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>tfw you realize everybody's issue...
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>tfw you realize everybody's issue here stems from single parents


aboriginal condom
i lived with both of my parents
but my mother had the brain of a child and my dad was a beta with minor aspergers
eh, not all of us
it would be safer to say adults in general are the reason why we are fuck ups
pedos, teachers, parents, uncles, doctors, adults exist solely to make children suffer
lol nah dogg
>mom left when I was 4 years old
>Dad worked to support me and my brother
>basically raised by my grandma and occasionally a babysitter
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I wasn't raised by a single parent
there's not only one cause of being a robot, sorry
I was "raised" by two parents but they were both fucking retarded

one's dead and the other lives with me now because they fucked up their entire life to such an extent that they have no other choice, it's the fucking worse

it's super cool how my entire life has revolved around cleaning up after my parent's terrible decisions
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>about to write about how i had both parents
>realize dad was always away for months at a time, working aboard a ship
>realize op might be right
Nope, had both of them.
I also don't have any issues, unless you count being a rich virgin a problem?
pretty much. I think there's a severity scale of how much family problems fuck you up. And I've heard people talked about their family problems and how it's impacted them. But being raised by a poor single mother is extremely damaging.
One of my parents was a psychopath.
My parents got divorced when I was 9, but that isn't where my problems stem from. I've simply always been more timid and introverted than most people, perhaps innately so. As such I never managed to fit in anywhere. The perpetual solitude I was in during the first 7 years of my life eventually led to a mild but noticeable social retardation. By the time I started elementary school, everyone knew me as that weird guy. Then the bullying began and it all went down hill from there. My self esteem died, my drive to succeed died, my grades spiraled down from above average to barely passing, and all that carried on all the way to the end of high school. Fast forward to today, I'm 23 years old, a KV, working a minimum wage job, I have no dreams, no friends, no college education, I'm living with my parents and I'm just waiting for them to die or kick me out, whichever comes first, so I can blow my brains out and end my suffering once and for all.
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Congratulations. OP You passed.
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>tfw single parents who are technically still together but in a loveless marriage

oh hi me, it's me, you.

That is literally my parents. Except they split up when I was 8 which made it 10 times worse. I was socially fucked from the beginning because both my parents were socially awkward as fuck and had no friends. I was never exposed to people much aside from school. We never had anyone over for dinner and rarely ever even had a guest in the house.
no they don't you fucking cuntboy
My parents have had a perfectly happy marriage for like 25 years. I really don't know where everything went wrong for me.
Shitty local economy and my autism stems from single parents?
Care to explain.
i know that feel anon, and the pain with it friend
i had both parents, though

>tfw single parents who are technically still together but in a loveless marriage
Rich people literally have no issues. If they do then they are made up. Kill yourself, you attentionwhore
I wasn't born rich, my parents were wetbacks.
>I wasn't born rich
That was not what I was saying
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If that's true then around 40% of society's population would be robots. Stop blaming your faults on external factors. You're adult now. The responsibility to fix them are yours.
- insanely religious
- made a weird comment about my dick being uncommonly small once (wtf?)
- had a massively a degenerative disease and was practically a vegetable for the last year or two of her life
- didn't believe in medical science, thought god was going to magically heal her
- been dead from from that for ten years now
- after she died I was cleaning up her computer and found out she blamed me for being sick because I didn't believe in god hard enough

my dad
- completely fucking retarded, lives like a caveman
- only eats the shittiest, cheapest packaged lunchmeat from walmart
- showers maybe once every couple months and smells awful
- doesn't wear clean clothes
- doesn't know how to spell simple words
- does nothing but watch tv all day
- can't do anything on his own and relies on me for anything that involves filling out a form
- i've had to go bail him out of jail more than once
- lives with me because he's completely failed to have any kind of plan for his life and has nobody else
I don't have problems, I just got familiar with this place and never left even though it went to shit a long time ago.
This place wasn't always a pity party, at least not such a huge one.
Just having money makes you a normalfag?
The things peole complain about here aren't problems to me.
>no friends
>no gf
>no sex
It's a waste of time, I chose to just live a self fulfilled life.
Ultra religious women make the worst choices choices in men.
>It's a waste of time, I chose to just live a self fulfilled life.
Yea, there is no way you have a 'fulfilled life' when you linger here, even after acknowledging it's shit.

