tough, fucking slut.

hello predictable faggot
Sounds like they really helped you out
File: image.jpg (606 KB, 1536x2048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
606 KB, 1536x2048
See, this is why you got stabbed with a key.
File: 1450026310737.jpg (52 KB, 577x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 577x1024
Hello sissy ass whiteboi cuck
Man I think we could be the same person.
>black "people"
>paying taxes
got made fun of and got the nickname chuckles because I was so depressed at having to be in school

Doesn't change the fact that death is not just measure for a children making fun of you in school. That just proves how much of a shitty human being you are and the exact reason why nobody likes you in the first place.

Now embrace the fact that you are a shitty person instead of running away from yourself and wondering why nobody wants to be your friend.

If we compare ourselves to each other, it's obvious who's on the path to suicide here. Is this request a mere reflection of your inner desire?


I'm an ugly balding poorfag manlet wizard that people openly look at with revulsion.

At least I'll always have my white priviledge though.
File: 1450081123392.png (76 KB, 290x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Burst into treats
Are you a bag of candy? Or is this some new meme?
>played some kind of sexy roll the dice game with a friend and 3 or 4 girls
>friend got all the "kiss chest" etc
>I got kiss feet almost every time

In retrospective it was kinda nice
File: 1449291547173.jpg (48 KB, 766x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 766x960
>100% loner autist throughout all of middle school
>not bullied once

what the fuck did this happen to anybody else? i went to a shitty 90% mexican school too. maybe they felt too bad because they thought i was special needs?
>3rd grade I think
>outside playing tether ball
>I suck horribly at tether ball
>I play against my "friend"
>he toys with me by not just winning the game right away
>everyone yells "just beat him already!"
>he continues for a long time
>recess over
>teacher notices and has something "special" planned for him
>she announces to the class what happened
>she gives him a golden star for being so brave and not beating me
>I feel like utter shit and embarrassed that I suck so much at tether ball

God why would you even bring this up you fucking whore of a teacher. I still feel like shit and would still probably get bet by a 3rd grader.
laughed harder than I should have
heh. niggers.
File: 6972991.jpg (47 KB, 599x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47 KB, 599x600
>"Stace..oh, anon, so you're the mysterious boy who didn't show up for his detention for truancy. Did you run away from that as well?"
>Class fucking explodes
>Normies laughing and yelling at me all around the room
>By the end of the day the whole school would know
>Reach into backpack to hide the tears.

You know what you must do.

But why is it that I see ugly balding manlets that people actually love and care about? Trully it cannot be about the appearance.
Who else /spergrage/ here? I just would go nuts and beat the shit out of them and there was nothing they could do because I was special. In had no friends but they learned one by one, do not make me angry. =)
my school was filled with chavs so if I ever tried anything I'd probably get stabbed after school

never got bullied fortunately so it wasn't an issue
File: 1452472587295.jpg (54 KB, 475x356) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 475x356
tf. why did your parents forget you aren't actually retarded? somethings not right about your story anon but i guess i'll believe you anyway.
*flaps scarred labia*
File: 1444064625843.jpg (104 KB, 460x638) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
104 KB, 460x638
"Good one, Laundromatica."
File: 14517287259609.gif (8 KB, 681x718) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 681x718
>tfw born too late to become a feudal warlord
Wow if you hadn't have been a pussy and beat those black kids asses you would have been awesome fuck what these reddit fags are saying.
>new meme
Wow. Okay I won't talk down to you, but I'll just say that it is in fact not a new meme. That saying has been around for years. Idk how you haven't heard it till now.
>There are no warlords
Are you living under a rock?
>omg you're so stupid for not knowing all the memes
An old meme?
>beat nig
>get shot after class/get beaten up by a pack of 10+ feral nigs
File: 1433146973444.jpg (23 KB, 414x425) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 414x425

You don't.

