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Frogs and Feels.jpg
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Don't just stand there, come in edition

Coffee happy hour for another two hours. What's on your mind today lads?
Losing money on cs:go
Post your steam ID, I can gift you like 100 cases to sell when I get home later anon.
Can i post my trade ID?
i'll take some vodka please
doesnt matter which one, just make it's strong
u weren't here yesterday so i'll just copy it since same feel stays with me today

>autism and anxiety ruins my life eversince i remember
>complete lack of social skills
>barely forced myself to finish hs 5years ago (scored pretty good on externals tho)
>depression gettin stronger every year
>anxiety so strong that i can't stand human companionship
>eternal fatigue
>not capable of working real job
>tried (4-5 months) it but had depressive/suicidal thoughts during entire 12h shifts 4-5 days a week
>couldn get comfy after/before work neither
>loosing contact with old bros, which seems unavoidable
>decided to go to college since I got decent score and got in everywhere i applied
>tried different subjects at uni
>none of them seems interesting enough
>skipping classes and failing uni everytime
>don't even feel sad/ashamed about it anymore
>old hobbies are no longer fun, emotions pretty much gone, feel like sociopath tbqh
>nothing brings joy anymore
>suicide becomes more and more appealing as time goes by

I am just tired of life already
I want to go to sleep and never wake up
nvm, here you go : http://steamcommunity.com/id/scamazmotherfucker/
I'll take a pint of whatever cider you have on tap, OP.

I'm just wanting idle chat to take away from my suicidal tendencies.
Thank you so much!
Really apprecietti
moms spaghetti
Sure thing, here you go. To tell you the truth, I could never get cider. Whenever I taste it I always immediately feel how it would be better if I went for soda or proper beer instead. Barkeep is funny like that but yeah.

Uh... that's a lot to deal with to tell you the truth anon. Sounds like you need a new circle of friends to steer shit up a bit and to refresh your mood and view on life. Small changes and baby steps.

Here's vodka, I will even leave the bottle.
Give me a screwdriver, i really wanna get hammered today..

Got a family renunion later this month, and im so fucking nervous i cant stand it. I have always been the family looser, and they always make fun of me

Just wanna dig a hole in the ground and sit alone..

>Inb4 Suicidal
thanks anon
it's nice to know someone actually took a sec to hear you out
there is no magical solution for me i guess
seems like i just wanted to rant bout it
anyway i'd better start drinking before i start thinking
you are a good lad anon
here's to you

i'll be under my table if you need me
I've just never enjoyed beer, even pale ales & lagers. It's too bitter for me I think. I've tried a lot, but nothing that I prefer to a good cider (my favourite so far being Isaac's Chilli & Lime Cider)
Oh shit, are you me from 3 years ago?

Find a good therapist and medical practitioner and stick with it. You can do it, anon.
Hey barkeep, how's it going?
Give me some Irish Coffee.
I asked this previously in another thread, but would like to have more opinions on the issue. Maybe you could offer some insight... Any tips on helping a friend with depression? He used to be able to deal with it, but this last half a year he's become increasingly more despaired. But the thing is, the more I try to cheer him up, the worse I feel for it, like I'm being drained of my own strength, y'know?
Already drunk so I don't really need a drink, won't be staying for long. Just wish that life didn't feel so sharp without alcohol. Just wish that I could function like a normal human bean without alcohol. Just wish that my life had taken a different course. Already lost most of my hope, so I sort of take solace in this eerie state of being content with my life.

Blessed be the misery, the filth, the discord and the horror
Blessed be the lies, the guilt, the fear, the woe and the betrayal
For these ones didn't need any outside source
For these ones come from within
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16 KB, 606x623
JD on the rocks...Make that double.

I don't know if I should leave my current university for (or in hopes of going to) a better one...

It seems like I'm not making any progress at my current uni. I flunked the midterms+assignments and so did majority of the class. My professor had been absent for nearly a month. When he returns from his unspecified trip of absence, he couldn't careless about any of our progress.

For the sake of saving his face; I hinted to him that we needed lectures not just practical "work on your own" sessions with little guidance, but he does not seem to get the message...

I voiced my issues to 3 other lecturers but they are powerless to assist me, since they are the subordinates and said professor is head of faulty.

I want to leave...But I can't bear leaving all my robot classmates behind. I'm also under the false impression that lessons will get better overtime but it's already been 4 months with no changes

What should I do...Should I stay or should I go ?
To tell you the truth, unless you are a qualified therapist, you can't do jack shit. Continue asking him out to movies or whatever every couple of days, enough for you not to feel bad about it. I suggest cutting off online chatting with him, make an excuse how your pc is broken or whatever the fuck. Make it so that instead of chatting online every day you actually see each other once in 4 days and go out for coffee and shit. I mean I assumed that he is some kind of shut in neet suicidal person, it clearly varies on the level of depression.

If you are sure that he has no valid reasons to be so bummed, call him out on it subtly, talk to him about your own problems, try to get him to participate.

