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Robots, tell me about your dream life and...
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Robots, tell me about your dream life and what's holding you back from getting it

I want
>To live in a small cheap home, on a large plot of land, in the mountains, in a small town with a lot of families
>To marry someone with a similar career to me, and one of will work M-W and the other W-F, from 7am to 5pm
>To have a bunch of random livestock, pick up tonnes of hobbies, like leathermaking, cheesemaking, woodworking, etc
>Cross country ski and do lots of cozy outdoors things
>When we have extra money, travel
>Have a big family. The kids can sell and make products and sell them instead of getting an allowance
>Raise happy, passionate people.

What's holding me back is
>Can't find someone who want to join me in creating this life
I can work hard and get a good career
Get anything to achieve this
But beyond just working to make myself better, there is no direct path to finding a partner. It is all a game of luck, and I'm not a lucky person, especially because I am not a social person.
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I want
>I want to be successful
>I would like a GF
>I want to make my parents proud
What's holding me back is
>a toxic cycle of self-pity
>an inferiority complex
>a grandiosity complex
>an inflated ego
I don't know. I'm a femanon, I'm not fat. I don't put any effort into hair and stuff, but at least I'm not fat. I can hold a good conversation, have money to support those who need it, and am very accepting. I think maybe someone autistic would be good. Anyone I truly connect with in life is ASD.
want to

>be a millionare
>have the perfect body and face
>good self-esteem and confidence

whats holding me back

>0 confidence
>ugly skinnyfat weak shit
>run to the big city with small amount of money
>live in a big warm city
>live in cheap motel or apartment for awhile
>take the bus to work every day walking in the morning waiting tables and coming home to my cat
>make friends around my apartment that smoke and drink
I want a small little cabin out of the way, possibly innawoods. I want to have the money to fund my living in it for the rest of my existence. I want my kindle, and a large pantry full of food stores.

I may or may not go hunting and other stuff, but mostly I just want to have no obligations, to anything.
That's my issue, I don't know what I want. To be honest I'm happiest living in my imagination, but I'd to share it with someone. It's just that there isn't plotlines, it just is, my own realm. Like a constant dream state.
oh yeah, nothing is really holding me back from this. I think within 5 years I could make it happen with my savings.
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want to;
>git gud at art.
>make around 4000$ a month on paetron.
>or be a freelancer with a steady stream of clients.
>live in a nice sized apartment. it could just be a 1dk i don't care.

what's holding me back;
>gitting gud at art is hard.
>there's a lot of competition out there.
>student loans.
Alone or do you want to go with someone?
Why would a person have children? Why create suffering where there is none?
The fact that you're able to acknowledge that you have these problems means that you can improve them.
im joining the army soon, gonna use the money to buy a motorbike after 4 years or so, after that im just gonna drive and do random shit everyday untill i dont feel like living anymore

>then ill probably reach the news by crashing my bike with dragon dildos glued to it into bernie sanders or another random fag, then off myself on national television
I want
>secluded property far away from society
>self-sustaining home with "smart" features
>being a hermit but with modern conveniences (spotty satellite internet, books, electronics, physical media)
What's holding me back is
>lacks of funds
If there was a qt involved, as long as she respects silence as a thing which can and should happen sometimes, she can be in my dream.
I would like to live on the coast in a remote area, ideally New Zealand, Norway or the north of Scotland. However I would also like a partner to start a family with and if I managed to find one against all odds I very much doubt they would also want to move to the wilderness.
>become a doctor
>save people lifes
probably a meme or something, anyway i want this since i was a kid
Are you going to be able to be doctor? Go to med school and shit?
i want to die. i tried and failed and spent 3 years in a ward and i dont want to try again in case i fail but i dont want to do anything else either
What kind of art?
I want to
>get an advanced degree
>get a nice job with some cool people that doesn't have too horrendous working conditions and makes me feel like my time and abilities aren't being wasted
>find and marry one of the few genuinely good men
>raise at least one kid and do it well so they have happy lives with an easy start and remember a happy childhood
>build several strong lifelong friendships
>live in a house/apartment I can work on. It doesn't have to be nice when I move in. I will make it mine.
>tend a garden and help young people when I'm retired
>die after having seen amazing new technologies, scientific breakthroughs we can't even imagine now, and solutions to poverty, climate change, preventable disease and whatnot