You see some average looking fucks living an average life and you assume everything is OK for everyone because that's how it appears from your sheltered view point.
I was a bully in primary school... I wasn't the usual type, didn't make fun of people all the time etc, but one time I locked a kid in a cage and left him there for a while. I still see the guy since we live in the same street, I never apologized but I do say hello and try to have a chat whenever I run into him. He's still a nerd and all but I do feel bad about being a jerk.
It's so true hahaha
Theyre either dead from shooting each other, in jail, riddled with stds, or a combination of that.

Feels good to be white.
File: 1453006697095.gif (15 KB, 633x758) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15 KB, 633x758
I live in America.
Feudalism hasn't been a thing for about 500 years. I could become a warlord, but not a feudal one.
File: spaghettipepe.jpg (138 KB, 700x794) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138 KB, 700x794
>be 10
>go to school
>start feeling nauseous halfway though the day
>my tummy hurts
>too autist to tell teacher that I need to go to the bathroom
>my tummy REALLY hurts
>feel poop pushing
>start shitting myself during English class
>hope no one notices
>'Anon just shat himself!'
>look down
>there's shit flowing down my chair, my trousers are soaked in diarrhea
>you could cut the air
>my father comes to school with his car full of towels
>hear muh schoolmates laughing when I finally leave class

I've been remembered that moment since that happened. I'm 21 now.
Maybe if you live in Detroit if you live in a mostly white suburban area there aren't packs of feral big nigs roaming around
I even said
>I won't talk down to you
No reason to get butthurt for merely being informed, dipshit.
>be me in 3rd grade
>poor af in an upper middle class neighborhood
>wear the same plain, hand me down from 1980s white t shirt to school every day
>"why do you always wear that?"
>"why don't you have real clothes?"
>"i would be your friend if you weren't ugly"
>rich ass white/asian/indian girls would say this shit to me all the time

and that's when my burning hate for stacies started
All it takes is one nig with a gun though

>Sheltered viewpoint

Nice projection.

>You see some average looking fucks living an average life

I'm talking about actually ugly people who accept that they are ugly and manage to live fullfillling lives nonetheless by not focusing on their shortcomings, I never said anything about youspecifically or the people of this board in this specific context.

> and you assume everything is OK for everyone

No I don't, I know for a fact that it's not okay for everyone, hell, it's not okay for most people. Don't you ever assume that you know what the fuck I am about. I'm sorry that you cannot overcome your self issues and I'm not judging you about them, I'm simply asking a question because no, it doesn't make sense to me when people like you tell me you are treated as less than a human based on superficial traits when I have been around people with similar shortcomings who are not affected the way you are, so I deduce that it is not about superficial shortcomings and I am inviting yourself to ask different questions about yourself on why people don'T seem to appreciate you as much as you assume that you deserve to be appreciated.

All that said, I'm sorry about your state of being and I didn't intend to insult you when I asked this question. Since, I, myself, cannot assume that I know what the fuck you are about, but based on my life experience, I know for a fact that ugliness alone doesn't necessarily mean that you are guaranteed to be treated with discrimination since it isn't the case for everyone.
>7th grade
>no friends, people didn't like me much for some reason even though I kept to myself
>bit of a porker, but I was a kid what was I supposed to do about it
>depression, anxiety and just in an awful mental state
>teacher calls me fat
>entire class laughs
>I start to cry in my desk
>consider suicide
>I had no way to do it
>cry alone in my room
My teacher made fun of my acne once.
Who /bulliedbyteachers/ here?
topkek, full story/greentext?

Still a predictable faggot. Make a better response
My teachers have called me ugly, dirty looking, etc
It really sucks
Never bothered with hair or make-up because fuck stacys and fuck chads.
Teacher asked if I was anti-social and asked if he could chop my frizzy hair off with garden shears.
At least the gym teacher stuck up for you. Thats much more than others got.

