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Spit some fire for me /r9k/
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Spit some fire for me /r9k/

You dumb nigga thought she was innocent
Next thing you know Chad is in her scent
another day another dollar
smug neets living in squalor
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Woah you rhymed cent with scent

wow dude

ya bitch blew me harder than the anemoi
bust a nut, go home, eat mommy's tendies
Actually I rhymed innocent with scent
File: 1449633207896.jpg (210 KB, 1100x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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hit a bitch wit the tec if she a roastie
in my blankie chillin nice n toastie
momma say get a job im like hoe pls
im postin wit the neets and the og's
neet version of juicy pls
i tried and it was bad
felt good rapping that, my nig
That was straight fire, anon
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>anon here and it's time to get real
>The robot life is a painful ordeal
>Tfw no gf is hurting bad
>All those whores want is to suck on Chad
>I can't take it much longer I'm going to drop
>but not before I make the normies hearts stop
>locked loaded and ready to go
>the high score will be mine see you soon cho
File: 0132 - Wso1sFs.png (492 KB, 499x499) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
0132 - Wso1sFs.png
492 KB, 499x499
The next eminem
Wake up, too late,
my day wasted,
too dumb, too fat,
and i hate it,
tomorrow i'll change,
i promise myself,
no didn't happen reee
kill myself
punk nigga fuck u and ur trap house
im on the tendie grind chillin in the fap house
daddy naggin on ya boi mad hard tho
sayin clean up them fap socks pronto
I'm a normie now and it's quite alright. I recently enjoyed some fresh pussy and it was quite tight. But I'm not about to be a deer in headlights when my girlfriend stops giving me love bites. I'm going to get cucked eventually so I have to think it through and have a plan B.
0 /10 last part didnt rhyme get the fuck out normie scum
Eventually, plan B. You just have to read it differently ;)
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Break your leg if you claim to be OP
Fuck the whole squad I'm on my lonely
Get a fucking job, mom, you owe me
I supply the memes for my whole team

Spend all this GBP on some tendies
And I drop more for some ice cream
Make a bitch wet if she test me
Wake up wage-slave I'm your worst dream
ooooooo my boy killin this beat
File: 1442274674781.jpg (97 KB, 779x635) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I may be short but my dick is shorter

Face so ugly look like it got hit by a mortar

I'm pussy repellent like a Chinese chef

Game so unfair someone must've paid the ref

But none of that matters imma tell you why

Jk it does how should I suicide?
Every day dis nigga say he gun' change
But he just keep lurking, fapping to the strange.
He's a fucked up guy, he's a dame ningen
Wasting hour after hour as his soul blackens.

Yeee boiii sign me up senpai i'll suck yo dick
chillin for free in my neetbux apartment
wagies paying for my sandwhich artists
Here's a piece of slam poetry I wrote

You got a talent for bars
Rhymes more deadly than Mars
Pull up to your school
with my chrome tool
started shooting
bodies droping
elliot on my shoulder
If my gun jams in gonna slice
get ready to met christ
I'm a wageslave living in a man cave
Making fat padays, call me a normie anyway

I switched from reddit to 4chan
This ain't no normie land

Robots and virgins and all the likes
Kids seem to know which meme is right

My life is like a downvote
Good thing I left, no more trench coat

I left my fedora in that shithole, man
Fuck this shit I'm just gonna kick the can.

Word out
Fuck all yall normies
don't even smoke weed
fuck your bitch, fill her with seed
just kidding, already ree'd
look at this kid, listen Pajeet
belongs in the fucking toilet
bring me dat green, bitch I'mma roll it
Im the nigga with da plug
Talk shit I be throwing them slugs
damn blood
them lil niggas aint do it like we do it
shit ive been through you aint been through it
lil honky mama got the donkey
getting yo bitch as easy as abc
Thanks senpai. I hope we can compile a mixtape with this thread.
>participating in nigger shenanigans
Senpai? I wrote "senpai".
Since when does "f a m" autocorrect to senpai?
I'm the new kid moving in getting it done and I'm officially the candidate of having some fun
u new bro?
I'll get my willy out
that's what it;s all about
I'll wee on you because
you think it is the water spout
newfag as heck
Viddy G's
I run away from my anxieties
the screen sees my impiety
a sickness on my soul
all 24 you know I'm tryin these
Viddy G's
I'd take em over fiddy g's
lock me in a room
throw away the keys
while I be lost in these
Viddy G's
File: 1441241189213.jpg (94 KB, 792x558) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94 KB, 792x558
that columbine reference tho
yeah yeah
yo it's time
Fuck you Stacy
I eat your baby
Fucking slut get pregnant when she suck
You and Chad get fucking cucked
When I fill on tendies you both are fucked
You pay your taxes I go KA-CHING
Someone hold me back before I kill this thing
that was lit senpai
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46 KB, 600x307
Str8 Savage
File: 1415822636936.png (127 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
127 KB, 300x300
pretty fire desu senpai
1 2 3 and foh

