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Tell me about your first sexual experience
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Tell me about your first sexual experience

fuck off cunt
Haven't had it yet. But I'm only 18 so not all hope is lost
Handjob in the locker room.
Blowjob in a stairwell
8yo truth or dare game, kissing and fondling in a closet with a 10yo girl
Never have I ever
anal in the gym storage room
very nice m8
Blowjob at her home, later we fucked.
>mom makes me get a job
>shitty job at a gas station
>a girl who works at the Wendy's across the street comes in a couple times a day
>says shit like "thanks hun/sweetie" when I bag her shit
>muh penis
>eventually she quits coming in
>oh well
>6 months
>figure if I'm literally going to be forced to work I should try to get a better job
>find a job in the office part of a warehouse
>Wendy's girl works the phone
>been a while and she seems not to remember me
>oh well
>3 months
>she finally acknowledges that I used to sell her energy drinks and bottled water
>makes small talk with me at lunch and breaks
>thanksgiving time
>everyone has to work late to get 5 days off at thanksgiving
>work until a little after 10 pm
>about to go home
>Wendy's girl asks me if I would stop at the nearby gas station with her
>she is afraid to pump gas in the dark by herself
>whatever, okay
>go ahead and get gas as well on the pump next to her's
>she asks if I have plans for the night
>"do you wanna hang out? drink some beers, eat a pizza?"
>i uhhhh
>"come on. i hate the holidays and working late has ruined my chance to hang out with friends from school"
>she begins ranting about how her mom implies she should have kids and her jewish uncle gives her shit about a chain of shitty jobs
>ok sure if you really want to
>we go inside and she buys beer
>be 15 yo me
>semi qt gril
>none sexual experience
>asked if I was "in"
>tfw had been fucking her inner thighs for 3mins
Haven't had it yet. But I'm only 26 so not all hope is lost

>I follow her to her apartment
>it's pretty small and kinda dirty
>she has nice pc with steam open
>order a pizza and start watching movies
>she drinks all the beer while I ate most of the pizza
>two movies in and she puts her head on my shoulder
>khv so I don't really know what to put besides lay my head against hers
>she starts kissing my neck and touching my crotch
>invites me to her bedroom
>we have sex with her on top doing pretty much everything
>she assures me it was okay
>"for a first time"
>we lay in there for a while before having sex again with me on top but her still kinda telling me what to do
>afterwords she gets in the shower
>comes back and falls asleep cuddling me
>too awkward to leave so I just lay there and try to sleep
>next morning we get up and have sex again
>move to the living room and she sleeps while I watch the last half of the movie we were on
>when she wakes up she says she is feeling kinda bad
>asks if I want to hangout again in a couple days
>"I wouldn't mind seeing a movie and doing some actual couple shit"
>I agree and I'm kinda of excited she implied we were a couple
>I leave and she texts me a little throughout the day complaining she feels shitty
>next morning she texts me saying her mom was going to take her to the doctor
>I call her the day after that after she doesn't reply to any more texts to see if she wants to do something
>her mom answers
>she had a fainted in her bedroom while getting dressed to go to the doctor
>hit her head on the edge of her night stand and died

So that is kind of shit.

Sorry about two posts.
Couldn't get it up from all the booze :')
>fucked her twice
>paid 80euro
biology textbook
Lol'd, great ending. Never saw it coming
gave me a boner tbchwy
I think that's called 7 seconds in heaven
>she had a fainted in her bedroom while getting dressed to go to the doctor
>hit her head on the edge of her night stand and died

