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>first day of class
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>first day of class
>back seats are full, only 1 spot next to a qt redhead grill
>theres plenty of empty seats in the front though
>decide to try to stop being a friendless virgin loser and sit next to qt grill

>5min later her male friend arrives late
>he has to sit in the front seats but both of them are talking back and forth, making signs etc
>she totally ignores me, doesnt even acknowledge my presence
>at the end of class she stands up and goes with her friend without saying anything to me
>feel like a massive loser thats just being a nuisance to others
>proceed to sit elsewhere next day

FUCK, am i just destined to forever being a loser? whats the proper thing to do in these situations?
Just focus on your class and ignore those dumb whores anon, you are in school go get a education not waste time on finding a gf
That five minute time span in which you didn't do shit was the moment you failed. You shouldn't have wasted your time, if you had been her friend by the time her other friend arrived she would've acknowledged you.
>implying a gf and hapiness isnt better than education
>implying people who have gfs and mental stability arent always more successful than losers
this happened to me last semester

>1st day in class
>always sit in back row no matter what
>only seat available is next to 9/10 qt blonde stacy
>sit next to her
>2 minutes later, a wild chad appears
>sits in seat in front of her in second to last row
>proceeds to do what chads do
>she's practically already banging him by the time class is over

fuck my life
>implying people who have gfs and mental stability arent always more successful than losers

Mental Stability, yes, a GF no.

Getting a GF is no better than having a parasite gnaw at you, especially if you marry and have children.

If you let women ruin your life, you'll end up just a wagecuck.
>believing in the if I get a GF my life will be changed forever
>thinks pussy and attention is more important than money and stability
Have fun waiting in line for your welfare application when you drop out you pathetic cuck
>at the end of class she stands up and goes with her friend without saying anything to me
why would she?, did you even talk to her at all?
>hooking up with women in class

one way street to cringe town
I said hi but couldnt really talk much during lecture (certainly not for 2 strangers) and she wasnt very inviting to talk to anyway
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>last semester, show up to class on first day early
>take a seat in a far corner away from everyone else
>as the seats gradually fill some girl who I assume is supposed to be cute sits next to me
>she smells kind of nice but I don't know if it's supposed to be nice
>don't say anything just keep staring straight forward
>Black person sits in front of her and instantly starts speaking with her
>They speak for a while and I realize that they are close companions
>spend rest of semester listening to interracial flirting before every lecture
This is why I always try to be atleast 20 mins early to lectures, to find that corner spot in the back.
>walking into first class
>see dude who I talked to last semester a bit
>"hey anon. how was your break, etc? I've got to talk with advisor but I'll see you in class"
>see another dude I talked with a little bit as I walk in
>sits by me
>girl I sat by in class last semester and talked a bit with comes in and sits by me
>first guy comes in and sits behind me
>next class in same room
>as I walk out to use the bathroom see one of my group members from a class last semester
>gives me a Chad handshake
>wave to girl from a class last semester as she walks in
>she smiles and waves back
>another girl from class comes in and waves when she sees me
>is this what being popular is like?

Seriously the best first day I've ever had
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pls be happy my hard work payed off
brah its not rocket science. if you want to talk to her say hi and ask her questions. what you might realize is that you probably didnt want to talk to her anyway. the majority of girls you meet are not going to sleep with you or anything. you have to decide for yourself what you want out of a conversation like that.
>sit at the front of the class
>constantly ask and answer questions
>have people talk to me and approach me in class including grills, think I'm doing good
>after two semesters literally every person has blatantly only wanted to use me to "help" (a.k.a. do) their homework/project or basically tutor them for free while pretending to be my friend, yet only contacting me when they want something
These normies are shameless
>go to class
>meeting people
>see girl I know from highschool
>sit together and chat a bit
>dont really care about her, she's getting married so just a friend
>this turbosperg sits next to her
>everytime we start talking he glares at me and then immediately tries to talk to her
>end of class he shakes her hand and asks her name
>im trying not to laugh
>he gets up and puts his big trench coat on and quickly runs out of the room
>me and the girl go get lunch together

Forgot to mention he was wearing new balance shoes, I thought I saw /r9k/ in real life for a second.
We've got a dude I think is /r9k/ in my program. He answered a question wrong one time while all the chads in the back row were laughing at something else unrelated. He blurts out "Sorry for not being a fucking dictionary!" and the room goes silent.

