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48 hours left
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48 hours left
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until 48 hours have passed
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Aim for the stars wagecuck, you might just land in some poopoo
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until you have to go back to work, wagey
But 48 hours from now would be 12:05 PM Sunday, not Monday you silly head
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This moon will crush them.
tik tock
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I work on Saturdays
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I sleep in and work on my memoir on Saturdays
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This thread again?

Then again NEETs on /r9k/ are complete fucking waste of space
>Have literally all the time in the world
>However rather than doing something meaningful with it waste it all by lying in bed till well past noon, peeing in bottles and shitposting on /r9k/
>Have all the time in the world to make good tasting, nutritious and healthy food, but instead chose to eat McDonalds tier sandwiches and chicken McNuggets

Closest I've seen one of our /r9k/ NEETs come to doing anything close to meaningful was one guy in a thread yesterday who claimed the was spending his time "pushing the boundries of science and art". However when I asked him to be more specific he gave me a very convoluted answer basically saying that the science he was doing was building his own moonshine still and making moonshine while the art part was him planning on using his skills in working with copper tubing to make art.
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Hey retard, Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

State and federal employees don't have to go to work on MLK day.
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The harsh truth is that the neets existence is still more enjoyable than any wageslaves existence
Maybe if you have really low standards, but I always like to say "It is better to be a human being dissatisfied than a pig satisfied" and in this analogy you're definitely the pig.

Even as I spend 7,5 hours a day Monday to Friday working on software with about half an hour's commute each way I still have plenty of time to work on my own hobby projects, learning new things and just having fun with friends. Wouldn't trade that for just sitting around all day and doing fuck all but shitposting on /r9k/ and eating McDonalds food while being smug about it for any price.
>>Have literally all the time in the world
>>However rather than doing something meaningful with it waste it all by lying in bed till well past noon, peeing in bottles and shitposting on /r9k/
It's my time, I'll do whatever the fuck I want with it. Don't get so buttblasted.
Could you give us a sample of some of your literature?
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> NEET triggered
Jesus, how the fuck can you live with yourself with such a meaningless existence? Sure it's your time, but you're completely worthless. Therefore your time is worthless.
Yes, I'm triggered by wagies coming in thinking they're better than these NEET kids. As for me? My parents' parents' worked very hard so I wouldn't have to. The idea of farting into an office chair for thirty years so Mr. Sheckles Goldstein can buy a new boat makes me vomit. My hat's off to you though, keep buying those iPhones or whatever, you're the one who makes my portfolio grow. I feel bad for you. Why do poor people like your mom and dad have kids if the best life they can aspire to is middle management? Anyhow, enjoy your two days off.
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definitely butthurt
>definitely frustrated
Yes, I'm frustrated by the idea that somehow in your mind your wage slavery constantly funneling money to Jewy Jewstein pushes your self-importance buttons to the point where you're in here asking NEET kids to justify themselves.

Well, you first. What's your job? How do you contribute? Besides running on a hamster wheel so you can kick up half your sheckels before you even see them, give another 30% to the government to pay to bomb all the sandy countries Schlomo tells you to hate, and spend most of what's left on bullshit so you can make guys like me rich.

Spoiler alert, you can't justify it because in your heart you know it's nonsense and your parents should have used protection so you wouldn't be a half hour into your commute wishing you were somewhere else, anywhere else.
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six am.jpg
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why not put in 2000 hours a year for the zog for about 50 years? it's normal right?

who cares if you trade your whole life away for jew tokens? it's kinda the "in" thing to do
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>work about 1/3 of your time for about half your life.
>kick up half your pay or more to your kike boss
>donate a third of what's left to a government who uses it to bomb the enemies of Zionism and make the Cheney family rich
>spend the rest on an iPhone
>drop it in the toilet
People do this VOLUNTARILY. And they think they're better than you because of it.
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I have 30k in the bank and have my own place and a dog :3
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and a kid :3
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neet in the sky.jpg
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it really is sick.

and to think it's all so they can buy what the tv tells them to buy.
Why do poor people keep having kids???
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she will grow up and get gangbanged by chads lmao

maybe even a nigger bf
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How long until your next job centre interviews?
I make 53k usd
Cute kid, man :)
>how the fuck can you live with yourself with such a meaningless existence?

you're a nobody, you're completely fucking worthless. you will be completely forgotten 100 years from now no matter what you do. you're life is equally as meaningless as 99.99% of the planet even if you try and justify it by trading half your life for a few shekels, there is no fucking difference.

if you aren't famous or are actually doing something that will change the world then you can fuck off with this bullshit argument.