I put my penis in a drunk girls mouth on New Years eve
It was a blowjob in his closet while we practiced for girls. I don't remember how old we were but we didn't have pubes yet.
>couldn't get it up
>when I finally did came in about 5 thrusts
Didnt have one so far.
Guess my age.
>Fingered girl on her roof and sucked her tits
>didn't fuck or get anything in return
I guess my first handjob was but my first blowjob was more of an experience since it kinda opened my eyes to a lot of things regarding women. Have some pretty good first time stories if anyone cares to read
This was a game of truth of dare with a bunch of older kids. Really was just an excuse for us to get freaky, without having to ask for yourself. But the dare was seven minutes of heaven.
same for me, except I was 14 and she was a he and I was doing his thighs on purpose.
>be 16
>somehow acquire a 4/10 black weaboo gf who finds my crippling anxiety, speech impediment, and nonexistent self-esteem attractive
>she comes over to my house one day
>we start making out with the implied assumption that things will get heavier
>eventually she tells me to take off her bra
>fumble with it until she just takes it off herself
>continue making out while slobbering on her tits like a retard
>soon she takes off her pants
>don't really know what I'm looking at because she doesn't shave and I don't watch much porn
>take off all my clothes, cross my fingers, and go down on her
>had to settle for third base because no condor
>so terrified that I literally can't get a boner
>feels like I'm watching myself from above
>proceed to eat her out for an hour and a half (no joke), miraculously giving her a few orgasms along the way despite not knowing what I'm doing
>finally she turns her attention to me, puts my soft dick in her mouth for a blowjob
>...and subsequently spits it out three seconds later because "her mouth is sore"
>go back to eating her out and jerking off my limp dick with one hand while worrying that she was repulsed by it
>somehow, finally cum
>both of us get dressed and I walk her to the train
>hair in the back of my throat for the next few days from her unshaven vag
>from then on, make up an excuse whenever she wants to comes over to my house
>she breaks up with me six months later to go out with a football-playing Chad way out of her league
This was five years ago. It was my first and only sexual experience.
countless wet dreams during the never-ending night that is my life
sup hisao
I saw a hooker because I was really depressed about being an old virgin. I have a bit of a milf fetish saw I got an older woman. My dick didn't actually get that hard which was worrying but I managed to fuck her and I was disappointed by how it felt. I had a condom on but it did not feel as good as I thought it did and neither did the blowjob. I also felt like an even bigger loser for getting a hooker than I did before so I regret it. It wasn't really bad and I guess I learned from it. If a robot asked me about going to see a hooker I would say save your money. Sex doesn't change you, like guys sometimes think.
go on familia
>been dating this one girl for about 8 months
>her parents are super Christian and get angry even when we kiss
>gf doesn't care, we'll just be super discreet about everything
>start coming over to her house at like 1 am
>never actually have sex, but do plenty of sexual things handjobs, fingering, tons of dry humping with our clothes off inb4 should have just stuck it in when you were doing that I was too beta and didn't have any protection and knowing my luck I would've blown my load inside her right away
>did this nearly every night the summer after my senior year in high school

Anyway, her parents eventually found out and made us break up.
I put my tongue in my older sister's vagina, she put her tongue on my penis. I was between 4 and 6, I don't remember exactly.
In the military, KV. She came on to me really strong but I didnt find her attractive. Eventually I gave in and she snuck up to my dorm. I got my first kiss and my first blowjob that night, although I couldnt cum from the BJ, I think I was too nervous. Anyways I ended up fucking her like 2 weeks later and kept her as a sorta practice girl for a few months.

It kinda sucks that the first time couldnt be with somebody I actually cared about but Im glad I got it out the way. Now I have a gf and I got to skip all the awkward shit with her.
>get a girlfriend somehow
>we're both virgins
>we've made out and been naked together but haven't had vaginal sex, just oral stuff
>she asks if I want to try
>she's super tight but I finally get my dick inside of her
>she giggles and says "it's a penis fly trap"
>stop after a few minutes because we had no condoms and didn't want children

