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>Just be yourself!
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>Just be yourself!
>N-no wait, I meant be Chad and that!
>Women want a strong, dominant man

>Women want a man witn a sensitive side.

It's a shit test. They want to succumb to Chad and be absolved of any responsibility for themselves so they can just be swept up in their emotions. That means they can't initiate.

It also affords them plausible deniability. It staves off the betas, gives them "denied consent" for rapists, and only Chads will power through their bullshit and take command.

Her: "You're being rude!"
Chad: "That's coz I'm rich, handsome, an wanna pound yer pussyhole!"
Her: "...D-Disgusting! TAKE ME CHAD!!!"
Women are designed REALLY well for promoting doublethink. The way their mind works is basically that anything they "feel" is automatically the truth. If a woman calls you a dick, and you say a minute and a half later "why did you call me a dick?," if her response is "calling him a dick would be a bad thing, and doing a bad thing would make me a bad person, and being a person would make me feel bad," then the logical conclusion is "so, I didn't call him a dick, because if it makes me feel bad it isn't true."

This doesn't work the way it does in your mind, where you can succumb to cognitive bias or delusion. They are not "succumbing." This is the default state of their minds. It's all they're capable of. They fundamentally don't have a concept of objective truth that exists outside of themselves.

When they say they want a sensitive man, they mean it. But they mean it in the sense that
>Wanting a sensitive man would make me a deep, considerate person. That would make me a good person, which would make me feel good. I want to feel good, so therefore I must want a sensitive man.

When six minutes later they fuck an insensitive man and shit all over ten thousand sensitive men, it's not that they are being a hypocrite, and especially not intentionally being one. It's just that now Chad makes them feel good, so Chad is the truth.

If asked to reconcile the two stances, and somehow forced to actually give an answer other than YOU'RE A VIRGIN!! A VIRGIN!!!, they will just say Chad is sensitive, and somehow, in some roundabout way, you're actually a Bad Person, because not fucking Bad People is Good, and that makes them feel Good, which means it's True.

Chad MUST be good, because they want Chad. You must be bad, because they don't want you.
Women want A MAN who is strong and dominant, and MEN in general to be submissive little servants.
Whats so hard to understand?
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Women love the idea of being so desirable, that Chad just can't help himself to do something illegal to get her. That's one of the reasons why so many of them have rape fantasies or fantasies in which they are underaged and then taken by an older Chad.

Women want to be wanted by Chad.
See pic, a quote from Carl Jung that is still true today (except for the part about the "archaic way of Europe", of course. Today you could maybe replace that with the archaic way of Muslims or something.)
>it's an all women think the same thing thread
And you guys wonder why you're virgins.
>Wanting the acceptance of women
>Not living life to your own beat and not giving a fuck of what others think of you

There's your problem OP, just don't fucking care about getting women, try focusing on getting shit done and have a strong ethic for yourself.

The more you put seeking a relationship out of your mind, the better.

You can laugh at the whores who become single mothers because they couldn't stop riding the cock carousel.
That is a good way to put it.

Women want to be slaves to the singular, and enslave the generic.
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None of those things have anything to do with each other and they don't contradict.

Here's the real list:
>Be good looking
>Don't be a disgusting creep

Unfortunately most robots fail both of those requirements, and thus we have this board.


That's why so many sex novels for women are about harems: there you have the strong, dominant "Prince" who owns the harem - and dozens of male servants and eunuchs who pamper her.
Do people still listen to women? They're just making sounds, it's pure word salad and only coincidence that's it's the same language as their place of upbringing.

Look at what they do. If they fuck Chad and get pumped and dumped then that's what they want. They are either too dishonest or incapable of understanding themselves to accuraccurately express their desires.
the point is that women don't actually know what they want.. this is why they were always in a submissive role right until this point.. they are barely human in the traditional sense
The terrible truth. Accords with my experience as well.
Lots of wisdom in this thread.
>lmao dude not all women just beee urself and get laid it's not that hard

Just fuck off already
>Girl calls you a dick
>A minute later claims she never did
I can relate so hard to this.
I feel enlightened, I've always wondered why the fuck women deny things they've done all the time.
I mean, I knew they were driven by emotions but I didn't know it was this bad.

Women have no understanding of consequences. They live in the moment, not by choice, but because that's all they understand. They don't feel like they called you a dick anymore than you feel like you were a horse in a past life. How many times have you heard women say the past doesn't matter, or struggle to understand history and culture? This should be a good indicator of how their 'minds' work.
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I kek hard when women claim that they are strong and capable. They're beta as fuck.
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Why the fuck would you ever listen to a woman?
They are literally genetically programmed to just follow men and are uncapable of doing anything else of value.
It's just the way evolution made them, since it's all they've ever had to do in order to survive.
Why are you reading female sex novels man?

It's not like you have to read them. Women love talking about whatever bodice ripper they just read was about. After a while you realize women's literature is all the same. At least men read about things, autobiographies, history, technical shit. Women just read the same 'Chad pumped but this time didn't dump' trash.
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The more I learn about women, The less I want to deal with them.

Why are we so obsessed by sex, we should just go nofap for a year, that pratically kill all sexual desire and then you are free.
Nice try, shill

Nofap lowers test and libido, but it's a ploy to make men more supple and susceptible to to the charms of harpies and succubi, not less.

Fap a lot, increase test however you can, and use women only for pump and dumps.
Are you kiding? That would make us the horniest motherfuckers on the planet!
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