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>0600 wake up, get dressed, exercise
>0715 shower, get ready
>0730 walk to work, coffee
>0800 get to work, work
>1200 lunch
>1230 work
>1630 walk home
>1700 get home, get changed, cook and eat dinner, clean kitchen, shower
>1800 general leisure activities
>2130 read
>2200 sleep
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Kek, wagecucks. When will they learn?
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Hohoho, what a pity wagefriend. I would post my schedule, but like the atlantic my day changes currents all of the time. I think I'm going to try out some western anime today, maybe read some classic literature such as Genji Monogatari.

Hopefully your boss isn't too hard on you today, you know the motto--another day, another dollar!

At least you have something to do all day
>5:40 alarm goes off,Time for poop, pop zits, wash up, maybe jerk it, maybe shower, brush teeth
>6:30 sit in dark under blanket and browse chans or phone internet
>7:30 dress for work, check weather, pack morning bowl
>8:10 walk to work
>9:00 clock into work and hang clohes for 4 hours, clean up slash fuck off last hour
>2:14 bus ride home
>2:25 pick up pizza
>2:35 come home smoke weed and eat pizza whilst watching anime or cartoons
After that muh days can vary from spending the night solo playing video games, sewing pants, reading or playing guitar.
Or my gf could be home and we chill or wtach movie, listen to music ect.
Or even my friend jom might come over or pick me up, have a drink or smoke, maybe go out, maybe jam some tunes.
Or if its a weekend i usually go and do chores for my grandma and grandpa
your friends name is jom
>0500 wake up
>0615 get to work
>1900 get off work
>1945 get home
>2130 sleep
Nah its actually Nebuchadnezzar i just miss spelled it
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>0530 wake up, eat breakfast
>0600 drive to work
>0650 arrive at work
>0700 check in and go to machine
>0715 work
>0900 break
>0915 work
>1100 lunch
>1120 work
>1300 break
>1315 work
>1445 clean up machine
>1500 end work, drive home
>1645 arrive home, unpack
>1700 do stretches
>1730 eat dinner
>1800 try to watch tv or go on computer
>2000 shower, go to bed
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>staring at computer screen being miserable for 10 hours
>having something to do
It takes a hour and 45 minutes to get home by car?
My pc has jom installed
>0600 wake up
>0630 get up, shit, brush teeth, shower
>0720 catch the tram
>0800 biology lecture
>0900 cutting open animals for science
>1130 lunch
>1230 socialize, mingle, maybe prepare for another course
>1400 course about national identity
>1600 simulation of the European Union from a delegate's perspective
>1830 shakespearean theatre
>2100 head to girlfriend
>2130 watch movie of work, depending on the week's workload
>0000 sleep

A typical Wednesday for me.

110km on the busiest highway in north america
>xx:xx wake up whenever i wake up
>shitpost for 4-5 hours while eating breakfast
>play vidya
>contemplate about signing up for university for 30 minutes
>postpone it for april
>play more vidya
>go to sleep
>wake up
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oh neetfailures when will they learn
>work 3 months a year contracting
>make more than any NEET could ever dream
>spend 9 months doing whatever
>can actually do things due to having money
>0530 wake up
>0600 shower
>0630 leave for work
>0700 arrive at work
>1100 eat
>1540 drive home
>1610 take drugs and do random shit
>2300 go to bed
Depends on the day of the week

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

>0500 wake up, go on run
>0600 return home, shower, get ready for work
>0630 get picked up for work (work in construction team), pick up other works, breakfast
>0830 arrive at work site
>0100 lunch
>0600 head home
>0800 make it home, shower, eat
>0900 leisure activities
>1100 sleep

Tuesday, Thursday
>0600 wake up, get dressed, breakfast
>0700 head to class
>0145 lunch
>0445 leave class, head to the gym
>0500 arrive at gym
>0600 head home
>0610 make it home, shower
>0630 eat, do whatever I do for fun
>1100 go to sleep
>wake up
>grab beer
>grab rear
>shave beard
>put on some scene gear
>get drunk before mom wakes up
>break up with girlfriend
>bang sluts

what do you do?