So yeah, it was interesting. For some reason her comment sticks out in my head.
>taking a girls virginity while losing mine
>both 23
>wake up in the morning knowing we'll do it today and talk for two hours
>shes on the pill so dont have to use a condom
>she says her hymen is gone from masturbation so I dont need to worry about that
>shes nervous as fuck and I cant really get my cock in at all
>after slowly easing it in all the way I slowly pull out to find out she was wrong and theres blood all over my dick
>gets all over the sheets and all over her
>need to get tissues to clean up
>cant find any and start tearing drawers out trying to find some as it spreads everywhere
>she gets nervous about not taking the pill right and makes me put on a condom
>cant find them at first either and start unpacking bags to get them
>go through 6 different types until I find one that fits and doesnt have something wrong with it
>I get too hot so move the bed away from the radiator
>cant see what I'm doing now so pull a table light along with the extension strip
>never get a good rhythm and are constantly changing positions and moving furniture about to try and do it on them
>keep having more and more interruptions where we need to find something we need or need to move for some reason
>this goes on for SIX HOURS
>I'm finally ready to cum
>she says I can cum on her face "like in a porn"
>would usually refuse because I know it'll be awkward but am well past caring at this stage and do it
>cock has gone completely numb and I stand over her jerking off for like 20 minutes as she mutters awkward things like "I'm sorry" as if its her fault
>finally cum on her face
>she stands up to get a tissue not realizing how watery cum is and the cum goes everywhere
>talk about it for another 2 hours
>fall asleep having done nothing all day but trying to have sex
>when I wake up it looks like we've been burgled as every piece of furniture has been dragged around, every container has been ransacked, there are tissues, condoms, various wrappers, cum and blood everywhere
File: janny phones home.gif (1 MB, 331x1003) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
janny phones home.gif
1 MB, 331x1003
Jackhammered her for 30 mins, she screamed all the way through and orgasmed a couple of times. I didn't feel anything due to death grip syndrome and ended up getting bored and wanking for 5 mins until i finished on her tits.
>dude leads me on a string for 2 years
>finally decides i'm worth his time
>blowing him on the couch when a friend interrupts
>take it upstairs to my dad's room because my dad took away my bedroom door
>start fucking, feels pretty good
>he keeps stopping, going into the bathroom for a second and coming back???
>he finishes and we go sleep in my twin bed
>dad removed my door

my dad took my bedroom door away as a punishment. i think it was to prevent me smoking pot and/or getting fucked in my room. lost my virginity in his bed instead.
I have yet to have my first sexual experience, I am 30 now. I can't even make friends let alone a girlfriend.
Well first blowjob was cooler so I'll tell that tale
>be sophomore in high school
>have a lot of upperclassmen friends because did theatre
>chilling with 8/10 chubby girl and her less attractive friend
>she starts cuddling up to me as we watch a movie
>still had autism at this point so didn't know what to do
>finally take the hint and grab her tits lowkey
>she drives me home a few minutes later and stops the car in a lot
>looks at me and I finallly get it, we start hooking up
>she takes my dick out, starts sucking
>feels so good, never had a bj before
>sucks the soul out of my dick
>cum in her mouth, she swallows
>this all while I'm fingerbanging her

Bretty good, she sucked my dick for months afterwords

Have more stories
Go on robo i need to project myself on something today
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Good story anon, you are in the very truth
>with bf cuddling in bed
>start making out
>go down on him
>decide to fuq
>have him lay down on his back and put his legs over my shoulders
>finger him for a bit
>try to stick my dick in, too tight no lube
>he starts to cry
>hold him for a bit, then suck him of
eh, it was okay. I wish he wasnt such a little bitch about it though and just took it like the faggot he is. Also
>no homo
File: 8928928921.jpg (54 KB, 320x237) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 320x237
It didn't happen son. It never happened.

>Taking a dick in your ass no lube no prep

Disgusting, it's like you want to prolapse his anus
Hardy kek anon
>tfw got when middle school dance chubby from this post
File: wheredaddyat.jpg (115 KB, 683x893) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
115 KB, 683x893
At least you didn't have to worry about a pregnancy
>be 12
>sit at home
>remember porn site a friend told me about
>enter the porn site and yank my lugi
File: image.jpg (143 KB, 1440x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What is read cannot be unread
alright i'll tell the story of the most chad thing i've ever done

>have a hot half-asian FWB
>she has a huge ass, loves my dick, etc.
>my senior year of highschool her parents are gone a whole weekend
>leave school early that friday and fuck her brains out for hours at her house
>next night she has a huge party
>she ends up with someone else, i don't really care we're not exclusive
>her absolute best friend (since elementary school or some shit) comes up to me
>asks if i want to hook up
>she's also hot as fuck so I say yes obviously
>we start kissing and I work my magic and she wants to fuck
>take her to my FWB's grandmas room and fuck the shit out of her
>their mutual friend walks in and flips out
>she breaks it up as im hitting it from the back
>i never finished, was pretty salty

a lot of crying and friendship betrayal went on after that, I bounced though to avoid the fallout and got some wendy's

