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ITT Lies you tell to yourself
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ITT Lies you tell to yourself

>the dreams about her will stop
>I am not autistic, just a little weird
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>everything is going to be okay
>mfw its not
She thinks about me at all when I'm not around.
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>I will have a gf one day
>My waifu is real and she loves me more than ever
>I'm a genius
>Someday I will change the world
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>she won't leave me for her friend
>i'm way better than him
>mfw i know he's better and she'll end up leaving
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worst feel of them all
>i will my life tomorrow
>ok, tomorrow
>definitely tomorrow
>might as well wait until next week
>i will fix my life tomorrow
I'm meant to stand above others and I deserve everything good
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I know anon. When your entire reason for being is thoughts of her and brief exchanges you might have with her but you know those moments mean nothing to her and outside of that, she is completely indifferent to your existence.
i like girls and i want to have sex with one ;_;
>Having a "her"

wew beta
>it'll get better eventually
>I'm totally going to get sober after this binge!

I think the odds are actually somewhat better this time than the others, but I mean fuck it, I'm a liar and a scumbag. Sorry mom.
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>I make a difference

I always reason what difference does it make escaping one more time? But I've been saying that to myself every day for 3 years.
I seriously am contemplating trying to get totally sober for at least some time after this. Next week I'm going to be mostly alone and I'm going to go all out with the weed and opiates and hopefully at the end of it have a LSA trip to unfuck my brain a bit. I think what matters is whether I can even at least temporarily get to the point where I can admit to my online gf that I have a problem, that might hold me back at least a little in the future.

Whatever, just railed a line of shards and I didn't sleep last night. Rome is burning, fuck it all.
accepting that she doesn't care and is too good for you helps a bit. still hurts everday
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>you are creepy
>my parents are proud of me
>I will make a difference to someone's life some day
>it doesn't matter that I'm ugly and weird
>I might have a kid some day and have enough money to raise it well, love it and have it turn out a non-failure
>i will be successful at some point in my life
>i will be happy at some point in my life
>things will get better as i get older
But how?

It's so hard to let go of that fantasy, when I have nothing else going on in my life.

On the upside I'm not about to "confess" or whatever to her. I'm not so deluded as to think letting my feelings known to her would amount to something good.
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>im happy
>i always talk to lots of people
>i have a bright future
I'll have a best friend who won't leave me one day
its only been 20 years of being disposed of
theres still hope
same here senpai.

people will be interested in me for a while then get bored and flush me down the toilet as if i'm a goldfish in my sleep.
>Everything will get better when I get older
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I don't know how but I had this realization after about 10 months. Like I said, it only helps a little bit. You'll think a bit less about her. But when you see her you'll still feel as shit as it gets.
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>tfw older

just fuck my shit um f a m
>people hate me
I know no one cares enough to hate me
The dreams about her are all that I've got, anon.
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>there's a lid for every pot
>she will take me back and still loves me
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Thread images: 15
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