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You are now in charge of r9k. You can make...
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You are now in charge of r9k. You can make laws all anons must follow, what are they?

>no stories in multiple posts, you must condense them to one
>tripfags are fine, but replying to them is a bannable offense
>if you refer to us as "/b/" mistakenly, you will be banned
>no losing virginity stories or sex stories of any kind other than sad pathetic ones
>all women are banned
>all posters are assumed male
>mentioning your gender being anything other than male is a bannable offense
>linking to reddit or tumblr is a bannable offense
>any use of the term "baw" or its variants are banned

I think this would clear up our "fembot" problem real quick

Would also ban anyone who posts white knight bullshit, "man child", "too much of a weak loser for strrrrrong womyn" and all that shit.
>no women
>anyone who admits to having a gf is banned
>robot leaves and never returns
>must take a test to gain entry to ensure only true robots enter
>ban pepe
>must have at least 1 mischief thread at all times
>no feels threads, they're stupid and sentimental, and counter-revolutionary in our campaign to build the Autist State

>you can post images without text

>it's okay to make the same post twice, none of this "comment is unoriginal" shit that prevents a free autist from posting his thoughts, this is how memes are made

>free white males only
>tfw no gf threads are banned
>waaah feel sorry for me threads are banned
>frogposting is banned
>wojak is banned
>waaah im so depressed threads are banned
>original content is brought back to the forefront of /r9k/, instead of a bunch of losers whining about how they deserve sex even though they're complete and utter failures due to their own poor decisions.

Ban all tripfaggotry and those who respond to them in addition to what's been posted already.
>>free white males only
I'm a quarter Japanese, do I count as white? Remember, Hitler thought Japanese were honorary Aryan.
>no femanons ever
>no racebait thread keep to fucking /pol/ no I dont like black people I just want the board to be about social outcast losers bitching.
>no newfaggotry
>if a male poster responds to a femanon he will be banned, if you want to get laid go on /soc/ or get a fucking life
>no gf advice threads, the dudes here have no experience at all so this is just a way for men to laugh at autist losers struggling to understand women or the OP to stealth brag about having a gf or girl interested in him
>No politics
>You can only post feel threads that is all any other kind of thread will result in banning, so no you autist cannot make anti normie threads
>No women hate threads
>No men hate threads
>No Chad bitching threads
>No genderbaiting
>REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE is now banned, its annoying as shit
>this is not /adv/ so dont ask people for advice
>post ids are brought back.(this never changes)
>anything that is remotely "fem" is banned.
>gays/traps are auto banned.
>drug threads are banned.
>racebait threads are banned.
>politics are allowed if they don't devolve into race threads.
>self improvement threads are isolated to a general.
>any feel threads are banned if they involve gays or females.
>green text stories are allowed as long as they aren't from the perspective of a female.
>frogposters are banned.
>The robot stays.
>you can post an image without text.
>no failed normalfag threads.
>race doesn't matter as long as you aren't a whiny faggot.
>manlet threads are auto banned, manlets are still allowed to post.
>no prostitute/sex threads.
I'd vote for this guy
No memes
No racism or sexism
No cam whoring
No tripfags
All threads are feel threads

This except the sexism and feel threads.

If you claim you're female you need to post a timestamp'd pic of yourself.

>femanon dominated
>male anons post nudes and provocative videos on designated threads, like "ass thread" or "lips thread" or "bondage thread"
>general female discussion otherwise
Look at this shit, the fucking cunts want to takeover this board and use it as a permanent beta validation area this is why all confirmed women need to be banned from this board, its like gamergate all over again.
Its bait anon just ignore it

They cant even take on important positions :^)

I just want a board with mostly women where we can hang out and be friends and the only guys there are sluts who will never orbit any of us, but will provide lots of masturbation fuel. There is nothing wrong with that.
>let's make r9k tumblr
>let's have censorship because it hurts my feefees :(
Fuck, man, is this what r9k has become.
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>No fembots
>No attentionwhoring
>No /soc/ or /fit/ fags
>If you post here, this has to be your main board
>No tripfags
>Nothing tumblr or reddit related
It's a long list familia
>r9k = tumblr meme
this is to stop the shitposting and dumb non-value posts the "fembots" churn out
Bannable offenses:
>Blaming the Chad/Normie bogeyman
>Using 'meme' in any capacity
>Any variation of tbqh, familia, etc

There's a site for that you cow.

Remove the name field
Allow posts with pictures to post without text (the robot makes it hard to image dump)
Keep the robot
Have an IP based "likeability" meter that gauges how popular and well liked you are on the board, the algorithm for which is kept secret

the algorithm is wacky and not an actual reflection of anything, just designed to turn anons on each other
Do what Moot should have had the balls to do and delete the board for good.

This board is beyond saving, the people who made this board worthwhile back in 2008 are all gone. The inheritors of this board are mostly memespouting teens and general fuckups. 4chan is better off without r9k.
On Trips:
>Trips allowed
>If consensus is to remove said trip, mods will do so
On the Content of Posts:
>Any form of language commonly used by African Americans and variations are grounds for a ban
>Shitposting permitted so long as it is humorous
>Anything that can link the poster to sites such as Reddit or Tumblr will result in a ban
On Moderation:
>Moderation will be kept to a minimum
>Posts illegal in most jurisdictions are to be removed
>Gray-area posts are permitted
>Traps and whiny gays are permanently banned from this board
>Posters that frequent /b/ or any other cancerous boards are to have higher post delays
Thread replies: 26
Thread images: 3
Thread DB ID: 416942

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