>i'm talking about actually ugly people

You're clearly not talking about actual ugly people.
I pissed myself all the time in primary school and nobody seemed to notice, once there was a literal pool of piss in my chair and nobody found out

Yes I am, jesus christ stop assuming so fucking much!
'Wow.' You were talking down to him, though. 'I don't know how [you didn't realise that]'

>one time i saw this guy with a questionable haircut and he was treated ok, so i know all about the lives of ugly people

I'm sure.
Is that you /pol/?
It's the worst thing when teachers do it because there is literally nothing you can do about it.
File: Jags_guy.jpg (55 KB, 341x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 341x500
>play basketball at the uni gym
>nobody ever passes it to me because im white and ball in autism sneakers
>the few times I get it I ballhog because fuck passing and usually fuck up because triple teamed
>eventually make an impressive layup
>everyone acts suprised

Shouldn't have been a little bitch and just got your jacket man.
how so?
You can simply call him a faggot, he can't do anything, you were simply replying
>it hurts and it never stops hurting
Everyone hurts anon, you just never see it
Have fun getting suspended, senpai.

>on a single occasion i witnessed a black gentleman being treated fairly
>clearly if any black person experiences the opposite it is their fault for being a shitty person

i like the way you think!
//memorable incidents

>grade 2
>get ambushed in bathroom
>older kid kicks in the door of my stall
>my face covered in blood
>mom called to take me to a doc
>kid only has to write lines as punishment
>turns out he's the son of one of the teachers

>grade 4
>phys ed class
>playing touch football on the oval
>get tackled by chad
>didnt even have ball
>push him off
>his friends accuse me of hurting him
>and that he only made a mistake
>get detention for apparently 'punching' chad
>wait wat
>they called mom to complain about me
>she was two hours late picking me up
>'to teach me a lesson'
>in the end nobody believed me
I was never the same after this.

>later that year
>playing handball with other outcasts
>bell rings
>really tall kid runs over and grabs the ball
>hes not chad, probaa
>taunts me for almost a minute while I ask for it
>struck fast and kneed him in the groin
>he's on ground crying
>grab ball and flee scene
>he doesnt turn up to school for two weeks

>grade 8
>chad is flirting with stacy
>trying to find out who she likes
>he cant guess who it is
>'wait it cant be anon?'
>of course it isnt but she doesnt respond
>shes just creating entertainment
>oh here we go
>chad approaches me in class
>'do you want to feel inside her?'
>'err what?'
>he repeats question and I start laughing
>what a fucking question
>say I dont care and he leaves
>fair enough right?
>two hours later
>surrounded by chad and at least ten of his pals
>no escape
>apparently stacy is grossed out by what he asked me
>its my fault as usual
>get hit a few times before they get bored
Pls go, Elliot.

You're so fucking funny. Keep feeding words into my mouth, though, that still doesn't mean that you're not projecting. Here's the guy who criticized me, earlier, for being narrow minded.
>I follow them and splash my ice tea on the
File: basically school.jpg (27 KB, 650x366) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
basically school.jpg
27 KB, 650x366
I grew up and went to school in inner city LA.
There are no chads, only gangsters.
Chads get stabbed/shot/ beaten into the ICU if they do chaddy things.
Instead of bullying it's just robbery and ,sometimes, murder.
but he really is stupid, you can't have been on 4chan for the past years and not know this saying
u r dumb newfag
It wouldn't work that way where I live
Being a teacher doesn't make him special or anything
He mocks me, he is getting mocked back
nice devilish trips
So, why did you think arguing with a jaded robot was a good use of your time?

I didn't, I'm on 4chan, do you seriously think that I'm making good use of my time?
Basically what absolutely destroyed me.
>be me
>4th grade
>getting bullied for the past few months, bretty depressed but ok
>school's over
>take my bike
>two kids stop me on the way home
>they act friendly and shit
>bretty happy and feeling safe for the first time in a few months
>suddenly, one of them asks me to show him my bike
>pass it over
>he takes it, crashes it into a tree, starts laughing and drives away with the other faggot

And then the next sentence just fucked me over.