I felt bad for him because I'm sure he thought they were laughing at him, but I was also worried I'd be killed to in his beta uprising because I sat in the same row as them
Do you usually give in?
>girl sits next to me in class
>I ask for her name
>make small talk
>guy sitting on the opposite side of her
>talking entire class
>gets her number

whatever I got her name, made some small talk I think I won desu fahm
As long as you act somewhat normal you'll be fine. Nobody suspects me, I just answer questions every once in a while and act like a hip modern millennial in my classes and it's easy to fit in. Also you need to realize literally nobody gives a shit about you.
Not once. These fuckers even try to guilt me ("b-but we're friends I'd write an essay for you if you asked") and I call them out on it, it's pretty pathetic.
>teacher asks a question
>I answer it
>"wow, yeah good answer"
>literally everyone folks to be in my group
>failing the class
Good that you stand your ground.

lel, something like this happened to me last semester too.

>sitting in common area waiting for my flaky video partner to arrive so we can film a project for class
>qt redheaded girl sits near me and i hear her talking to her friend on the phone saying she's waiting for her video partner
>start talking to her since we're obviously in the same class but different sections
>we actually have a nice rapport going and we even make a pact that if neither of our partners show up we'll do our project together
>out of nowhere this autistic girl sits down at the table we're at and starts butting into our conversation
>she starts talking about the weirdest shit and just has no social awareness whatsoever because autistic
>conversation just gets weird and it completely ruins whatever i had going with this girl
>her partner shows up and she goes in to film the video
>my partner never shows up
>talk to girls in class
>pass as a normie, girls sit next to me and do projects together
>after semester ends message her
>she leave it on seen and doesnt answer

fuck this gay earth, not the first time it happens either, being ugly fucking blows even if you got a normie personality bitches will only be your friend and nothing more
True but it bothers me that this keeps happening to me. Either something is seriously wrong with me that I have no clue how to fix or people in general are really fucked up, either way I've just about given up
sometimes it just doesnt work out the way you want it to
My nigga is that a zak and weezy edit? Shit now I've seen everything
You should have had someone record it and put it on xvideos.
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doing group assignment
>"what did you get for number 1?"
You think that's hard?
>1st day in class
>be a CS major
>no girls in sight

I legit don't know how to continue. I'm finishing college in a year, there's like no time left. After college ends and I end up in the workforce properly I have no idea how I'll find a wife.
That's just how America works, if you work harder than everybody, your reward is to have to do everyone else's work on top of your own while everyone else jacks off. Next time try to be as lazy as possible, or at least make it look like it. People will think you're more chill and will want to hang out with you for you instead of for your goods.

>inb4 for you
that was my reaction at first but now I'm glad I don't have girls in any of my classes so I don't have to care about looking like a slob
Dude wtf are you even doing here? Don't waste your time here there's actual hope for you out in the real world
What reason would she have to speak to you? She's not obligated to speak to you any more than the person sitting behind you is.
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>Have Chad in class
>Takes every opportunity to talk about how worthless women are
>How they're good for nothing but household chores and that they're all dumb sluts
>tfw all girls in class still fight for his attention
>I don't have to care about looking like a slob
People like you are the reason our engineering building smells like a damn locker room.
I was the definition of a robot in high school and my freshman year. Now, not really at all, but I enjoy the board. And if maybe I can help out a few people who used to be in my position, then it's worth it.
Sounds like a good way to keep women and normies out of engineering.
Listen to this man, having a woman gnawing at you 24/7 is a royal pain in the ass that will ruin your life unless you find the perfect one.
I bet even those women who obsessively complain about misogyny and rape culture wouldn't mind. Because it's okay as long as Chad does it.
That's good anon, we don't need woman engineers, they can't even handle a car which has an engine.
In our school the ratio is about 1 girl to 5 guys in any given class that I was in. If you don't count pajeets though it's more like 1 to 30, but at that point there's like 8 people in the room being counted at all.
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>mfw getting to lecture 15 minutes early and getting the front row middle seat
>mfw taking notes and learning without distractions from back-row normies

