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hey, robots,

I'm here to tell you a little something

Did you know that psychopath/sociopath/narcissists love people like you?

What does that mean? Those dangerous people are attracted to people who are HUNGRY FOR LOVE AND ATTENTION

you have been warned...
I don't give a fuck, I'd rather be manipulated and live a fun life than be a lonely loser
wow, it's almost like every one already knew that

why do you think every one here has a practice gf, you retard
fuck you faggot i didnt even want the grapes
Did you ever think you were talking to the former and not the latter?
Palm tree for thought.
I can manipulate you. Do you perhalps need a friend?
those niggers are just secretly just like us

>implying you won't end up crazy or dead


>implying you can practice with a shark

oh well


the former would be actively searchin for a possible prey

not whining all day on /r9k/
Sure as long as you're fun and give me drugs and shit
>>implying you won't end up crazy or dead

I'm already crazy
Mmm. How do i contact you? We need to disguss this further
Give me you skype or kik or something, do you have disposable income?
I'm a covert narcissist. Let those bitch ass niggas come at me, I'll abuse them before they abuse me!
As long as I get laid it ain't a problem for me
It would be mutually beneficial, I feed their inflated ego, I have illusions of love and care
sign me up

no you're not
you are just hurt and you think that's your natural state. or you have a psychological disorder, but this shit can be ficex with a diet
I am a neet living in Europe that has some savings. You would be my minion in the upcoming race war.

We would taunt black people and provoke drunk couples to claim self defense.
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>fix a psychological disorder with a diet

nigga you what?

you think abuse is fun and games uh?


okay, play yourself, you will end up with Complex PTSD, that will be fun
File: 1448978462524.jpg (53 KB, 408x406) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm in the US, but that's perfect for me I'm racist and find fucking with black people or people in general hilarious. Give me something to contact you on, weather looking like HEIL
OP speaks the truth.
Kik GiraffeOfSorrow
rotting in lonliness has probably damaged me a fair amount, I've also seen a few people die
I really would just like someone to wake up next to, even if they're a sociopathic cunt

come on

use your fucking internet properly

ffs this is 2016

the intestines produce the majority of the neurotransmitters

now you know, spread the knowledge

here start with this

k I messaged you
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21 KB, 400x400

That looks like utter horse shit.


you think that i'm going to do the research for you? fuck lazy people

at least hear this : the intestines produce the majority of the neurotransmitters

got it? now fuck off

craving love and attention puts you in danger

i know, i know some people need a real life reminder
That anon has mental issues, clearly. But if it's not your diet, you might need a cranial massage.
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yeah whatever

fuck off, stay with your mental illness, i know you love it
I guess I'm in danger then, warning me isn't going to stop those cravings
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okay you little faggot wannabe sociopaths I know you're fucking with me, kill yourselves

I actually know a guy on r9k who claimed to be a bot but is actually a manipulative sociopath. Topkek.
You're wrong. Narcissists and psychopaths are only attracted to people that have something to offer them. Something they can use. Your typical robot has no innate value or social currency worth a NPD or psychopaths time.

well, my point is,
that craving is UNHEALTHY

i assure you, until you understand that you can't really find love outside fo yourself, you will end up in really bad situations

maybe he loves to see other people suffer
thats not my case

that's why i want to spread knowledge

yes, you can fix your mental state with a diet and by CLEANING YOUR INTESTINES

okay now, i'll stay for a while until this thread dies

OG comment

some narcissists just want your attention. they can have you like a pet. and are fine with it.
if you can listen to them all day babbling about their pretend self they are happy. they don't care about you tho. and they will find a way to break you into pieces.

i use your stupid comment to bump my thread

thank you, senpai
yw man, us narcissists gotta stick together

i don't really get your point

but please continue
What is there not to get?
I don't care, I would rather have the illusion of love than nothing at all
Ever heard the phrase "ignorance is bliss"

you are hurt, and you say " i don't care, i want to hurt even more"
It's better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all

>implying you can compare real love and illusory love

dude. well, then why not just buy an oculus rift? full virtual reality just waiting for you
No, because with a person I'd be able to believe it
You're failing to understand what it is I want
I want a companion, if that companion is merely using me but I'm unaware then I'd still be happier than I am now
What I don't know won't hurt me

the thing is, you WILL end up in a horrible psychological state after the relationship.
maybe even physical state, or financial state
because you believed it.

what you don't know can kill you.

i understand that you don't get it. be good, senpai. don't worry, life will teach you.
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Thread images: 6
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