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Who's the nicest person you have ever met?
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Who's the nicest person you have ever met?

Stories welcome.
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Some chubby freckled girl in highschool. I can't really describe it well other than just saying that she was really sweet to everyone but it wasn't like a regular nice something about her just felt more genuine. I could tell most people didn't like talking to me, or at least they would act differently but she never did that. I felt like she treated me like a normal person which very few people did let alone right after meeting me.

Funny thing is we weren't even very good friends, she was just someone I knew and hung around with a couple times/had classes with
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>Be 21 yo mtf trap
>Had no friends, NEET. Live alone with mom.
>Everyday I was lonely
>Mother makes me meet 15 year old boy.
>Spilled 100 pounds of spaghetti
>He ended up being really nice.
>Play vidya everyday and do stupid things like dancing or privately larping
>He is always so happy and always makes me feel better. He literally can do god's work.
>He is the only person apart from my mom to come to my birthdays
>He keeps coming to visit me every week or two to spend time with me.
>I get really attached to him.
>Work really hard at looking more feminine.
>Start looking passable
>End up getting obsessed with him
>We have sex together when he is 17
>We share a fetish where we privately pretend to be Europeans from the 1500's and dress old fashioned and dance before we have sex. >Everything is so romantic.
>Tell him that my life belongs to him.
>He tells me that he shall take care of me until death comes.
>Tfw god is real.
My fiancee or my old therapist.
Didn't you make a thread about this some months ago asking for advice or something?
I've actually never met a genuine nice person in my entire life.
You gotta keep in mind that even if someone is nice to you they could be treating someone else like shit or might have done so in the past, that negates their niceness. A person that is truly nice isn't discriminatory. i've never met anyone whom looks past other peoples flaws and treats everyone with equality.

There is also no such thing as a "changed man"(or woman) if someone was an asshole in the past they will always be the person that did that shitty thing. it defines them, their actions and so even if they devote their entire life to the service of others they will still forever be the person who did something shitty that one time. It can, of course be overlooked and forgiven, but that doesn't change the fact that the person is not a nice person for having done whatever it was they did.
girl on soc, easily the most perfect person I've ever met. she's super sweet and affectionate but also a bit cynical, intelligent as fuck, knows how to have a funny conversation one minute then serious the next, and not to mention she's absolutely gorgeous. I can already feel my self falling for her which I know won't end well, but still
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About 7-8 months ago I did. It all worked out in the end.
>Met friend on 4chan
>He was really nice to me
>Friendship didn't last

I'm still sad about it!
My best friend is one of the biggest heroin dealers in my area. Every night he comes to my house and gives me four free bags because he knows I'll get sick without it. He's always on my case to get clean. He's as bad as my mother. He has like 50 grand laying around so he buys me whatever I need and tries to make me socialize with people. Most nights we just drive around wrecked on drugs shooting traffic signs with illegal guns and selling drugs to people.
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I am that
That's awesome it worked out! : D
So basically you molded him into your fuck toy. That's fucked up
Good for you I guess, I don't really remember it well just vaguely recalled a thread. Hopefully the AIDS is slow acting
my ex gf (it was online, I'm a virgin)

she was so perfect and sweet and she dumped me for good reason

Greentext? Please?
Thank you very much. I hope greatness comes to you as well.

Well, when I got him to have sex with me, all I said was that I was in love with him and that I want to spend the rest of my life near him. He even thought up of the 1500's larping idea.

I am surprised to see someone remember!
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Please do share and if you need consolation ask.
My entire life is 4chan anon. I remember lots and lots of inane shit
My mother.

If not for her i'd be long dead. That and she made me become a man. Not in a perverted way.
> near him

Oh no m8

It sounds like you're becoming his mistress or something
When we were larping, he made a solemn swear to never leave another female over me. We even did a ceremony to express our loyalty for eachother.
For me when I met my ex I was lame enough to describe her as "anime nice" to my full nerd friend. I was astounded how nice this girl was. You can imagine how my perception of her shifted once she left though.

So my real nicest person ever was a Scottish woman who picked me up when I had to hitch hike.

