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>be me
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>be me
>super hot chick from highschool wanted to hang out yesterday
>she stands me up and goes out with her chick friend
>today she doesn't mention it but still asks if I wanna chill via txt
>ask her what she wants to do and we both agree on a movie
>she gets here, we catch up, she goes on and on about her internship I go with it and we drink a bloody Mary
>I propose we go out to the movie
>she says, "after the theatre shootings I'm anxious about theatres
>I suggest food
>she says she already ate
>she has shut down all my suggestions, finally I cave and tell her I'm content to drink and watch movies
>she asks when my dad will be home, I say, " 7am."
>she says she's gonna get weed, asks if she can smoke at my house
>I tell her outside
>ask if she wants me to ride with her
>slightly shakes her head no
>she leaves to get some bud then says she's fine with beer and Netflix
>I agree to get beer
>we leave
>here I am waiting

So, do think she'll come back? Am I getting cucked? We'll see.
Start drinking now anon and be smashed by the time she gets back and then smoke the gud gud and get in her gud gud ;)
So you think she's coming back?
she's ashamed to be seen with you kek

you must have a known loser rep

good luck anon, she must be depressed or having some sort of crisis if she's hanging out with you despite acting ashamed about it. might be your lucky chance
She doesn't want to make her dealer/fuck buddy jealous. Your in the zone, drink some beer to unwind and remove any autistic shit from r9k from your mind.
That's the thing, I was literally just trying to chill, not fuck. Oh well
We was friends in highschool, I wasn't even trying to fuck her then, just her sister. You're right though, I have a bad rep.
It seems you are a victim of #wastehistime2016. Pull an Elliot.
Nah, but seriously should I defriend her from FB? How do I walk from this? Should I call her out?
Just say "Why do you want to hang out with me but shoot down every suggestion I make? And why did you come over to hang out with me, only to abandon me to buy weed?"
Make her confess to something.
attractive women pay for drugs by drinking semen so you might wanna avoid her mouth if she shows up, unless you have a thing for that
That don't seem to bad, I'm fixing to leave the part of the State I live in anyways.
How long has she been gone exactly?
It's been 3 hours
I _ I
I'll wait 2 more hours, I've never went to a dealer to buy drugs, so it may take time.
Stop holding out man, you're only enabling her actions. It doesn't take 3 hours to get drugs unless your dealer is 2 hours and 30 minutes away. I highly doubt she is going out of state to get her drugs. You need to put this cunt in her place.
yeah it takes a while, gotta wait for the weed to grow
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>tfw I'm not the OP, you fell in my trap
are you sure you're not still in high school? this story and everyone in it are lame as hell.
Either way OP needs to put this cunt in her place
No, I'm just a pathetic 25 year old
I will.

Look, I've lurked here for 14 months. I figured I'd bite the bullet and except I'll never have sex ever again and just integrate here.
Hey, your not op, and yes its been hours. Fuck this shit. Fuck people
This has to be a troll thread

It takes maybe 30 minutes, 1 hour maximum to buy weed from a dealer.

She is probably hanging around you because she has literally no one else, and since you are such a low down piece of shit she can think of herself better to boost her ego. Then, she leaves because she realizes she can't take being around such a pathetic loser for so long.

She is off sucking the drug dealers dick and smoking with him.
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>super hot chick
>she stands you up,turns you down a bunch,doesn't even wanna ride with me
>"am i getting cucked??XD"
Do something else while you wait. If anything, it would make her feel like shit if you "forgot" you guys were hanging.
If you can, fall asleep or play computer games.
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Give her a minute broski, go have a shower, put on some Bowie on low, drink a beer, put a condom on just incase. Burn an incent at the window to make the place smell alright, but not too much.
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>feeling guilty
even bigger of a cuck then OP
No, you idiot.
Make her angry by OP moving on and doing other things.
"He forgot about ME?!?! THAT ASSHOLE!"
something like this and not "i'm sorry, anon!" like you're thinking of.
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