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Who here /fucking hate their family/?
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Who here /fucking hate their family/?

>family constantly flaunts their success in my face
>constantly throwing passive aggressive comments towards my lifestyle regardless of what I do.

It's shit like this that makes want to move to another country.
There's gotta be someone that can vent with me.
Brother, I feel. I'm graduating at 17 and getting at least 1500 miles away from this clusterfuck I call a family.
This board really is for teenagers, huh
bad choice of words baka familia
They just want you to be normal, instead you're a fucking loser with weird hobbies and no self confidence.

I doubt your family 'flaunts' anything, you're just so far up your own ass you think anybody else progressing is a slight at you.
What makes me angry is they believe they have a right to question me when I have nothing to do with them just because they're my "family". They get to boast about how great they are while at the same time making me feel like shit for being a NEET and they get to do this because they "love me" and are trying to "give me advice" and I'm an "ungrateful asshole" if I reject their "advice".
under age. get em out of here mods
I came here when I was 17. That was 4 years ago. Its a natural progression of a shy beta kid to a full blown loser.
>mom is a fucking alcoholic wreck
>mom gets super fucking emotional about our pets that have died and wants more of them again
>Still have one cat
>Im actually happy I can sit down without being covered in animal hair for once
>dad is a total pussy slave - does whatever mom tells him
>yard is mom's project and and dad is her yard slave.
>yard looks like shit and dad spends a lot of his free time there
>things are better because I work and am going back to school (already have a worthless BA), but they want to get me evaluated for autism and see if I can get autismbux and autism housing or something so they can get rid of me.
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>parents constantly make little passive aggressive comments on how i dress or look
>"Do yourself a favour and change your style anon, you're never going to find a girl looking like that"
>make little comments about any music i play
>sometimes wear baggy tshirts parents take it that i've gained weight
>"Anon you're getting fat, lift your tshirt"
>lliterally never a nice thing to say about anything i do

I'd have gone insane by now if I never knew my sisters boyfriend. He's the exact opposite of them both and is always super nice to me and giving me advice on what to do with myself
>Dad is a failure drug addict but comes from a real wealthy family
>gets my mum pregnant who is also a drug addict
>dads parents offer her money like 10,000 to get an abortion
>She considers it but thinks she will get more from benefits like a house and stuff
>Later in the pregnancy she gets fed up and wants the money
>Goes to an abortion clinic they tell her it's too late
>Overdoses and throws herself down stairs but I survive
>Just carries on trying to party and take drugs
>I come out perfectly fine so she just goes the benefit route
>No Brothers or Sisters
>Dad runs out when I am 4 never comes back mum tries to keep him around for the money
>Mum continues being a drug abuser and hates me meets another man who is an alcoholic and drug abuser
>Childhood memories consists of my house being a foggy mess from the weed, mum vomiting a 4 am from coming back from parties, my step dad and mum violently fighting, my auntie getting chocked by him, screaming and shouting threw the night until the police would show up, multiple bruises on me constantly
>Mum never wanted me always told me she hated me and abused me mentally and physically
>Molested by an older boy I knew
>Molested by my older cousin
>Family nothing but drug addicts
>Mum once knocked her ashtray all over my food and blew it and said eat it it's fine
>Got older and started having fights with my step dad
>Mum suffer from multiple mental problems
>Grand parents never wanted to know me
>Rest of the family don't talk to me
>Once I was old enough my own mum moved out of the house and into some other guys house

Spent the last 4 Christmas days, new years and birthdays alone. Mentally a mess with various problem and with shakes. Man fuck families they can mess people up like nothing else.
painfully correct
You're a loser with no job and no education. Of you don't like it you can leave, but you won't because you want to shitpost and watch anime all day bitchboy
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I know my family cares about me and wants me to be normal, but i cannot be normal. I can't put on the fake persona of being normal. I just can't play the game of life. My mind cannot adapt to the normalities of life and i don't want to either.

I will be a loser forever
I was a retarded shithead during most of my youth and my retarded, egotistical parents have never stopped holding it against me, which I've realized more and more as I've gotten older is because they're both overgrown retarded children relying on luck and burying their heads in the sand to get through the vast majority of their lives. they subsist on daytime tv, making excuses and cutting as many corners as possible.
My family is chill but my extended family is toxic but Idc saves me the stress from going to holiday get togethers which were always terrible
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