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Since this board is now infested with normies/chads,...
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Since this board is now infested with normies/chads, when did you guys lose your virginity? Also, what is the cutoff age to become chad?

I almost remember the exact date it happened: July 18th, 2009 I believe?

I'll post the greentext if anyone's interested.
I'l bite
Never lost it

Cutoff date for becoming a Chad is anytime in you're life. Youread already a normalfag if women have shown interest. You're a complete Chad if you have sex
Pls greentext fampai
I wouldn't consider myself a Chad by any means. I've had my experience kissing girls and I only had sex with one girl. But I'll green text it
>be me
>6'4 lanklet
>date 5'0 Italian hottie who was a slut before I started dating her
>21 days after I asked her out start making out in her basement
>ask me if I wanna do it
>she makes me go upstairs in her room to grab a condom
>can't find shit. Takes me 3 minutes to find out
>run back downstairs
>can't even get it up
>condom is half on my dick and I put it in
>only for a minute before giving up
>she jerks me off and I cum all over myself and she licks it off
And we didn't "actually" do it for a couple weeks and then we got the hang of it. I miss her sometimes.
Don't mind all the spelling mistakes. I was in a rush to put it out
>be me, 17
>just graduated hs, make a normiebook to keep in contact with classmates/the group of emo kids I started making friends with
>I add this qt emo girl, or she adds me, can't really remember
>really terrible with girls back then, moreso than now, but I didn't know it, so ignorance is bliss
>start chatting her up, say some cringeworthy shit no doubt
>somehow feel confident enough to ask her to hang out
>she agrees
>day comes, I had a city appointed summer job working with little kids down in Chinatown, which was near the part of Manhattan where all the little emo kids hung out. I leave my job to go meet up with her
>Meet up, she's shy in person, I take it as she probably doesn't like me
>we stand around awkwardly, she says "can we go to my house, please"
>say sure; she probably wanted me around so she could avoid her parents as they sounded horrible from what she tells me
>the whole train ride back, 2 trains mind you, super awkward and really silent

>finally get to her apartment, we decide to watch some movies and pet her chinchilla
>laying on her bed, lights are off
>she becomes really playful and stuff, laying on top of me, I'm too much of a beta pussy to make a move
>finally she's staring right at me, make the move and kiss her
>we start making out, I somehow muster up the courage to take it further, start fingering her
>we're rolling around, suddenly we stop
>starts pulling some shady girl shit like "umm..... I have something to tell you." start to freak out thinking what she could possibly say
>"is it because I have a small dick?" i LEGITIMATELY said this to some girl whom I was fingering, idk what came over me.

cont. in a minute

Exactly the moment I started hanging out around the big city with new people

Wich makes me think it wasn't really a matter of age but the sooner I got out of my hometown the better. Never had friends or dates theres. Always been a pariah. Then I start going out to the big city and bam! I met the most wonderful people. I make many friendships and i'm loved by most people. I also start to get laid and have dates and start relationships, some of them lasted longer than others but what gives?
>"is it because you have a boyfriend?"
>she says no, still acts really weird
>"I really like you a lot", totally wasn't expecting that, especially from a girl I just met a few hours beforehand.
>Say some bullshit like "I like you too XD" or something stupid, just so I can finally get laid
>We start taking off our clothes, making out and hand stuff becomes more intense
>climb on top of her and start going to town on that sweet poon
>barely remember what happened, if I did it right or if I was even good
>lasted much longer than I thought I would, at least 15-20 minutes
>received no complaints, she wasn't awkward after that anymore
>fall asleep together and leave the next morning/afternoon

pretty decent for a first time, and it was with someone whom I had just met. Probably the most "chad" story I'll ever have when it comes to women. She probably thought I sucked and had a small dick, but whatever. We had a weird "argument" a week later and didn't talk for a few weeks, but then we spoke again and started fucking some more. Went on for another 4-5 months, got some sweet practice and good sexual experiences. We dated the last month we knew each other until, 2 days after my birthday, she just looks at me and says "I don't like you anymore."
Bumping for feelies. Original comment
I was 17, and while I don't know the exact date like >>25758968, I know it was sometime in June 2006.

I couldn't tell you how to be a normie, as I still spend my days watching anime and playing JRPGs.
I will be 50 in two weeks
My best friend hired an escort for me a few days before Christmas, I just couldn't, so he fucked her
I will probably die a virgin
Don't really care too much anymore
Damn. 50?
18. Just a few months ago. Could be much worse.
>born in 1966
>posting on /r9k/ about being a virgin
Small towns are like rats in a cage. Given a small enough cage, and they'll resort to violence.

If you don't make it with the small crowd, then you're fucked. They'll also be like-minded, so if you are like them then you're fucked.

In a city you have so many different kinds of people. You can find like-minded people and if you don't click with one crowd, there's always another.
Damn dude most of the guys here have fathers younger than you
I... Is this...
I didn't know this level of wizardhood existed. Bump because DAMN
22. Was KHV up until that point.
Single milf neighbor when I was 15. She acted pretty openly with me and eventually fucked me. We had an on and off thing going till I moved out to college, amazingly never got caught.
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15, fat girl from my school. She told me she wasn't a virgin then waits until I put it in to tell me that she lied. End up rolling with it until she starts crying and tells me to stop.

Broke up with her week later.

This was after the girl before her lost her virginity cheating on me with a negro
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