I can't because
>too old
>lifelong anxiety and depression
>only fit for crappy jobs you can still do if you're crippled by anxiety that makes you unable to think
>too ashamed of myself to go out and make friends
>obviously not good enough for any man who has anything at all going for him
File: 1452745195148.jpg (18 KB, 438x428) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 438x428
I'm living my dream life, I hope it lasts a while.
>Be me 21 M, good job
>Have to travel a lot for job but get loads of time off
>Have enough money for my own apartment and am able to eat relatively well
>Live just far enough outside a big city, in the farmland where it feels cozy
>No gf (what else is new) but manage to get in a short term relationship every 6 months to a year for a few months so it doesn't bother me.
>Am able to pursue my hobbies/fitness without any serious obstacles
>physically healthy
>Mental trainwreck sometimes but that's why I'm a robot.
The only thing I would change is if I owned my own house. A life partner would be nice too, but with the way things are nowadays I can't force myself to expect someone to be with me for longer than a few years at best. It's probably because I'm young and noone is ready to settle down though.
>It's probably because I'm young and noone is ready to settle down though.
Exactly. If you find a girl in her early 20s who is willing to settle down there is something terribly wrong with her and/or she doesn't know what she's doing.
Which is bullshit because I want to family and stuff in my late 20s, and dont want to wait for some fuckwit to get his life figured out first
I want
>to not be poor

What's holding me back are
>the Jews and white people
in my country its free, all you have to do is pass mature tests in advanced chemistry and biology for both around 95% which is hard as fuck
Mid to late 20s is a good time to settle down, and the girls who know what they're doing believe so too. You don't have to (and shouldn't) begin the relationship in your early 20s, statistically that's a huge divorce risk. You'll still have plenty of time to get things going before you hit 30.
But shouldnt you date and stuff for a few years before?
>live naked in the rainforest in a thicket near a waterfall
>learn the way of the forest from natives
>small hemp crop

>be americunt
>be poor as fuck
>have kid
Well, yes. But if you assume 3 years from meeting to the birth of your first kid, it's enough to find them before you're 27. That even leaves time for one failed attempt between 25 and 27.
Have you ever been to a rainforest?
>write the next Great American Novel
>live off the profits for the rest of my life
>have a beach house in the South Pacific
>spend the rest of my days swimming, writing, and traveling the world

What's holding me back is
>takes years to write a novel
>takes years for it to be published
>most authors are dirt poor

Oh well. Sill got my dreams.
No he hasn't, and of course he doesn't know what one is like. He's a poor american with a kid. They don't travel or know anything.
True. and i'm like twenty, but I just wish I could feel like I'm getting closer to that goal. I guess I should work on self development and being the best person I can be

yeah, no
to answer your question never been to the rainforest but it seems like the most idyllic place for me to live
Just enjoy this time. You won't get it back. Having young kids sucks. You'll wish you had cherished what you have now when you're in the middle of all that.
>to do what i like to do

>dont know what i like to do
>like 20
>that means 19
You're literally still a child no offense, you will change so much by the time you are 25 you won't recognize the old you. Don't worry about starting a family for god's sake. Or are you upset you missed out your chance to be on "Teen Mom" or whatever those shows are?
Seriously enjoy being young. You'll have kids and be in a rut before you know it and wonder where all the years went.
Yes goyim, you should wait to marry until theyre done on the CC, and have satisfied their craving for BBC and Chads.
>3 years is enough time to know if you're going to create a human life with them

This is what is wrong with the world
>How well do you deal with little amounts of food?
>How well do you deal with being dirty all the time?
>Have you studied other languages/have the aptitude to learn? To learn from the locals you would have to learn their speech.
>Large mammals/reptiles
>Literally fish that can kill you
>did I say bugs?
If you can deal with all that then maybe you can do it. I guess you could potentially be whacked out on ayahuasca all the time so none of that would matter, but at any rate the rainforest is a brutal place man.
You should volunteer and go to one for a while, I'm not trying to talk you out of it. On the contrary I think it'd be great cultural experience. Just seriously think about what you're saying when you say you want to go live in a rainforest.
Dream life:

