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>It's my deadbeat alcoholic Dad's 50th birthday today
>Nobody ever acknowledges his Birthdays so I get excited and decide to do something nice now that I have wagecuck money
>Text him telling him I want to take him to dinner for his Birthday, he agrees
>A week ago I custom ordered a cake, his favorite flavor for $50+$15 for special candles and sparklers
>Beginning of month order him a bunch of band T-shirts/sweaters from his favorite bands all the way from fucking HOLLAND because that's what he loves, can't find them here so he's never had them. ($160)
>Pick up a liquor store gift card, some nice work boots because he needs new ones ($35+$100)
>Hand make him a really cool card musical card that took me forever to figure out, but it was worth the joke
>Call him just now
>"Sorry anonette I'm having a friend come over tonight, so.."
>Literally ditching me to go fuck a hooker like always
>"Oh.. okay.........I mean...Alright. Go fuck yourself, Dad. *Click*"

This is the first time that I've ever really stood up to his bullshit.
I'm so angry that I am calm.
Meh, people don't really change.

Expecting some grand movie revelation or catharsis is a trap. People do what they've done.

Your best bet is to find a new person who will interact and reciprocate in the way you like.
My dad was a pretty shitty person to live with. He'd date, bring home, and openly bang strippers not giving a single fuck what the rest of the family thought of him. He was ether drunk and an asshole to be around or drunk and fooling around with one of his stripper girlfriends.
Both of my parents cheat on each other
>be 26
>oldest brother has not escaped NEETdom like me
>he gets kicked out of the nest
>I offer to let him live at my place til he can find a job
>15 months later and he is still here
>meets qt3.14
>goes to live with her eventually
>at wedding, he says to her, "You changed my life. You cared for me when no one else would"
oops... here is >mfw
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not letting me post the pic for some reason. anyway, it's your standard annoyed pepe frog
Great moves, keep it up
Just take him tomorrow, you retard.
Honestly I'd wait for you to bring gifts in case you bring cash to add to my hooker/drug money then I'd ditch you for a wild night banging hookers and doing meth
You're probably a really materialistic person and he doesn't give a shit about money or luxuries, just about having fun. And he chose fun over your bullshit, I wouldn't be surprised.
sorry fembot, if it makes you feel any better i've suffered from crippling loneliness my whole life to the extent where i doubt i will ever be able to meet anyone and form a serious relationship at this point so i am trying to come to terms with the fact that the way my life is now is that way that it will be when i eventually die, and I have two parents who love eachother
>Hur dur dur dur
He borrows $50 from me like twice a week, don't give me the "he doesn't care about money!!!" bullshit.
I only give it to him because I don't want him to resort to doing even more illegal shit to make money and end up in jail.
ok be my bf
But why? He clearly doesn't care about you, so why put in the effort?
I'm in London, one day sheer coincidence will save my situation though right? That's not so statistically unlikely its an impossibility, right?

Can I also be your boyfriend?
yes you may anon. yes you may
Still her father.
so? she doesn't owe him shit. A parent isn't entitled to respect. it earns it.
Because I have a soft spot for him, he's manipulative.
I consider myself to be too giving, I'm a huge door mat and he takes advantage. I really just wanted to make him smile and feel good.
Apparently hookers can do that much better, though.
He's very depressed and lonely, I don't force him to talk about it but I try to make him good pasta dishes and steaks and drop them off.
Or he could just go fuck 80 hookers tomorrow instead, or after dinner. I don't care. Just don't ditch me for them.
I mean. Hello? Hi? What?
Everything is gonna be okay, anon. At least I hope so. I'm rooting for you.
thanks, i'm wading against the current atm but it'll turn soon i guess
My parents ruined me by spoiling me, a lot
Turning me into a entitled, kv, prick, with no self esteem or atittude on life
Why don't you just fuck each other? It's fucking simple and you know you want it on some level
Now, can we rape each other?
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MY SIDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How old are you, OP? Bl0x
I'm twenty.
HEy this:
Isn't me. I don't know why someone finds it so funny to pretend to be me in this thread but just know that or the boyfriend agreement posts aren't from me.