>faggot says: who would want to be friends with you?
>cry on my way back home
>never tell anyone
I have no idea what half of that shit even means.
File: 929821.jpg (12 KB, 390x190) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 390x190
I take it you didn't go to public schooling.
If you were from where I was from you'd be fucking dead.
//memorable incidents 2

>grade 11
>advanced math class
>wannabe chad thinks hes smart
>he doesnt understand shit
>fucking filth
>he keeps giving me shit and wont leave me alone
>wont stop and teacher wont intervene
>get up and throw his desk
>class is like wut
>wannabe drops out in a week and doesnt bother me anymore

>grade 12
>ostracized but respected for some reason
>made prefect
>hold influence over teachers
>even chads leave me alone
>spend recess playing chess with youngens
>basically mentor them daily
>mention the fact that people dont bother me anymore
>apparently I come off as intimidating
>wut but Im a pale, frail academic
>they all agree that I give off a self-assured/superior aura and come off as cold and ruthless
>some of them get embarrassed
>apparently Im scary
>Be me
>7th grade
>Move to new school
>Was a pityfag because i was just in a car accident and my head was pretty fucked up so I wore a beanie half the year
>Chads and Staceys wanted to friend the fuck out of me
>Hated them so I unintentionally act like an autist.
>Fast forward a few months into the year
>Pretty attractive 7/10 girl (let's call her J) breaks up with with her bf
>Pour heart and soul into confession of love for her
>After an hour or two she gives up and just says no
>Begging at this point
>Still no
>She promises not to tell anyone.
>Next day I'm made fun of non-stop by everyone for it.

If I was wigger from the ghetto and didn't have to look up "words" like "bussin" and "grinded" I'd probably wish I was fucking dead.
I'm no wigger, I've compiled information in my youth and adapted a mask of chameleonic nature to protect myself in the presence of ignorant ruffians.
Add it to the list of many failures and mistakes i've made in my life and mark it across my brow.

I apologize if i've offended you.
it's fascinating, because even though im a robot

every time someone fought me, i fought back
i was jumped by 3 people one time, and fought back

i never had girl trouble, cute girls liked me even though i didnt give them any attention, a BUNCH of cute girls, but the girls i like i always beta splurge on and ruin it. tis a shame, i can mimic normie socialization if im not in emotiona peril IE in love or something similiar.
i've always just copied others behavoir and just roasted people back

pretty sure even though i was a hard core weeb and played card games in lunch weish schwartz nobody fucking cared, this one girl even used it as an excuse to "le pick on me" (she clearly liked me, im autistic as fuck but ive learned how to logically view body language and signs, as long as im in a non panicky mind state). man, where did i go wrong in life? oh right, thanks autism
>'who would want to be friends with you'
Im sorry anon, I know how much that would have hurt
File: 1450046580616.png (55 KB, 200x203) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 200x203
Oh I just remembered another one

>Be me
>6th Grade
>Have gym class with total jackass (name him C)
>Also had it with best buddy
>Best buddy and I get made fun of constantly mainly because he was fat and I acted autistic
>Plus we were nerds
>Then it happened
>C went too far
>Proceeds to normally insult me
>Out of nowhere he proceeds to mock my mother who had a disability
>Charge him
>Didn't get too far
>Get made fun of for it
File: do_a_flip_faggot.jpg (1 B, 486x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 B, 486x500
I don't want to remind myself of it, but being the weak loner that I was, I got shit on pretty bad.

In the end, considering everyone to be hostile proved to be the best strategy. Short replies, brace for a jab whenever anyone approaches, always try to keep your back clear by standing next to a wall or sitting in the back.

