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What's the weirdest dream you've...
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What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?
well not the weirdest, but last night i had a dream that i killed a girl and to hide her body by making sandwiches out of her meat.

That wasn't really the weird part of it. The weird part was how i killed her. Her head was peaking out of the window of my house so i threw a napkin from my pocket full speed and it headshoted her and killed her
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>eat cheese
>have vivid surreal pleasant dreams
>forget them immediately

Damn, I really should start a dream journal again
I had a dream that an (apparently well-respected) bassist taught me his instrument.

My dreams are getting more and more normal. I'm not sure what to make out of it.
>hot chick I saw in high school was chewing up a credit card
>she takes it out of her mouth, places it on the table and smiles at me
>for some fucking reason I put it in my mouth
>immediately barf
>Starman by David Bowie starts playing in the background

Maybe it means something?
>so i threw a napkin from my pocket full speed and it headshoted her and killed her
Holy shit. Okay - You definitely need to tell us your weirdest dream.
>stuffed their faces with cheese
>not even taking placebo effect into concederation
This experiment is triggering my autism
>giving birth
>my dad is the doctor
>I'm sorry but... it was still born
>shows me a dead baby panda

a message from gia that I need to save endangered animals
Idk why but this make me kek so hard I shit myself
A couple of nights back
>Be me
>Riding the orca of my subconscious in snooze-ville
>Remember that I grew up with two other versions of me/brothers when I was younger
>One was born out of my mouth just after I was born so there was some discussion as to whether he was my son or my brother
>He was about two inches tall
>He had a fairly normal skeleton
>He lived for a short while
>The other one died before being born
>His skeleton was more like that of a fat mouse
>A fat mouse with a diamond-ish shaped skull
>Somehow had these skeletons
>They were very precious
>I kept them in my bag
>My sister broke them
>Oh, and we were living in a hotel.
idk senpai, but last night I dreamed I was walking down some sketchy city with my mommy and some Chad dude begins following.

He gets too close to my mum so I push him off, but he quickly takes out a knife and begins shanking me in the chest. I fall down and from the ground i'm seeing my mum get killed I tried to get up, but he kicks me and yells "PUSSY" and continues stabbing me.

I then woke up
>kill woman
>left her body on the floor behind my house for one week
>decided to fuck her body
>she is all white and bloody and broken (I broke almost every bone in her body)
>decide that next time I will kill someone, it will be by strangling so i can have some fun after that

What does it mean? I am not into necrophilia, or at least I am not aware of it. I am also extremely passive, I would not hurt a fly.
I can't describe it but it was something along the lines of this. The constant flow from one image to the next and just the red filter with mostly bodies like these but not as sexual. They were mostly nude corpses of women I know. What's weird about it is it wasn't as shocking or frightening, was almost calming. The real fear was waking up, realizing the real nightmare is my life
I'll just talk about the dream I had last night since they're all weird. I was in a theater, watching a game of League of Legends (I have never been interested nor do I know anything about this game). All of the characters were various forms of bath toy, like submarines, ferries, that action figure with the jet ski, a rubber duck, a bar of soap, etc.
For some reason I was in control of the only non bath toy character, a chinese martial artist with a long curved sword. I slaughtered a bunch of cleaning utensils and bath toys while a blue rubber duck followed me around squeaking loudly in my ear. Then I decided I had to sneak out of the cinema, which turned into a really dimly lit office block. I snuck around a room full of photocopiers until I got to a spiral staircase, with water gently rushing down it. I got to the bottom and was in some kind of tropical desert, where I walked out had become a small church, there was an enormous cliff face beside me, shadowing a deep fault line that had a huge pool of rushing water in it. A bunch of people ran, grabbed me and we all jumped off the side and I woke up just as I hit the surface. All of my dreams make no sense like this.
That's pretty fucking neato.
I had a dream that I got stuck in a public bathroom and had to survive. Licked the toilets, licked the walls, licked the shit and piss on the floor, licked the dirty counters, ate my own shit, drank my piss, ate my cum, drank water from the toilets, all to survive. Then my mother came in and took off her clothes and we fucked in one of the stalls. I didn't want to get her pregnant so I took out a knife and stabbed her around 40 times in the back of her head. My mother woke me up saying I was screaming in my sleep.

I find everything I did in the dream repulsive and don't know why the fuck I had that dream.
Psychfag here, Freud theorized (every theory of Freuds is correct because he's Freud for fucks sake) that dreams are your subconscious desires, so deep down inside the bowels of your incognizant mind-- you're a necrophilic. You're a sick fuck you know that anon? Also, chek'd
Subconsciously it means he wants to have sex with his mother. At least, according to Freud.
Another anon but I've had multiple dreams like that and they're very relaxing, difference is I'm into necro so what do you have to say to me Dr Phil
So if you never have/never remember your dreams, does that mean its because youre subconscious is nice and clean due to being very well investigated and accepted rather than ignored and rammed full of weird random stuff?
Freud was a fucking hippie
I have had too many weird dreams to choose from.
I dreamt a had sex with a longsword spaceship from halo
I was dreaming that the world was going under a few nights ago. But the most terrifying part is
I saw the Reaper just rushing around, slashing at people. I could hear lady screams and guns being fired around me.

Was pretty scary
I don't know if this is the weirdest one but it ranks pretty high up.