Important thing to remember, as shitty as it sounds, is that your own mental health is more important than his own.
I can only speak from my own experiences with depression and anxiety, but honestly the best thing you can do is just be there.
Even if they fuck up a million times attempting the same thing and it seems so obvious to you, sometimes just saying "Wow dude, that really sucks. You're still cool though" can make all the difference.

I'm drunk so I'm probably not explaining this as eloquently as I'd like, the tl;dr of it is, just be there to listen to your friend even if the answer seems obvious to you, just having a person who will listen without judging or offering advice will be enough to take the pressure off him/her even if just for a short while
thanks anon
Im seeing my therapist this monday for the very first time
kinda sceptical but i got nothing to lose i guess
the autism tavern is open again
Can I get a dark chocolate mocha please?
> want to win the lottery so bad
> I fucking hate my job and I'd want to rub it in my fat bitch co-workers face
> I just want to be comfy and run a coffee shop with a qt
can i play this song in the jukebox?

also can i get some grey goose?
First time on early morning /r9k/ for a while. Really disappointed in the overall drop of quality seeing as we're not even at a baseline of shit anymore. Honestly believe that if you are under a certain level of intelligence, or you are willfully ignorant, you should be punished with death. Goddamn do I hate stupid fucking children who clutter up the board with the same tired and beaten threads day after day after fucking day.
this is everything wrong with modern rap
please overdose on cough syrup you waste of oxygen
whats your problem fucking hater? didnt suck your daily dick yet?
no, your mom does that for me
enjoy getting cucked by the real rappers you weak ass suburban bitch
Waking up at 4 to get to work by 7 fucking blows. Gimme a jack and coke
Christ, my condolences. I had to wake up at 6:30 for a year and I thought that was bad.
File: feelsgoodman.png (110 KB, 330x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
110 KB, 330x270
hello Bartender, can I have some orange juice please?
>be me - uni student, pretty tall and average looking
>2 months ago I got this feeling that I'm recovering from autism
>when I wake up in the mornings I don't wanna snuggle back under the blanket fearing to face the world
>more inspired, got good grades on all exams
>got into relationship with a 9/10 cutie girl, she has a worse than average self-esteem though, but dem titties
>cousin persuaded me to hit the gym up with him and I stopped eating garbage food
>started learning Spanish and stuff on Codeacademy to do freelancing stuff
>overall positive outlooks and optimism

Does this mean I no longer belong here?
suburban? lmfao shut the fuck up white boi come see me hoe, mad cause you cant make a hot song
I think a bookshop would be better. Preferably one which almost no one visits, assuming you had the funds to just sit on it.
Are you the same eeyore who was the whiny bitchboy mascot of r9k 2 or 3 years ago?
Why haven't you killed yourself yet? You literally posted nonstop about how much your life sucked day after day, much like the people you lambaste in your post.
I think I'm getting dumber, no matter how hard I try to study nothing sticks into my head and i'm failing my classes. I think it has something to do with me being unable to eat vegetables. Fuck, whenever I take a bite of a leaf I end up throwing up. My eyes are getting weaker and there's random pain in my skull that pops what anywhere.

I'll take a long island ice tea.
I'll take a Guinness... Have you got any tendies back there bartender?
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>post in a thread
>it dies
>bought a motorcycle
>feel like I mad a mistake
>I have no job and I feel Stressed about it and about being with the motorcycle. I think it will pass. I hope so.

I wish I win huge amount of money and my life will be peacuful with no worries.
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>have Skyrim modded exactly the way I want it
>can finally ignore the real world and immerse myself in a comfy fantasy
>I fuck it up and accidentally delete an important file
>have to clean install and remove 300+ mods, not to mention my 100 hour save

I feel like I've burned my house down.
>tfw gonna walk out to get two burgers
>feel bad because average person gets just one but I havent eaten anything literally all day long and its 5pm

I fucking hate guilttripping myself
I've been waiting like an hour for my drink. This pub is shit
Waiting for my school money to come in so I can buy my books, a coat, and put some in my savings. I want to buy a piano soon. Would be a great creative outlet and use of time. I'm a novice at best but I love composing.
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My day so far:
>wake up at 6:30
>go to school
>have to hurry because I was kinda late
>arrive at school lesson begins
>didn't make my homework (don't ask me why, 0 motivations nowadays)
>cute chick 7/10 noticed it
>Says 'anon why didn't you make your homework? You never pay attention what are you actually doing at home?'
>sometimes I am pretty autistic, so just then I just said nothing realizing I don't do shit in my life.
>feel more depressed
>Next lesson, maths.
>didn't make my homework (again)
>teacher was mad at me
>everyone laughed
>asking myself what I'm even doing here
>school ended (finally)
>go home
>ate some things and went to bed
>wake up
>feel like shit
>browsing r9k now on pc
Last time I have the feeling that every day is the same fucking day, I made some goals but I gave them up. I just don't have any motivation.
How is your day so far guys?
Oml I have been in that exact situation before, back when I was really depressed. Just start smoking weed and it gets better bruh
Already did, I stopped 3 weeks ago. I started smoking cigarettes right now, feels better for me.
weed makes me lazy af.
A pint of beer for me barman

I'm a friendless neet and im bored all the time.
You in uni or HS?
File: 1350243468060.jpg (81 KB, 645x773) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81 KB, 645x773
>tfw 2016 is already on track to be worse than 2015.