Make you jump like mario

If you don't we party dough

Ain't nobody stoppin us

Got the meme so stock it up

see the this screen and feel the beams

till we seem like human beings.

this is how we do the thing

let your body rule and reeee

Yo yo get ready for me to drop fire not that weak bitch shit this is oven tendies heat i'm tired
Mama said life is what you make it but i try my best with no results this NEET life i can't escape it
As i lie in bed, I try to clear my head but the voice won't stop saying you deserve to be dead I imagine if life was a little bit alright but every attempt to Live ends at the start of the night.
File: inshock.jpg (40 KB, 730x663) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 730x663
wake up, crawl, hide, my future is uncertain,
straight up, fall, life is summed up in a circle,
...with no way back,
blame the bright screen I'm always staring at,
matter of fact, i'm never winning because my inner compass will never stop spinning,
but aiming is hard when you have no target,
I tried to break it, gave up and restarted,
I'm faithless, but subconsciously I hope for a deity, big plot or the matrix,
some sort of punishment, secret mission or training,
though, deep down I do know,
it's just a way of dealing with what I'm hating,
with all the seconds, hours and years that I've wasted.
Babe, I don't care if you cuck me
And I don't care if you take black D
You can fucking swim in the men-se (backwards)
All I fucking ask is that you love me (love me)

And we have time alone to be in love
And every so often I can fuck your V
And you don't publicly humiliate me
And most importantly

Babe, I don't care if you cuck me
And I don't care if you take black D
You can fucking swim in the men-se (backwards)
All I fucking ask is that you love me (love me)

Babe, I don't care if you cuck me (cuck me now!)
And I don't care if you take double D (double D, ba-a-aby!)
You can fucking swim in the men-se (backwards) (o-o-oh, backwards!)
All I fucking ask is that you love me (lo-o-ove me!)

Baby, love me
Going off dude!
Feel like gettin weaker, everyday
always worried that could one day, misbehave

With time passing by, I saw that life is a crap
now it's only gettin harder, not to give up

It doesn't even matter whether I try or not
there is no fucking salvation when you're a robot

Always on your own, no one to call mate
frustration grows within, about to burst hate

Reaching into drawer, it's the end of the story
All I want to say is "momma i'm sorry"

*drops mic*
Nice rap, and repeating digits to boot
Yo yo yo on the chan spittin fire
my trap plastered with signs readin bitches for hire
yo mummy think her tendies be fine
gonna slice her up like poland 1939
time for blitzkrieg motherfuckers
i'm rolling with the /r9k/ kids, freak mothafuckas
if yo a neet hol yo hands up
if yo a wagie fuck your shit up
thanks anon appreciate that
And let me hear the normies say
"Hey brother, be yourself, all will be okay"
Now my situation dire, you liar, you fucking murderer, fucking traitor
Sleep and I still see her there
And her fucking face that is filled with disgust
Who am I she asked before biting the dust
Or just a fantasy dreamt up by a loser wasting time, see?
Waste his time 2016- the last year I'll be
Maybe I'll survive if I got the will to dive
Though probably I'll just die the kid who knew to jive
No need for introductions I'm already bakin'
All these normies watchin' me like I might be fakin'
Make em' fall, build a wall, stomp out immigration
Be the man who commands the respect of the nation
Heh, can't stump the Trump
Take his coat, choke his throat, put him outside
I secretly wanna fuck my daughter on the side

Shout out to my main man Elliot
To my mom
Mr. Baxter
And all y'all niggas in between
Word out.
Damn son you can spit good
Cause I'm a 4chan born virgin
Getting no pussy, that's the shit I'm learnin'
But for a waifu, I am still yearnin'

She's gotta be sugar, and spice, and everything nice
Watching anime, she makes me some white rice
Haven't showered for days, shit. Is that lice?

That's right its a robot life
For Christ sake 4chan, am I doing it right?

They tell me to kill myself, seems pretty mean
But I look retarded, maybe a misplaced gene?
Maybe the noose will wipe my sadness clean.

So tell me 4chan, should I end it all
Robots, and Normies, is this my great fall?
My mom hears my neck crack from down the hall

Ah shit it looks like I made it to the afterlife
No sugar no spice, not even a hot wife
Sounds different than what you thought right?

