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>eating lunch with norm friends
>listening to their conversation since I'm shit at talking and they don't pay any attention to me anyway
>they start talking about spirit animals or something
>all giving each other overrated shit-tier predators; lion, eagle, wolf, etc.
>"guys you forgot about anon!"
>feel everyone's eyes on me all of a sudden
>anon would probably be a really really really really small rabbit
>everyone starts laughing uncontrollably
>"heh.. heh.. good one.."
>wonder why I didn't just stay home and eat toast

also greentext your day ITT
>>all giving each other overrated shit-tier predators; lion, eagle, wolf, etc.

Normies are beyond weird. This sounds chu2 as fuck.
>all giving each other overrated shit-tier predators; lion, eagle, wolf, etc.
they sound like a bunch of insufferable cunts
you're probably also a cunt, because you hang out with them
fuck you, OP, you fucking faggot
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I know but I need my weekly contact with people and I like the false sense of validation I get when I'm around them
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shameless self bump

>wake up
>check the new posts on the shitty forum I browse filled with shitty people
>start watching an LP until I have to fap again
>browse 4chan for some reason
>mildly circlejerk about being a pedophile with fellow pedos in a conversation that goes nowhere
>blue balled
>still browsing 4chan for whatever reason
>check shitty forum I browse filled with shitty people as I type this post
>forum troll responded to me saying some stupid shit about me
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>wake up after listening to The Angelic Process in my sleep all night long while having strange dreams and enjoying being suffocated by the music
>make and eat some tasty salad
>watch a lot of anime
>browse r9k while listening to A Silver Mt. Zion before realizing yet again all the threads are shit and proceed to lay down and get lost in space to the music instead
>make some nice hot tea and sip it while watching anime
>listen to Songs: Ohia and browse r9k again since all the sites I use have long gone dead and realize I have nothing to do anymore and this is my only human interaction, threads are still shit
>listen to Big Blood while managing my torrents and cleaning my PC from shit I don't need
>make a tasty sandwich and eat it while listening to Boris
>watch a lot of anime
>finished series I was watching, now browsing r9k again and listening to Set Fire to Flames and wondering why I even come here anymore

i hate this
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Rabbits are cute and have a lot of sex anon. I think calling you a rabbit is a good thing, maybe they want to fuck you.
>wake up, day off
>take shower and go to haircut appointment
>drive by ex's house on the way there since i can do that without going out of my way due to her location
>get haircut, leave, go to store
>don't really need anything just dragging my feet in town hoping to run into her
>friend tells me he's at work at his mom's shop so i stop by to see him
>we sit around and i watch him play league until we go get lunch
>return with food and watch him play while i eat
>he gets a call his mom and sister are coming back to the store so i dip
>drive home past ex's house again, unfortunately didn't see her at any point today
>never really do
>get home, pack a bowl with keef because i'm out of weed
>friend who takes me to his weedman is too busy to go buy more
>eat dinner
>dick around on the internet for two hours
>watch blacklist with my mom
>call friend from the shop to see if he's down to hang tonight still
>he says he's with a girl and doesn't know when he'll leave
>now sitting in my room waiting for it to be later so i can hit the gym before i nightwalk
I'm so bored.
>wake up at around 9:45ish
>it's my day off
>sister tells me to go buy a charger, SD card and selfie stick for her GoPro
>fuckit why not, nothing else to do today
>pack my backpack with a sketchbook and a pencil, might also go to Barnes and Noble to draw some shit
>get on my gay ass cruiser bike(it belongs to my grandmother), ride down to Office Max
>people immediately start freaking out because I'm wearing a backpack inside a store
>manager sees me and wants me to get the fuck out as soon as possible, so he helps me with finding a charger right as he sees me
>ride bike down to the Barnes and Noble
>sit down at one of the little tables, take out sketchbook and pencil
>just sit there for 10 minutes looking at a blank page
>fuck i'm not even good at drawing, why am i doing this
>quickly scribble the beginnings of a human head before i decide to pack my shit up and leave
>spend around 2-3 hours just walking around the outside mall area by myself, wishing i had friends to walk around and just bullshit with
>become depressed after seeing everybody else with their girlfriends/friends, decide I should call it a day and go back home
>get back home
>make some macaroni and cheese, watch the first two Fast and Furious movies in my room
>sit in my bed and read 4chan
>it's now 8:44pm
>fuck i have work tomorrow
This honestly sounds fantastic anon, not bad at all.
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>watch The Office all through last night
>go to sleep at 7am
>wake up at 6:30pm
>text only friend if he wants to play a game later
>no response
>eat dinner
>go back into cave
>play my games but only for about 10 minutes because I realize I just either suck at the game, or the game is just flat out broken
>uninstall everything
>go on /r9k/ and this is the first thread I see
Why can't I just never wake up
Fuck it