I should have killed myself on NYE
probabbly soon
just remember to look out for yourself, some things come crashing down real quickly
I know that feel, man, I never do homework.
But y'know, we have dozens and dozens of years ahead of us. Although you shouldn't just excuse your laziness with that, don't be too sad about not getting shit done.
>shoot a friend text "hey man, you going out tonight to this thing?"
>get a reply "nah, we are most likely not going anywhere"

Nigger I asked about you, not you and your fucking girlfriend
true man, thanks alot.
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> sign up for singing competition in an effort to feel something by doing something I loved when I was 14
> only feel fear
> too late to back out
> I can't actually sing well

Gimme five fingers of vodka. Can't hurt anything.
>tfw friend tells me about all the girl he's fucked >that's pretty much every single girl he knows

How does he do it lads

Also why does he fucking keep telling me it only makes me want to kill myself more
If he's really your friend and not just chad bragging, talk to him about it.
Also, sex isn't everything in life. I know that sounds empty and meaningless, but just try different things.
Hah that's called stage fright. It's normal, barkeep is a musician so he knows.

Here's your vodka.
Listen here you little nigga. No longer than a year ago, I had the exact same friend, telling me how he would fuck his ex now and then anytime he wanted to.

At first I was legitimately pissed at him because i only dated a chick in my life and we didn't have sex ( hs bullshit )

So I was clearly jealous of him all the more as he was banging the chicks I thought were cute and tried to approach on a sentimental note ( inb4 beta fag )

The key is, you have to improve yourself, as the majority of people here.

First, if you're fat, then exercise. If your skin is greasy, go see a dermatologist or some shit. Go out. Exercise. Eat healthy.

Buy yourself some nice looking clothes, anything goes man, as long as it's not an XXL MLP shirt with rainbows and sparkles on it.

Then ( and by far the most difficult ) try to find a group of regular people ( including girls ) who you can be friend with. Don't aim for the fancy faggots or the weird guys, just regular people.

And then just let the things happen. If you're new, girls will obviously pay more attention to you. If you're dressing nicely, looking good, and talking now and then about anything normies like, then they'll quickly want your dick because the female brain is as easily corrupted as a child with sugar.

So go for it man, improve yourself and you'll see. Obviously there are 3 billion women on Earth, but they're out there, not on a Chinese forum with frogs cartoons.
Probably the best post on 4chan today.
Oh it's not like he actively brags about it or anything, just offhand comments and such that pierce my heart every time

I'm not fat at all (too thin actually) and dress, well, probably not well but not like an MLP autist either

What really hurts though is that I'm in engineering and my (normie as fuck) friend group does not feature a single girl

I really should exercise though
Okay, I'm in senior year of engineering degree so I can relate to the lack of girls;

Exercising will be a good step as you'll meet new people, including girls. The key is to always stay interested in different things.
Go to book stores, coffee places, shops in your town. Don't be autistic and TALK to the people working there but also small chat with customers. Nothing beta or cringe-worthy, just small talk.

Just make acquaintances really. Or meet different people at your workplace. The key is to be known by as many people as possible.

And then some day, some miraculous day, a girl will start hitting you off, not anime style like stuttering and shit but simply enjoying your company.
That sounds a bit advanced (in term of age) for me but yeah, I've come to accept that I will never have what he has and I'll have to make do with what comes my way
I suppose.

To be honest it feels nice to be going back on stage after a 4-year hiatus.

Doing "Sign of the Times" by Queensryche. I'll put it on the jukebox.

> offhand comments that pierce my heart

That's a form of bragging. If he's really your friend just talk to him.
'm 18 and the girl is 16.

I parked my car and was heading home and we both live in the same complex, but as I went to hug her, I went and slapped her ass too. Being the idiot I was, I knew what I did and immediately apologized. But since I live with my parents, her parents told my father, and my father told me what they said. I am going to talk to them soon, so I can apologize.

Anyway to make this roll as smooth as possible and keep everyone without shitting themselves?

I need some quick assistance, so please just help me lads. I dun fugged up.
told what? I dont get what the fuss is about, so you slapped your gfs ass?
Any alcohol, because that soon might be over for me. You already can't buy wine without someone at the store giving you a dirty look.

I think I'm getting /pol/ed but I'm so sick of all the muslims in my area. I'm on neetbux so I can't move to a nicer (= more expensive) place but I am so so sick of them all.
File: fucking idiot.png (150 KB, 309x321) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
fucking idiot.png
150 KB, 309x321
i only have 6 bucks in my bank account HELP
>having to live among muslims

I feel sorry for you friend
I am tempted to get a job, any job, even retail just to move the fuck out of here. I haven't eaten meat that isn't hallal in months.

I refuse to cover up though, they're not going to have me change how I dress because they're fucking apes.

