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>"Listen to that rain Anon! Sounds...
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>"Listen to that rain Anon! Sounds like it's in for the night. Oh well, at least I have you here to snuggle up to. I hate sleeping alone when the weather's this bad. It's so nice to know you're lying beside me Anon, it really is."

If a woman started talking to me that way I would accuse her of being drunk.

Who says things like that? Drunk people.
>tfw you could have had this
>tfw life fucked it up for you
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>"Well thanks for asking me to do something today Anon. I had a really a good time. I'm still surprised how easy it is to talk to you, I don't think we've stopped talking since we met up this morning! Oh wait, where are you going? Aren't you going to walk me to my front door? I'd like to say goodbye properly, if that's ok."

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>"Hey Anon, I'm sorry about what I said before. About finding you a little strange before we started to get to know each other. You know I didn't mean it in a mean way. I don't want you to see yourself that way, and I hate to think I've encouraged that in any way. Beyond anything else you're a good person, I've really come to appreciate that over the past couple of months."

write some about uni life tropicalcurtains friend
My favorite anon is back
More with average gf in bed pls ;___;
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>"Do you think we'll be lying here like this when we're old Anon? I can't imagine having anyone else beside me but you. I know I don't often say this but you really have changed my life in a way I can't really articulate as good as I'd like to. Thank you for encouraging me so much Anon, and for letting me know that you support me when I get the feeling I'm not worth supporting. You've made my life, you know that? I know I will never be able to properly express what you mean to me. But I'll try to express it all the same, as often as I can, as long as you're willing to put up with me. I love you Anon."


that and 2d imaginary people
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>"Anon, when we get home do you want to play Mario Tennis? The loser has to be the big spoon!"

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>"Oh I'm sorry. I only wanted to hold your hand. Sorry I should have asked. I promise I won't try to do that again if you don't like me like that. I just thought, I mean I figured...Oh no, don't apologize. Is it because you're not used to, like, affection and stuff like that? No it's cool, I get it. Hey let's forget it. Just whenever you want to hold hands or anything just don't be afraid I won't want to, okay? I don't want to push you away or anything. I enjoy you being with you, and I really do like you a lot. And I'm willing to wait until you're comfortable believing that before we do anything other than walk and talk and enjoy each other's company."

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delete this

we can pretend it never happened
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>you will never live in a small apartment with your qt gf in a city where neither of you know many people and spend Sunday night walking around in late winter and feel her shivering as she holds onto your arm and you stare at the ground because the wind is so strong and get home at 9pm and complain to each other about having to work tomorrow and begin complaining in progressively more chidlish tones before you both start laughing at how stupid you're being and realizing how the alcohol you had earlier really hit you when you left the bar and have her come and sit by you on the sofa and groan while she holds on to you and refuses to move when you tell her you're going to bed and pick her up as if she's a little girl and carry her to the bedroom and drop her on the bed and roll her up in the duvet so that she's trapped and laughing too much to fight back and then go and turn on the shower and get in and hear the door slide open as she steps in and makes a shivering noise and hugs your waist under the warm water

Does any anon know of any
pov porn where the girl is lying next to you like this? Preferably non-incest
Where do you get all these pictures from anon?
I'm going to cry

>tfw no average girlfriend to cuddle up to

>tfw she's probably left forever

>she left for a robot who thinks he's chad

kill me now tbqh senpai
thanks for these threads anon. i really enjoy them even if im not sure i understand them.
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>"Oh Anon do you really think that? Of course you have enough to offer me. You have more than enough to offer. Anon, do you really think I'd ask to be around you as often as I do if I didn't think you had anything to offer me? Anon your company is all I ask for, and as long as you enjoy my company too then I consider myself the happiest girl in the world. I know it's cliched but you mean a heck of a lot to me Anon, as both a friend and a boyfriend. Do you realize how comforting it is to know I don't have to spell out every emotion I'm feeling for you to understand how I feel? You've made more effort to understand me than anybody else in my life ever has. And slowly I'm beginning to understand you too, and the more I understand about you the more I know there is to love."

