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Alcholism general
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Alcholism general

I know more than a few of you guys are closet alkies

>Coming up on 2 months sober

General discussion

Drunk stories


Cheap drinks



Alkie feels

Whatever you feel like talking about
Why "closet(ed)" tho?

Also tfw stomach fucking hurts from dat acid.
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>sister's boyfriend of nine years is 6'2" 230lbs alcoholic
>he been in and out of jail and juvey for fighting and drugs
>trains in martial arts
>becomes violent and/or aggressive when he drinks
>drinks every night
>have to live with them because of extenuating circumstances
>have to listen to him drunkenly ramble about how he'll kill anyone who tries to fuck with him and how he's not afraid of prison everynight
>he and my sister get into yelling matches that occasionally become physical several times a week
>he "quits" drinking every day but never sticks with it for more than 24 hours

i fucking hate alcoholics tbqhqyf
I've actually just decided to quit last week.
I was hanging with a couple friends and they were like "We should start going to the gym".
Sounded good but they wanted to go in the morning.
And the first thing I thought was "But I'm too hungover when I wake up to anything for a couple hours".

Combine that with the fact that it just isn't working like it used to.

Once I finish this bottle, I'm switching to beer in order to relax.
>Step mom is an alcoholic
>Can't mention it to her or she'll cry about us being mean or some shit probably
>She falls and KO's herself last month and had to get stitches

And that's what it took to get her to wait until 6PM to start drinking.

Also she only drinks cheap red wine, kek.
To add to this

We actually got some wine glasses that were just the goblet portion with no stem because she kept breaking the regular ones.
I can't imagine her fucking headaches.
That much red wine is lethal.
I don't know if I count, I get drunk maybe 4 - 5 times a week, sometimes with friends, but never to the level of passing or blacking out. I just like getting drunk and listening to albums/watching shows, having the occasional crying session where I get to release a skewed version of whatever shit is bothering me, also beer and whisky taste amazing.
She acts like she's fine, but I have no idea how she actually feels day to day.
It's crazy, we go through about 1 750ml bottle of wine per night, and my dad only drinks enough to get a little buzz.

If you get drunk 4-5 times a week you're a fucking alcoholic dude.

I know I am. I don't want to be though. Quitting is tough. You wouldn't think it would be...just stop drinking. But it makes me feel...normal. And then the next day I hate myself.
I'm like, alkie-lite I guess.

I don't really get full-on cravings and I don't drink until after 8 or 9, but I pretty much drink every night if I'm not up to other stuff. I don't have issues if I'm out and about and don't drink or whatever, but if I'm sitting at home or at a place that serves alcohol I end up drinking without thinking about it.

You're an alcoholic if you drink every night.

Alkie-lite. Kek.

Just accept it dude. I did.
Oh, I'm not denying that I'm an alcoholic, just saying I'm a low-tier one. I have friends who are hardcore alkies and they can't get out of bed in the morning without booze.

I haven't hit that point yet and I'm trying pretty hard not to.

I drink beer exclusively. I never want to be a liquor alcoholic. I think they're equally as bad though.
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>go to visit friends, one guy and one girl
>guy is a former alcoholic
>we all decide to get drunk one night
>never been drunk before
>get sick as fuck because my friends were too drunk to keep me from drinking too much
>end up sitting on a couch feeling like death with cute girl feeding me bread and tea by hand
>also managed to cop a feel of her thigh and she just laughed because we were drunk

My guy friend threatened to punch me in the face for it but eh

Then an hour later I heard the two of them fucking in the other room and it made shit really awkward for the next few days
Worst part about being an alcoholic is that I don't want to be anymore. I didn't drink a single drop of alcohol until my 23rd birthday. I wish I never started.

25 now btw
Sober 6 months. Never been in a fight in my life til I got sober; I've been in 2 in the past month. I never knew how bad my anger problem it was until I had nothing to dampen it with. It was always limited to punching holes in walls or breaking property before.
They seem about the same as me.

I prefer beer but I've been drinking more liquor because I'm getting fat from the beer, and it's probably fucking me up. I have to drink a ton of reasonably strong beer to get drunk now.
Poison him. Everyone will just assume it's alcohol poisoning or a drug overdose..
Stoner here. I legit do not understand alcoholism. I enjoy drinking occasionally but how can you wake up with and hangover and just keep drinking? Why not smoke weed everyday. Just my opinion.

Because you wake up feeling like shit for a few hours and then go to work. Half way through your shift you feel better and want to get drunk to numb how much your life fucking sucks.
I was just over 2 months sober prior to Christmas. Bought a bottle of Sailor Jerry and a slab of Peyronies to drink over Christmas day. Didn't drink that much of them on the day. Then On New Year's Eve, which I spent alone, I drank all the remainder. Since then I've spent over $500 on beer and bourbon. I'm about to run out of Devil's Cut and am tempted to buy more but really don't want to. However it's 7pm on Saturday night and I'm spend it all alone. I hope I have enough strength to go sober. Maybe once I finish the bottle I should get a lot of Chinese food or Indian food and eat until I feel too full to drink anything more and won't end up buying more booze.
Jesus, what happened?
that's only like 100ml alcohol tobh.
Anyone know anything about healing the body / liver after going sober?

Why did I start drinking? I was a hermit and finally moved out and started being social with my roomates.


Moderately drunk now and I hate myself for it. I want to quit. :(
It does it itself with time. Body is remarkable at healing itself provided the damage done isn't too significant.

Quit booze
Drink tons of water
Eat a healthy diet
Exercise regularly

You'll be fine.
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