If you live amongst them for even a few months, Cologne doesn't surprise you the slightest.
Not my GF my amigo. Just a friend. I saw her, hugged her, and then accidentally hit slapped her ass. Her father told my father about the incident, and now I need to go apologize. Problem is, how do I do so? What should I say to not make me more of a guilty man?
Oh you're a woman as well? yeah you should definittely move out before being raped by one of those "opportunity for europe"
Ever been sexually assaulted? Do you expect yourself to be?
File: Vodka.jpg (41 KB, 533x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41 KB, 533x450
Coca-cola and Vodka please bartender.

I can't find a fucking job to save my life currently and I have bills coming right around the corner with only $8 dollars to my name. I have applied through multiple temp agencies, retail stores, fast food joints, mom & pop shops, etc...

Many robots would classify me as a "normie" because I work out, eat right, wake up at 6:35 AM everyday, socialize somewhat, and hunt for opportunities. However recently I have been terribly lacking energy/discipline because my ex/best-friend of 7 years died a couple days ago from an Alcohol and Xanax overdose at party with a bunch of burnout druggie losers. She had so much potential and we planned on going into the medical field together as ER physicians. I can't stop refreshing her facebook, instagram, and calling her because I am just in pure denial about what happened. It is just depressing to see many other people and her parents posting memorials of her, pictures, etc... I talk to her every night using white candles and smudge sticks to bring her spirit into the room with me. My mom calls me a psycho for doing this but she has no idea how comforting it is to see a spirit of someone you cared about so deeply talking to you. My ex's spirit can move the candle flame in my direction if I ask her to, make it flicker as saying yes, make the flame dance around as no, and can point out where she is in the room. I do it every night because I sleep better knowing she is listening to me and communicating.

I have no genuine friends and have nobody to talk to about my friends death because that is all that is on my mind. Finding a job and worrying constantly about bills is on my mind as well. Us normies can feel like robots as well. Don't judge.
I'd tell them to fuck off because that's a really ridiculous issue
/pol/ calls them rapefugees, they're right about that

I've been yeah. I ran into a shop and since I buy some of my stuff there the guy holding it knows me, and he started yelling in sandniggerspeach at the other guy. I suppose it's going to happen again. I just don't go out much.

If this were the states I'd buy a gun teebeehaich
>Coca-cola and Vodka please bartender.

what... kind of combination is that?
Met a girl, not sure if she's into him or just being polite. In real life she was being sort of flirty but now she just seems like she's talking to me just because. Oh well.
I call it the proletarian
Well lads, time to quit getting wasted every night. Been an alcy for 2.5-3 years. Gettin tired of the hangovers, shite diet, and all the money blown that comes with them. Only drank 4 beers in the last 15 hours, now got an 8 hour sober shift, and ill drink another 4 beers tonight (90 minutes between each one).
How do you accidentally slap an ass going in for a hug?
>I've been yeah. I ran into a shop
What exactly did they do? Like start groping you or trying to drag you somewhere?
How can I appropriately phrase that so we dont have an future issues and that we don't have a hostile barrier between us? I don't want the dude blaring off on me. I told her I was sorry the second it happened, and then now I am gonna go apologize to get the message across that I fucked up. Any phrase or long paragraph that I should tell them to show how sincere I am?
Remember anon, you will fail, but if you lose hope of trying that is truly the failure. Keep trying to quit, and you will eventually. Never give up on yourself. I have faith in you.
Started following me and ask for your number or to go home with them. I keep saying no, then at some point I got angrier and raised my voice and asked him to leave, then he started to tell me I was a whore and should shut up, then he started to try to grope me / touch me / whatever, at which point I ran into the shop.

Thought to be fair it's not a pure shitskin behaviour. White guys who live here do that to, follow you around bugging you for sex or your phone number. But there's one of those for 10-20 mudslimes.
>he asks, dick in hand
Sorry you have to live in fear. It's pretty hot though desu.
Hey tavern-keep, just give me a green tea lad.

Things are pretty weird right now. My relationship, if you can call it that, is dying pretty fast right now. But of course it is, I'm me after all. Also, started on SSRIs a week ago and the side effects are fuckin brutal. Everyone on this site calls it jew drugs and swear they do nothing but harm. But, if you look at more positive areas on the net, people say it helped change their lives so we'll see.
Well lads, ive been seeing this one girl lately. She has a kid so shes had sex with at least one person. I can deal with that but any more and I dont think I can handle it. Shes a practice gf anyways but still. Advice?
>she has a kid


Ive been managing to dig myself out of this hell. I'm trying to eat right and do a little bit of exercise but I'm still pretty fat right now although I'm getting better. Ive been trying to think positively since I've always had a feeling of sadness that never leaves. I've never been diagnosed with depression but I guess that could be it. I was never extremely socially inept I can talk to people normally without it being awkward but I didnt like talking to people and still prefer not to. I've even managed to get a gf on /r9k/ no less and shes probably the biggest reason why I've been trying to get better. We're even talking about moving in together.