couple months later I resumed fucking the asian though. Overall turned out pretty good.
>Best friend's sister's college room mate, call her Sara, visits his house every weekend
>I'm 15, she's 20
>Weekend of my 16th birthday I am home alone, getting ready to go out that evening with my best friend to a movie while my family is at a church event
>There is a knock; it is Sara
>I invite her in. We talk for a while, she asks if I really just turned 16. I say yes.
>She asks to see my bedroom. I am about to have a heart attack, lead her up
>She undresses me, strips down, gives me a handjob
>Says 'now you might last a few minutes', lays on my bed
>Gently teaches me how to do it
>She is on the pill, so I come inside her
>Kisses me, says 'Happy birthday. If you tell your friends, I'll deny it. If you keep it secret we'll do it again'
>Had sex with her 5 more times before Summer
>She switched to a different college, closer to her parents. Never saw her again
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>>had to settle for third base because no condor
29 yo male
0 zero

what now fembots?
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>Met a 3-4/10 pothead on tinder
>Lived an hour away
>Drived all the way out there
>Got a $50 room at a cheap motel
>Her HOT younger sister dropped her off
>I buy beer from drugstore across the street to ease the mood
>Go into room and put on r&b music
>Talk for a bit then start kissing
>She gives me head and it feels weird because I'm uncut but I bear it
>She rides me I can't remember how it felt
>Finally just do missionary and it feels like I'm jacking off
>Almost cum in her
I was 22
Didn't mean to respond to you sorry


All those women who wanted to have sex with you got BTFO by your celibacy. That's what now
>Virgin (Obviously)
>Girl had already fucked 5 guys
>Got hard, got condom
>Lost boner immediately
>Still tried to fuck
>Just kind of stopped
>Rihanna "Rude boy can you get it up" plays on TV
Ended up staying in a relationship with that girl for over 2 years. Had plenty of healthy full climax sex.

First time was shit
File: le frog in muse.png (18 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
le frog in muse.png
18 KB, 400x400
>neighbor molests me when I'm younger
>random party hoe asks me to fuck her
>spaghetti everywhere
>never again
>gave myself first orgasm at like 5 with mums vibrating back massager thing

>had guy friend suck my dick when we were like 7

>had my sister and a friend hold me down while friends sister sucked my dick when i was like 9

>lost virginity at 14

>zero sexual encounters since besides prostitutes

this shit aint normal is it?
Its funny how all couples are there except the black guy... Hmmm
>be senior year in highschool
>prom night
>don't go because no girl to go with
>drink a bottle of vodka
>cry in the bathroom
>jerk off 14 times
>feel like I'm dying by the end
>pretend it's equal to losing my virginity

And that's how I lost my virginity.
>Jerked off onto my blanket
>Mom found splooge mark
>Game over
Jerked off under my blanket while my brother was in the room. I don't know what the fuck i was thinking
Lost my virginity at the age of 15 when my cousin's slut GF blew me for the money in my christmas card, $75.
This post got me down. There is no hope. I'm sorry anon.
fucked gf in hotel room. she rode me no condom and i busted in like 30 seconds
first sexual -experience-?

>be 17
>meet girl through local MSN chatroom back in the day
>chat for a while
>go on a date at movies
>be khv
>2 scared to do anytying "b-bye! haha"
>she asks me later if I don't like her or something
>like an idiot tell her that I'm khv
>she tells me that she's going to kiss me on the next date
>immediately get hard
>next date
>go see a movie again
>sweating bullets the entire time
>movie is over
>"w-well that was a cool movie huh!?"
>walking towards the exit
>she leans against the wall and pulls me in
>kisses me
>7 boners
>we kiss against the wall for a minute
>there's probably some poor wagecuck waiting to clean the seats and shit but we're standing in his way
>she touches my boner and giggles
>date ends
>tell her how hot that was and how hot she is
>asks if we can chill in my room next time
>don't have lock on my room door yet because autistic parents
>spend the entire night kissing
>feel her titties
>feel first titties ever
>titties are great
>she undoes my pants
>"haha hey what are dooOOOOH"
>she gives me the succ
>she keeps looking up at me and giggling
>I'm playing with her hair and titties
>too nervous to cum because no lock on door
>sure enough dad walks in while doing that "knock while opening door" but I heard him walking up the stairs
>opens the door and pokes his fuckin mustached head in
>"it's time for bed anon"
>walk girl to bus
>repeat this a couple of times, still can't cum
>eventually she breaks up with me

I'll greentext my actual first time with sex in a minute
File: poker guns.jpg (7 KB, 299x289) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
poker guns.jpg
7 KB, 299x289
>>Rihanna "Rude boy can you get it up" plays on TV

that song was ear-rape on its own, I can't imagine it being tied to an awful memory on top of that
>She gives me head and it feels weird because I'm uncut

How would you know that there's a difference in it feeling weird when you're uncut vs cut?

