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>mfw I get BTFO in 8/10 internet arguments
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>mfw I get BTFO in 8/10 internet arguments

I don't know why I don't stop.
If you learn when you get BTFO then I think that's better than being always right.
keep going anon. only benefit of 4chan is that it improves your argumentative skills by making you autistic about rebuttals/counterpoints
I learned more about how to argue from 4chan than any other website.

Also: you can be wrong as much as you want on here. That's why I post my retarded opinions on here daily because I want to talk about them but if I do in real life I'll look retarded.

Think of it that way anon.
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>shit on someone else's opinion
>immediately leave the thread and hide it

Through this simple trick I have never lost an Internet argument.
You are retarded and you know it.
>I'm not reading this topic anymore
>I won! I finally won!
These are all good ways of looking at it, thanks guys.

I remember, though. I always remember.
>post a shitpost or my honest to goodness opinion
>leave the thread to avoid a fight/face people's anger because I can't argue for shit

Feels okay man
He never said he won, he simply said he never lost
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>Enter a thread
>Get into an argument
>Give it my full attention
>This is literally the most important thing in my life
>Start losing
>Keep arguing like my life is on the line
>Pretend to be other people who take my side
>Soon more people take my opponent's side
>Start meme posting when I can't think of anything else to say
>They call me out on it
>Keep spouting memes and faulty arguments
>Eventually people get bored and leave
>Eventually it's just me in the thread
>Report everyone else who went against me
>Make sure I have the last post in the thread before it dies
>I win
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>Report everyone else who went against me

for what exactly?
>have questioned myself for so long using reasonable as well as strawman arguments and defending myself from my other self
>feel confidence in my current beliefs and ability to uphold a rhetorical dialogue for them
>never argue on the Internet because I don't have the passion to refresh a page for hours, days, or weeks just to "win" for strangers
I usually just drop how I feel about something in a thread and then move on. It seems to work anyways since my well-rounded and reasonable approach to my beliefs is not inciting or polarizing enough to stir people on either side into a shitposting strawman frenzy, and so I remain overlooked.
>tfw master of killing threads
>come to 4chan a normie in regards to arguing skills
>spend a few years doing battle in the thunderdome
>capable of arguing anything to anybody
>start doing this shit irl to people
>its funny to see people get assblasted when they take up a faulty/losing position only for you to stomp them
>get gf
>do this shit to her
>always asks me why i feel the need to argue dumb shit all the time
>follows up with "you're lucky i love you, otherwise i would find it absolutely irritating"
>tfw the thunderdome made me too hard
>make a retarded troll post
>make it obvious in joking
>people bait it hard
>keep messing with them
>cant tell them Im trolling or theyll post le iwasjustpretending.jpg

Stop being wrong.
Problem solved.
>why do you feel the need to argue all the time
I tell people it's quite simple: arguing opposing platform is a catalyst to engaging dialogue and insightful to alternative perspectives. One person saying "I like ________" and the responder saying "I agree" is not ever going to be an engaging dialogue. You're more likely to learn something about the other person when you engage in these clashes of wit and beliefs

Sometimes it's good to argue something you don't even believe in, for the purpose of enlightening yourself; though it may not be evident at the time, but as you proceed through the motions of a logical argument, and if you have a good form for debate, you will end up asking or positing and argument you had never considered from the position in which you actually believe. Sort of like as I briefed over in this post >>25732285

I hate having conversations of explicit agreement and proceeding self-congratulation and backpatting. It's an echo chamber that offers little opportunity for growth.
Master of killing threads trying to resuscitate this shit now. Please lord rid me of this curse.
Thread replies: 17
Thread images: 4
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