fuck off unoriginal bot
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Waking Life.jpg
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>0730 wake up, eat breakfast
>0800 shower
>0830 go to work
>0900 arrive, start work
>1200 eat lunch while working
>1700 leave for home
>1715 arrive home, start shitposting
>1900 dinner
>2100 read comics until I fall asleep
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the good cuck.jpg
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>1700 wake up, turn on laptop, do not get dressed or shower or leave bed
>0600 turn off laptop, go to sleep, do not brush my teeth
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>8am wake up
>Eat a banana, drink water and watch an episode of anime
>Get a cup of coffee with toast or some chocolate or nothing else and watch 3 or 4 more episodes of anime
>Browse for a while, watch youtube shit in background
>Watch an episode of something while lifting weights
>Have a shower
>Brush teeth
>Go get groceries
>Browse, youtube
>12pm, lunch is chicken and vegetables or rice and vegetables
>Edge on porn
>Browse, music or television show
>Maybe sit outside and read if it's nice
>2pm, cup of tea and snack
>5pm episode of something, weights
>Some fruit to eat
>8pm, blow load
>9pm, go for a walk
>10:30pm have a carrot and peanut butter sandwich
>1am go to sleep

I want bad things to happen to me. I want something to come to a head that means I no longer have to face self doubt and I can find somewhere to belong and someone who doesn't resent the fact that I exist.
Have you tried actually doing something other than delusional neet life?
IT Security Consultant
Nah, I don't try. I know I should, I wish I would. Rhyme.

I'm running out of money so I suppose it's let things degrade further, or make them degrade in a different way. I don't enjoy being alive for the most part, numbing myself with media and pretending things are okay is all I got.
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>piss, brush teeth, shave, try combing hair to look presentable
>rash to drink my coffee through all of this
>06:00 feel like shit because i did it all so fast after waking up, i enter my shitty AC-less car and drive for 2 hours
>boss says i'm late so i'm demoted and my job is given to a new qt girl
>"yes boss"
>08:15 start my work routine
>10:15 start contemplating suicide
>12:00, lunch break. Shit, i forget to make me a sandwich for lunch. Instead I hurry out to find a place to eat. Get stale pizza, eat it quickly, and hurry back to work
>18:00 i'm finally free, but qt girl who got my job wants me to help her put the office in order - including cleaning the floor and putting all chair on the tables. Unnecessary to mention, she doesn't help at all.
>18:30 - exhausted, I finally drive home
>20:30 i get home and immediately start shitposting on 4chinks
>21:30 i'm hungry. I didn't have time to do any shopping today, so there's barely any food in the fridge. I microwave a disgusting, unhealthy frozen dinner. Afterwards, I want to puke.
>22:00 watch that new HBO show everyone is talking about
>23:00 recall that i have only 7:30 hours to sleep, one hour less than the healthy standard.
>00:30 finally fall asleep after an hour of dwelling on depressing existential thoughts, and think that maybe tomorrow will be better. It never is.

Such is life for a wagecuck.
>0500 wake up, coffee
>0530 coffee
>0600 coffee
>0700 shower
>0800 leave for class on my bike
>0845 arrive on campus
>0900 study
>1230 class
>1530 ride home
>1615 get home
>1630 coffee
>1700 nap
>1800 work on homework if still not done
>2100 sleep
Why the fuck do you come here
>9:45 wake up
>Go to the bathroom, take a shit, wash my face, make coffee, eating some cake
>10:00 start practising my electric guitar
>12:00 finish practice, take a shower
>12:15 sitting on my laptop and browse the net
>13:00 eating lunch
>13:20 leaving house, have to walk 3 km to my work
>14:00 start working.
>Ghetto neighboorhood, have to deal with all kinds of shitty people: Rude elders, shitty brats,all kinds of immigrants, Drug addicts, beggars, alcoholics...
>19:00 finish working, take my few skekels of a wage and walk home
>19:45 arrive home
>Eat something, listen to my unemployed parents bitching about the economy(shitty balkan country desu)
>20:00 start watching anime on my laptop
>22:00 eat dinner
>22:15 start browsing 4chan
>23:00 watch porn
>00:00 reflect of how shitty my life is, being poor, working 7 days a week, living with my parents, being a 28 year old virgin who haven't even kissed a girl
>00:10 being emotianally dead for years, because of abuse from my parents and my classmates back in high school, I don't even feel sad anymore and can't even spare a tear.
>00:15 go to sleep and dream about having superpowers like in anime and kill every stupid asshole that stands/standed on my way.
>I smile hedonistically
>GoTo 9:45