education over women
> not arriving early to get one of the back seats.
Come on, man.
>come on, man
u sure ur not gay?
>first day of class
>see guy with long blonde hair come towards me in my peripheral vision and put their stuff down in the seat next to me
>don't pay much attention
>turn to look at them and say hi and instead I'm greeted with this tall qt3.14 tomboy girl
>get along unnaturally well, pretty sure she may have an interest in me
>plot twist i have a gf already
hope i don't do anything stupid
u sure ur not gay?
>Around midnight some time during my first semester at college
>Going down to vending machine to get snacks
>On my way up, hot black chick starts making convo with me.
>(what the fuck is going on. Chicks dont talk to me and black chicks are completely different in my mind)
> We make small talk and get each others names
>Decide to add her on facebook even though I only use it to stalk people I like
>She instantly posts to my wall
>"Oh Anon you remembered my name and added me! How sweet. :) Hi Anooooon ;) "
>"haha yeah I figured I'd add you before I forgot your name"
>"How are you? ;)"
>I don't reply because it's on my wall and family constantly checks that shit even though I never use it.
>Retard me never messages her privately either
>Never speak to her again

I feel like I could have got some sweet black pussy(better than none I guess) without even trying, unless it was an elaborate prank or something, it probably was. I'll have to find a pic of her, because I'm not sure how "hot" I actually thought she was.
Pretty sure, was watching some show about lesbians and got all hot n heavy, then the scene cut out to guys talking which made me deflate like a popped baloon.
Do something stupid
I guess I'll do my T/TH schedule too.

>waiting for class before mine to be let out
>just looking at my phone
>one of the girls from Monday walks up to me and says hey
>chat for a bit, then a guy from yesterday comes up to us
>as we walk in, teacher says "hey, anon. good to see you."
>girl and I talk about break since we didnt get to yesterday
>us three walk out together after class
>dude splits off; I say bye, girl just keeps talking to me (lol)
>next class isn't normally taken by my major, so I recognize maybe 4 people in it
>nail the class introduction
>invited into a group by some girls
>go home then go to watch The Hateful Eight
>it sucked

nice trips

Dawg, you missed your chance! College black chicks are the only ones worth it.
>unless it was an elaborate prank or something, it probably was
Trips confirm it.
She was making fun of you by posting on your wall so everyone could see.
Either that, or she was a bit retarded.
I wonder how psychopathic you'd have to be to convolute that idea
>teacher asks a question
>its really easy but no one is answering
>are you fuckers serious?
>raise hand and answer question
>teacher: "anyone else?"
and thats when i learned to never answer anything out loud ever again
Guys, give girls in your class compliments and they'll like you forever. They don't even need to be good, compliment their shoes or backpack or computer case or something and you're set. I've used this before to forster goodwill with women.
You'd just have to be a normie.
Normies, especially women, don't feel bad at all for playing the meanest pranks on what they consider as losers.

But maybe that's just my mindset from being the target of too many of them.
Brilliant idea, fellow robot. That will surely work.
That is certainly true but I'm not sure in this guy's case. She wasn't necessarily trying to be mean.
Don't tell her she's attractive you moron. Tell her you dig her pants or something. Telling her you think she's attractive inflates her ego while complimenting something she owns tells her that you and her think similarly about things and share tastes, making you more attractive in her eyes.
>see the hateful eight
>it sucked

You are full normie. Get out.
>She wasn't necessarily trying to be mean.
You're probably right, but I still find it really weird that she would post on his wall instead of sending a private message.

He could have been balls deep in black pussy by now if she hadn't done that.
Tarantino is pretty normie Mr satan. Not saying he's bad but he makes popular "I'm a normie who wants to seem interested in films" movies
>dig her pants
What a coincidence I got a shovel in mine.
You missed the point. The point was compliments are better when given by Chads like in the pic. The pic is you when you say "Compliment her." They don't give a shite about that, they care about you.
>Not saying he's bad but he makes popular "I'm a normie who wants to seem interested in films" movies

Very true.
Oh. Well I'm from what I've learned, women do like it and appreciate it when you compliment them on something interesting so try it out, you literally have nothing to lose and it's incredibly low risk. You can sit in class and try to think of something and as you get up to leave just be like "that's an awesome phone cass" then at least you might get a few kind words and a smile
No offence, sounds beta af
You do realize communication is 90% non-verbal. Body language is key to opening introductions like that.
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