What game?
CS:GO but it's too late now and I'm not in the mood for that trash.
Where do you live? lelelelele original comment hahaha m8 so fanny wow real deal
>lelelelele original comment hahaha m8 so fanny wow real deal
Not even going to bother
>alarm goes off every 5 minutes from 6:30 on-wards
>never know how to turn it off cause always tired as fuck when i do it so i just leave it ringing
>for some reason a female robotic voice is coming out saying anon wake up and singing some song like "wake up wake up time to wake up rise and shine"
>that goes on till about 7:30
>mum comes in to see if im going college cause had diarrhea yesterday
>feel not too bad but say no feel like shit
>turn all alarms off and go back to sleep
>dog comes in at 9 and starts barking and biting my ears and opening my curtains
>go upstairs and ring in sick for college
>take medication
>go back to sleep
>fall asleep again
>wake up at 3:33PM
>have Greggs sausage roll and a cup of tea
>lay in bed feeling tired till around 6pm
>watch some anime
>do nothing in particular but lay in bed till about 10pm
>have shower
>get out of shower
>browse r9k for a few minutes but see shit threads
>watch some anime
>play guitar for a bit
>play star wars battlefront 2 on PSP
>debating weather to FAP or not now
Why do i keep getting muted, can't even talk on this trash board.
>take an hour to wake up like usual because I went to bed too late, also, like usual
>pick up my bike from the repair shop with another bike
>go to work with two bikes because work is close to repair shop
>leave bike at mail depot
>deliver mail for 4 hours
>batteries of my phone that I use to play music on runs out halfway through, so I'm left alone with my self depricating, intrusive thoughts
>it starts raining nearing the end
>have to go home in the pouring rain with two bikes in the blistering cold
>only have 30 minutes untill I have to leave again for my next job
>quickly eat and shower while contemplating suicide
>talk to mom and she inadvertedly reminds me about how my parent's marriage is dead and they hate eachother
>go and wait tables for 6 hours
>afterwards talk to normie colleages
>they joke around but I don't get any of their jokes nor their sarcasm because autism
>get made fun of because I got tricked into trying duck tongue when I wasn't supposed to actually try it, they were just offering it as a joke (???)
>try to defend myself by saying that I'm always open for new experiences
>go home
>tell myself I'll go to bed on time
>5:07 am
>wake up
>eat breakfast and get ready for day
>go lift
>come back and watch anime for an hour
>go to gf's apartment and fuck
>I go to work for a few hours
>go to gfs after work and fuck again
>browse 4chan while she watches tv

Pretty good day
Christ, anon, that sounds like a kind of shitty day. I can't imagine working two jobs, I can barely even imagine working more than 30 hours at the one I have.
With a life like this, why come to /r9k/? I only come here because I fucking hate my life and myself and it's nice to be around other's who feel the same way. You seem to be livin' the dream though.
Old habits die hard anon.
thanks man, I truly appruciate your sympathy
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fuck you and your perfect life
normie chad detected
I wish I'd seen this thread before I posted my day in another one.

>talking with brother
>he mishears me and "corrects" me
>tell him that's what I said
>he starts arguing with me because he thinks he knows what I said better than I do
>he starts just screaming "SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP" over and over again
>parents come into the room and start screaming at us
>he screams that I started it
>they start both screaming at me because the dishes didn't get done yesterday because I was busy
>they're screaming about how I haven't done them in "over a fucking week" because the sink is too full for it to have only been two days
>yell at them that nobody ever brings any dishes out until I've already loaded up the dishwasher so it always looks full
>start yelling at me because there are flies buzzing all over
>yell at them that it's because they always leave empty cans on the cupboard and never wash them so the flies go after that
>tell them that maybe there wouldn't be so many fucking flies if they weren't a bunch of fucking slobs
>point out that they have empty pizza boxes everywhere because it's basically all they eat
>point out that I've been cleaning cat shit off the bathroom floor every day for a week because none of them will clean the cat's litterbox
>point out the 6-inch high stack of old food plates just left there because nobody ever picks up the cat's old plate when they feed him
>got kicked out
>sat in the park washroom in -10 celsius degree weather all day with no jacket
>snuck back in after everyone went to sleep
Really don't know what I expected when I moved back home. It was always like this. Everything is my fault, every mess is mine, and it's always MY laziness that caused something, never anyone else's.
I'm sorry, I lied about the gf part. I have had sex and gfs though, just not recently. I have a decent life. I rarely come to r9k though, I usually post on /a/ and /fit/
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happy pepe.jpg
11 KB, 300x268
>went to university to get fill out some forms
>girlfriend said her dad is coming home an hour late
>went to go fuck my qt3.14 in some fucking crab position lol
>went to Mcdonalds afterwards and had a nice angus
>good day
>Wake up at 10:00am, feeling like shit as always
>Shower and eat a clementine
>Watch anime
>Get bored
>Browse 4chan and watch Ashens fuck atound with cheap garbage on jewtube
>Get bored
>Watch more anime, while eating a turkey sandwich
>Get bored
>Walk around my apartment for about an hour listenning to weeb music
>Get bored
>Watch some more anime, while eating supper
>Get bored
>Now browsing 4chan before bed