TO answer your question, I am 23.
Damn that sucks, im only 19 but you sound perfect. I suck at picking gifts, i could just imagine asking for your advice and picking the perfect things to buy for my parents, then using your knowledge to pick something for you on our anniversary
>Omg luls I am trolling on the 4chan u guise so original look at my oc bait never been dun b4 by every other autistic highschool mega cuck fag hehehehe totally believable shoop da woop you guys lol we are anonymous amirite??? knowurmeme.com u guise lol
>graduate primary (elementary) school with straight As in every class since I started school
>single dad sells his house for over 600K around this time, moves into his mother's beach house for nothing, goes on welfare
>I live in a town with a secondary school that isn't even in the top 400 in the country, along with another secondary school that is rated 3rd best that James fucking Joyce went to, but is fee-paying
>mom asks my dad for some money to send me to this school, he says no
>have a horrible time in the cheap school, and gradually start to get worse grades, end up with terrible grades
>tells me years later "maybe I shouldn't be telling you this, but I think if you went to a better school you would have done better in life"

He did other shit like forget to ring me on my birthdays or christmas, he never called me at all in the times that he didn't have custody of me, he never learned the names of my friends and threatened to cut me out of his will if I didn't legally change my name to his rather than my moms
This troll is persistent.
r9k was always like that. there was a short period where moot took it off but the new guy turned it back on
I'm twenty. Just remember their birthday a month ahead and start conversations about things they like. If you already have something in mind describe it to them and see their reaction to it.
This was sort of different because my Dad has been looking for this band merch for about a year and listens to their same album on repeat constantly in his truck while singing loudly.
I tend to go for money or giftcard or bottle of wine/liquor + something they need (thoughtful) + something they want.
The feel when they can't acknowledge their fuck ups. The realest feel.
If this is op see
Pls be my gf
Ok, anon. We are forever date now.
Also, tell us about your parents.
And people hate trips.

How's middle school?

Happily married since i can remember, however their constant intererence and involvement in my life has made me slightly resentful of them but i always remind myself its better to have nosy parents than ones that don't care.

You sound like such a beautiful soul, i know its your dad but you spent a fair bit of money. I dont want to sound too cheesy but it actually makes me feel really sad to think of how your dad didn't care for your plans that night

Also i have no friends and im desperately lonely pls be my gf i graduate in 2 years
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>Have anorexic disorder
>Dad fucking thinks it is funny to make jokes
>I don't know why he does it but he is very cruel to me about it
>Sneaks into my room and takes all the food from my mini-fridge then adds extra 0's onto the end of the nutritional labels so I am scared to eat the food and throw it out
>sneaks into my room with plastic witches fingers and uses food glue to stick my headache tablets to them because he thinks it will force me to stick a finger down my throat and vomit
>whenever he cooks for the family puts my food onto a plate lined with airplane vomit bags
>calls me names like 'boney boobless'

I think he does it without meaning to be hurtful, he is usually very supportive but it hurts me a great deal
>girl btw XDXDXDXD

I mostly agree with this.
It's all the more rewarding when you finally find someone who you can appreciate / who appreciates you.
My Mom's dead so I basically only have him. He wasn't around when I was little but she never made him pay child support or anything, she just told him that she wants him to have a positive relationship with me and be around for me.
I think the issue is that I'm like my Mom and don't expect anything but the basics from people, it attracts shitty people.
I never inherently mentioned that "I AM A GRILL U GUISE", but said anonette because it's integral to the story.
If I was assumed as a guy I'd be being told to stop being a beta fag and go get my own hooker/go fuck hookers with my Dad.
I would like that, yes. But that most likely will not happen.
>sorry fembot, if it...
wait, where in the story does it...
>rereads story
well I'll be...

Anyway, sorry to hear you'll probably have daddy issues.
At least you'll (hopefully) find someone who will make you smile one day.
>I'm so angry that I am calm.
i love this feeling. am jelly.
Shit, that doesn't even fucking sound funny, either. And I'm evil.

Tell him wtf is up, that's seriously just outright being an asshole.
>I think the issue is that I'm like my Mom and don't expect anything but the basics from people, it attracts shitty people.
I know how you feel. In highschool i was a massive loser, overly kind and people only interacted with me when they needed something.

>I would like that, yes. But that most likely will not happen.
It will happen, its just that there are more shitty people in the world and they are drawn to eachother, you'll eventually meet someone who can give as much as you do.
If you feel that he's not doing out of cruelty it may be worth mentioning how you feel quietly to him. He may be using humour as a defense mechanism for himself more than anything, possibly out of some misguided sense of failure over his child having to go through something like that. IDK.
>tfw you want to have someone to give too
>tfw you live in a hellhole.
fuck texas.
The world is a big place and you never know, maybe that person is in texas but you just haven't met them yet.
You could also try making something work through the internet, you just have to be really mentally tough and eventually have the income to move to be together.
Maybe he has an anorexia fetish?
I have it too.