The biggest problem is that we're both NEETs. I have a bachelors in Small Business Management but I can't find a fucking job with it. I just wanna get a good paying job and live out the rest of my days with her but life's not letting me. I still have college debts and I cant afford to take care of us with wageslave money.
Already told her I dont want anything to do with it. Ill bounce outta there if it starts looking that way
Hang in there, robot. No matter how well you eat and exercise it takes time to improve your body.
I've also never been diagnosed with any disorders but still don't like talking to people. There's nothing wrong about it. How are you job searching? Looking on monster.com or something?
What kind of job do you have now? Any chance they can give you a raise or more hours or something?
I'm glad you have a gf but she's probably going to have to quit the NEET lifestyle like you.
How did you meet a gf on /r9k/?
I met my bf on r9k, it happens.
>we're both NEETs
>wanting to be a beta supporter
you piece of shit
I've been looking for stuff on monster and indeed but a lot of higher paying clerical type stuff I could start off in want at least 2 years experience. Even the non clerical stuff seems to want more experience but I don't have it. I need to find a place willing to train. She's also looking for work and stuff as well. What makes it complicated is that we live a couple of hours away so one of us needs to move closer and find work around there.

It was a thread where robots posted about themselves and fembots say if theyd date them or not. I think we were the only ones to actually trade info in that thread.

I'm not gonna be a beta supporter since we're both gonna work.
Good, so you're both willing to work and give up the NEETlife.
To continue with the job search thing: just apply to those positions that require experience anyway. You don't have to lie necessarily, but if possible at least put something in your resume that is related to clerical/desk work.

>we live a few hours away from each other
there's one good thing about that: you and her have two zip codes to job search in instead of just 1. But I'm sure you both already know how hard the long distance can be and also how strenuous moving in together can be for a relationship. Hope you guys have known each other for more than a few months and have spent at least a full weekend with each other at some point.
>go to college on bus
>full of college qts
>sit next to grill, perfume is intoxicating
>agricultural college in countryside so literally all white students apart from one mentally handicapped black sperg
>get there, 10/10 blonds with phat arse in leggings everywhere
>in library, qts everywhere, theyre all perfect and smell heavenly
>some in slightly see through leggings
>on bus home, sit next to another
>big guy 4u, kind of squished against her as she is in window sea
>dark, pretty comfy ride home
>she drifts off for a minute or two and her head falls on my shoulder
>hair is soft and smells divine, wearing a winter pom pom had too which i like as it makes grills look innocent and qt as fuck
>have to get train from city
>crammed train
>girl infront of me gets too close and feel her body rubbing on my dick
>she turns around and gives a slight embarrassed smile
>get home, head hurts from constant perfume
>on nofap so all i can think about is sex
>think about qts and how i will never fuck any of them
>like being a starving man when everyone is cooking steak
Yeah I'm okay, however

>being kicked out when I get back from seeing my dying Grandmother
>going to have to find a place immediately as a NEET
>jobs are limited to the inner city where I want to stay to get away from the murder and crazy shit going on in the outer suburbs
>have to start studying soon so I'll be juggling that too

I'm sure it'll be fine, it's just really overbearing.
Fucking robot filter die already

I'll take the hardest shit you have.

>have migraine for a month
>finally go to hospital for it
> they find brain cyst and terrible blood clots in my MRI
>tell people
>only real response I get is bugger.

I mean, I understand I'm not exactly dying. But I'm so anxious about possible brain surgery.
I'll apply to those positions more often then.
We're planning on meeting up soon. Hopefully things go well.
File: 7779-confucius.jpg (163 KB, 377x398) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
163 KB, 377x398
>human bean
> two years ago
> senior year hs
> high test hnngh 9/10 from a class of mine sitting alone at a table
> alpha mode engaged
> sit down
> greetings, spaghetti contained
> "you waiting for someone"
> she goes on a long speech about who she's waiting for and ends it by getting up and leaving
> leave

That was the closest I came to success with girls in high school.

Give me a tall beer.
File: 2maxresdefault.jpg (322 KB, 1792x1008) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
322 KB, 1792x1008
>that feel when thong/leggings fetish

its vanilla as fuck but thusly even more unnerving on a daily basis when you walk outside
>been depressed since I was a kid
>finally put on meds a few years ago
>things are going well for the first part
>now I'm always miserable
>don't want to make friends, don't want a boyfriend, don't want to talk to family
>just a deep-seated resentment for everyone
>there is literally nothing that I want so I don't even know how I could make myself feel better
>watching movie about a dad with daughters
>he's being a good dad
>touching scene
>instantly start crying
>why couldn't that have been me?
>why didn't he want me?
Alright well look here. I slapped and the second I did it, I regretted it and felt so stupid. But what do I say to fix the situation.
I feel fat. I need to start doing cardio everyday.

I feel scared that I won't see the girl I like anymore, since she started her Masters. I really, really like her. And I want to take her out on a date, but got cockblocked every time I tried. We talked quite a bit, but I'm scared of our connection growing tenuous. Or of her losing whatever she felt for me. Or me losing what I feel for her.