Boredom is my only friend.
bro do you not like going to college, or is just because your feeling ill lately.
both, i dont talk to anyone, i go days without saying a word
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>Sit through boring theory class
>Forced to be in discussion group with normies
>Bring up Albert Camus' L'Etranger, and though they actually claimed to have read it, act like they have no idea what the fuck I'm talking about
>Fucking stacy takes my seat in my next class
>No other seat except a left-handed desk next to her
>Sit in the chair beside the left-handed desk and then turn it so the chair faces her and I can rest my right arm on it
>Watch as she struggles to move in her seat, let alone get into her backpack
>Get home and shitpost on Omegle until the evening
>Eventually start doing homework for online classes
>First assignment due to tomorrow at 8:00 PM
>Haven't even started
And now guess what the fuck I'm doing.
File: depression.png (1 MB, 1440x2560) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1440x2560
>up at 8 am
>quick shower
>stop at Timmy's for a bagel and iced capp for breakfast
>get to work
>feeling down today, not really sure why
>know that my life is pretty good, just feel worse because now I'm mad at myself for being upset
>decide to treat myself for lunch
>drive to KFC and get a spicy big crunch because I love them
>feel a little better
>finish shift and come home
>curl up in bed and cry for half an hour
>make dinner
>eat dinner
>been sitting on /r9k/ and playing Codename STEAM ever since
>sadness I felt all day is now morphing into my nightly feelings of despair, hopelessness, and emptiness
Today two girls told me that I was their spirit animal.
oh cmon man, you should try getting to know people, college is also about having fun. Try it once in a while. And if you sperg out who gives a fuck.
>Wake up at 13:20, stay on bed until 14:50 writing to some friends I've made on the internet
>Hunger kicks in
>Makes some spaghetti with some peso sauce I have lying arou d
>Add too much pesto
> doesn't tast too good because of it but eat anyway
>Turn on computer, go play some Company of Heroes 2
>Some time later get tired of it, go watch videos on youtube
>do some more talking with internet friends
>later at night
>eat spaghetti leftovers
>think about the girl I'm in love with and will never get to meet
>Think about my friends I made on the internet and how I'll never get to meet them
>Become sad
>go to /r9k/
>am on /r9k/ until now

Average day I'd say.
My spelling came out like shit, sorry.
I did try, they are so stupid and annoying, one guy though the ocean was the same all around the earth, same depth, same fish. Ive listened to them for 1 and a half years and i can tell i hate them. The reason i stopped talking to them is cause the didnt try talking to me, i always made the effort and i also have 0 presence
i hope it gets better for you bro, i know what its like, i went through depression last year and it was a fucking bitch. Weed helped a bit, but for me running outside helped the most as well as getting a girlfriend. i hope it gets better for you man, i really do.
>i went through depression last year
Then you didn't go through depression. You went through a rough period. Depression doesn't magically vanish because you're fucking somebody. It is always there. I'm 25 now. I've been fighting depression since I was 13. Before that I was sad a lot because a lot of people I loved died and I had no friends, but I wasn't depressed. I was sad.
Nigga you sound exactly like me, except the gym I'm too short to go there and not feel like dying
>wake up
>browse / apply to jobs
>check email and phone every 5 minutes
>no calls / requests for interviews
>feel depressed
>browse / apply to jobs some more
>worry because out of savings and rent/bills due soon
Stressful times.
how bout you try being just a bit more assertive and tell them there wrong about some parts. And hey i totally get some students are stupid as fuck. WHy dont you become friends with your Proffesors instead. Im really good friends with my one professor and he invites me to dinner sometimes just because i treat him like a human being.
hahahah, what a fucking coincidence. The only reason i got depressed as fuck was beacause my friends back home died in a terrorist attack, and the closet thing i had to family and friends in my home country were all gone in one day. I was fucking devastated. Man it was bad. and i never meant fucking her made it all better. knowing somebody actually cares about me and checks up on me to see if im okay did wonders for me.
That still isn't depression. Depression is a fucking constant. It isn't made better by having people in your life, especially once they get fed up with you because they think depression and sadness are the same thing, and then they leave you all alone.
>Wake up at 5, make breakfast
>Go back to sleep until 11
>Change my geckos food
>Mess with the huge ass snake tank I'm setting up
>Scavenge the house for food around 3
>Make japanese curry
>Realize I only have 100 dollars to my name and have a 35 dollar phone bill on the 20th
>Get paid on the 23rd
>Have to pay rent with that check
>Look at pictures of pythons on the internet
>Watch the republican debate
cause im 18 and all the professors are 30+ adults, im not really good at socializing. UK btw
shut the fuck up whining, nigger.