Enough money in the bank to be comfy perma NEET for the rest of my days, debt free OC and the freedom to do simple work if I get bored
Pet pupper or two for companionship
My own comfy home - detached and in a quiet area
Holiday home in spain or southern france
House boat and perhaps a caravan
The very best weed, alcohol and food, in plentiful quantities and on tap
One special car - perhaps a caterham r500 or similar to scare myself with, and a general workhorse vehicle
High speed internet connection where ever I am

That's it to be honest.
File: 1452728559348.jpg (967 KB, 1200x1399) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
967 KB, 1200x1399
I want to be a billionaire so I can live in a large comfy custom-built house, not work, and open a video game studio to work completely without a profit motive.
>What's holding me back is
Not a billionaire
So at least there's one other xc skier out there!
Sounds like a great life, what would your career be?
I'm pretty much where I want to be in life

>reliable truck
>25 acres
>2400 sqft 2 story house
>lots of guns

All I really need is a qt3.14 to come live with me.

The only thing holding me back right now is a lack of work. I make good money in asphalt during the season, but it is winter now. Normally I plow, but this year was so shitty in Michigan I have only gone out twice. Money is tight and I am worried everything is going to slip through my fingers.
Yes. Otherwise divorce risk is much higher.

Waiting longer to commit to being together isn't very useful. You know what they're like pretty quickly, after that it depends on how much effort you both put into making it work, and how good your relationship skills are. Once you've committed, there's no reason to wait to have kids, and if you for some reason want to have kids when you're young you should hurry.
dream life:
>to be happy

im not
I want
>To never work a day in my life
>To have a classic british butler
>To spend everyday smoking hashish and opium on a divan
>To eat food prepared by the best chefs in the world and drink the most expensive wine and smoke the best tobacco.

What's holding me back:
>Not a billionaire heir
I'm a geotechnical engineer. Lots of outdoors work, far from the city life. Been doing it for a few years and love it, especially the work in small mountain towns.
That's exactly what I want, and I have money. But are you okay with a bunch of goats and shit living on your land?
i want to live on a tropical island with a lot of cocaine and internet porn and spend my days trying to get a boner because the coke killed my boner making abilities
>Live Somewhere mostly isolated/stable(canada, mongolia, kazachstan, etc)
>raise/grow my own food
>stop shitposting on 4chan
>pretty much try live a simple life away from the troubles of humanity.
Only if there is enough so I don't have to mow. I used to have a pet goat. It was one of those Tennessee fainting goats.
I want to

>Live somewhere in Scandinavia, amongst mountains and shit
>Have ultramodern house with lots of windows and nice amenities
>Spend days hiking and looking out over miles of land and sea
>Invite tons of friends up in winter to ski and drink booze and hot chocolate in evenings

What's holding me back

>No friends
>Fucking up school
>General scumbag
>to be a good father
I never really had a good relationship with my parents as they were absent for most of my childhood, but looking after my then gf's sisters kids was one of the most rewarding feelings I ever had
I would love to start a family but I also want to travel whilst I'm still young and have funds
I guess whats holding me back is
>Uni, although I'll need it
>a current lack of a girlfriend
>the drive to really do anything
I want to
>be happy
Whats holding me back
>cannot feel joy in life
I want

>To cut ties with my family and friends and live alone with bare minimum human contact or ideally none
>Live somewhere where it rains A LOT with close to no people and a huge forest to explore
>Overcast and stormy place with constant fog and very little sunlight, perpetually dark and grim
>Live in a small wooden cabin
>Farm my own crops and boil my own water, cook meat by fire and learn to survive on my own
>Have a vast selection of musical instruments and lo-fi recording equipment to make my music that I'll put online for free
>Also start making field recordings of the various sounds of where I live
>Sleep and meditate a lot, mostly listen to music when awake, occasionally watch anime
>Get a bunch of body pillows that I'll turn into my imaginary friends
>Starve for the most part and have a body like an anorexic skeleton
>Never shave or cut my hair again so look like a caveman
>Make a shrine to wojak in my yard and worship it
>Make my own library of books by robbing people for theirs

