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>tfw 22
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>tfw 22
>tfw 0 prospects of moving out of my parent's

Being spaniard is suffering
Did you study philosophy?
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No I just like that picture.
>feels bad for living with his parents
>in fucking Spain
The average moving out age is 29 m8, you have plenty of time
Im in a similar situation, except i don't even have my own room. My PC is in the room everyone passes through every 10 minutes, and everyone has an overview of it constantly. Great image tho.
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Since I started working (at 19) all I've earned in total is about 4000 euro. And all jobs I got and find are of a short span. At this rate it would take until my 60's to be suitable to sign up for a mortgage.

Why can't /r9k/ into the euro symbol? Stupid robot.
De que parte eres?
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tell us amigo
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espero que nadie de aqui lo sea

Muh global english rule
If there's one thing spaniard robots have in common with Spanish normies it's that they are all economically fucked. Some millennials are literally living in caves which I hear is actually not that bad so I wouldn't worry about having to move out any time soon.
Turn your pc around so ppl can only see the back of it maybe?
I have the same problem.
tengo la misma edad y todavia estoy sacandome bach de adultos. No veo luz al final del tunel, supongo que algun dia tendre que acabar con todo.
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Most people a few years younger than me see it completely normal by now, but I've must been very influenced by my brother's 80' mindset or something because I really fucking hate it, I feel like I'm still in highschool. I go as far as distancing myself from normie stuff because I feel inadequate to do adult normie stuff in such living and working conditions. I know people bringing laids to their fucking parents house when they're not there, at their fucking 20-30's, not even giving the least thought about being independent, but that just seems bizarre to me. And like that many other things.
No one in my fucking town, living in normieland is suffering
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Planeas entrar en la universidad? Si no no te va a servir de nada un bachiller. Yo tengo un FP superior y tampoco me esta sirviendo de nada. Con suerte me ayuda para una oferta de trabajo en el extranjero de la que estoy aun pendiente, nada mas.


How is my city not normie? It's normie flavortown, with sun and beaches, with lots of flamboyant festivities and giris all year.
Burrito y Las papa's fritas en mi coche me gusta muy.
Sombrero a la pizza de la noche
This picture is comfy as fuck.

>tfw portuguese cyborg
>tfw 29
>tfw 3rd world country with 1st world price tags
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>Sombrero a la pizza de la noche

Sounds like a spic writting a haiku

>Los nachos duermen
>Mi frijolita duerme
>Adios, buenas noches
Spain is normiland.
Reminds me of my Christmas. Spent all alone. No family. No friends. Just wish I could have Christmas over this year...

It really is
>same situation as OP

Don't worry, you'll get used to it. Living alone really isn't as special as it seems anyway.
it's great, use that as motivation to do something with your life
chacho vete a la vega y ya esta
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La verdad es que me meti en bach alla cuando tenia 19 y me meti solamente por hacer algo con mi vida pero en 3/4 years solo he llegado a 2 bach por segunda vez

No tengo ni idea de que voy a hacer pero supongo que debo seguir adelante de algun modo

No me veo capaz de sacarme una carrera y un grado superior me llama la atencion pero no quiero perder mas tiempo

Cada vez que pienso todo el tiempo que he malgastado y en todas esas oportinidades perdidas me entran ganas de tirarme de un puente
Por lo menos no has gastado dinero en universidades, la gente se mete en la universidad por inercia tras terminar el bachillerato y se deja un dineral y un tiempo para nada.
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This I was one year in college during 2012 or 13 I think. I noped the fuck out of there seeing how it was going to be a drain of money and little to no real opportunities. Good thing my first year was costed by a scholarship. The only time I backpedaled from something and I'm actually happy about it. Now all the people I know that ended up their degree have a blank CV with just a fancy title. I got my FP and a little of job experience (shitty job experience, but real), and a couple of certificates. That's not worth much nowadays but more than that.
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Otra cosa de que no quiero la universidad es por eso, no quiero hacer que mis padres me pagen algo que no se si podre terminar. Demasiado que tienen que aguantarme como para que tambien tenga que meterlos en pagos en una epoca como esta.

Tengo amigos que hacen eso y no les importa que sus padres les esten pagando la carrera sin sacarse siquiera una o dos asignaturas. No entiendo como pueden tener la poca verguenza de hacer eso.

Lo suyo seria encontrar primero un trabajo y luego sacarse por el lado una carrera de lo que te guste, sin prisas y sin presion puesto que el dinero lo tienes cubierto. Pero hoy en dia es dificil eso.
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Kongou pls
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Comentario original.
Muchos padres les da igual, solo con tal de que el hijo tenga el titulo y se crea especial.
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How's life treating you? Are your sisters still mean to you?
average in Europe to move out is 29

i'm 38 and have no prospects of moving
> tfw almost 30
> still living with parents
> have job with shit income
> found 1 bed apartment near job
> would be left with exactly $0 paying rent + services
> either I live with my parents the rest of my life or get married and split the bills

welp, that's not happening so I guess I'm inheriting the house

I share the Will with my two brothers. I won't inherit the house. Both will want to sell it and split the money. Since I won't have the money to buy their parts I will be pretty fucked when the time comes.

> house gets split threeways
> your chad brothers get some extra money to spend with their stacy wives and families, hey, what's some leftover cash when we're already stable? time for some nice vacations at acapulco or making an extra baby
> you get some money to do fuckall because you're going to spend it in a couple years and then be left homeless

Hey OP, no te desanimes.
Mirame a mi:
>Highschool dropout
>Got the highschool diploma when i was 19 or so
>Haven't done anything since then, no job
>almost homeless
>lived in a flat without current water for a year because no money to pay bills or rent
Y mi hermano se esta prostituyendo en otro pais para poder pagar sus deudas y pagarme mi comida, si no me he pegado un tiro aun es por respeto a el y a mi madre y porque soy cobarde.
Animate, que vivir con los papas no esta tan mal.
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Thread images: 18
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