I dont have a picture of a qt but I have a song that fits nicely in this thread
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>you will never shake hands with your shift manager, who is around forty years old and seems depressed in a private and quiet way that you both respect and feel very sad about, and leave the read Fire Exit door of the Red Lobster where you've worked for close to six months and walk across gravel to the car your mom paid half for as a graduation present and drive slowly through the dark and the light sleet falling onto your windshield to the Concord Pet Foods & Supplies store where your girlfriend is working the end of her final shift and flash your lights towards the front of the store as she emerges from it wearing only the uniform burgundy collared tshirt and watch her run across the empty car lot toward you with her arms crossed across her chest and see her sit dramatically erect in the car while shivering and staring at you with her eyes wide before beginning to smile and insisting on turning the heaters on and drive for a while listening to your favorite songs and talking and have her fall asleep right after you pass through Harrisburg on your way to her grandparents' home in Syrcuse where you'll share the spare room a while to save up money and figure out what you both want out of adulthood

What it's actually like:

"WHAT THE FUCK?! You just elbowed me in the face... I need more of the blankets. Stop that, I want to sleep."
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>you will never be fifteen years old in Winnsboro, Louisiana and spend your lunch hour at school sitting on the hard white reflective hallway floors with the little black scuff marks from the shoes of passing students and sit with your back to the white breeze block walls and your knees tucked up to your chest and a CD player on the ground between you and a girl you've been friends with since freshman year when you saw that she was the quietest member of her small friendship group and seemed weirdly serious in a way you found intriguing and attractive and have her lightly tug the shoulder of the oversized black band hoodie you're wearing to ask if it's ok if you listen to that song again and say sure despite the fact you're only getting some of the drums and vocals in your earbud and have her smile and press the button which restarts the song and sit with your shoulders just about touching

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>you will never see and hear her laugh as you stand with one arm supporting her lower back and one hand holding one of her hands at shoulder-height while rocking back and forth to the approximate beat of an old song that you both like in a genuine way but which seems funny for you to both like for some reason, as though you're both comically old-fashioned or childish for enjoying standing so close together and dancing in a way that feels goofy but intuitively enjoyable

I'm picturing the fat neckbeard writing those lines and i'm lmaoing hard.
But this fat neckbeard has more brain than most womans...
We can agree that most women are shit. But then, so are are most men. It just happens that most women, even the good ones, like shit men.
your storytelling is terrible, but your taste in music is nice
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>you will never lie beside the girl you have said the words 'I love you' to and who has said the same words to you and look silently into each others' eyes as the sky outside turns slowly from dusk to night and the horns of passing cars sound distant and quiet compared to the rain which begins to fall against the window pane of your small rented room and see her iris contract and dilate slightly as her eyes flit between each of your eyes and communicate something to you that you both know needn't be expressed verbally and which reassures the other person that the love you each feel continues to exist as strongly as it ever has and that beyond your appearance and history and socially meted value there is some aspect of your character and of your existence which makes her excited to be alive and to have you be alive with her

bitch stfu i'm tryna sleep
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>you will never look over to her and find her looking at you in a way that seems partly as though she's just staring into space and raise one eyebrow and jut your head forward a little as if to ask why she's staring and have her jolt a little and push her lips together and begin to smile while rising her own eyebrows and smile back in return with both your eyebrows raised and a little air being exhaled from your nostrils and have your smiles grow more expressive in turn until you're both smiling with your teeth showing and your eyes narrowed and wrinkled at the sides

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>you will never kiss in a routine but not impassionate way before she turns around and shuffles backwards so that your bodies are contiguous and try and fall asleep for a few minutes and figure that she's asleep already until you feel her kiss the inside of your wrist before nestling her head back into a comfortable position

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Thread images: 16
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