Also heavily considering going to a hooker. When I get some more money I'm buying a shaving machine and shaving my balls.
don;t shave your balls with a trimmer, you are gonna pinch the shit out of that skin
just get a cheap dispensable razor and go super slowly.
I'll take a porter, thanks barkeep.
I think I might have actually gotten this job, boys. Second in-person interview today and I got along well with the people I'd be working with as well as the big boss. Actually feeling good for once in a while. So hey, time to get drunk tonight.
File: 1393259681215.jpg (466 KB, 2768x2928) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
466 KB, 2768x2928
>Tfw I was dumped by my dream girl before xmas vacation (completely unexpected)
>She told me we should move together to her place in her country in a few months
>i dont talk to her since then
>i even meet some girls, fuck some, think im over her
>be today, send message
>hey, how about we get a drink and see how things are tomorrow
>her: Sorry i don't think that's a good idea.
>mfw she was the love of my life
>she told me we should move together to her place in her country in a few months

Correction: she told me this the week before she broke up with me

>all the qts wear leggings
>develop fetish for it
>college is like being in Auschwitz and being forced to fry steak
>seeing panty outline through leggings makes me go fucking diamonds
>girl grinds against me on train on way home gently
>queuing for college bus and girl in leggings brushes past me and my hand accidentally touches her arse
>browse pol and spend time travelling in asia
>develop white girl fetish (im white)
>leggings is a white girl fad
>college full of 10/10 blonde qts
>going outside and to college is a form of ironic torture and is mentally exhausting

at least when the Muslims outnumber us and take over qts will be forced to wear the burqa
Mate, we don't have loves of our lives. It's just feels.

>tfw i was dumped by my dream girl

stopped reading

fuck off you normie sack of cum.

Tell em to fuck off. What kind of cunts you git FFS?
But it is a lot.
same as me

except I got dumped a year ago
had to delete my facebook acc a month ago because I couldnt stand seeing her pics with her new douche boyfriend

fuck my life
File: kek.jpg (40 KB, 614x554) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 614x554
tough guy eh?
you know you can just delete them off your friends list right or even just block em from your newsfeed?
> high on spray-paint
> totally relaxed
> at peace

Anyone else know this feel? Also can I get a shot of vodka?
>high on spray-paint

I'm gonna need a tutorial
I know but I still resort to looking manually when I get drunk.
> it's been months since my first 'relationship' ended
> dated a couple of times literally slept together twice no fucking
> i'm 22 virgin
> after reading online about girls and stuff i notice that i could have fucked her for sure
> starting to feel emasculated how much i fucked up that relationship

man fucking hell guys i was so close i feel so unsure about my so called 'sexuality' right now. the closest i got was just feeling tits. These hindsight feelings suck ass. Also i just miss having her in my life

Anyway i'd like a nice belgian trappist to drown my feels
> empty spray-paint can into sock
> put sock over mouth
> breathe deeply

This shit can kill you, even on your first time, and it gives you pretty bad brain damage.
Bartender, lemme get a nice tall Guinness

Idk if this is the right place for it, but fucking hell does this piss me off.
>driving home from a 6 hour trip
>about 4.5 hours in, it's late and dark
>fucking no one is on the roads
>I see a car ahead with some neat backlights going 80 on a 65
>"huh cool, I wonder what kind of car it is"
>speed up to 85 to catch up to it to see the car
>it's a fucking cop
>"shit, fuck"
>slow down
>the pig pulls me over
>practically admits to going 80 to compare to my 85
>get a speeding ticket, if I try to fight it I'll have to show up in court to some fucking hick town way out of town on a work day

What do you guys think? Do I have grounds to fight this? Should I even bother going so out of the way? God damn pig, I bet the motherfucker's nice and happy that he got another ticket for his quota, not like he's got anything better to do on a Sunday night in the fucking boonies
does it get easier?
should have said that you wanted to check the car maybe he would have laughed( probably not)
It does if you manage to get a new girlfriend who is a nice person. Just substitute her with a new one.

For me it hasn't happened. I fucked bunch of chicks, but havent had a new relationship since, just my luck. I am to blame why I havent gotten over her.

I miss her.
I almost did, but I was worried he'd think I was making fun of him
fuck.. i mean substituting sounds awful but i guess that's a quick way to make new feelings and move on at least..
> smart guy, learning to code
> older brother is supergenius working on some advanced software shit
> little brother is pretty smart but seems complacent
> sisters are SJW NEETs who leech off my father and shill their socialist cancer

I hate my sisters.

tbqh i've never touched a girl at all and the fact that someone can actually be 22 and not have had sex is frightening

wasn't going to drink tonight but i'm going to down and entire bottle of 15 year old glennfuckit
What age are you? My reasons are probably
1. not trying
2. not feeling at home( i lived in a small vilage since this year in a big city on my own)
3. not feeling secure enough (i'm feeling pretty confident now besides these feels i have right now)
wanted to quote you senpai
I ended up getting close to this girl who I believed had feelings. Well I ended up getting super depressed and slightly buzzed and she wanted to know what was wrong. I decide fuck it and tell her about my family issues and how I wish I had someone to cuddle like a tard.

