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If I'm naturally ugly, acne makes me look a hundred times worse.

I feel that original comment
>tfw cheekbone area scarred and deformed by acne
>tfw Edward James Olmos cheeks
i'm on treatment but i still look like shit

feels bad man
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>tfw when acne on my back
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I solved my problem with acne by experimenting. In the end it turned out that tap water fucks up my skin by changing its natural pH towards base and creating a more suitable environment for zits. When I went to some autistcore camp and we only had spring water to wash ourselves with my acne went completely away.

What I did after I came back is I started smearing my face with medical boric acid and it fucking worked. I still do it whenever my face is getting shittier because I'm too lazy to apply it everyday.

Now even dirty pillow cases can't fuck me up, no matter how long I use the same ones without washing them.

Try it out. It's avalaible without a medical prescription and all you have to watch out for is your eyes.
>about to turn 25
>eat fine
>drink a lot of water
>try medications, retinol, etc.
>still have acne constantly, even on my back and sometimes my ass

I get by but come on. How much longer do I have to live like this?
Not so much now as earlier but i still have some.
I don't know how much this has mattered.
I wouldn't be attractive if i had good skin but there's also not really anything wrong with my appearance other than my acne.
I have bad acne on my shoulders but I'm clean everywhere else except for maybe one or two pimples on my face. How the fuck do I get rid of this shit?
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Accutane is the anwser you're looking for.
>this is what normans call acne
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This is what it looks like now. I don't know if the beard makes it less visible.
I have one ugly little fucker that's very visible but I don't always have bad ones like that.
Sean? Is that you buddy?
No i doubt there are people who know me
>tfw almost always have at least 2 or 3 small but ugly fuckers
>feel almost Chad-like when I have none

Things were bad when I ate cereals erryday for 20 years or so, massive acne, after trial and error I've found out that its either because of milk/lactose or the copious amounts of sugar that cereals have.

I've cut down massively on the intake of both sugars and milk.

I don't drink anything anymore besides alcoholic beverages (beer has quite a bit of sugar) and water. As for the milk part, its hard because I fucking love cheese but alas.
Dont forget
>dick sucking lips
You look like some guy named Kyle.
>implying that's a negative
N. C
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>tfw beautiful as fuck so acne doesn't matter
Bros. Just get a tan or put on foundation to hide it if it's hormonal
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A couple of months ago I got attacked by a dog and so I had to wash my face with antibacterial soap to clean the bite and I have always had acnechan level acne, but sense then I haven't had any problems with pizza face. Futures looking clear bots.
desu senpai it will come back baka
lol just wash your face every morning retard
Ultimate get-rid-of-zits guide here, source: me.

>stop drinking soda
>wash pillow case every day (or flip it over then wash next day)
>wash your face TWICE a day
>experiment with different face washing products until you notice a different feeling on your face
>stop touching your face period
>if you have glasses wipe them down every morning
>manage stress better (it causes breakouts, but I understand managing stress is hard to do)
>get on meds if you absolutly have too
>drink more (vodka dries you up bigtime, why do you think all the normies dont have acne)
>take in average amount of water
>cut out fatty foods if possible, but no soda is the biggest factor

There ya go. Dont want acne just do that. Seems like a lot but holy fuck its worth it, and this is coming from someone who would get zits on their dick.
Wow look advice we've heard a gorillion times

Fact is if you are genetically prone to acne you're fucked for life unless you get on accutane
hello anon. you should look into going to a dermatologist. i still had really bad spots at your age and nothing seemed to worked. i got prescribed roacutain and it cleared up my pimples for good. life is still miserable but i dont have pimples. Do it! it will change your llife!
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>tfw it took me 6 years to realize sugar was a major cause of my acne
I miss cookies

I'm 22 and still have mild acne and I will never use accutane. Fuck almost dying for the sake of vanity.
so get on accutane. it will fix the problem. i had chronic acne till 23 but now i never do. accutane changed my life. and your right that advice is fucking bull shit. its the sort of thing my mom would have said thank fuck shes dead.
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