>visiting parents in my hometown
>walking through a forest that was between the elementary school I went to and my folks home
>it's a swamp now with collapsed bridges
>almost get stuck there
>aliens invaded Earth a while back and have defeated majority of United Earth military forces
>aliens are just chilling though, not doing much killing anymore
>as I get closer to home I'm ambushed by a group of United Earth soldiers
>do some Matrix-esque bullet dodging and escape into an underground building
>some old professor there who apparently knows me but I don't know him
>soldiers have followed me in there and kill him in cold blood
>manage to escape somehow
>get home
>ambushed by soldiers again but the invading aliens show up and slaughter them
>somehow kill invading alien forces in the building
>the elders of the aliens suddenly show up in their true form
>pink blobs that look like extremely grotesque blow-up dolls
>they tell me that I am the reason why they invaded Earth, I am the bringer of galactic peace
>I am to rule for a millenia with my queen
>they hand me some advanced nanotech that transforms me into a sentient swarm of nanites
>decide to be a girl
>see my queen after a while, she's naked and laying on a sofa in my parents' bedroom
>decide to cop a feel of a titty, she's my betrothed after all
>her face suddenly changes to that of disgust and she lets out an audible "eww"
>"not him", I hear her say
>elders calm her down
>my last trial before I can become a ruler is to sacrifice my father on a sacrificial altar
>mom drives me there, it's under a bridge
>happily sacrifice father
>to truly become one of them I have to merge with one of their smaller spacecraft
>dream ends abruptly
>wake up having a massive hangover

There's also that one where I am getting sucked down into hell and there's a huge black demon screeching right next to me, but it was more tame than this.
>tfw no alien gf
>that I had a gf
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>get quads
>no one even checks them
I had a dream where a tapeworm inside of me convinced me that I could fly (I could) and warm me about shitty people that were in my life. It was right about the latter. Still blows my mind to this day.
>Freud is correct

Thanks you, /r psychology
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>standing outside my house, facing across the street to the neighbors'
>their garage door is open with a light on inside
>walk over and peer inside
>creepy looking guy (think dumpster guy from Mullholland Drive) working on some kind of device
>attack and injury this guy but he runs away into the dark
>I climb up onto the roof of the garage to see where he went
>sit there until daylight and see that the roof is covered in human teeth
>get freaked out and fall off the garage roof and when I look up again, it isn't my house from across the street, it's my grandparent's
>head over and open the front door
>no lights on inside
>a small, scaly, yellow creature with fangs and its eyes on short stalks crawls out of a darkened doorway, shakes and verbalizes in some language

then I woke up
So I marathoned dark souls for a good day or two, and then I decided to play a ton of arma after.
My dream is that I operated with kingseeker frampt. It was hilarious, but terrifying at the same time.
>stuck on an island in the middle of the ocean
>like one of those cartoon islands
>really small with like 1 or 2 palm trees
>for some reason there's this Nigerian or Somalian woman there as well
>speaking her native tongue, can't understand a thing
>suddenly the sky goes dark with storm clouds
>massive storm starts
>extreme hail, rain, lightning, tornadoes and shit
>the ocean starts oscillating in these gigantic waves like someone threw a humongous rock in the ocean
>Nigerian/Somalian woman starts freaking the fuck out and praying
>she gets eaten by some sea monster thing
>a hole opens up in the sky
>black and white spiraling hole
>the hole starts to suck up everything
>I start getting sucked into the hole
>going through the hole, black and white spiraling everywhere
>start going towards the center of it
>start hearing "bwoop bwoop bwoop" sounds like from Super Mario when you go through the pipes
>almost to the center of the hole
>hole starts dissolving and I start waking up
>parts of normal vision interleaved with the spiraling hole
>hole eventually dissolves
>lay in bed for about 15 minutes thinking, "what the fuck just happened"
another one of mine

>at a party under some large gazebo, next to a pond
>some kind of celebrity shindig, I recognize the guy who plays Saul Goodman, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Larry David
>Hoffman is explaining his new role and how he's really happy with his work
>get bored and walk in the pond eating party food
>we go back to the hotel, say goodnight to Larry David as he goes into his room
>try to open the door to my room but it's locked
>stick my finger in the keyhole and turn it somehow
>open the door and see a vast, dark filed (the moon is full and has that kind of light on it) with hundreds of human figures twisting without sound
>something in my head registers that these are souls
>slam the door shut and wake up on the beach with a few friends
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Not the weirdest but last night I dreamt that my water heater was broken so I had to shower in my grandma's house, which is a story down mine.

While I showered I was terrified of the idea of my grandpa's ghost showing up, and suddenly(the door was open and the house was empty) I see a shadow approaching. I see a weird mannequin-like thing that vaguely resembles my grandpa and I run out screaming, after hitting it in the face. Turns out my father was that thing as a puppet to scare me, he was in hidden in a nearby room. I grabbed him by the neck and woke up sweating.
>mfw the "ghost" showed up
Two nights ago I dreamed of being in high school again during some kind of pre-graduation celebration and hentai was playing on a bunch of flatscreens outside of several classrooms. Later that imaginary night, I held the door open for somebody only for dozens of people to pass through that doorway, and when I looked around I noticed that the door was just in the middle of the room and people could walk around it, but they didn't. There was some kind of teachers' awards ceremony and I was the only student present because I was stuck in that room holding the door open.
I was flapping my arms to make myself fly away from zombies but they were always catching up.
dreamt i was in a casino and got shot in the gut by a mobster who left me for dead, right above my right hipbone. crawl out of casino into the desert, feel tension in gunshot wound. think it might be the bullet, try to get it out. look at hand, its a fucking tooth. two more teeth come out then several skeletal bird claws. then i woke up. no greentext bc phone
I was walking down a long corridor when I saw the virgin mary lit herself on fire and run after me screaming and pointing her fingers.
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