She sends back "sorry anon don't think about it too much" and it's been dead silence on both ends since then. I feel like I fucked this up by telling her about how lonely I truly am.
File: 1379439454505.jpg (15 KB, 345x365) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15 KB, 345x365
Alright, you guys will hate me for that, but fuck it.
I might have knocked up my gf. She's underage (legal in my country), and we're pretty much boned if she's really pregnant.
Her period should have started 3 days ago, so there's still a chance it's a false positive.
I'm so fucking stressed it's unbelievable.
Should have stayed a fucking virgin, i hate what i've became.
Make her drink a lot of alcohol throughout pregnancy.
File: 1432518797883.gif (994 KB, 500x279) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
994 KB, 500x279
>unemployed for a month and a half
>get a call last week about a job opprotunity as a pharm tech
>they say I'll be calling doctor and clients, data entry, well obviously
>officially hired today, orientation tomorrow
>hell yeah mofo
>look up location, it's a humonous office building, weird
>read description, it's for a pharmacy support call center job I randomly applied to last august
>call center
I'm happy I'm employed but fuck.
Ahahahaha what a fucking casual

how hard is it to take your dick out before you cum
I work at a very small accounting firm and things are okay right now, but tax season is gonna get real in about two weeks. I'm very depressed and I don't want to do any of the shit I'm gonna be doing for the next four months. The money's good but I hate it. I think I'm gonna quit come June. Not at all sure what else I'm gonna do, probably go back to school.
Thing is, i didn't came inside her, just fucked her raw, then put a condom.
I don't know man.
It's 3 fucking days, anything can effects her hormones like exercise and diet. If you're that worried, buy a birth control test.

tbqh i get checked out by girls quite often on the bus to college and the train, im sure if i tried enough times i'd eventually get a date but the thought of actually approaching a random girl is like the thought of climbing Everest in shorts and a t shirt.

I just kind of hope it will happen some day, im not sure how but i just keep lifting. Tbqh i dont want a car because getting the train is the only time im near girls.
the reason i even had 'succes' was that she sort of approached me, she kept looking at me and i sort of stepped forward and she started talking. at least i know i'm pretty enough to approach

stop being a kuck to this normie. Let him stew in his own juice. The wisdom of the wizards of r9k is not for the blue pilled normals.
There's this girl I talk to that only gives me the time of the day at night. Radio silence until 10 pm. Would it cause shit if I pointed this out? She doesn't exactly work.
usually when girls talk to you at night that's a good sign.
But it's only at night. She won't respond to anything earlier before the normalfags go to bed. Makes me think I'm the only one awake who can give her attention.
What do you want from her? you want to date her? If so just ask her out (casually not the whole i love you please go out with me) only way to find out if a girl is interested
Give me a shot of milk. Whole. I got troubles.
To date.

She's said she liked me more than a friend twice, but doesn't show it well. Also doesn't put in any initiative to come over.
You do know guys are expected to make the first move.
I want someone to cuddle

That's all

Not even a relationship. Just someone, anyone to cuddle. I once found someone I cared for deeply who I loved so much...and she literally disappeared. The last day I saw her I cuddled her closely to me, telling her she was everything. I just want those moments back...

I miss her...

If i had a choice between animalistic sex and cuddling i'd choose cuddling
If I had a choice between any form of sexual contact or cuddling I'd choose it

I want to feel something..real. like I used to. Sexual pleasure can cloud that.
That makes two of us.

I'm about to just go on Craigslist and pay someone 50$ to cuddle for one night.
that defeats the purpose, doesn't it? The whole point is intimacy, and it's pretty fake if it's for money

not to sound like a fag but i'd cuddle you f-a-m

tbqh i think if you played your cards right and get the same grill every time i think a kind of intimacy would form.
But if I'm willing to do this, wouldn't I be paat intimacy? If someone wanted to get intimate with me it'd have happened by now.
Fuck it. I never post so I guess I will.
>Tfw you always seem to fuck something up
>Tfw toure definitely in way over your head and are about to either crack or make an ass out of yourself
How do I make it stop
On one hand, it feels really damn good pirating and playing ps2 games. Such a huge library.

But it feels like I'm missing out on modern games. It feels a little lonely. I feel out of touch and old.
File: 1452527594655.jpg (50 KB, 400x467) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50 KB, 400x467

A pint of Aspall please m8.

I don't know what to do. I want to make my parents proud of me, because they deserve it after all the shit they've been through to get me where I am. But I think I have serious depression, this shit's been going on for a while.

Either I can't sleep, or I sleep and then sleep way too long. I'm always tired and have completely lost motivation and hope for the future.

My mind doesn't work like it used to, I can't focus or plan anything. As it stands it looks like I may get kicked out of uni because my work is fucked.

On top of this it turns out that due to genetic predisposition I am pre-diabetic and need to get my health sorted ASAP or become seriously ill, but it's practically impossible when I'm trying to balance all this shit.

I just feel like a deer in headlights, I have to move but I just can't. I wish I could sleep forever or just take some time out to get my shit sorted.
> singing contest
> go onstage
> yammer "Sign of the Times" in the most autistic manner possible
> more autistic than I thought possible
> tank completely

Wasn't literally the worst performance in the show.
File: 1446592127820.jpg (69 KB, 450x1226) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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got my medication in check everything is is looking good! Today is a good day fellow NEETs!
File: neetbuki.png (559 KB, 649x685) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
559 KB, 649x685
Heya Barkeep, make that a Cuba Libre, hold the libre this time around.