What's holding me back is
>Real life
>beautiful loving wife in a village
>work efficiently every day
>make enough to give back to the community rather than horse my savings
>be known as a local hero and someone to aspire to be

Problem? Well I'm not a social person. I don't know how to talk to people. Other problem is that you don't just work hard. In today's society you have to be born into money if you want to make money. I don't believe in debt, so I have to work Ella efficiently...
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fucking elves.jpg
580 KB, 1200x1690
My dream life consists of financial stability and a long-term monogamous relationship.

I'm hoping to achieve the former once I complete graduate school, and I am unable to achieve the latter because 1) I do not possess the required degree of physical appeal to find a partner and 2) monogamy is a dying concept in the Western world.
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Mine is similar

>Get the degree I want and secure a meaningful job
>Equal partnership marriage
>Love and loyalty throughout the marriage
>Mutual honesty and trust
>A home we can fill with memories and work
>2+ children of either gender
>Strong friendships and healthy family relationships
>Multiple fruit trees that bear fruits that can be shared with friends and family
>A family pet
>Die knowing that I fostered decent offsprings that procreated

>Need to get into the post-bac program I want
>Need to find a loyal qt with some ambition
>Reinforce friendships
>Getting off /r9k
>what do you want
Get a job that will pay enough so that I can retire at 40-50 and travel the world.

>what's holding you back
I'm currently in 2nd year of law school and I hate it, every day im a little bit more depressed but I cant quit now
File: Wengen-211.jpg (189 KB, 1024x683) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Shame you're not a woman, because that description is my ideal almost to a tee, minus the livestock. I grew up on a farm, and livestock are a pain in the ass.
Try communal living.

Or try east Tennessee/west North Carolina in smokey mountains.

>fun fact: that area has the most diverse population of salamanders in the world.
>over 220 subspecies. Plus the body farm at university of Tennessee Knoxville /based/ dead people decomposition analysis
File: 1451787468172.jpg (114 KB, 945x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114 KB, 945x1500
I want

>to not be skinnyfat, but to have a nice thin lean build
>to not be socially retarded, but to be confident as all hell, but not too big headed that people notice
>to be able to play and be good at the guitar, piano and bass guitar as well as other stringed instruments
>to be able to write music
>to be a great songwriter and poet
>to start a rock band and become big in my city, then eventually the world
>to be the frontman of said band and be seen as a unique and interesting figure in music like Bowie or Ian Curtis
>to experiment with lots of drugs but not fuck myself up too badly
>fuck lots of women
>eventually end the band and start a successful solo career experimenting in different genres
>either an hero at 27 to solidify my legacy or carry on and marry a qt who loves me and always will
>have kids, a son and 2 daughters
>buy a farm or plot of land like Paul McCartney did in the 70s and raise my family there near a small community of people
>retire from music and media and live out my old age with my wife, having grandchildren at this point
>die in my sleep surrounded by family on a summers morning

What's stopping me

>no motivation to lose weight
>no motivation or courage to be social and try and fix social skills
>no motivation to put in the hard work to become great at any hobby
>not creative enough to write music or lyrics
>no connections or friends to make a band with
>really not the kind of guy that suits fronting a band anyway
>too pussy to experiment with drugs and will probably become addicted anyway
>will probably remain a virgin because of shit social skills and self esteem issues as well as lack of social connections
>won't an hero at 27 if my life goes nowhere because I won't be alive for 27
>personality will prevent me from finding a lifelong partner so no kids or family for me
>will never have enough money to buy my own land because I won't make a successful career in music or anything
>will probably die by suicide, alone

>I want to be /fit/ and healthy
>I want to go out and do something once a week with friends. Including extreme shit like sky diving or something as basic as eating out.
>For my career, I never want to -work-. I can't be tied down ever doing a job I hate, and instead just market off what I like doing. I want to write a few best selling novels, make some dank vidya games, own a popular website, and get gud at stocking and investing.
>I want to own a giant house amongst the coast with a huge second floor deck to watch the sunset every night.
>I want to either have a qt girlfriend with passions and hobbies to share my life with, or to adopt a kid and help them make the best of themselves.
>I want to do this within 3 years.
I am a woman desu

Where do you live?
File: 1424462733161.jpg (2 MB, 1920x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1920x1200
>Work in some area of environmental research
Getting there, haven't graduated yet.