Repeat. 7 days a week. 30 days a month. 2 years now. I'm stuck in an endlees limbo of poverty, misery and broken dreams. I miss the days that my parents had money and I was a NEET. I even had a friend back then. In the end he stopped talking to me because of a stupid quarrel we had, after a fight he had with his bitchy overjealous girlfriend.
>1330: Wake up, be comfy and text/call gf
>1400: Sleep a little more or get up and bathe
>1500: Shave, eat, get dressed for work
>1530: Get on computer, browse 4chum while communicating with ldr /gfd/ gf, or play vidya
>1630: Leave home, walk a block away to my car, uncover it, drive to gas station and spend $5 on gas, head to work, don't have to deal with shitty traffic downtown so I barely have to stop
>1700: Go to favorite beverage shop and buy a strawberry-banana-pineapple smoothie with popping strawberry boba and minced pineapple, chat with the guy there because it turns out I delivered pizza to his house last month and he recognized me
>1730: Get to work, clock in, talk to coworkers while enjoying delicious beverage
>1800: Fold some boxes or do other minor tasks while waiting to deliver pizzas, again chatting with coworkers
>1810: Do first delivery of the day, look up the address on GPS, grab the order, check that it's correct, bag it, double check it, check order out of the system, get in comfy car and drive, listening to music and enjoying air conditioning
>1840: Get to customer area, look for address, park, get out, grab bag, walk up to the door, knock/ring the bell, greet and thank them, ask how things are going or whatever, they pay me or sign the credit card receipt and I hand them the food, they tip me and I thank them again and wish them a good evening and to enjoy their meal
>1920: Get back to store, check back in
>1920-0030: Repeat delivery process seven to a dozen times, often delivering to multiple customers' homes at once and having to answer the phone and take customers' orders as the manager always keeps the store slightly understaffed
>0030: Begin closing process, wipe tables and chairs, place chairs upside-down on tables, sweep and mop the entire store floor
>0100: Clock out, take some pizza/cookies/apple pie, stop by gas station right next to store and buy more tasty beverage, chat with clerk
>0140-0700: Get home; cover car, eat, relax, sleep
why do you set your alarm almost two hours before you go to work?
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I'm only in college 3 and a half days a week, no job, no gf, no hope

>wake up at 10:00
>eat a pathetic breakfast, a biscuit or some shit
>catch the train to town for class
>go to class, it's maths for retards who still haven't passed
>spend an hour being patroninized
>train back home, back for 2pm
>spend the rest of the day shitposting, watching tv, masturbating, listening to music and playing guitar with the blinds shut

Tuesday and Wednesday is the exact same except I get up at 7 and start college at 9 and finish at 4pm, I spend all day there not talking to anyone and being too anxious to retain information


>get up at 08:30
>no breakfast
>train to college
>finish at 12:30
>train back, usually get a giant meal from a take out place and devour it when I get home after not eating all day
>masturbate myself into oblivion and sleep
>8am wake up
>shower (optional), brush teeth, get dressed
>9 or 9:15 walk to work, arrive by 9:30
>work all day with no breaks
>get off at 5:30 if I'm lucky
>walk home
>often get takeout, sometimes cook at home
>internet until 2 am
>go to sleep
>1800 Wake up, prepare breakfast and coffee, hang with bf or roommate
>1950 Get ready for work
>2000 Leave house and take the bus to work
>2100 Wait for work to start
>2145 Okay lets to it
>0100 Hour long break till two
>0200 Back to it
>0530 Break till 6-ish
>0745 Finish work and commute back
>0900 Sweet jesus I'm home let's eat and play vidya
>1100 Time to sleep

Fit smoking wherever you can in there and that's my schedule. I work as a graveyard security guard btw
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I CAN fap to this.jpg
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>8-9am wake up
>feed dog grab coffee
>spend first hour of day waking up and drinking coffee surfing the net(what I'm doing now)
>do random chores around the house
>power up ps3 and look up stupid videos on youtube
>around 11-12 eat lunch
>do more chores around the house
>1-3pm watch a movie or play games
>make afternoon coffee for when parents get home
>prep dinner, make dinner, have dinner around 5:30 then do dishes
>check internet after dinner
>watch more movies, youtube videos and maybe play GTA with internet friends til 9pm.
>get drunk, watch happy anime, hug pillow and wonder why no guy ever will marry me and how I'll die alone. sometimes cry a little