I was invited to a poker night with friends of friends (included my exes ex and my exes best friend) that I very much didn't want to go to. At around midnight, after most of a bottle of whisky I bailed. I was in a new town about an 8 hour walk from my house but drunk me didn't care. I think I had walked about 5-8km before really realizing I had left. My sense of direction did me well as I was walking south the entire time but did not realize that the road was leading to a dead end. There were two points where I tried to sleep on the side of the road but was so cold that I had to keep moving. I was also extremely dehydrated after a night of nothing but whisky and was taunted by the sound of running water nearby but of course it was so dark that all I could do was follow the white line in the middle of the road. By the time I reached full painful exhaustion and had to forget about my social anxiety I had been walking for about 8 hours, most of which was up a mountain road. Several cars went by and didn't care that I was stranded in the middle of nowhere. Then she came. She explained that I had been walking in the full wrong direction and she was actually headed to her job at the end of the road at some rainforest resort place. She gave me a "liquid breakfast" thing in the car for starters, when we got there she let me use the phone and introduced me to her coworkers before she went off to get me coffee and pastries. After that she came back with scrambled eggs, bacond and hashbrowns. Then she took me with some paying customers on the flying fox tour as I waited for someone to drive out and pick me up. She also said I could use a room for free to shower.
Pretty much this. Although I wonder if they even think about me anymore...
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>Have this really nice guy in class
>He's always happy and willing to help people
>A total bro that everyone likes
>Also have this Stacy in class
>Literal 10/10 model tier
>Ultra high social standing at school
>EVERYONE knew who she was
>One day when the guy wasn't there, she started trash talking him
>That he was a total creep that just pretended to be nice
>Apparently, he had suddenly started flirting with her really dirty
>She claimed that he had been asking really dirty questions and after a while sent a pic of his dick
>This, with her status, could have ruined his life
>tfw despite her being THE Stacy, no one believed her
>tfw people instead stopped trusting her after that
He was just too nice, and she couldn't prove a single word of her claims.
> never leave another female over me

Wat. Sorry if I'm being dense, but the wording makes it seem like you're his secondary partner

It almost makes you want to re-add them and try to fix your friendship, right?

I met this grill on /r9k/ in 2009 before "skype threads" got out of hand and degenerated into what eventually required /soc/ to be created as a containment board

>be me
>depressed 19 year old at the time
>just dropped out of uni so NEET
>family is shitty, mom gone, dad angry alcoholic
>siblings are ghetto chad and stacy

>grill comes into my life
>she's 15
>we start talking as friends
>at first I thought she was sort of like an annoying kid sister
>this was when "scene kids" were just starting to die out so she was sew randum etc

>she turns 16, I'm 20
>my dad dies and I have nobody left
>she asks me how I'm doing one day and I break down and tell her the truth
>our bond becomes more intimate (not sexually)
>she tells me about her similar life, dad died and mom was neglectful so she had to raise her brother
>didn't have a childhood etc

>she's 17, I'm 21
>we spend all of our time on skype together when she's not in school or working
>I get a job without telling her
>send her a cheque for $2000 without her asking for money just because I know she's broke
>she feels guilty and doesn't want to accept the money
>uses the 2 grand to buy me a nice guitar and get it shipped to my house for christmas because my old guitar got stolen
>tfw she just wanted to do something nice for me because I was sad even though she could have kept the money for herself

>she's 18, I'm 22
>she tells me she has a secret
>for like 3 months she tells me she wants to talk about this secret but she's too scared
>"seriously Anonette I won't judge you"
>tells me she's in love with me
>tfw she is at least 13 points higher than me on the /10 scale
>tfw she is selfless and sweet and a constant support in my life
>tfw we start dating

>I start acting like a retarded faggot
>get jealous constantly even though I know deep down she's really anxious and reserved and spends all her free time with me
>accuse her of cheating
>shit escalates, I call her a whore and a cunt
Met this really nice guy on 4chan. We talked for hours each day and he was so accepting of me, I sometimes doubted that such a nice person could even be real. This lasted for months and for once, I thought the world wasn't so shitty. One day though, he abruptly stopped logging in. He was poor, depressed and had been homeless before so I'm fearing the worst.

Mike, if you're reading this, come back. Please.

No way, my name is Mike and you just perfectly described me. Can you tell me your name?
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My tranny roommate is the most wonderful, sweet, and genuinely compassionate human being on the face of the Earth, without question. It literally hurts me to describe them with the word tranny because of how disrespectful it sounds. It kills me inside that I know she'll probably kill herself soon.

She is literally so wonderful that she single-handedly caused me to lose my faith in God because no fucking god would curse someone so fucking nice to be a fucking tranny. I wish I was fucking joking but I'm not.

fuck you nigger
Nope! I was his first and I shall be his last as well!
It's me I need u, where u live?
I used to teach Rhema Marvanne (not her real name) in a public school for a year. You probably have never heard of her but she made several albums, incredible voice for someone so young. She truly was one of the best people I've ever met and she was only like 10 or 11 at the time. Pretty much an angel, and I'm not religious at all.
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I hope you go on to be unhappy and unwell.
I knew a guy but he was also a twisted fucking psychopath.
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original comment dessoo
My friend Elizabeth, she's so small and a qt asian girl, and is literally so polite and innocent, I would date her ;u;
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