I bet you have <1mil net worth and you think you are "rich". Luls
I lived with both my parents until I was 15, but my mom most likely has Bipolar and my father most likely has Asperger's Syndrome.
What? No, my parents are in a great marriage, they love each other and are already quite old but still together and my mom is a housewife so everything is perfectly fine, which makes me failing their expectations all the more tragic.
My mom had personality disorders when she was young. Got married. Had three kids. Self medicated with alcohol when she went nuts. Ugly divorce when I was 11. Every other word out of dad's mouth was cunt for a few years. He remarried and has a new family. doesn't care about his first three kids. My mom lives alone in Berkeley- none of her kids has had anything to do with her in 20 years
>mom was so crazy my dad was forced to leave us, she would fly off the handle and scream at him and tried to call cops on him and take him to court even though he was my only shot at a normal life. He could have actually raised us. he lived in his car working construction to pay child support
>mom treated him so badly that when I was 5-6 he said he couldn't ever see her again even if it meant not seeing my older brother and me
>older brother 25 now is a neet too, but is actually into stuff. I lay in bed all day in a state of incredibly sad, compulsive neurosis
My problems stem from an overbearing mother and a disinterested father.
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I think my issues came from over protective parenting

Both my mom and dad sealed me in the house and barred me from hanging out with anyone because they were afraid I'd get stolen. I wasnt able to be fully social until I went to high school and by that time I was accustomed to my own company and avoided social hangouts at all costs

>"anon your sister always brings her friends over, why dont you?"


They let my sister loose which is why she brings friends almost every week and I usually leave to the library because it's fucking annoying hearing constant giggling
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In coming feels train. Also unnecessary autistic rant about how I'm a snowflake.

She was repeatedly molested and raped as a child
Bipolar type 1 traits
Diagnosed Borderline personality disorder
alcoholic/drug addict.
Piece of shit, no longer spoke to her after the age of 14, tried to reconnect, but she won't put in the effort. So fuck her.
Spent most of early childhood in her care, she was usually drunk or fucked up on benzos to the point of unconsciousness. Fucked the whole town for drugs/place to stay.

I have some reasons to believe he was ever so slightly autistic or had a developmental disorder, he seemed to not really ever grow up and was very childish up until his death at 36.
Drug addict (Oxy's Benzos Coke Ambien)
Rage issues, took steroids often, enjoyed having a bigger truck or louder music than anyone else. One of those guys who acts like they're compensating for something.
Diagnosed Bipolar 2
Had serious depressive episodes, he would drink himself into a stupor or black out on ambien a lot, his form of escapism. Hung out with shitty people, did a lot of stupid shit, lived like a dumbass 20 year old wigger up until his death.

I'm a full time college student, getting that free tuition from the government. I'm non-medicated and turned out decent somehow, have some PTSD and anxiety issues and tend to dissociate when stressed, but I'm alright for the most part

I don't come on r9k ever, so for all I know this could be the shittiest of shit posts, also I doubt anyone will read this.

I don't think I belong on this board, good day everyone.

What's a fucking robot?
>always lived with both parents
>mom and dad are has-been Stacy and Chad
>I'm still a sperg with no friends
try again OP
I had both parents but never got any guidance with the exception of:
>All that matters is that you study hard.
>Let people walk all over you.
Both of which are retarded.

My parents screwed me up a fair bit, but i take responsibility for some of my shitty development

My parents are together, but for as long as I can remember my father has always slept on the couch, so once I was old enough to see what was going on I lost my respect for him and he knew. This led me to have no discipline resulting in me barely going to school and being a lazy fuck. Mother was a fat feminist with multiple personality disorder.

Also at age 9 I was raped by my my friend next door's older brother.

I also had many many head injuries from ages 8-14, and a big one at 3, I was a chad up until my my 2 big ones in grade 7, 1'st one made me made me much calmer and feel less compassionate to others, 2nd made me pretty much lose empathy and seemed to step up my abilities to make people laugh. All the people close to me asked asked why I was so different and I didn't know why.

Im pretty much the king of antisocial personality disorder now. Good old psychopathy and narcissism. Superficial, charming and violent, feelsemptyman.
At least you don't feelbadman. Feeling empty, and like you could skin your own grandmother without moral consequence is a good feeling.... sometimes.
>dad abandoned us
>mom was bonkers and always in the hospital for mental shit
>home alone most of childhood
>teachers tell principal i might be autistic
>just emotionally stunted as fuck
I don't have single parents. My dad was away for almost a year when I was 12 or so though. Most of my issues I can trace back to my ex. Some of them came up naturally though because I'm already mentally ill and I make myself worse.
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