Today was alright, I set some goals for myself and didn't pull through so I'll do it tomorrow.
Other than that, things were okay. The course I'm trying to crash was filled to the brim and I'm at the end of the waitlist, we'll see how Friday goes and possibly Monday before I give up the ghost.

Good luck man, I'm currently looking for a job too so I can stop being a shameful neet and help around the house.

What are you gonna study famerino? I'm trying to become a middle school teacher but Math is kicking me in the balls. Literally all my other classes are good and sealed with A's or B's but Math is fuckin' holding me back.

Wanna talk about it?

Take a breather anon, don't worry about it too much. It can't be THAT much of a fuckup and even if it is, just remember that other people have fucked up even more badly.

Good on you man, I'm happy to hear that!
I kinda want to fix my life but I lack the will to try. I'm in a really bad position.
what are some good tv shows to watch drunk? already binge watching mad men, and already seen always sunny
Let me get a shiner please.
Tried playing league again for the first time in a long time, one of my old favorite Champs is stupid bad now and it's not fun anymore. I remember having so much fun with that game.
Just a coke please.
Birthday today, no one said anything to me about it. First time this has happened.
Finally found a game I can play without getting bored right away. This feels kinda nice to lose myself in a game again.
part of life, kid. get fucking used to it. the fact that birthdays don't already mean something else to you shows your immaturity.
>didnt win lottery, not even 50,000 or a couple hundred
>cant pick up girls
>still fat
I barely care. I thought it would happen in my twenties not when I'm 19.
>post my number in a 4chan thread (not r9k)
>really click with one person
>ends up being the only person I talk to the next day and everyday after that for the past month and a half
>I catch feelings fast, because that's how I am
>have seasonal depression
>it's been nearly non existent this winter because talking to him makes me happy
>we call each other qt and send hearts for goodnight and good morning and shit like that
>haven't talked about feelings though
>I'm happy, but at the same time I know I'm emotionally way ahead of myself and it could all come crashing down any day now
>he lives like 4 hours away
>I just want to meet him
Be a man and fess up, you cuck.
I'm so sorry for you anon.. Iktf..
>Stable life for the next 2 years
>Studies going well
>Enough free time to get comfy daily
>Getting a new computer in a few weeks, hyped

>Scared of the future, what will happen when i graduate and have to find a job

Will i make it, Mr. Bartender?
File: 1391387300131.gif (172 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Used to fuck fat girls because it was easy
>It's now becoming a fetish
>I have a date with one this Monday

This isn't how I thought my life would turn out.

She's hot in the face, at least.
You're gonna make it brah
Post pics of her senpai desu
>Lived a life where basically everything is handed to me on a silver platter
>Never had to struggle with anything, either lucky, rich, or smart enough to get by in life with only a minimal amount of effort
>Things only seem to be getting better by the day


>Random anxiety flares on a weekly basis
>Started closing myself off from everyone within the past few years, I would basically be a hermit if I didn't force myself to attend college.
>Plagued with thoughts of suicide since childhood
>Can't bring myself to tell anyone about this. Fuck, I can't even bring myself to tell someone when I'm having a bad day.

What am I even unhappy about? There are less fortunate people going through absolute hell, who actually have a reason to hate their lives. Yet here I am, a guy living a cushy-ass lifestyle who's suicidal simply because he's suffering from nothing more than a crippling fear of disappointing everyone around him. What a piece of work.

Nice try, I don't want any detectives.
Just finished off my evening at my own (apartment) bar with some nice Scottish or Irish red, can't recall the name. Coors L for a few hours before that, just working in the garage.

I'm about to take off from this apartment in this shitty town and move on to the next shitty stage in my shitty life and I can't even build up the balls to tell my onetis how utterly obsessed with her I am.
>Grill at work
>She always tries to switch stores for one of us so we work together(we have 2 stores in the mall)
>Always says she likes working with me
>We stay in the store during our break so we can bullshit
>Talk a bunch and get a long great
>Stop at the bar after work when we can
>Both broken people with shit pasts and families
>Always talks about how she can't find a good guy and doesn't want a relationship
>Pretty sure she only likes me as a friend.

Sucks pretty bad desu senpai. This is the closest i've been to a grill and I know it's not going to go anywhere.

I posted this in another thread but apparently i killed it.

What do fellow brobots?
Talk for a few more months and maybe bring it up, 4 hours isn't all that far. If they don't want to at least you still have a txting buddy.
Leaving town?

Maybe get enough liquid courage in you to ask if she wants to go do something once before you leave?

Maybe try to get prescribed adderal?
I've tried it a few times and it definitely makes me feel focused and clear headed/sociable like I use to be.
>before you leave
She lives something like 500 miles away brother. Why can't I just find a girl in my own state to obsess over like a normal socially impaired beta?
I know that feel brobot, I get along great with girls on meetme and kik groups, but they all end up being in other states/countries.
I finally end up liking one IRL >>25739996
( this post) and I don't think it's ever gonna happen.
>Done Homework at 10:00PM
>Not sure if it was worth it because I only had to find 3 facts
Better than putting it off and not getting it done.
No tips? Anyone?
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