Yeah. not the most exciting days.
>6:40 get up shower, dress, brush teeth
>7:10 leave flat
>8:00 arrive at uni go to classes
>12:00 go to the canteen and eat
>13:00 change clothes and do lab work
>18:00 change clothes and go home
>19:00 buy some food and eat
>19:30 study
>20:00 cry
>1:00 fall asleep

No lab work this week so I have some free time
>0500 first alarm
>0520 second
>0530 drive across town
>0610 catch commuter shuttle
>0715 65 miles later at work
>0720-1300 fix other peoples problems
>1330-1620 actually get to do my work
>1630 shuttle home
>1745 shuttle arrives
>1830 get home
>1800-2000 get screamed at by 1yr old boys
>2000-2015 get to eat
>2030-2130 clean
>2130 go to bed
>2135 'why are you touching me i'm tired tonight/sick/endless world of excuses'
>2135-2230 stare at ceiling doing math in my head before i can finally fall asleep

I want to get off Mr Bones wild ride.

You'll never advance in life like that

>standed in my way
>in my way
>stood in my way

Either way you already speak english better than 95% of the asshats in America. Apply for a visa as a refugee because of your shitty home life and economic hardships, say you are a muslim for extra points.
I made a thread like this 3 or 4 months ago explaining my daily routine. Guess how many replies I got. ZEEEERO. AND NOW THIS CUNT COMES HERE WITH MY FUCKING IDEA AND GETS 37+ FUCKING REPLIES. FUCK YOU, YOU CUNT
>04:00 wake up, get shower, dress up
>04:20 eat oatmeal with banana
>05:00 go to work with train
>06:00 arrive at work
>14:00 work is over
>15:30 be home get changed
>16:00 make food and eat it
>17:00 watch youtube dank, play games
>22:00 go to bed
how can i do this?
what do i have to learn?
Nice trips

>07:30 wake up (late). Eat, shit. Procrastinate because i hate work.
>8:30 leave house
>9:20 arrive to work (late). Sit all day long without speaking any word until lunch.
>13:00 lunch (alone)
>13:50 read news
>14:15 work
>15:00 back to home
>16:00 get home. Get comfy.
>16:30 watch some netflix
>18:00 vidya
>19:00 dinner
>19:20 vidya
>22:00 shower
>22:30 vidya
>00:30 sleep
>0545 wake up
>0600 eat breakfast
>0610 leave for work
>0700 work
>1130 lunch
>1730 leave work
>1810 get home
>1830 dinner
>1900 vidya/Netflix
>2100 sleep
Yikes, what a horrible commute.
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New bg.png
110 KB, 360x360
I think you might be undead, bro.
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>10:00 wake up
>11:00 get out of bed
>12:00 go to subway to get a delicious sandwich made just for meby a professional sandwich artist
>12:30 laugh at wagecucks working at subway
>13:00 vigorous work out to perfect my NEET body
>14:30 make my way over to wagecucks house to fuck his gf
>15:30 go home
>16:00 study Greek philosophy and classical music for 3 hours
>19:00 prepare an exquisite dinner
>20:00 NEETpost
>22:00 have a relaxing bath whilst wagecucks go to bed
>23:00 show off my skills in the piano lounge
>00:00 sleep
>04:00 Wake up, cry myself to sleep
>07:00 Wake up again, once again cry myself to sleep
>14:00 Wake up, go piss in sink, return to bed
>16:00 Wake up, eat breakfast, shit, fap, cry
>17:00 Browse 4chan, watch anime, fap, cry
>19:00 Try to go outside but decide it's more comfy inside
>20:00 Browse 4chan, watch anime, fap, cry
>02:00 Go to sleep
Who's paying for all that shit you're eating, the electricity, the water, etc? Mommy and daddy?
>12 - wake up
>13 - fap
>14 - neetpost
>15 - fap
>16 - play videogames
>17 - eat dinner
>18 - fap
>19 - have suicidal thoughts
>20 - fap
>21 - neetpost some more
>22 - play videogames
>2 - go to bed
feels good man
If you want something bad to happen stop eating like a pussy girl and eat like a real man
You forgot to fap before going to sleep?
10 am wake up
10.30 check news on mobile
11 shower
11.30 breakfast
15 lunch
16 work
11 go home
11.15 eat something
11.30 drink beer
2 bed
most of the time i play vidja until i get tired and go directly to bed
sometimes i neetpost instead of playing vidja and then i fap before going to bed
but that is rare
why would you work 110 km for your home?
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1 MB, 2323x3263
>get high on RCs
What positions do you guys have, how much money do you make? Does it give you any freedom to do things that is worth the everyday pain in the ass?

