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>Anime dub says "chan" and "senpai"
If you don't like it, you could always, y'know, learn Japanese. It's not like you're doing anything else besides torrenting and watching moeshit anime anyway you fag.
keikaku means plan.
>watching dub
Kill yourself autist.
But there is not English translation for the word senpai
What word would you use?

Also the honorifics used give context that can't really be adequately explained in translation
I thought you said sub, not dub

That is what you get for watching dubs desu
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I'm not a weeaboo, but sometimes I wish English used cute honorifics like Japanese.

I want a girl to call me Anon-sempai.
I watch all the seasonals, but I need anime I can just sit back and practice piano without having to read so I go back and watch classics in dubs I didn't watch. Watching K-on and cringing at the "chans" but the drummer has Taiga's dub voice, which is pretty qt.
>practice piano while watching anime
Literally what? Shouldn't this consume you entirely?

>the drummer
Yeah sure is nice watching a dub isn't it.

>Taiga's dub voice
I've seen Toradora 10 times I have to give this a try at least.
Kids on the slope and beck roped me in more, K-on is .. okay. Not near as good as YuruYuri or Nichijou. And Toradora dub is great, but then again I started it in dub, could sound awful to you.

Dubs are shit in generaI and meant for anime club autist weeaboos who don't bathe. They might not all sound awful but it's guaranteed to not be as great when the original VA list includes the likes of Rie Kugimiya and Horie Yui.

>Kids on the slope
>not Sakamichi no Apollon
Kill yourself.
the vast majority of dubs are awful, but some dubs are good

>cowboy bebop
>samurai champloo
>this is the k-on fanbase

Dubs can be good, even if I prefer sub I think dubs like Devil is a part timer, and panties and stocking were better than original.

Also it's been too long to remember the name sakamichi no apollon so I just used the English name. Now THAT had an awful dub.
They're still not as good as the original except maybe in some very rare cases. And they are not the original, period. The voice acting is part of the work. But dub people just don't respect voice acting. They think it's something that can just be thrown away for the sake of minor convinience. Not to mention that when you're watching with subs all the original information contained by the voice acting is still there. So if you understand honorifics and personal pronouns you can actually hear them and understand the dialogue better. If you know a little more Japanese you can also understand, say, a pun that can't be translated well. With a dub you get none of that. The original script is just gone.
spice and wolf dub>>>>>>>>>>>sub as well, and the list is perfect
That's another anime I was getting to actually, is the dub better? /a/ talk so highly of it I was gonna watch it in sub.
the dub VAs surprisingly nail the characters way better than the sub VAs who sound mediocre when compared to the dub

give it a shot, watch a few minutes of sub and dub and you'll see what I mean. the anime is pretty good too, but the rest of it is in light novel form
dubs are unwatchable
I'd definitely agree with FLCL but I'm now sure if I prefer the dub of Evangelion because it's better or because I heard it first and when I was young so it's just what sounds normal to me.
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>click anime link
>dubbed anime starts playing
>quickly pull headset off ears and close tab
its traumatizing, how does anyone listen to it?
>full metal
>samurai champloo
>any ghibli movie
>spice and Wolf
>death note

Best dubs t b h
>chan / senpai

Pick one.
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>tfw no anime gf

Why are gooks so ugly? Why are aussie accents so shit?
I hate American anime dubs as a foreigner.
More of the time due to their script
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I'm sure they like this post on /a/ anon
Watching a dub ever
What is wrong with you?
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