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How I made a stacy's life hell and cucked...
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The past 3 months have been good. Story to follow:

>be me, 18, 3 months ago
>senior in highschool, overly-serious about things, virgin, no girlfriend
>bored as fuck and strangely have a lot of spare time on my hands in the evenings
>English teacher casually mentions a youth theatre that are holding auditions for a musical
>Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
>A friend of mine tells me that musical societies are 90% women, and the remaining 10% of men are mostly bent as fuck, so I'll have virtually zero competition for the women
>Show up to auditions on a cold Saturday morning
>See 9/10 stacy from my school with her gay guy best friend
>She's the definition Stacy: social media addict, narcissistic etc.
>He's the definition gay guy: only hangs around with girls, loves Broadway musicals, gay voice and everything
>Spot me and come over to talk to me
>Tell me that they're auditioning for Adam and Milly respectively (the two lead roles)
>I tell them that I'm auditioning for Adam too.
>(holding back laughter)Oh...well...best of luck with that
>Do the audition, fucking nail it (I always loved singing, but never let anybody know). Get a callback for the part of Adam
>Come back the following week. 7 guys there. One would be chosen for the lead and the runners-up would play the remaining six brothers.
>End up getting the lead role, Stacy's friend get's the part of Caleb, like 3rd in command brother
>9/10 Stacy bitch ends up getting the female lead
>See the gay guy outside getting comforted by the Stacy
>Walk over to them feeling fly as fuck and tell them I look forward to working with them, and that I hope they're looking forward to it as much as I am

Shall I continue?
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Nah, if you could spare us, thanks
Keep going
Jdkdjdkdjdjd original enough?
>Shall I continue?

Good read so far.
Fucking faggots.
Where is the part where you made the cunt's life hell.
mother fucker you didnt pretype REEEEEEEEEeEeEEEEeEe!;!!!!
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Keep going, I'm enjoying it anon
Keep going daddy
Moar OP pls.

>rehearsals start
>have to work with Stacy in about 80% of my scenes
>she doesn't talk to me off the stage
>really pissed off that I have thrown a spanner in the works by cucking her gay best friend out of the lead
>refuse to take a hint and use every opportunity to talk to her, while managing to have fun and get along with the other girls who weren't that stuck up, funnily enough.
>They all think I have a great voice and enjoy my company
>Because they don't go to my school it allowed me to operate on a completely clean slate and act alpha as fuck
>Even the guys are bros to me (on and off stage), always improvising at the most inappropriate but funniest of times and just generally good people


>comes to the scenes that involve kissing
>Stacy tries to persuade director to let us fake kiss
>Director isn't having it, she thinks it will make the romance seem artificial
>Literally spend 2 hours one Saturday morning kissing Stacy.
>She fucking hates it. Always trying to avoid my mouth but director forces her to go all in
>musical is packed with dancing so have to do all them with Stacy.
>I'm having the time of my life and she's experiencing hell on earth
>Actually start to get fit myself from all the dancing and acrobatic shit. Breathlessness gone and six pack acquired
>One scene involves the 7 brothers being shirtless and all the girls in the theatre group fucking love it.
>They are all over us. Taking pictures with us and everything

>gets a 6pack from dancing for a couple of months

This thread is pure bullshit. Just another robots erotic fantasy.
>>She fucking hates it. Always trying to avoid my mouth but director forces her to go all in

Sounds great so far!
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Hyped as fuck for the grand finale
He's probably exaggerating, or he did regular exercise alongside this.

It would still be a good story so far, tho.
I mean, we don't even get good stories anymore since all TV has been turned into feminist grrrl power bullshit.
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291 KB, 500x375

in b4 anon wakes up
And on /r9k all we have is eternal wagecuck threads.
I haven't seen anything original in ages
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>final night
>go in to kiss Stacey
>suddenly gay Caleb comes on stage, he's not supposed to be here
>I slip and fall into her, she falls onto Caleb
>everyone gets on the floor
>everyone walk the dinosaur
fuckin' kekd my man
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I expected something like this but fuck couldn't you have done something longer
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Real part 3, walk the dinosaur faggot isn't me

>costumes arrive, lights and rigging go up, posters up around town, get to go on local radio to do a bit of publicity (again, with Stacy)
>family is infinitely proud of me
>First 3 nights go without a hitch. Almost full house.
>Getting such a buzz from it all. Singing my heart out with friends to hundreds of people every night.
>Standing ovation every night
>Halfway though the week. Thursday night show.
>In the middle of a big solo, Stacy's voice goes.
>She's in pure shock. Can't hit her notes at all.
>Me and the brothers are in the wings. The gay is just as shocked as she is. Jumping up and down almost crying
>Me and the other brothers remain neutral. I can't let my sides go into orbit because it will make me look like a dick in front of the rest of the girls, and I don't want to ruin my good work
>She struggles though the remainder of the show and after final bows runs off stage and collapses into the arms of her GBF (gaybestfriend) balling her eyes out.
>Even though the rest of the theatre group wouldn't wish something like that to happen to anyone, karma is a bitch.
>Week goes on and Stacy struggles through the songs, having to strain her voice beyond belief. Sounds pretty bad. Looks like shit from the stress of it all, but the makeup is covering that up.
>People from my year in school get word about the musical and come to the last night of preformance
>Huge turnout
>Chads from school are in the audience.
>Can almost feel their jaws drop as I kiss the woman they have persued for years of HS.
>All the strain Stacy was putting on her voice finally triggered something at the end of the first act.
>Voice goes completely
>Turned out to be a ruptured vocal chord
>Musical director has to sing the rest of her parts from backstage while she lip-syncs
>Everybody notices, it's not convincing at all
>Massive standing ovation at the end. Parents are in the audience prouder than ever of me.

More to come
what is this from, that dance though give me source anon

why are you turned on by cartoon foxes
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Part 4
>parents can look me in the eye again
>chads leave me alone for once, I'm feeling smug.jpg
>See Stacey at a party for the cast a couple weeks later
>her voice is partly healed but she sounds like a ghoul
>I tell her how sad I am about her voice
>she seems to be a little bit flirty with me
>basically I'm starting to get intense feels
>I take her aside and start to confess my love
>I talk to her a bit, we're standing near the stage doors
>suddenly see the gay friend angrily coming behind her, he's outside and I can see through the big windows
>he opens the door
>get on the floor
>everyone walk the dinosaur
>doesn't even spell "Stacey" the same way as OP
Who do you think you're kidding you PHONY

use a trip
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Last part

>Everyone is ecstatic afterwards
>qt redhead who was playing a supporting character invites me back to her house for an after-party with more of the theatre group
>Brilliant night, get with the redhead. Life is good.

The show was nominated for best musical and the brothers won the award for best supporting actors in the local youth theatre awards.

Made loads of friends, realised my talent for singing, got fitter, got a qt redhead girlfriend (for a month or two afterwards) and turned my life around. All thanks to a small theatre group's musical

Any of you guys that have even the slightest interest in the stage, go for it. You won't regret it.

I'm not I like the pigs
File: OP.jpg (131 KB, 736x866) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
131 KB, 736x866
Stacy had to get throat surgery. Couldn't sing for ages afterwards.

I promise to use a trip next time.

Thanks for listening guys.
fuck off youre not real

use a trip in future op
>next time
This story was pointless and boring, I hope there's not a next time. The dinosaur endings were more interesting
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