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Opinions on street gangs
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Hello /R9k/, what's your opinion on street gangs and would you ever consider joining one? There are many gangs that allow membership regardless of creed, color, race, or religion. They are tight knit groups that will get you more opportunities for wealth and social status. 2/3 of gang members have reported mental health issues and 1/3 have attempted suicide so you might have something to relate to already.
fuck that,i don't want to be a white niger
i don't understand gangs. like, aren't they actually just a violent group of friends? it's weird that they have some sort of official distinction but even weirder that gangs call themselves gangs.

you're just a group of friends, the idiots.
>implying they wouldn't just use you

Your totally not important in a gang and they can replace your if they want.
dont give a fuck about them, they're faggots. but they do provide the pot
I want to be in this one please
Well of course they would use you, it's like working under any other organization, and the pay is better than Walmart or McDonald's. And yes autistic gangsters do exist.
What you think is a gang isnt actually a gang, its fairly clear you never grew up in a neighborhood that had real gang presence. A lot of times a gang member might have a childhood friend from a different set and end up having to break that friendship just for the gang.

Gangs are actually organizations, not just a rag tag crew of people that hang out.
Its hard for an autist to earn the respect of a gang if they cant fight.

If you cant fight or bantz they generally will just mug you on the spot for even thinking about it.
Nah. I'm not trashy/degenerate or a nigger.
went in at 12
still have those friends but damn, its hard
my friends hit up this place in Tampa on the USF campus and man, it is real stressful and makes u feel bad. it was this middle eastern guy and his friends and (what I think) was his gf. this tall blonde qt in nice clothes who was obviously not from FL, especially not tampa, and was scared as fuck, and it made me feel bad. we made off with alot of weed tho
too much stress, too dangerous, and people look at you different
not fun
damn nigga u hard as fuck
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>you will never be a french urban youth in an age of cultural unrest

this is a strange feel
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what did you do to them? was it bad?
please dont call me "nigga" lol, Im white
plus I wasnt the guy holding the gun and yelling shit at these innocent stoners that were 5+ years older than us
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we didnt do anything (except steal shit obv)
we were mean, but we wouldnt hurt anybody
if they had a leg up on us or if they had guns too, I probably would be dead

Gangs are kind of like "fraternities" in their own way--initiations, selection by members, standards of joining, etc...all for the need to belong somewhere.
you know what? ima greentext

>be anon
>be in outer tampa
>anons friends Eljon and brian come over
> "yo anon, I know this towel head in the campus that is sellin alot of shit, and he was a dick to briann on a sale, totally jiped him"
>what did he do to brian anon asks
>brian shoes me this big ass bruise on his ribs
>brian is my best friend and I was pretty pissed
>"well what do we do about it man, its not like we can do anything"
>eljon says "fuck yeah we can"
>my stomach drops
>eljon tells me to go get my dirt bikes (i had two, they were my dads before and he gave them to me)
>eljon makes a plan where I wear my back pack on one dirt bike, while brian and him are on the other
>fast forward til around midnight
>ridin in tampa with bros
>just have a horrible fucking feeling and really scared for my friends
>arrive at 42 north apts on campus
>go upstairs
>second apt down left side
>"you ready?"
>test door
>not locked
>now or never
>brian and eljon have guns in their hands
>im at the door
>turn nob
>open the door with all of the strength I have
> flings open
>Eljon goes in first brian second, me last because it took me what seemed forever to open up my backpack
>eljon is screaming shit and shoots up at the ceiling
>gets ppl in the corner
>brian is shoving weed in my backpack
>I look at the corner
> all I see is this blonde
>blue eyes
>fancyish clothes
>probably college student
>Eljon tells us to hit the fucking fan really quick after brian got everything they got
>(its a big backpack that I use for camping)
>start running downstairs
>lean over railing
>eljon laughs
>brian pats me on the back
>speed back to my house (each of us using different routes)
>go to my room
>go on xbox and chill for rest of evening whith my friends smoking
> I only smoke half a joint because it made me feel weird

thats that
>he thinks you can just walk into your local ghetto slum and apply to join a gang like a fucking guild in World of Warcraft or something

gang members are in gangs because they grew up in whatever section of the hood they're from

they'd think you're a cop desu
I think they're pretty interesting. From what I understand, their gang wars are feud-based urban warfare, with the added threat of cops. Most people look down on it, but I think it's kinda cool how they've invented a whole new type of warfare.
My Father, Uncle, Cousins, and Brother are all in a Bike gang. The only reason I never got involved was because I discovered the Internet.

Being in a Skinhead gang would be fun in my opinion
I had fun I used to live for that shit its a lot of fakeness you gotta deal with tho
what yo mean by fakeness man
Niggas that's supposed to be your brothers not being there for you when you need them niggas switching up ect
You do realize most "street gangs" are 99% niggers and latinos right? A lot of them don't work, are unproductive members of society and frankly just feed off the government like a virus.

There are also some gangs that require you to commit your life to the gang, that means if they say "jump" you say "How high?" and if they ask you to die than you die. It can be just as bad as a cult.

But back to my original statement, street gangs are comprised of nothing but niggers and latinos who are basically just animals that rape, steal, murder and do drugs, you might see a few white people but those are usually white people that tried to adopt the nigger lifestyle.

I have nothing positive at all to say about "street gangs" or "gangs" in general, it's degenerate heathens that are a massive plague on society.
bruh tf you talkin about
I know a few crips and I've considered joining, but gangs play by stupid rules. If they operated more cleverly and covertly I'd join one. Also if you're in a gang and you get thrown in prison some scumbag in the gang who is higher than you is probably going to order you to murder someone, and if you refuse they'll try to have you killed (or so it seems).
It's better to be a citizen than a gang member. It's a lot less hassle.

cant you see right there they are the lowest form of human scum there is, look at those people, faggot
I answered your question
you responded to my greentext and not this >>25810321
was confused man
get it now. thanks lol
Eljon and Brian are still pretty close cause we went thru alot together
mom dying, friends getting shot, assholes, ect
There;s nothing new about gang warfare, you retard.
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