Are you one of those memers that was cut but grew his 4skin back?
File: comfy.jpg (24 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 600x600
>Second GF of my life
>She's attractive to me at the time but in reality was a 5/10 at best. But 9/10 tits tbqh, GF after her is much better
>Go to some park with some friends to Geo-cache or whatever it is
>Go walking down a creek
>My leg was coming off injury so I said I wanted to head back, GF came along
>We start making out after we get out of their sights
>Find a secluded log off to the side of the creek
>She takes off her shirt and bra
>I'm shaky and nervous because beta high school kid
>She takes my hand and puts them on her breasts
>Feels different than what I expected
>Then start making out some more
>She then gets on her knees in front of me
>Strips off my shorts
>Puts my dick in her mouth and gently bobs on it
>She wasn't that great at it but since it was the first it was the most amazing thing ever
>only after maybe 2 minutes, cum in her mouth, she swallows but gags a little
>Sit on the log and talk for a while
>Hear friends coming back down the creek
>Get dressed and return to them
>Act like nothing happened

Not bad to be honest
File: 1423020728296.jpg (385 KB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
385 KB, 800x800

Any tips on how to get an office job with no experience? Hopefully you see this
I used to make out with my sister in the shower when I was about 7-8.
First night out of first year of uni.

Lost my friend when getting to a club, was in the line outside and ended up speaking to some american girls, stayed with one of them in the club, went back to hers and shebang. I honestly don't know how I did it, especially on the first night of uni, I don't have much luck with women.

Unless you count me rubbing my ex's vagina before that, but I dunno.
I can't remember that well. It's a very blurry memory. We also used to watch porn together around that age.
File: 1291055412746.gif (495 KB, 350x263) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
495 KB, 350x263
>meeting up with old friend off internet
>out of the blue asks if I want to join in on a threesome with her
>say I'm a kv
>kisses me and tells me to come back to hers to solve the next part
>next day, go expecting a joke
>starts kissing again, oh shit she's serious
>start playing with her
>get down to it, just senseless fucking because she's fucking cute
>after a while her bf goes in from behind
>her mom walks in
>not so happy ending
i was about 9 and my sister used to hang out with this girl 2 houses down who was probably 13.

anyways this 13 year old was a pretty bad influence on my sister. got her into smoking and drinking and whatnot. anyway, one day we end up at 13 yr old's house.

somehow i ended up in a closet with this girl and we made out (basically her jamming her tongue into my mouth) and she kind of molested me til i ran home.

it was weird as fuck and ive never told anyone that. i was still playing with legos and goddamn action figures at that point. i didn't understand it except thinking it was "gross." i was too young to grasp the concept of it all. obviously she was in puberty and i was still a child. it just feels weird to think about.

i do think it had a psychological effect on me in some way.. i have a hard time interacting with people older than me, because i suppose up until that point, i trusted older people to be wiser and more mature than me. but alas, we are all just humans with our own desires/motivations/needs, and it took me a long time to see that.

tldr fuck you katie i was a child and you should have known better
>14 years old
>friend in year above has crush on this 8/10 girl who is rumored to have sucked some other 14 year
olds dick in the bathroom
>friend talking about how he wish she would suck his dick
>tell him shes an easy hoe and he could do it and that i'll prove it to him
>being a massive beta he tips her off to my crusade
>message her hi on facebook
>"why don't you just ask me already"
>proceed to organise bathroom meetup
>next day at school we meet in unused staff toilets
>jacked off that morning to avoid premature cum
>take my pants off, her eyes widen, "finally some monster cock"
>starts sucking my dick in cubicle
>takes shirt off and gives me titjob
>cant cum
>ask me to eat her pussy and im like fuck no roasite hoe
>keeps sucking my dick but cant cum
>sit on toilet and she sits on dick
>idk if that shit even went in properly
>attempt to fuck but its not really working
>freak out coz no pill or condom and dont wanna be 14 year old baby daddy
>tell her lets do it another time sorry i couldnt cum
>we plan to be fuckbuddies but she turn out to be fucked up daddy issues suicidal and i ceebs dealing with that shit and so i just push her away
>tfw missed out on constant 8/10 fuck and will never have that opportunity again
>14 yo
Wait a minute
maybe that happened, but how you wrote it just seems so forced and fake and gay fuck you
>14 year old

you have to be older than 18 to post here
Facebook came out in 2005, 11 years ago
>I bounced though to avoid the fallout and got some wendy's