But that isn't what anonymity means you fucking whore. I'm anonymous but I'M ALSO A GIRL BTW! TEHEEHEE
Yeah, you should talk to him about this.
Or write him a letter about how it makes you truly feel, describe the actual feeling and tell him that he needs to stop immediately.
Thanks for the hope, anon.
I currently have no irl friends, only online friends.
Cry more
same guy as>>25774999

>be 11, and getting into Nirvana
>I want a copy of Nevermind, mom asks dad to get me nevermind for christmas
>he gets unplugged in new york (which my mom owned anyway)
>mom calls him up again to tell him to get the proper album this time
>he goes on this long rant about how he does so much for me already and she's in the wrong for asking too much of him (I hear a long argument on the phone)
>mom tells him he can't spend christmas with us this year
>have an awkward, stilted day where I didn't get what I wanted but we try to enjoy it anyway
>hear the door ringing, it's him
>tells my mom he's staying so he can "spend Christmas with his son"
>sits on the couch and looks at some collections of Calvin and Hobbes books he bought for me as a kid while saying nothing
>the tension gets so loud I start crying and ask them to stop fighting with each other, neither of them say anything
>he leaves the next day and I'm relieved
>I see him handing a copy of Unplugged in New York by Nirvana to one of my cousins the Christmas after this
I have the income to move, and/or have the income to have someone move to where I'm at.
I just don't have anywhere to move to, and don't have anyone to bring here.

I'm considering just picking up and moving while saying "fuck it" and pick somewhere random up northeast or northwest.
No one cares about your daddy problems you dumb whore
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>>Have anorexic disorder
>>Dad fucking thinks it is funny to make jokes
>>I don't know why he does it but he is very cruel to me about it


sorry, family.
What kind of guy do strippers go for?
>I currently have no irl friends, only online friends.

Same and the few online friends i do have are just people i play games with and never talk to about personal stuff.

Where are you from?
he has a point, anonette defeats the purpose of saying anon. fuck off.
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It sucks senpai. All I wanted was a good mom. Someone who would have taken care of me as a child.

>8 year old me didn't feel like talking to my grandma on the phone
>hide in the bathroom so the phone wouldn't get handed to me
>older brother tells grandma I didn't feel like talking to her
>grandma tells mom
>mom flips out
>literally drags me to the family room
>makes my brother bring my dads leather belt
>starts screaming at me
>"she practically raised you anon, how dare you"
>too little to fight her off
>she whips me for a solid 10 minutes
>crying and begging her to stop
>she slaps me a couple times
>can't grasp why she'd do this to her own child
>all because i didn't want to talk on the phone
>she makes me kneel in a corner with my hands in the air
>anytime i lowered my arms she whipped me more
>stayed in the corner for around an hour
>arms burning and sore, hands had gone numb
>whole body feels warm, welts all over
>couldn't go to school for a day
>mom got drunk every day
>got scared when she would walk upstairs just in case
>she once woke me by smacking me across the face, telling me I don't deserve to live in her house and to tell me to pack my bags and move into my dad's house
>she once drunkenly decided to stay in the doorframe of my room so I couldn't go asleep and because she didn't want me staying in her house
>tried to push her away and she sunk her fingernails into my arm
>went to the police about it (I had wounds) but did nothing about it
>told me I was boring, told me she didn't love me, told me she didn't like me, told me I was so bad at guitar that I was a personal embarrassment to her, told me to stop drawing because it was a waste of my time
>would start crying about how she would never have a husband and make me try to comfort her, telling me she doesn't deserve me, then a day later telling me she hates me and wants me out of her house

>would go to school in the mornings with my head in my arms wondering if I'd have somewhere to sleep that night
>purposefully attempted to try a night homless because of my horrible home life
Didn't you told anyone?
He probably became an alcoholic after you disappointed him so much
>nigger father who didnt even try until i was twelve.
>mom was the realest person you will ever meet.

i had it good. DESU
Nope, never told anyone. My mom told me I'd be put into foster care and that my foster parents would hurt me even more than she did. I believed her because I was little. After she whipped or beat me she would cry and apologize and buy me gifts and junk food and tell me how much she loved me. When I was little I thought her behavior was just how all parents acted.
>parents divorced since birth
>mom starts drinking when i turn 8
>drunk every day
>convince her to stop drinking
>stops for a few weeks then begin again
>mfw i actually thought she could change

still drinks to this day and does drugs.
Wow... Some people say that if you were abused when little then you will grow up to do the same thing, but only normies think that.
Maybe, just maybe, thats why we robots can't get a qt3.14 gf, because we exist to take care and nurse the young so they will not end up like your parents
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