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Who /night drive/ here?
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> Buy my first car age 30 (good public transport in previous town, so no need before)
> Driving around at night to get used to the car
> Discover a world of feels

> Dat feel when going through an amber lit tunnel
> Dat feel when listening to a cosy as fuck talk, low key talk station
> Dat feelest of feels when listening to Amesoeurs along on an empty grey stretch

If you are a robot, save and get a car. Mine is a total shitbox and I love it.
I almost like the drive home from work if it didn't take an hour
>tfw all alone driving through the cold black desert night
Driving at night is the best, when all the streets are empty and you can just chill, not having to worry about shit

driving during the day (with a stick-shift no less) is pure hell
OP here, in West London. What city are you in? Manual car isn't so bad, but I have never tried an automatic to compare
true this

i used to love driving to my bartending shift in the darkness just relaxing, and then returning home seeing the sun rising over the sea. then i'd sleep during the day when it was busy outside
I drive at 2am after work every week. Saw a guy get his shit beat while driving by. Some girl shouted at me to call the cops or 'he'll kill him'. I ignored her and kept coasting.

>putting your life in danger for the benefit of some normie
There is no feel like driving my camaro around Portland at night or my old Firebird with the t tops down. I miss it so much. Had to move away.
If your autism doesn't include a love for 1980s box-shaped Japanese shitboxes with pop-up head lights and rear- or all-wheel-drive, you are a fucking pleb.

some music to go along with your fancy retro car, anon
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Shia Lemaro.jpg
139 KB, 2048x1150
Not all of us want to drive shitboxes.
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>tfw parents giving me their 2001 honda accord
Got something to compensate for, boy?

Then why did you post a gaudy plastic monstrosity incapable of turning, with the visibility of a brick wall, and the interior of a fischer price playhouse? It's even based on a design from 2006 just to add insult to injury.

There's nothing wrong with liking shitboxes though so don't be ashamed, friend. How many hp do those stripes add?
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07 scion tc.jpg
49 KB, 800x335
yes it was fun

>get on the highway

pic somewhat related no spoiler on it
I had a 1990 240SX
Such a fun fucking car. Got it all stock at 112K.
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I drive...........
original comment
I ruined my mums old car when I first got my licence going twice the speed limit in suburban backstreets
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What about 90s blob shaped japanese shitboxes with pop ups and rear wheel drive senpai
File: 1446417906906.png (68 KB, 316x456) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68 KB, 316x456
>blob shaped

Big mistake, senpai

Acceptable tier, but that's it. Miats get a bonus for the extra-large pop up lights though.


>all stock

This must have been a few years ago if it wasn't automatic
I'm sensing some insecurities. My camaro makes about 460 crank HP with the small bolt ons i used. If you think that's slow then idk what to tell you. Car gets complimented all the time and the only car I've lost a dig to was a zo6 vette. The car's fun man. You should lighten up.
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1 MB, 1080x608
>all these babies driving toys
Oh and it has IRS. Turns pretty great for a muscle car.

Nobody said it was slow. The charges were that it's gay and can't turn and is actually a shitbox despite you being mean to the shitbox owners in your ancient pre-facelift poormaro because you were upset over being slower than a mustang and wanted to take it out on the owners of 30-year-old 1.6L shitboxes.


It weighs more than the death star though
File: 1439505715667.jpg (80 KB, 500x737) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80 KB, 500x737
>all chad muh whip talk
>no feel talk
If you have a driver's license, you are a normie.
Wait what mustang was I upset about? I like Mustangs too. I've never lost to one. My "ancient" car is a 2010. It may not be the latest and greatest anymore but the 10-13 camaro's are better value. They have the same engines and parts as the 14-15's for half the price. A nice 2010 SS is still over 20k. Not exactly cheap. The 16 camaro is superior however. To the old camaro and everything else in the segment.
>have this cousin
>he finally graduates high school
>his dad gets him a mercedes benz 1996 + $20k for college or whatever he'd like to start his adult life with
>whole family mirin
>we're all poorfag, but happy for him
>months pass
>years pass
>he still doesn't have his drivers license
>mercedes in garage
>he's still living with parents
>visit him one day because what
>his mom opens the front door, greets
>make my way to his room and knock
>he opens it wearing a sonic the hedgehog shirt
>greasy long unkempt hair
>anime body pillow bed
>anime wall posters
>anime figurine collection including a $500 one from some shitty black shooter series or something
>anime calendar with some big tittied anime girl
>anime bluray collection
>catch a glimpse at stack of doujjn
>hang for a while then book it

He's NEET af what the fuck I want his car

To be honest mate I am just fucking with you because you made fun of my shitboxes.

I am being serious when I say that I think the post-facelift ones look a shit ton better though. When I hadn't seen one in person yet I thought the update was stupid, but I saw the two subgenerations parked a few spots from each other recently and strongly prefer the newer one to the point where I wouldn't buy the old one solely because the new one exists. But if you like it then congrats, it's not the worst looking car out there anyway.
>460 HP
>in a civilian car

I'm sure you get a lot of use out of it, enjoy your mileage

He already said he drag races it. No fun allowed.
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Thread images: 13
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