Hahahahaha average /r9k/ NEET summed up, autistic, ugly and poor.
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they'll never learn
Unfortunately i dont have a mommy and daddy which are ok with me leaching off them so if im gonna work i might aswell get my degree and get an ok paying job. Maybe ill try opening my own business when i have enough shekels saved
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Who /lovedrivingtowork/ here?
I have 3 days off because I work for the government. have fun at work Monday private sector workers.
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That's poor as shit, why would you bring a child into an already overpopulated world forcing her to struggle just like you did? You're fucking evil and retarded. Hope Mr. Shecklestien fires you tbhq.
lol sour grapecuck
53k is more than enough to raise a kid. also raising kids is more about... how you actually fucking raise them rather than MUH MATERIALISM
i wish i was born in a poorfag family where my family were actually humans and not autistic idiots like my parents are
How do you feel about wagecucks who are forced to slave away or be homeless? I agree that being a NEET is better but I typically don't like NEETs because they hate me for just trying to survive.
Preach family.
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Not NEET-y enough

chew with your mouth closed you disgusting animal
shitty pic, yeah you do work for somebody else literally but u be GETTIN PAID BIG WAGEBUCKS FOR IT
That's an issue with the whole NEET philosophy, not this pic.
I'm sure a NEETlord would respond by saying "But you don't get paid big wagebucks, you get paid pennies and are expected to be grateful for it"
eh well in my opinion (I'm wagecuck) may everybody do what they want. if a lifestyle where you dont require much money suits you best then NEET is probably better than wagecuck for you...

alot of NEETs brag about that they're socrates and how big minded they are and then they can't fathom that not everybody likes the same things they do. which ultimately outs them as pathetic plebian manchildren.
Response 48.
>53k is more than enough to raise a kid.
To be a wage slave like you, maybe.
>tfw I only work on saturday
what would the child lack which is significantly more important than proper raising and childhood when being raised with someone who only earsn 53k net a year compared to someone who earns say twice as much? if you don't live in a shithole then you will have access to good education, healthcare, etc either way, the only thing that comes to my mind would be material goods, and if you're being raised with them then you're pretty much used to them anyways
you must be a circumcerifat.
I don't have any problem with wage slavery, only the uppity kind that tries to shame these NEET kids. Stay in your lane and you're OK with me.

I mean, listen to some of the people in these threads.

>$53k is plenty to raise a kid

A POOR kid. A child who will struggle and then grow up to struggle as an adult.

My mom and dad are quite happy with the work I do. You can run on your jew wage slavery treadmill all you want, you can even open a treadmill factory, just don't run around thinking you're better than anyone else because you're just fucking not desu.
What do poor children lack? You have to ask this question? I'm not sure you'd understand the answer.
>I'm not sure
53k of net income, in a proper country, is enough to afford everything neccesary to lead a healthy life since it allows you to afford enough healthcare, (healthy) foods, transportation and education and ontop of that even things like a car, a house, etc. if you have a house of twice the size or a car with twice the horsepower might be nicer but then again, your kid will get used to it anyways since they grow up with it. something your body does not get used to is shitty diet, diseases not being treated properly due to poor healthcare. but both of that can easily be sustained with 53k.
name me actual important things which cannot be afforded by someone who earns as much money as that
oh wait you can't because there are none.
>kik kuck
>tfw none of u fags ever get laid
You're proud to be a wage slave who is proudly raising a future wage slave at an income level I couldn't imagine living at. Like I said, you wouldn't understand what poor people lack because you're already so proud of your poverty. You've folded yourself into thinking being dirt poor is sufficient. That's why you're in here bullying these NEET kids.
Whatever fag, I have 72 this weekend. Thanks niggers!
Thats deep. Not the fact that all human beings are pointless and that there is no inherent "point" to life. Its the fact that instead of killing yourself you choose to shitpost normies who live active lives. Fucking mother theresa will one day be forgotten. Nothing anyone does will ever stay in history forever.

Don't you get it? Thats the point. There is no pressure to do anything, live or live the way someone else wants you to, or even give two shitsabout what others think. The meaning of life is to fuck bitches and have offspring. Thats it. You don't actually deserve life. Nobody does.

You live to spite everyone else. Thats the meaning of life. Take up as much space and stuff as possible. NEETS actually have the strongest philosophical argument in existence. The problem is that you're all sad, empty, lonely and miserable. The moment your mommy and daddy throw you out you an hero. A being that miserable and pathetic has no business trying to force his world view on others. A leech shouldn't have a say on how society is run, no matter how much the leech declares he wants no part in it.
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