Savage, I love it
you're just jealous

i was a normie as a kid
holy shit I had a similiar experience as a kid.

I used to play with these kids in my primary school who also lived nearby, and one time when we were at mine alone playing hide and seek, the girl (who was a bit of a rebel and tomboy, but chavvy) hid with me in a wardrobe/closet and tried kissing me.

Freaked me out as a kid, I can't remember my age but it was before I was interested in girls really, and I was a good catholic boy too.
Got molested by an older male when I was 4 years old. Wasn't really a "sexual" thing as I wasn't lucid enough to realize what was going on, or what was really happening. I do remember it though.

Pretty much all of my childhood I played sex games with the people I grew up with. They were all within about a year of my age. From probably 8 onward I would do stuff like play truth or dare with the neighborhood girls and/or boys. Gay shit often happened as often I was stuck with dudes. Pretty basic stuff. I don't remember ever orgasming until later.

I don't think any of us knew what an orgasm was (at least I didn't.) but we certainly knew what horniness was. We would get horny and show eachother our penises. We would touch and suck eachother's cocks but never cum. We'd like the way it felt but would always go to bed still feeling stimulated and awake, as we really didn't know how to cum yet.

Cont in a second.
Kek, roastie btfo
>end of 2014 fall semester
>girl had suggested she come over to my place to celebrate the end of finals
>she brings over some rye whiskey
>throughout the evening I get completely plastered
>I come to with her naked in my bed
>I literally have no memory of the first time I had sex
>apparently after we banged, I puked
>we dated for about 5 months after

I got pretty lucky lol
I was experimenting sexually for a few years before I actually had an orgasm. I remember it vividly. I was probably 10 years old and my friend was 11. We were in gradeschool at the time. I was at his house. Before this, he was one of the people I'd play truth or dare with. We never climaxed (at least I didn't) before this. I remember we were laying on the floor of his room, it was late at night and we were jerking eachother off. It was pitch black. I was stroking his dick and he was stroking mine.

All of the sudden I was just overcome with this intense feeling that was making me arch my back and extend my toes. I was orgasming. I didn't cum, but I felt it. It was awesome. My entire body was just bathed in pleasure.

I had involuntarily slowed my hand on his cock. He was still hard but my erection was fading. He must have felt my body and cock surge in orgasm. He asked me what happened and I said "I don't know." I stopped jerking him off and went to sleep.

I'm 20 and have had facebook since 8th grade, guys.
Never had one, I was kinda a late developer so I never even fapped until I was 14. Had a friend who I like when I was 16 but I got rejected. Now I'm friendless and a neet basement dweller.
>Go with titty monster black girl (also 13) to movies
>Don't pay attention to movie at all, too busy fondling each other
>Go back to her house
>Fuck for 15-ish minutes
>Can't cum because of condom
>End up jacking off and giving her a facial