No train or something else? Get a bike maybe and do it in 30
File: ew.png (588 KB, 850x628) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm going to ask you a straight forward question, in full honesty.
How do you actually live with yourself? Knowing that your parents despise you a little bit more with each day. Knowing that they expected you to be something great. Someone who leaves the house on Fridays, fuck, someone who just leaves the house regularly. Someone who doesn't believe he's superior to normal, average members of society because he doesn't work or have his own home or any achievements to date. But what's worst is how you lie. Lying on the internet. why? we all know you are a virgin. You are here posting frogs on a japanese image board on a Friday night, so quit pretending you are a non virgin. And how do you even work out? With your pathetic government paychck? Mummy or daddy's money? And if you eat shit like subway then no way are you in shape. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you don't even have the attention span of three hours, so why do you even pretend to "study" greek philosophy or classical music. Looking at wikipedia for a few minutes is not "studying".
If you are doing this to somehow feel justified in your NEET lifestyle then stop. All this delusional lying to yourself is not helping you. Just accept that you are a NEET and most other people are people with jobs. You will be far happier then.
>inb4 butthurt wagie or some other argument dodging ad hominem
Go trainhopping across the US
Go to /fit/. They will fix you
>wake up
>take the laptop next to bed
>oh maybe I should take a two meters walk to desk just to be sat properly
>go on being depressed reading bad news
>go back to bed
>sleep at 5am
>7:00 wake up
>7:15 stretch, begin workout
>8:00 breakfast
>8:45 morning fap/browse internet
>9:30 donate plasma
>12:00 lunch
>12:30 get home time to do art. Draw/ paint
>6:30 go train martial arts
>8:30 work
>midnight go home to sleep
love this life desu
Checked quints. Stop being a pushover, explain to boss that the people you help everyday are under-performing and you are underutilized. If he is skeptical invite him to observe from afar for a few days. Claim what is yours
>Wake up
>Shower and dress
>Rush to work
>Eat fast food for lunch since I didn't prepare anything
>Work some more
>Come home
job market is shit, didn't want to work flipping burgers

heavy equipment operator.
i'm too exhausted to do anything but work and sleep. i spend all my spare money on guns and ammo.
better than being a lazy cunt though, i can have a little pride
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>MFW my mom told with life insurance and savings me and my two brothers would each get a little more then a million in inheritance

It's pretty sad my parents are millionaires and I'm sitting here doing nothing with my life
>wake up anywhere from 9am to 11am
>have cigarette and make coffee
>make lunch
>eat lunch and watch some stupid shit on netflix
>depending on day go to band practice
>make dinner

that's been my life for about 2 years now
You'll probably burn through all that money in five years.

A million dollars would buy you a very modest living if you attempted to live your entire life off of it.
March through December
>6:00 wake up get ready for work
>6:30 leave for work
>6:55 arrive at work
>7:00 start working
>12:00 lunch
>12:30/1:00 back to work (if we're not busy we take longer lunches otherwise it's closer to 30 minutes)
>5:00-8:30 leave work (longer hours in the summer, shorter hours in spring/fall)
>arrive home ~25 minutes after leaving work
>do whatever until 9:30-10:00

January and February
>9:00 wake up
>9:10 take little siblings to school
>9:15 watch king of queens on tbs
>11:00 eat breakfast/lunch
>12:00 watch the Herd on FS1
>3:00 shower
>3:35 pick up siblings from school
>shit post, eat, fap until I fall asleep
>>9:15 watch king of queens on tbs

holy shit thats comfy
Sure. Every neet claims that they have a multi-million dollar inheritance. But let's assume that you arent lying. It will dry up eventually. And then what are you left with? No skills, no chance of employment, and your life will consist of living off of neetbux, which is completely subject to change at the governments will. They could cut it completely and then what? You'd be homeless.
Find a way to invest some income (not necesarily in stocks) , you won't regret it
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40 KB, 500x311
>7 wake
>9 get to work
>cc my boss on some emails so it looks like do stuff here
>f5 4chan
>6 get the bus home
>7 eat dinner
>play vidya
>10 go to sleep

been like this for years. i used to have a normie life with a car and live in gf. shit sucked
>11:30 wake up
>12:00 stop playing on 3ds
>12:15 go to other home where my PC is
>12:30 start playing games on PC
>inbetween get some food
>get called
>you have to work
>19:00 stop playing on computer
>20:00 eventually diner in KFC or other shitfood
>20:30 go back to sleeping home
>20:32 start playing on 3ds
>01:00 stop playing on 3ds, go to sleep
>03:00 fall asleep
He was doing that funny neet Lord meme thing, it wasn't real
>dry up