God greets me with a cheer and a smile
Hey mister virgin, we've been waiting a while!

>tfw god thought I'd kill myself sooner
I'm a r9k normie.
I'm a r9k normie.
You see your girl texting? She tellin' me she's horny.
I like yo flow nugget'
File: 1452225662020.jpg (554 KB, 1080x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
554 KB, 1080x1920
>spit some fire
Nigga i'm not some fucking dragon
everybody can make it if they really try, which is why,
you keep seeing the same faces all the time,
and most importantly of all, you're seeing mine,
top of the game, bitches call me boss,
merry christmas, i always enter chambers with the hoes like santa claus,
whenever you out, your bitch calls me over and later,
gets fucked in the pool like a bad billiard player,
though, I'm always walking around with full wallets,
but your mom has pimped more bumper bars than westcoast customs,
Just wanted to say
This is not my day
Mom thinks I'm gay, man dat bitch cray
Hit that bitch up cuz for tendies I crave
Who she think she is? I start to cave
In, my mind be collapsing
They call me Michael Jackson
yo Stacy hide your children
I'm not autistic I'm different
I'm special, Don motherfucking Draper
'Cept without the looks so I guess i gotta rape her
Fembots no pressure, you got all the time in the world
In the meantime I'll expand my collection of swords
Or spend some time on the best board
Don't even need no broad, I'm my own man indeed
Diddly doo, diddly did, someone please take my fucking seed
Woah just kidding Chad you know I wasn't gonna do it
It's just a prank bro why gotta do this
I'm dying, I'm crying, someone send help
Straight garbage, get the fuck outta here wit that weak shit nigga. Shit ain't even rhymes and you type like a faggot
you just mad because you're mom's a whore

>I've hated my life ever since the first grade
>that's why my plan is to kill myself - on my birthday
>childhood was shit, shout outs to Mr. Rodgers
>not that nigga from the neighborhood I meant the normie slaughterer
File: 1436264515358.png (167 KB, 313x2288) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
167 KB, 313x2288
Straight fire dog

froggy ass nigger wit the big long dick
never gonna use cuz short manlet spick
pepe face green frog benefits pay
never let a white cunt see the light of day
dodge my rodge ya cant
bullets too quick
virgin tech columbine now the shits lit
got the face of white woe and my name jak
read between each rhyme
between the line
see where i'm at
that was pretty gud senpai senpai 8:::::D~~~ D=
File: 1452608969441.png (51 KB, 625x627) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51 KB, 625x627
Cocaine no pain jack a niggas gold chain
So lame no shame im dancing in the cold rain
Old brain tuned and adjusted to the meta game
My man changed suckin the cellophane flower
That's all u get for free
Nigger nigger nigger nigger
I wish my dick was bigger
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daffy duck.jpg
16 KB, 318x307
Toastin the roasties
Dippin the tendies
Honey my mustard
Popeyes they send me

Gucci the fendi
Prada the louis
Hop in my car
And drive to St. Louis

Meet with my plug, his name is Jose
Sending me tendies all night and all day
Aint fuck with no frog who's name is Pepe
Ain't fuck with no frog who's name is Pepe

Sip San Pelligrino while toasting Tostinos
And roasting dumb bimbos that I meat on Tinder
These bitches get dimmer with each passing day
Maybe I'll say fuck it and just become gay

File: 1452138993106.png (440 KB, 479x799) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
440 KB, 479x799
File: mogiii.gif (1 MB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 500x375
Dreaming of impregnating her placenta, but she's eating Chad's smegma.
File: 1424584849656s.jpg (10 KB, 124x111) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Mandatory obligatory required involuntary comment.
Shout out to my nigga rodge

It's 2016 and I'm feelin real supreme
Got the gun on my hip
Bullets fill the clip
Fuck with me til they see the chrome
Put it to they dome
"Tell Jesus I said Shalom"
Barfest here I come
Bitch's snatch drink my cum