We stayed fuck buddies for years until I got married. I do miss those titties though...
>be barely 18 year-old me
>shy loner in all of high school
>reinvent myself as a mallgoth punk rock poser, spiked hair and black make-up and studded shit and everything
>see qt mallgoth girl walking around college campus
>tall, long black hair, tiny titties
>too shy to go talk to her though
>friend who's older by a few months takes me to his local watering hole
>go there
>holy shit it's qt mallgoth girl
>she's dating friend of my friend
>be casual "hey how are you I seen you around campus okay cool" with her the first couple of times
>her and I are the only two fluent English people in a crowd of mostly-French speakers
>by the third weekend there we're more interested in each other than anyone else
>I spend most of that night sitting at the bar with her rather than playing pool with everyone else
>talk music and politics, we're both into NIN and Slipknot and generic mallgoth stuff as well as punk rock
>drink after drink after shot after shot after cigarette
>her bf walks over a couple of times to check on her and be like "ey you is not going to uh fuck wit my girlfriends? haha I am just joking but seriously"
>of course not why would I do that
>last night bus heading home
>my friend is spending the night as his other friends' place and I sort of know where the bus is
>mallgoth girl: "oh anon I live in the same direction I'm going home with you"
>[scene missing]
>we're rolling around on the lawn near the bus stop and making out
>[scene missing]
>I'm sitting in the back, her straddling me and making out with as I'm fingering her with a bunch of Chads cheering us on (and luckily this was before smart phones)
>[scene missing]
>we're in her basement getting naked on fold-out couch
>she lays down and rubbing her clit
>beautiful ghostly-white body and freshly-shaved pubes
>"fuck me Anon!"
>put on condor
>stick it in
>condor is too small or tight
>it breaks
>"I'm on the pill!"
>throw condor on wall
>jump dick-first into her
If this ends in a bel-air or a dinosaur walk I'm gonna be so pissed. Pls continue
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>Be 19-year-old moi.
>Meet grill on WoW RP server.
>Decide to fly halfway across the country to meet her.
>Arrive and have date.
>"By the way anon, I'm still kind of living with my kinda sorta ex-boyfriend."
>Whatever. Go for it because desperation.
>Later that night many an unf unf unf were done.
>No condoms. Many creampies.
>Boyfriend arrives after day at work.
>He sleeps on couch while I snuggle up to nerdy qt3.14.
>Listens in on us during round 5.
>Screams like a banshee at us before packing up things and leaving.
>Turns out she didn't let him know they had broken up.
>Feel sort of bad. Enough to end the relationship after a few months.
>Go back home a less moral and pure being, basically recovering from trekking the path of Chad.
>Still sort of hate myself almost a decade later.
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>so this is what all the hype about sex is about
>keep pounding away at her
>she's scratching her nails into my back and ass
>dick occasionally slips out
>that feel when taking my dick out completely and then sticking it back in
>so drunk that I can't cum
>she bites into my shoulder and squeals
>still trying to fuck her
>eventually has me stop
>"aaaa.......anon thank you!"
>"did you cum?
>still hard
>"do you want to fuck again in a few minutes?
>we fuck again after a bathroom break, some water and snacks and a few cigarettes
>this time she climbs on top of me
>she cums again before me but this time she keep jumping on my dick until I burst a nut inside her
>throw hotdog down hallway another time after that
>finally pass out and sleep
>wake up in some stranger's basement
>oh shit last night was real
>fuck again
>because I'm retarded, tell her that it was my first time
>she giggles, kisses me and tells me I'm cute
>asks me to go on a proper date
>she breaks up with her bf
>we fuck each other's brains out and date for like 6 months
>tfw I wonder what she's up to these day
What ended it anon?
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moa handface.gif
1 MB, 320x180
>>Turns out she didn't let him know they had broken up.

>mfw you cucked someone in their own apartment

I only kind of sort of feared for my life for the next week or so after. No fun being on the receiving end of beta wrath.
Fembot here

I lost my virginity to a cute robot but he had a little penis and he was so nervous it couldnt get fully hard. It didnt hurt at all which I was afraid of but it didnt feel great. Thought sex was overrated until I had sex with a chad who had a big dick.

Chsddaddy strikes
she broke up with me, said something vague like "it's not working out" but really I know it's because I was too boring and had no friends, I know that for a fact because two other girls broke up with me before that for that same reason, and another one after that as well.

Like I said, back then I was a shy loner and I had literally just that one friend and his own circle of friends (I did have other friends but they were too busy whacking off to anime dolls in their bedrooms to live a life outside).

After stealing that dude's girlfriend, hanging out with them wasn't a possibility anymore so I hung out with my gf's circle of friends, and we went to punk & metal shows just the two of us occasionally but really I just wanted to stay in and watch TV and put my dick in her holes. Which we did for a long time like all day everyday.

When she broke up with me I literally said "okay" and had no hard feelings. it almost felt like a practice gf although she was the most attractive and most sexual and most interesting and most balanced girl I was with.

I did somehow talk to her a few years later on MSN messenger back when that was still a thing and again briefly on facebook before I deleted myself from the site.
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