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>You will never remove watermelon in RhodiePat...
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>You will never remove watermelon in RhodiePat shorts with FAL's
how can i keep living
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>Rhodesia, ive given you my all, and now I'm nothing, nothing, nothing...
don't worry buddy soon we'll be fighting the good fight in every western nation.
At least we have that. thank you anon.
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Why even fucking live on this Rhodesialess planet?

>tfw when you'll never roll down to Salisbury Town

The pain never stops
why do i wake up if rhodesia doesnt exist anymore?
this song is making me cry, goddamn
To hope one day we can rebuild it

Based John Edmond is based tbqh
thats true, and thanks for this based tune
>tfw your favourite Edmond song isn't on JewTube

Bad feel desu
whats the song and where can i find it?
Forgotten soldier, I know you can download the full troopie songs album on itunes which has it on and like 50 other John Edmond songs
thanks my dude, will listen.
love this song too, Clem Tholet has such a cool name
>Your negro skin will never fight alongside your white brothers to defend the greatest nation to ever grace gods's green earth
>You will never try to explain the symbolism of the line, "you shall stand tall in the sunset" to the American mercs who came to fight alongside you
Life is pain

My grandpa was a Selous scout and I can share stories if anyone's interested
Pray tell anon
please tell us stories
>ywn fight alongside black comrades and feel no racial hatred towards them, knowing you're both fighting for the glory of rhodesia
>Be anonpa
>Full on poo in loo indian, but can pass as black from a distance, so gets acceptance into Selous Scouts
>Have friend who's just back from a long solitary patrol/scout op
>Not like Metal Gear Solid, he literally sat in the bush for a few days watching for troop movements
>Gets back onto base, looks like hammered shit
>Everyone gives him the shower out of respect, so he gets in fully clothed, with sidearm and all
>Grandpa waiting outside of shower with a few friends, holding cigarettes and moonshine as a surprise for him
>Hear a gunshot from inside
>MP's rush in
>See him, crying in corner, holding gun
>Shot his shorts
>"I-I took them off and they tried to crawl back onto me"
>Crying because he thought he'd gone insane from sleep deprivation
>MP's lock him up

It turns out, an hour later, that when the MP's actually checked out the shorts, that they were so full of worms and bugs, that they were actually capable of moving on their own. Plus he was insanely sleep deprived.

More to come
>Be on long term patrol with 3 other guys
>One is evidently really hateful towards pooinloos
>Squad ambushes ZANLA post
>Racist guy pushes grandpa out of the way of heavy, heavy HMG fire
>Gets hit in the process
>It was actually only a fleshwound, but he was the medic, as well as a bitch
>Grandpa gets really scared
>Carries him like 50 miles or so to the closest outpost for treatment
>Have been best friends since
fuck, that sounds like something out of a story book. absolutely beautiful.
thats fucking disgusting holy shit
>Platoon moves into position to try to hunt down and ambush a battalion of ZANLA guys
>Evidently they were spotted
>Heavy, but inaccurate mortar fire coming over a hill
>Suddenly a huge explosion from their side, then all silent
>Advance squad moves in
>Radios the Lt, asks him to move in the whole platoon
>Sounds like the operator's crying
>Everyone saddles up and moves in
>Radio operator was laughing so hard he was crying
>ZANLA guys were firing off so many rounds that the mortar tubes were overheating
>One crew's shell blew in the tube, thus blowing up the other crews
>No more mortar crews
>No more camp
>About half the guys had fled and scattered
>Villagers in the area report finding dead bodies all around
>They scattered and all starved to death
R is for the Regiments who fight the winning fight
H is for the Home-fires that the folks are keeping bright
O is for the Other Ranks and officers as well
D is for the Die-hards who will even fight in hell
E is for the Enemy, that just won't ever win
S is for the Spirit of our men that won't grow dim
I is for the Independence that we have to share
A is for the Arms that we will always have to bear
good lord this is depressing
rhodesia was so fucking amazing, please come back :(
Yeah, from bread basket of Africa to shithole with joke currency.
Thanks, UN-cucks.
kill me
Here, have something more uplifting, my lowland brother.
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The happy rhodesia songs make me even sadder. thank you though.
>Portuguese colonial war vet is a freelance merc who lives on base for whatever reason
>Guy's fucking nuts, goes solo on artillery spotting runs in hostile territory, charges entrenched positions, etc
>Older and Portuguese, so they call him Senior Senor Soldier
>senior senor soldier
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Sit Nomine Digna
It's how I want to remember Rhodesia; a happy warrior.
What does that mean?
>typed remove watermelon
>not slot floppies

Not a true rhodie
I'm not rhodesian, whats a slot floppie?
>there are people that defend Mugabe and Zimbabwe
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