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Comfy Saturday Night Anime Thread
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Can we just have an anime thread? A thread where we talk about anime? The only thing that takes us from the hellish nightmare of our current lives into an escape. Discuss all things anime related here.
Been watching Fate Zero this weekend. I probably should have watched it before I watched both seasons of UBW, but whatever. Gilgamesh is just as much of a dick as he was in Unlimited Blade Works except he's not a manlet.

Why was he a manlet in UBW anyway?
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~UGUU thread?

~UGUU thread.
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Bitches love the ~UGUU
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>not reading

Disappointed in you famalam.
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~UGUU loves to ~UGUU
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But it's got dem GRAPHICZ and COLORZ. I only read the source material if I'm going into an anime that's recent and doesn't have many episodes out, if the anime is discontinued, or if the anime doesn't cover the whole story and only goes on for a cour like with Deadman Wonderland.

I usually never check out the manga unless I feel like I need to. Also, if I want to enter into an anime thread about current anime I don't want fuccbois to spoil the series for me because they read the manga so I just read the whole thing before reading a thread about it.
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>tfw no ~UGUU gf to eat taiyaki with

DOHOHO~ How silly.

I mean the visual novel, you foppish knave. An updated version was released on the PSP not too long ago (and has been successfully ripped and merged with the PC version, with options to enable or disable ero-scenes- among other things), so it's quite up to date, and very pretty with good VA. The only thing is the animations aren't very in-depth, but it's honestly the best way to experience the series, my friend.
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>tfw no helping ~uguu get away after she stole from the taiyaki stand
Oh, well then I'll have to check it out now that you recommended it to me. Should I finish the anime series before getting into the VN or should I start the VN asap?
>tfw no going to the hospital to see ~UGUU after she recovers from the clannAIDS
Well the anime and the VN don't line up 1:1 perfectly, and there's three routes in the VN.

Fate, Heaven's Feel, and UBW. You'll have to do some research to see what story archs you've already experienced but, the ideal experience is playing them in the order I listed.

It's worth noting that the ultimate version, realta nua, removes the option to choose which route you play- and each one has it's own separate executable.

But yeah, you're just looking for a nyatorrent or reddit post about the "-realta nua-" version.

Haven't actually watched the anime adaptation desu, although I did watch the anime for tsukihime and it's vastly inferior to the VN.
>removes the option to choose which route you play
Er, it removes the BRANCHING option, that is.
Alright, thanks for the information Ivan.
death to filthy weabs
Watching anime is a certified real nigga activity mayne fuck you.
Watching Legendary Gambler Tetsuya. It's good
I read Fate and it fucking sucked.
Well, I'm exaggerating but I really had to force myself through it because there's so much filter and padding. The world-building and setting is pretty cool, but the writing and execution, not so good.
All of the routes, or just Fate?

It's really the worst one, and the other routes give you the option of auto-skipping anything you've already seen up to decisions.
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If you think it's good now just wait until this real deal nigga shows up.

Just Fate. I will probably read the other routes sometime, but as of right now I just feel drained after finishing Fate. I'm not a fan of the writing style (I heard it's better in Japanese) in general, and I hear the filter gets worse in HF, so I've been putting it off.
Been reading Takemitsu Zamurai, it reminds me a lot of Alex Toth's work. Pretty good, actually.
I already finished his arc actually and was posting about him on /a/? , I only have 3 episodes left of the anime so I'll probably pick up the manga after
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