it is coded in our genetics to make us avoid the sick ones tho
well what do you think would make you happy anon, try thinking about that and write down plans and steps on acheiving it.
well im 19 but i get along with my proffesors just fine. I think tis because Canadian proffessors are more chill than UK ones. like the profs i have are really nice and will chat to you like your a human being ya know
>go to movie
>realize that's basically all there is to do around
shut up rabbit, faggot
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a face a stripper.gif
2 MB, 268x253
>wake up kinda later than normal
>go to work
>witness a few accidents on my way there
>ignore them and continue on cause I don't wanna be late
>get paid 16.21/hr plus bonus for productivity
>complete nine tickets in 6.5 hours of productive time
>clock off a little late at 5:15 because of poor time management
>get to DnD table at 5:45 and get briefed on current events
>DM flashes back to last board session
>get two new side quests
>snack on junk because there's no legitimate food nearby
>9 o'clock; session ends
>go home and witness 2 more accidents on the way
>Configure new display
>shitpost on 4chan
>zero introspection
>wake up
>lay in bed for 3 hours
>go to history class
>professor stutters through lesson on the fall of rome for an hour and tells us to divide ourselves into groups
>sit alone and try to look comfortable with the fact I have no group for 20 minutes
>leave class
>pick up fried chicken on way one
>eat fried chicken
>jerk off to cuckold porn
>apply to jobs
>secretly hope no one replies
>more cuck porn
>browse 4chan
>jerk off to cuck porn on 4chan
>go back to browsing
>Wake up at 2 in the morning
>Mod video games until 5
>Go to bed
>Wake up at 2 in the afternoon
>Play Fallout 1 until 5
>Hang out my only friend and only one I've ever had until midnight
>Spend rest of night/morning on 4chan
>wake up at girlfriends house, 11am
>she makes me coffee, have sex
>drive to autoshop, she drops her car off
>drive her to my house, breakfast
>spicy pepperoni stix, cheese, tea
>raw egg and a breakfast essentials
>drive downtown, pick up $1200 painting for dad
>it's 6" x 4" why so much money
>get Japanese food with gf, have pint
>drive home with gf
>have sex
>pull out to finish on her
>spunk in me own eye for first time ever, by accident
>take shower of shame
>send gf home too ashamed
>be depressed, watch basketball and eat ribs
>round 1030 go smoke weed alone
>drive to rec centre, meet gf to go to sauna
>have a good sweat
>drive to gf's house, in her bed now
>she's making me tea
>wake up
>she still hasn't responded
>it's been two days
>kik says she hasn't even read my messages yet
Guys what are the chances that I'm not blocked and that she just hasn't used her phone in 2 days?
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> wake up 9, work
> buncha shit
> go home 5
> walking around to get home
> see an average, attractive female smiling at her friend
> realize no female has ever smiled that way on my account
> realize i'm a 28 year old bitter and angry shitlord
> realize i have no friends
> realize that no one out there has remembered any of my last 10 birthdays
> realize that no one has ever been genuinely happy to meet me
> realize that i have looked forward to nothing in the last few years
> take out a cigarette
> take a drag

9 months, 4 days without smoking, and today I started again.
>wake up at 2pm
>play vidya/4chan
>more vidya
>watch GOP debate and eat
>more 4chan
>fap again
>lay in bed and shitpost on my phone
>repeat the process tomorrow

Feels pretty empty desu
Its ok anon
I used to do the same thing
At least they sound more well-intentioned but fumbling and not mean-spirited
That's the ideal
>wake up
>post on 4chan
>eat some food
>post more on 4chan
>watch tv while posting on 4chan
>about to go to bed
File: 1452474453752.png (1011 KB, 1400x950) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1011 KB, 1400x950
>wake up at 5 am
>spend about 2-3 hours remembering all the bad shit i've done and how i'll never be redeemed as a person
>get tired of all this thinking
>restart pokemon x and replay it
>soft reset for a shiny fennekin
>get bored
>look over me and ex oneitis' skype messages
>start crying
>resume back to playing vidya
>get bored with vidya again
>browse /r9k/ for the rest of the night
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