Works great to this day.
>be in Kindergarten
>too shy to tell teacher I need to use the restroom
> end up pissing the seat and moving to another seat
> another kid sits down and tells the teacher
>I start crying in front of everyone in embarrassment
Why do you make recall such memories

in some ways they have. really opened my eyes to how cruel people can be. black people have always treated me bad while whites have at least shown me common courtesy.
File: 4164200.gif (57 KB, 132x122) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 132x122
>my entire life
late bloomer is suffering
23 but look 16
i will literally stab the next person who tells me they had a beard at 12
File: image.jpg (96 KB, 465x585) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
96 KB, 465x585
I asked a girl out, got rejected, then got bullied over it. Beat the fuck out of the bully and left him blind in his left eye (tore his retina with a belt). Grill comes back 16 years later asking me to raise the faggots bastard child. Flipped her off and walked away

>pic related, noises I made when beating him up
An original comment bump mang

Potato potato Ching Ching tomato
File: 1411790609239.jpg (43 KB, 720x537) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 720x537
>middle school
>walking to the library after school on the sidewalk
>it begins to rain
>have no umbrella
>begin to make a run for it to find shelter under a bus stop awning ahead
>hear an engine rev a little ways behind me
>car suddenly speeds up next to me, sending a huge wave of filthy water onto me
>get completely soaked
>expensive text books are soaked
>all my papers and notebooks are soaked
I hate people.
File: 1409545122549.jpg (374 KB, 1200x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
374 KB, 1200x750
>hates people
Dont we all. People fucking suck.
First one wasn't racist
>>screams at me how he doesn't like popeye's

He's a fucking liar.
File: neotokyopepe.jpg (6 KB, 250x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 250x250
>8th grade
>lazy as hell, couldn't do well at the best middle school in the state, so dropped out and went to a "lottery" school
>"lottery school" has no academic requirements, basically a public school for lucky people
>make some friends, all black guys
>sit at there table since day 1
>just me and this other guy sit there at first
>more popular people come there
>I don't say anything, if I do I will get roasted
>literally the worst roasts you've ever experienced, they will tear you up and have you questioning suicide
>sit there and remain quiet, fun to listen to them speak
>one day, I'm sitting there right before xmas break
>sit there since beginning of lunch, bring my own lunch
>guy asks to switch places with me
>"sure man, that's cool"
>find out he took someone else's spot
>asshole comes over
>get out of my seat, bitch
>tell him to go fuck himself
>he gets this asshole lunchroom monitor
>ghetto fat black guy, offered to fight students after school who disrespected them, sometimes jumped them
>he tells me to get up
>"no, I've been here since lunch started"
>says he doesn't care, this guy said he'd been sitting there
>pretty sure he's being racist and siding with the black guy
>has no proof, forcefully evicts me
>table laughs at me as I leave
>develop horrible depression
>come back next year
>not accepted back to table
>sit with weebs
>actually like sitting with them
>meet future drug dealer there at that table
It was horrible the rest of the year and made me never able to gain popularity since everyone heard it, but I made a few good friends, most of which left. Only one guy from our table was left in 9th grade, and I got more popular, he didn't. I sat with him out of pity because I knew that feel.
File: 1452390446053.png (106 KB, 298x277) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
106 KB, 298x277
holy shit the roast is off the carts
What more did you expect from a she-boon?
That's called putting nogs in their place.Fuckin' subhuman filth.And the Popeye's part was hilarious.Topkek.
>this is the kinda thing "fembots" had to deal with
gee and they wonder why everyone hates them
Hey nigger-lover.Go prep that bull,and get over the butthurt from the last time Tyrone fucked your ugly ass.
>be racist
>pic related
File: selfbikewreck.jpg (43 KB, 399x554) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 399x554
forgot picture

filter bypassed by salt
File: SoFloAntonio.png (630 KB, 586x584) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
630 KB, 586x584
This one fat piece of shit was making fun of me in 7th grade and made life a living hell for me in gym. Whenever I tried to talk back he would say "Bro I'll kick your ass, punk ass bitch" and shit like that. One day, he kept fucking bothering me so I turned and said "Kick my ass, bro. Do it. Fucking do it". He said nothing. "What a little bitch" I chuckled and walked away. The kid moved away a month later. Hope that fucker gets cancer.
My teacher made fun of my stuttering.I've gotten in a couple fights over various asswipes making fun of my stuttering.