Dropping bars with my androids
Bitches always avoid
Don't give a fuck cus I'm flaccid to the roast
To all my virgins I applaud and toast
2D gets this D
when i come through i spit hits/don't bullshit it i get it/never slippin i flip it my nigga want it come get it/mo forget it its blown /da streets is what this bitch own/tragedys what you sill reap because your death has been sown/now im loading my clip/you got two seconds to dip/when you see me on the scene u know the script gonna flip/my hand dont slip from the trigger/who you think you is nigga?/best go back to your bitch and be a good father figure!
>best go back to your bitch and be a good father figure!
Ruined an otherwise great verse
first off I don't fuck with roasties

hit a roastie with the burner yeah I leave her toasty

got these fucking normies sprinting like a track team

but it's no good normies I got a laser beam

crimson trace dot you up like a dalmation

shoot your ass in public in front a police station

I'm homicidal suicidal I don't give a fuck

So if a normie see me they know that they better duck

I got an AK and a P226

them chopper bullets eat you like a bowl of Trix
File: emma.jpg (18 KB, 373x559) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 373x559
bad bitch named bridget
she on my dick cus im frigid
your money short like a midget
i get money, check my digits
Yo yo yo,
Everywhere I look, normies I see
Normies to the left and to the right of me
They don't know my feels, I just want a girlfriend
But I mustn't break, I mustn't bend
Just love of some kind, a hand to hold
"Just be yourself," I am constantly told
Most are disgusted by what they view
So I put back on the mask, big guy for you
I say I'll make changes starting tomorrow
But changes never come, not even in sorrow
Days pass me by like bitter cold
The years go round, I grow old
People are settling, they all have a wife
But I have not begun my life
It's too much, I cannot do it
One chance at happiness, and I blew it
Nothing in life, no legacy
Generations of fathers, and it ends with me
I am nothing but an empty shell
I can already here the funeral knell
Empty chairs, empty casket
People will walk just right past it
I'll order that helium tank one day
One day never comes, I learned the hard way
I have no other outlet but rage
Fuck you, fuck this thread, sage
So while I wait for my doom
I post on a board for little girl cartoons
I join in this culture of hate
Against those people who did not wait
It's all I have left in this sad life of mine
They still don't understand, they just think I whine
What I wanted in life will never be
savage pham
Now I'm loadin up the choppa and I'm wipin off the fingerprints

They killed Elliot Rodgers I been plottin out here ever since

Natural born killa I'm ready to ride

Fuck the normie side yellin out homicide

You think it just a rap, an ya boy just playing

Till I ride by the house, pull out, and start spraying

All I got in this world is my bots an this metal

/r9k/ are you with me while I'm talking to the devil

Fuck em kill em all line em up an watch em fall

Sell your souls to me, an forever NEET, y'all

If you got beef like a burger imma hit you with that burner have you slumped over with spergers

I didn't actually mean end the thread fellas -__-
ver nice. checked
but why desu?
You ignored my double dubs assfag
File: 1452490571766.jpg (40 KB, 486x507) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 486x507
Fuckin 36 chambers
Cappin 36 hater
Writin 36 bangerz
Fly bitches in my hangars
No caution only danger
My bars got my layers
Fuck Tyler the creator
So angelic that I'm Slayer
File: 1437799584632.jpg (62 KB, 600x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 600x720

(funny lol)>>25720569


checked. youre welcome evyyone. have a good day
>skips all of my posts
My mom likes my bars
File: 1451502243704.png (20 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 225x225
me bte. it was me. i checed them all. ty ily. goodbye now
>that Halo ref
Best ITT
i didt read ne of them..... i jut like the numbers
Oh, I gotchu

You should check these tho

>pls don't moot me almight bot
O_O impessive
File: 1452369737861.png (204 KB, 800x670) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
204 KB, 800x670
yo yo yo yo

woke up today early, nigga what i see
searching everywhere, but there is no mommy

walkin got me tired, tummy starts growling loudly
hey lad guess i'll have to check my total currency
nah silly nigga that's not british GBP

looking on board quickly, what a fantastic feel
I just got enough for my favorite meal

there is no hesitation
im calling her workstation
to end my own starvation

mommy mommy im very hungry
please bring food now or i'll get angry

you ask me what detail is
you know where my favorite place is
go hurry to the Wendy's
go get me chicken tendies

piss jug
File: 1452634839038.jpg (56 KB, 540x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56 KB, 540x540
Scrolling through 4chan
Still ain't got a girl, man
Tryna find a QT3.14 but Damn
All I get is this 4/10 named Sam
Adv/ is telling me to keep my head above water to change relationship status/
But I'm riding under this current without any breathing apparatus/
Got a surly disposition
But they ain't in no position
To he dissin on my mission
On the path to Valhalla
Make the white bitches holla
>posted at 18:39
File: 1444786761645~2.jpg (14 KB, 164x205) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 164x205
If you show me a bad bitch, i might fuck her
If she plays hard to get, im finna force her
She gon be wildin cuz of the pleasure
I will fuck her with a knife and tell her i will pull out, but that was a lie
I got more bars than a snack bar, girls been telling me my dick looks like a mars bar, in extra large
noice tbqh pham
Thread replies: 107
Thread images: 28
Thread DB ID: 403021

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