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>had a nightmare every day this week
>woke up this morning after another nightmare to find someone standing in the doorway of my room
>only to wake up two seconds later and realize that this, too, was a nightmare
>still looking over my shoulder every two minutes, just in case
I thought this shit only happened in the movies. Why can't I get a decent night's sleep, lads?
ur schizo is showing m7
I used to have nightmares every night as a child.

I honestly miss them. There's something comforting about the rush of it all. Waking up in the middle of the night to your chest pounding so hard it sounds like footsteps in your ears.

In the end, the feeling of being in a nightmare is what scares you and not the contents of the nightmare (which is why it always sounds dumb when you try to explain a nightmare when you're awake), and at the risk of sounding like mr internet tough guy I'm not afraid of that feeling any more.
Happened to me too, at one point i was even scared to go to sleep. Luckily now this shit just happens maybe once or twice a month
I know that feel.
I've had the same recurring dream for about 3 weeks now and it's making my paranoia 3x worse
It's either take medication and feel nothing forever or dont take medication and feel like going insane 24/7

I had 'nightmare-like-dreams' on my meds but i was never scared. never felt anything.

the only time nightmares scared me was when i was young
I've only had one nightmare in my life
>last night had a dream that my stocks went sky high
>holy fucking shit I'm a millionare
>invest in shit, finally live a comfy life, everyone is proud of me for doing this before even graduating college
>do a bunch of shit, can't believe I actually made it
>wake up
>took me a minute to realize that was all a dream, have parac

It felt so real too. I was feeling genuine joy and happiness. Then when I woke up, this feeling of despair just took over. I'd rather have a nightmare than this.

*have sleep paralysis upon this realization

Dunno why it cut off
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>Other causes of chronic nightmares include alcohol abuse, the use of certain medications, and sleep disorders, including the disordered breathing condition known as sleep apnea.
>sleep apnea
Well, I found the problem. I'm not even that big of a guy (6'0", 180lbs); will I have to sleep with a mask on for the rest of my life? Literally kill me.
I used to have similar nightmares for few months.
>can't move, can't shout, feeling of something "evil" coming for me, start suffocating
>wake up, still can't move, can't shout etc.
I usually "woke up" 3-5 times like this.
Last one I had was feeling of complete darkness around me (in dream I thought it was Satan), this was the first time I managed to get up and move though I still felt like something was weighting me down. It was a year ago and I never had another nightmare like this since then.
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I had a dream. I'm not sure, if under any other circumstances it could have been a wet dream. But it was actually kind of like a nightmare.

>be in dream
>where am I?
>I don't know, don't care really, just am.
>doing something trivial, i'm in my HS cafeteria
>trying to get out of there and do grunt work for the IT office in the library I'm signed up for
>get passes to leave every lunch period
>leave, deviate from path a little and wander the halls before going to work
>see girls babbling in hall in front of lockers cutting
>"Augh, that lunch was gross, I have to shit a little"
>think they see me, decide to go to work
>stocking library and formatting laptops when 2 of the girls come in
>I notice them, but they don't see me, i'm dewey-decimaling books and shit
>they sit down to use computers in front of the shelf I was crouched behind
>they start tearing ass son, and I mean loud
>I know about my sins, but for some reason I don't care here right now
>for some realization it dawns on me I am smoke, from Mortal Kombat, one of my favorite characters
>I can't smell their farts because i'm a skilled vapor assassin
>punch the bookshelf in frustration and they get startled
>stand up, with face like pic related
woke up.

I had a dream where I was escaping a Nazi occupied castle, hiding in the shadows and shit, crawling through holes. It was pretty dope.
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who here /SleepSweats/?

It doesnt matter the temperature I always wake up covered in sweat.
Im not fat or unhealthy, it just begun one day
.It fucking sucks because I have to change my sheets every couple days

pic unrelated
That's absolutely fucking hilarious.

Will type up my own nightmares later when I'm not I class
T- Ivan
Just because, surl.
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>think i'm just laying at the foot of my bed watching tv
>"I see you in my bed, anon"
>turn around to see a figure in my spot of the bed
>jolt myself awake because it spooks me so much
>lay my head back down
>see shadow in the corner of and scream at it
>realize i'm still asleep because whenever i see spooky shadows in my dreams i just instinctively scream at them
>wake up again
>laying in bed in total darkness covered in sweat can only hear the sound of my heart pounding

>can't handle the demon bantz.
I have a similar feel. Waking inside your dreams many times until you constantly start questioning wether or not you are dreaming. It gets really bad when I sleep at unregular times.
Tell us about your life, some event must have triggered it
What you say makes sense, I had nightmares that had no content in them, just lying in my bed feeling scared.
There's a nightmare that always come back with the exact same abstract content every 1 or 2 years (right now it's the longest period withouth this nightmare, 3 years).

It's weird as fuck. Since i was a little kid, i woke up desperately from this nightmare crying out loud and screaming for help (even now, as a grown up). I'll try to describe it, it's not easy at all:

Right, i lay down in my bed in a comfy position (not dreaming yet), but then at some point, i'm still there, laying in my bed in the exact position, eyes wide open playing with silly stuffs ilke my pillow trying to sleep. The thing is that i'm already sleeping, but still didn't realized it yet (i always recall the moment this nightmares start, i'm getting there).

This is where the nightmare starts: I'm there thinking i'm trying to sleep (already sleeping somehow), and then everything seems to be sucked in some kind of magnet field or black hole (usually with the thing i'm playing with moments before that turns into it). Blast noises everywhere, and when i finally realize that it's this fucking nighmare again, everything turns to white (like that matrix scene), and the black hole/magnet field still there. White. Reckless. Trying to suck me there too.

And out of fucking thin air, things like tall ancient buildings with greek architecture starts falling around me, that's when i scream like a bitch and wake up, literally jump from my bed and run somewhere else.
>usually with the thing i'm playing with moments before that turns into it

usually the thing i'm playing with*

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sounds tough man

been haveing terrible sleep myself this week, like waking up 3-4 times every night as well as having a hard time going back to sleep... not only that i've also been wetting the bed.

woke up today with a feeling like someone was squeezing my bladder
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