>tfw when nobody makes fun of it anymore because they know I'll open a can of whoop-ass on 'em.
Or being feared/known as "that skinny kid with a nasty mouth" among teachers.
>4th grade
>kids are learning to curse
>some dickwad who always messes with me approaches at recess
>calls me a faggot
>tell him to shut up
>he scoffs and keeps walking past me
>trip him by kicking his legs out from under him
>he falls
>turn to look at him
>he's not moving
>my face drops, oh god I'm fucked oh god
>he starts moving, moaning in pain
>immediately start acting
>get down by him and ask "ohh my god dude are you ok??? You tripped :((((((("
>teacher shows up as I'm putting on this show
>manage to get away with it
Where the kids who took your bike by any chance black?
Not just the men, but the women... And the children.
>not just standing up, grabbing your shit, and going home

What were you thinking
Sounds like that turned you inside out
File: 1425253229462.gif (175 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
175 KB, 400x400
>be 8th grade
>fat,short kid with glasses
>mom pushing me to do what I want to do, too shy to speak up for myself
>barely any friends
>be gym class
>playing dodgeball
>huge retard chad whips a ball in my direction
>get hit in the face
>smashes my glasses, causes me to fall to my knees and put my face in my hands
>everyone laughs when i take off my now crooked glasses
>teacher stares at me and tells me to go to the nurse
>run out of the room sobbing
>same kid laughs at me throughout the rest of my high school career
>never ever been late for class
>very proud of being a good student
>every semester there is a pizza party for perfect attendance
>always go to it, get a little paper certificate
>pizza day is a week away
>there's a small gate area that is always open, on the side of the building
>janitors keep the gear there, unlocked
>bullies shove me into the gate during lunch time
>stand with feet at the gate so I can't get out
>they wait until the bell rings
>I start crying and yelling for help
>no one hears me all the teachers and students went to class
>they let me go, I run to class
>get a 5 min tardy
>no pizza that year
File: 28932872332.gif (2 MB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 500x281
And they're rough and irritating. Worse part is they're everywhere.
>8th grade
>little short cunt calls me currymuncher for being brown
>not even indian
>call him shorty or something, make fun of his height
>everyone in the class laughs at him instead

>10th grade
>some dumb blond whore keeps saying "my name is anon"
>i just said that in an msn message to my friend one time and she found out about it
>has literally been saying this shit for 2 years
>maybe she was trying to get along with me, idc w/e she wasn't very likeable
>catches me on a particularly shitty morning
>"hey anon! my name is-"
>"shut the fuck up! it's been 2 years and you've been repeating that dumb phrase to me over and over. it's not fucking funny"
>yelled this at her in the school courtyard as homeform was going on
>think everyone saw me
>never talked to me again

>11th grade
>don't smile alot
>school camp
>one teacher out of everyone else ive encountered in 11 years of school finally decides to make fun of me for it
>only met him at camp so he thought it was cool just to mock me right off the bat
>says unmemorable shit about me being a bummer, not being happy etc etc
>no one laughs, not the students or his colleagues, they kinda just look at him
>the one autist in my camp group maybe giggles a bit
>useless cunt continues to mock me for no reason until the end of the activity i have to do with him
Bump for more stories.
I'll post one later when I can get to my computer.
I have almost no memories of middle school idk what's wrong with me.
All of middle and high school.

I hope everyone there is now dead.
7th grade was tough shit for everyone it seems.
>7th grade
>on bus
>bus driver doesn't like me
>assigned seats
>long as route through backroads
>everyone in 8th grade on the bus was a chad
>one kid starts calling me gay
>calls me a faggot daily
>not much else, but pissed me off
>towards end of the year I decide enough
>kick him in the balls
>he started crying
>lashed out at me
>laughed like a sperg
>got suspended and removed from bus
Looking back, I can't tell if I regret it or feel proud about it.
>influence over teachers
>recess in grade 12
>play with young kids

Are you special needs anon? It kinda sounds like you are.
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