>Buy a large plot of forest, have a house built somewhere near the edge and turn the area around the house into an ornamental garden of native plants
Not fully independent yet, no money.

>Grow, raise, and hunt most of my food
Not enough land space in current residence, don't have a a hunting license, time-consuming. I'm also not sure if I even want livestock since they cost a lot of time and money, if I do it'll probably just be something relatively easy to keep like rabbits. I already sometimes skin recently-dead animals I find and tan the pelt, which I love doing so I think it would be fun to have domestic-colored pelts. And rabbits are very soft. Sheep are another consideration since I've worked with them in the past and I like them, they need much more space though.

>Live with a spouse, who's preferably working in a similar field, and raise a child
I'm very bad at upholding friendships (mix of shyness and apathy) and I've never been in a relationship. I'm also not sure if I have what it takes to be a parent, or if I can bear the load on my time and money.

>Raise child to be interested in and appreciative of the natural world, teach them botany and ecology in the field as they grow up, apprentice them in art
I have the skills to do this, but obviously no child.

So basically:
>need well-suited partner
>need money
Same goals. And have money. Where do you live?
I want
>To not be skinny-fat
>To git gud at analysis and composition
>To be able to play fast and controlled
>To be in a band
>To write a fictional novel
>To be recoginsed for the things I want to do

What's holding me back
>Country and city are small
>No cash, so I can't afford better equipment
>Anxiety towards people
>Dream? To be able to touch people casually
>What's stopping me? Haphephobia
>touching people
File: image.jpg (103 KB, 1018x763) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
103 KB, 1018x763
Why is not being fat so important that you feel the need to mention it twice does it automatically make you a failure? Also get the hell off my board roastie etc etc reeeeeee
Not being fat is the bare minimum a female has to accomplish. If you have a vagina and are not fat you are doing great. Fat girls on the other hand are failures.
Because I personally value it when people put effort into health, and you know for a fact that when I mention I am a female who can't find a mate everyone will assume it's just an aesthetic problem regarding my weight.
No one likes fat girls except for fatter girls.
>tell me about your dream life
To live the life of a traveling martial artist, trekking across the world in a quest to get stronger and test myself.
Then settle down some quite place in the middle of nowhere and teach martial arts, garden, and craft to make a living.

>what's holding you back from getting it
I am poor as fuck and every step of the way requires jumping through legal hoops and financial nightmares.

I can't even afford a car or bus fair to get out the state, so I can basically forget about travailing the world. And even if I did 9 out of ten places I would go would probable want nothing to do with me because legal bullshit or because it is not profitable for them.
>live in the country in a nice house with some pets, a wife and kids

what's holding me back:
>winning the lottery / born into wealth
same reason you spam about being ugly
>a soul mate that I'm inseparable with
>a out of the way tiny home where I can live privately. Somewhere with a lot of rain
>financially independent and debt free
>enough money to not have to work
>a good pupper
>a few nice things like a car, vidya, and guns

What's stopping me?

>I doubt love even exist and modern women are considered garbage
>I'm 19 and don't have the funds or means to acquire them
>general hopelessness and sorrow keep me down

I'm sure I'll have some of it one day. Its interesting how so many of us want a small house out in the middle of nowhere.
I want to
>grow up in a hard neighborhood in the Bronx
>start boxing
>fight and work my way up to world champ
>die a senile rich man who once spent 250k on saran wrap

What's holding me back:
>not born in bronx
>Whats holding you back

Nothing is holding you back anon short of actual physical disability. Yall niggas just lazy and dont want to work for anything.
Thread replies: 84
Thread images: 12
Thread DB ID: 426100

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