I come from a multimillionaire family

My smugness will never dry up

Have fun wageboy
>wake up
>spend 2 hours online making job applications
>await calls hopefully
>smoke weed to numb failure
>feel like even more of a failure
>got to parents house for dinner cuz no money
>listen to their normie advice
>"someone will hire you, no need to lie about your qualifications just be urself XD"
>use their gym just so I don't feel like I completely wasted a day
>masturbate myself to sleep

Its been like this since I graduated. I'm supposed to be independent right now instead my parents are going to have to help me pay off my student loan. Don't fall for the college meme kiddos
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It is maximum comfy. It comes on tv land at 11pm and sometimes I'll catch it on there as well
>>>no structured schedule.
>>> most of the 17 hours awake are spent in front of a ctomputer.
>>have hobbies and passions but always feel I have to be connected to my laptop at the hip. Nothing is done.
>>kill me
>successful people on 4chan
>on r9k of all places
Max par dude :^)
Pics? Pics.
Mondays are the worst:

>5:55 Wake up, get dressed and run
>6:45 Shower + Breakfast
>8:00 Math
>9:00 Math
>9:50 Break when I pretend to blend in with the normies
>10:10-12:00 Philosophy
>12:30 Lunch, just sit around normies awkardly with barely anything to say
>13:00 Math
>14:00 Math
>15:00-17:00 Industrial Science
>17:05 English exam
>18:05 Math exam
>20:00-0:00 Homework

>No friends
>No over-the-top intellectual capacities in the scientific field

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>07:30 wake up
>grab a brush and put a little makeup
>hide the scars to fade away the shakeup
>snooze alarm until 08:00
>drag myself out of bed, dress and straighten hair (not a gril just a long-haired faggot)
>have a shit (sometimes wait until I'm at work)
>08:15 go to work in mum's car because I work with her
>08:40 arrive at work, put up with everyone's small talk about the weather, families, what they did on the weekend etc
>wagecuck until 13:00, silently eat lunch in the canteen and browse 4chan and normiebook on my phone
>16:30 go home, listen to mum complain about how I didn't work hard enough today
>go to my room, shitpost vidya and interwebs until dinner (usually around 19:30)
>19:30 dinner, sit downstairs watching shit TV trying to tolerate my stepdad who I hate
>20:00 shower (sometimes)
>continue fucking about until my family goes to bed around 21:00-22:00
>go downstairs when everyone's in bed to stock up on food and drink
>23:00 fap since I can't fap when they're awake (their noise distracts me and I don't want to get caught)
>occasionally drags on until 1:00-2:00 if it's a good fap or I'm struggling to find material
>23:15-3:00ish watch anime
>sometimes watch it other times of the day but usually before bedtime because comfy
>3:00ish go to bed
>don't have work the next morning because part-time

A day that I don't go to work is basically the same, just without the work bit obviously.

Pic related: just kidding it's not related at all
>wake up at 9
>shower and eat
>debate on trying to talk to a girl
>go to work
>pretend I'm happy
>go to sleep sad
Been doing this for the past year or so
>english exam + math exam every monday
Fellow mathbot? In grad school now for math. Have no friends and no gf. Even if I did have no time and no money :^(
what math are you studying atm?
that would have been me if my family didn't lose 50 million in 2008
>7:00 Wake up for work, dick around on phone
>7:20 Shower and Brush Teeth
>7:40 Leave for Work
>8:30 Arrive at Work
>10:00 Cup of Coffee and a Granola Bar
>12:00 Lunch break (Aka watch Netflix for an hour at my desk)
>15:00 Cup of Coffee
>17:30 Leave Work
>18:30 Get Home, make dinner and eat
>19:30 Stare at my computer blankly
>20:00 Video Games and Netflix
>23:00 Read
>00:30 Bed

My life is so sad
thats brutal. What job/salary/etc?
Im a morning person
two oral exams

the worst kind
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>wake up
>eat food
>possibly take my weekly shower
>go on computer
>go on computer
>go to sleep
polynomials and structures
>tfw my life in a nutshell
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